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25 Recent Reviews From the United States

Funny ad

By VFM2020

It says that it’s not like other games and that the game is exactly like in the ad, except it’s not 🤪


By BithcyWitch

Love playing they got me with the puzzles lol


By love easy top use

I absolutely love playing this game but I keep having to delete the game recently and reinstalling it because it won’t load otherwise. This is very annoying.

Lies!! All lies!

By One Happy Traveler

I tried this game awhile ago but didn’t enjoy it and deleted it. The new ads say the game is totally different. It’s not. Lies I tell you. If you want the pull the pin game don’t download this one. Update: apparently I’m too impatient. I will need to try it again. Thanks for the reply.


By remiyu


My Evony Review

By BigFan1517

This game is pretty fun. I enjoy solving the puzzles and playing the game like an RPG. I only wish I wasn’t so addictive. Lol


By God or Guru

Probably the Best Game I’ve played on the phone. Everyone should try it, it won’t disappoint.

Endless possibilities

By Baltazar 79

It’s a fun and addicting game. But be aware that you have to plan from the beginning your strategies and your generals. As long as you follow the rules there’s no end to how much power your city can get. Overall a great game.

Epic kingdoms to consider

By Riabobia

The Mali Empire (1275 to 1670 AD) ... The Songhai Empire (1464 to 1591 AD) ... The Kingdom of Kush (c 1000 BC to 350 AD) ... The Kingdom of Benin (1180 to 1897 AD) ... The Mutapa Empire (1450–1629)

Thank you for updating the Game

By stop lying to people

Now the ads are perfectly matched with the game thank you so much for updating the game so now I can play it and I can enjoy it

Great advertising

By Uhql

so i tried this game not that long ago and i didnt really like it but latley ive been seeing great advertising and they are the only ads i enjoy seeing

To apple

By large3rdleg

This game is fun and i have spent money in game. Why have you taken it off your app list. All my money that i put in the game i want returned from apple. Now!

Good game but

By emaleyfrazel

There is a lot of notifications if you allow them but over all it is a lovely game I highly recommend this game

Would be so much better if...

By Topherwriter

It cut out the real-time strategy bull crap. No one needs another Clash of Clans game. I really only downloaded it because of the pin-pulling puzzles.


By A1Nutt

Extremely addicting. I’m not a fan of the pay to play features.


By rgray155

Great game when it’s not kicking me off several times after playing for a few minutes. Would love to see this issue fixed.

Fun but…

By HelaineRouse

It would be cool if there were some African countries. Believe it or not, but historically Africa thrived just as much, if not more than any other place on earth.


By Gus-a-roo

The game is fun, but their “how to play the game” is crap! You can’t find any information on how to do things that you need to know to advance in the game.

A great way to release the tension

By Wolfem

very entertaining and engaging.



If it’s your goal to spend lots of time and money this is a great game. I did enjoy it for awhile but the massive amount of money and time required was ultimately too much to keep going. So much anger in the game when people keep getting zeroed.

Good game

By EE Crismessi

It’s a hoot game, but I still don’t see how to you the medals. There are some other minor issues that they could easily fix. I’ll come back to finish this…


By dogfarts and popcorn

Excellent game of strategy and fun.

Game play

By uber1441

The game play can be challenging at first but once u start understanding the game it is fun. Join alliance to get better equipment and help.

Fun build game

By misterekted

The game has its problems but I like it. They tend to give rewards to compensate for issues.

Hat I like about his game

By WarriorCatsMegaFan

I love this game,cause its fun and hard, but I also love it cause it’s the most coolest app ever

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