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La calidad de la foto es muy baja , las fotos se ven de muy baja resolución después de editarlas y guardarlas, tal vez deberían mejor eso :)

Love it

i am just mad

I’ve used Facetune for several years and love it. Due to some major medications my skin is a mess and very embarrassing. I do understand I look like what I look like but at least for a few brief minutes I can feel better. Thanks Facetune

Photo upsides down


Why does Facetune keep uploading my photos upside down?!!!

Fix it to where I can actually scroll through them. They keep on taking it as I am trying to switch apps on my iPhone which I am not just want to scroll through the editing tools 😑

This is an easy to use photo editor. I use it to quickly whiten teeth and eyes, remove blemishes and fix this pesky bad angles that make my arms, legs or tummy look bigger than they actually are!

User friendly


For a small fee, this is great for beginners and non techie like me. Can’t wait to explore other features. Highly recommended.

I use this app to edit or clean up any photo I have taken. It works really nice for softening up your skin, hide wrinkles or blemishes. Works well blending skin tones together. I’d recommend this app for everyone. It’s a must have.

Woohoo! What a deal


Love editing my pics on here when it uploads the full resolution pics <333

Easy to use for excellent and fun results.

Love making pretty pics

EvaLee Williams

This app makes it so easy to be breezy

Its fun to change your picture! Its also fun to mess with the tools. Side note also the tones are kinda hard to work with.



I love this version of Facetune. I DO NOT WANT THE UPGRADE BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE IT. Thank you!

Best app ever


It’s amazaing I can make people fatter and look more stupid


jce grl

App for quick editing pics / since forever & v user friendly

The best


My favorite app for all things.


Renee Sheila

I love this photo app. It can be meaningful or just silly pics. So much fun. Give it a try.

i am tired…


please please please!!! update this app a little bit. i know you want us to buy facetune 2 per month plan thing but i don’t have that kind of budget.

A true editor


True to form and in UX, an easy useful tool.

Love facetune 1


I love face tune because it helps you with all my editing work I do hair thank you facetune 1 !!!

I like this app in my opinion this version is better than Facetune 2 it honestly has everything you need :)

Love it!


I love this photo app. It is easy to use and it makes such a difference in my photos!



I love this version of Facetune. I DO NOT WANT THE UPGRADE BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE IT. Thank you!

Great and super easy


Does everything I need and want. Perfect photo editing app.

Always helps


Been using this app for years. I don’t do major overhauls but it helps make me happier with a picture than I would be otherwise.

Muy buena aplicación


Lo que mejoraría la aap es no dejar que pierdan resolución las fotos y seria perfecta si pudiese usar archivos raw full y un pequeño menú de edición 😍❤️

Amazing app.

Michael 7510

I love the detail feature allows you to get sharpness and focus in the areas of the photo where you want your attention to be drawn. Great job.

Cool app


Cool app my only complaint is that the app always says I have 18 notifications but can’t seem to ever get the notifications off and it’s been bugging me like crazy!!!! So 4 stars

Great App!


Edits out flaws in photos very well. I'm impressed.



it’s kinda stupid to make a whole new app that jus degrades the first one

I enjoy Facetune and have used it many times. Although I can’t figure out how to open the notifications once I click on the app.

Really fun

happy custsomer

Really fun I love making glow ups so this is amazing

Love this app


I love this app , it takes your pics to the next level! Worth the money. I’m a nail tech and when some of my clients have dry skin that day I use it to make that hands look more smooth! Love it

Its a great app theres a few flaws but it still takes away mine

This is my favorite photo editor by far. I would recommend this app to everyone! 😊

Good app!


Most people now days like to make themselves look super different, me on the other hand, But me, I like that I can remove a zit if I need to, or whiten eyes...or make things look more sharp..def recommend this!!



Need to try best thing if u have bad skin or bad teeth

LOVE IT!!!!!


Haven’t used it in awhile I’ve grown to love myself even more after but it was a great app while it lasted.



Better than face tune 2 worth the money!!!

I’ve tried many other apps but this is the best at keeping it realistic and user friendly

Love the smooth and erase tool! This may be my favorite photo app. As a Photoshop person since 1998.. . This sweet thing rocks!

More Frames Please


I appreciate your app, but would really like an update with more frames, please. The lack of frames makes me use other apps instead of you and you used to be my go-to. 💔



This app is more affordable than the updated one, but still offers so many of the great features. It makes it so easy to cover up stains or blemishes and fancy up photos. This app is a huge upgrade over PS Express.

This app is pretty much useless on the newer phones. I have the iPhone 12 max and the upload button is overlapping with the time making me NOT able to import photos from my Camera Roll and edit them.



Fun but it still could be better

I never trust companies that make it so hard to cancel and very misleading to sign up!

red eye doesn’t work


red eye doesnt work and hasn’t worked for a long time now. makes me wonder if they’re ever going to fix it.

The free version is great if you just have a wrinkle or two to smooth out, May be whiten teeth a little. If you want more, there is an upgrade option. I’ve been happy with the results.

Red Eye Broken


Great app, but the red eye function is currently very broken. Please help!

5 stars


Saved me 10k on an eye job. Thanks

ty for fixing iPhone 12 mishap :)

Red eye does not work


When you try to use the red eye the circles don’t show and if you expand to enlarge they appear as a HUGE black dot. I really only use this app for the red eye function and I’m really annoyed it’s not working

All of a sudden, I try to go to an album to upload a photo and it glitches & closes without loading the photo.

