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EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer app an average rating of 4.67 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 1.5M ratings since its release on Dec 23 by Electronic Arts. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer?

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Rated 4.24 out of 5

1.5M global ratings

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Explore global reviews of the EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer app: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden.

45 Positive User Reviews for EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer

career mode

can you add career mode?

Al nassssr

All good but make Al nassr kit good.


Dear EA sports I don’t want to complain but you really need a penalties option in FIFA mobile. It would benifit you so much so I thing it would be a game changer

Love the graphics and really good quality

It has really good graphics and quality movement Also it’s realistic and has real players which most games don’t

The beat game

This game is so good has made me wanna train harder to become a football player in the second that I get home from training. I know that I can have a game where I can play. Have fun and chill out with my friends. I only have 100 million coins and all my players are over 100 rated in my team overall is 120 I have Lionel Messi and anthill Dimaria and son and Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho and R9 but I have plenty more players. These are my favourite players. I love you FIFA Mobile

More XP

I like fifa mobile a lot but I feel like they could increase the amount of XP when we win a match of head to head and Attack. And they should make more challenges and when you are done they automatically reset to knew challenges to get more XP and rewards.

Good game but say’s everything offside and say half the things are foul

Every time I log on and play a game and I try to goal and they say offside and when the other team fouls me they don’t give a yellow card or free kick


The management at EA just looks the other way. They know they get hacked but $$$$$ blinds them. I guess they think! The only one getting hacked will be you. It is free to play but you’ll need to spend your money or hack EA. Have fun

I like this game but I want to have controller support for on back bone

I think that I should have controller support on this game and I would like it even more


почему тут играет пеле если он умер

Game was crap

This game was absolute doo doo

I just Love the app

This is the first thing I need to know

For next update

I think the fifa mobile is one of the football mobile games I have played but I still think more improvements have to be made.Foe instance the matchdays should be made a full game instead of starting some games at anytime and player ratings should be to same as the fifa 23 ratings.

Requesting controller support

I am requesting controller support



FIFA pvp

If you’re not getting a beat down by folks who throw down really hard cash, you’ll face an immeasurable amount of folks who have the equivalent of a McDonalds wifi connection and bring your own connection down thusly hindering gameplay. Bot matches have been the only consistent gameplay but only in limited supply through daily scenarios and not readily available to play if you’re not in the mood or have a strong wifi connection to play pvp.


This game is great but I wish they hadn’t changed the auction and the exchange is horrible the gameplay is good though


I think it is the best game


The best information to get started with 5 stars

Downloading an already downloaded file

Why is this game downloading the file I have already downloaded before starting the game The file keeps on downloading over and over again I’m really tired


I want to play with my Backbone


Aprende mucho de fútbol es una locura

Missing a major piece

Don’t get me wrong, this game is amazing. But It would be better then the whole App Store combined, if they add career mode. You’re stuck in ultimate team, and cant do anything else like NBA 2k Mobile or Madden 23 Mobile. Its the only flaw about the game. And its one that must be fixed/added.


It kinda annoying that some teams inssummer event's start with 1-3 points

Que se pueda mover los controles o que las mejore porque están muy mal

Arreglen los problemas de los controles

Please add controller support

I reall love this game but need controller support

Best Game Ever!!!!!!

I enjoy playing this game. It has a lot of awesome cards for a certain event. I would suggest adding a search bar in the player nation search so you wouldn’t have to scroll down and down for a specific country.


This game is super fun and addicting but I packed Messi and Ronaldo and it didn’t give me it although 5 stars pls give me them back


this game is completely trash the referee calls out unnecessary fouls the ball completely goes invincible I don’t even know what I’m playing anymore the last fifa was good but this is a thumbs down

Got kicked out

In fifa in my country it said that I can’t connect to the server, please fix it


Instead of winning most of the time every time I play I lose. It’s stressing me out when I lose and sometimes I even cry.

matchmaking is gonna make me end my life

this game is fun i will be honest but it made me rage so much it’s not even funny. it’s so much harder to grind on and the match making makes me play suicide missions.

So good

It’s the best Mobile game I ever played I love it and I’ll never stop playing whoever created this thank you it is the best

FIFA is a great game

I say this because it’s like it’s entertaining


Le pongo cuatro estrellas porq ise una apuesta con mi tío que si yo ganaba me daba 50$ y si perdía me v!0lab4 y adivinen a quien v!0l4r0n😩

Good game

It’s good but something that will make it more good it will be career mode


This game is amazing,it doesn’t take that long to make your team overall get higher and the graphics is amazing,the only thing is that I wish we were able to play a whole soccer season🥺

controller support

This game will be so much better if it had controller support

FIFA is very fun

This game is really enjoyable :)

So fun

Ya m still in the tutorial but i can see that the game will be so fun


Dumb but cool no reason to complain it is a really great


Fun game, and thank god you removed the limited energy to play


Why are you read this five stars because it has a Lotta great movements and it’s the game of football and I love it


Fifa is a good game but the thing I don’t like it that in the Champions league you have to win both game why can’t there be leg 1 and leg 2 it will make the game more enjoyable and fun if you read this fifa pls do it.

Things to add

First off add trading with friends like i have a 90 Jorghino and my friend has a 90 Marqhino we can trade each other.Second add chatting that's pretty much it.Great game.

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