Lots of intuitive features that work well on the form factor.

upside down

Secure healer

I already wrote a review, but the problem never got fixed. Every time i upload a photo to edit it puts it upside down. It’s infuriating. please fix this bug.

This is my favorite photo editor by far. I would recommend this app to everyone! 😊

Simply powerful!!


I’ve been using this app for years and it simply does what it says it’d do and does it perfectly,no need worry when you buy it,you will not be disappointed.

Works on iPhone 12 pro and pro Max just update

Latest update renders the app unusable. Please fix!

Works perfect!


The most recent update got this app working on iPhone 12 Pro again. So nice. I love having such powerful control over the colors in my images or being able to remove unwanted objects in the background.



Thanks for fixing the error with the iPhone 12!

I loved this app before I upgrade my phone. It’s now too zoomed in and it doesn’t fit the new iPhone ☹️

Great program. There is an issue with the latest release in that if you are running notch remover program, you can’t access the controls in the upper left and right corners. Otherwise great product. I am running iOS 14.

Can’t use!


I cannot use the app due to the new update (I have the iPhone 12 mini) as the camera button and my clock are in the same space and won’t allow me to open a picture 😩 hopefully they fix this soon

Now works with my 12 Pro, no issues I’ve seen!

does not work with an iphone 12. the app fills the whole screen so you can’t click to upload a photo

Red eye


Why has the red eye fixer stopped working recently?

i love facetune and use it a lot, but i recently upgraded my phone and it’s no longer a photo editing app i’m able to use. hoping for an update to fix this soon!!!!

Fav app since ever


But not working on my new iPhone... doesn’t fit the screen 🤦🏻‍♀️

Phots upside down

judy Maxwell ~

Loved this app but the photos are upside down lately.

12 max pro

April Bennett <3

I love this app but it won’t let me open a new pic on the new 12 pro max?

iPhone 12 Pro Max


Need to iron out the bugs for this software on the iPhone 12 pro max

Please update the facetune for iPhone 12 pro max. The app UI is out of place and can’t use the app. Please fix it ASAP

This no longer works with the newest iPhone as you can’t select the picture menu. Is there going to be an update for this?

I’ve been using Facetune for years. I Love it. So glad I don’t have an iPhone 12. You win some, you lose some. Newest phone but apps don’t work 😭, older phone everything works 🙂👍🏻 thanks Facetune for an awesome app!

iPhone 12


The app is not working on a iPhone 12

The app is way bigger than the screen and it doesn’t let you to upload a photo or take one to be edited from, and also to see the different options to select from...

Love it

reina 2

It’s wonderful... i use all the time

it doesn't work for me on iPhone pro max. Help

Just got iPhone 12 pro and it won’t work the icons to upload and download photos are too far in the corners and won’t let me use any access to any function now within the app! Please adjust for the new phones

Used to be the best app for fixing red eye and now there is a glitch where the patch will only show up if it’s a large enough size, usually too big for the eye. Super frustrating to say the least.

Wow no.


There are much better apps out there. Here I was thinking I was missing out.

Needs an update

Tina 7456

The white eye editing is not letting me fix it to the actual eye size, can you fix this please?

As a YouTuber and social media influencer, I am well pleased with the wide range of what this app can do! My photos are sharp and vibrant. If you haven’t downloaded this app already, for what are you waiting? 🤗

It soooos Gud


It sooooo gud that me no believe how guuuudddrs it is.

Great app!


Best photo editing app there is!

The description here says “reshape your nose”. There’s no such feature. What it has is a feature to pinch or stretch any areas. I wish I could get my money back

First took a bit of practice for a 63 year old woman to master. Now I love it! I look 10 years younger in the photos I take.

Kept my child home from school this year. Bought a pro background on amazon. Touched up photos with this app. Nobody knew the pics were taken in my living room. Great app.

Idk if I just don’t know how to use it or it’s messed up but I can’t get the red eye tool to work after watching the tutorial a million times. Everything else is awesome though!

Been using the free version for mild touch ups required by the bad light of candid photography for a while now.

Didn’t mean to buy please contact me how to get a refund. Didn’t download it to can check. Please let me know how I can fix this.

Red/white eye correction


The app will not let me correct the color of eyes when trying to get rid of red and white eye. It used to work but now it’s all messed up.

Favorite App!


Facetune is fantastic for faces, and more. I’ve been using Facetune for years on most of my photos. Always dependable and simple to use, it has everything I need. Highly recommend!

Faces too light


My face is always wayyyyyy lighter than my neck and body. So it’s so obviously touched up. Even if it barely touch it up. I’m very blonde but tan. I wish their was a way to darken the skin :(

I wish that this app would modify the current picture instead of making new pictures


noeli medina

It’s so funny and fun my writing is probably not good bc I have nail 🤗😂😂😅🎢🌺

Best app bruh


I like to mess around with it and make my face all wonky but to actually edit it’s good too 10/10

Awsome app


Not bad pictures come out better than I expected

Works great for simple editing I use it for real estate and it works do you raise such as tire marks or posts or to remove her items I don’t want to appear on the picture.

Love it for biz

Lipsense chick

I make and sell jewelry and to have good images from my website is imperative. Face tune helps me stay true to my product colors yet enhance the way a background might look etc. Also great for touching up models

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