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dk colin

On night 5 you had to wiene the spring locks up an all you have to do is hold on them I mean thanks Scott Cathon

Best game


I love this game and it’s wonderful for the next update they should add a survival kit

It is VERY good just like all of the other fnaf game Scott made.but this one is my favorite. Thanks Scott😁

This is awesome but I can’t beat night 4 Cuz the springlocks things go fast at start I can’t keep up

I love it


I love that it is so scary and love how you have to find bon bon. I also like how baby says she likes pretending. She also says she’s good but can also be bad

This is a message for scot so please make a level selection,it’s a bit hard

So straight up I got this app not a while ago All the nights are easy But night 4 I can’t pass the minireenas I searched up yt on how to but still didn’t work :[

Love it!

Its not bad or good

I'm a huge Five nights at Freddy's fan and this game is just amazing. I love how there's new character and you climb through vents shock animatronics it's just different then all the others! Please make more Afton family lore love this game!!!

I opened the game and my nights reset but it’s still a good game


treehgr lap

Wow just wow night 2 is SOOOO HARD I CANT DO IT

Best game ever

the pit book 1

Yes FNAF is the best game I know and I have all the games

ok so night for seems impossible because I can never finish the first part

Goodbye Scott. We will all miss him… but we have to move on. The games were fun. The times now. It’s all over. Time to shut down



so I was playing all of the nights bc why not? Well… I’m stuck at night 4 pls help :( (btw this is a awesome game)


Classic reveiw

It was good I just cant beat night 4 it’s so hard lol but it’s fun i love it thank you Scott for being the best person ever 😊

Major problem

pug lama

So the 2nd night with the bidy babs or whatever there called is broke, I pull and pull but it won’t work, I get the first try but they pull it back again and you can’t pull to cover you, pretty disappointed after I spent money on this.

Anyways so oh yeah Funtime Freddy is the best girl

on night 2

robux free poop live

𝕚 𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕥 𝕔𝕝𝕠𝕤𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕤𝕙𝕖𝕕 𝕠𝕟 𝕟𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 2 𝕤𝕠 𝕚 𝕕𝕠𝕟𝕥 𝕘𝕖𝕥 𝕛𝕦𝕞𝕡𝕖𝕕 𝕤𝕔𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕕

The ennarard secret room is hard


Ennard is so hard. U waste power so much it’s just too hard, plus it starts with 99 percent instead of 100

An iPad it’s a lot harder for kids to beat the baby minigame so can you guys add some more time on it then 60! How about 80

Game is great

Joseph pineneedle

the game is great but night 4 is really hard to beat so i was wondering if you can made it less hard?



This is pretty awesome even though that night 4 is literally impossible I love this game


Allie stat

I really like this game! its just that funtime freddy is too quick for me and its kinda annoying lol

Bonnie puppet

Zion Soles

On the level where you had to click the button on the body hand puppet he never showed as a part of his body to where I can click it or get the chance to click it it only shows the top of his head fix it please thank you

the worst!!!!

Its me, Emily Forres

theres no sound on my phone!!!! I hate it!!! only rated this 5 so you can see it.

Ennard is to hard


This game is the best I’ve ever played but after 5 years I still can’t beat ennard. It would be great if you can dial down the difficulty a little. Thank you

The game is so hard

this game is savage

I can not beat night two but other wise it’s a good scary but awesome and good

Cant hear

wish doll

Honestly a great game and amazing graphics but i cant hear a single thing which makes no sense…

1. Why can’t you skip elevator and the end of each night so you can play game and 2. Like when your doing the reset electronics can you make it like a little faster and can you make it have like a pause and save button?

It’s a pretty good game my favorite out of all fnaf games.

Good game! I love everything about it.

Dear Scott, can you give us 1 minute and 30 seconds on the mini game it’s always the last part I can’t make back from the beginning. 1 minute isn’t enough for the mini game😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


⚫️👄⚫️ jade is best

I can’t beat night 2 it’s so hard please teach me how to play

Fun but night 4 glitchy


So I was playing this and I got to night 4 it is so hard and kinda glitchy so when u wiggle it shakes of all the little peaple I did that and seconds after I got jumpscared now it might just be me tho



overall the FNAF series is amazing but i cant play custom night in here 👁💧👄💧👁

Night 5.


Overall the game itself is really good but on night 5 when circus baby says “Go forward and left” on mobile/IOS there is no going left and you cannot complete the game I hope scott will update this major problem at some point.

Few bugs


There are a few bugs in night three, One is that i cant hear certain audio or dialogue, Another is that Funtime foxy keeps jump-scaring for no reason.

Great app but.

Sugarpants McGee


Night force almost impossible on this the camera doesn’t move that fast and it’s way too hard

My favorite game :D

Swag Queen ✌️😀😎💅🏻💅🏻

It’s a really good game, and it made time go by fast, although I rage quitted many times. I recommend it to everyone :)

I have to say that cutscene in the beginning is amazing. This game is TERRIFYING for example when you hide under the desk, that really scared me. I’m only on night 3 so far and the parts and service room is really hard and that’s why I love it.

♾/10 Love fnaf

sophia 🧿🍄🌱🔮💿🧚🏻‍♀️📀🛹

I hands down love fnaf, so that’s my review! Love you Scott 🎠😙 -That nonbinary lesbian

The game is amazing but on the circus mini game it doesnt jump high enough to get on the blocks or jump over the pits. Dont know if its because im on mobile but still, is it just me??

Fnaf SL

aum idk lol

It’s a good game but I wish Scott would specify on night 4 of the game for the real ending. But I still haven’t beaten the night. Overall it’s a good game I recommend if you have a lot of patience.

fun but confusing


on night five, baby asks you to follow her directions when going back through funtime auditorium. she asks you to “go forward and left” at one point and when i do, innard jumpscares me. i’m not sure if this is an issue for others or just me.



This is a fun game great for people that like horror 👍

For night 2 is impossible


When bidybab tries to open the vent I grab it but it still goes back

I this is the best game I’ve ever played

briseis okafor 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

It like when you play it you get scared It actually funny to get scared 💓

Fnaf Al wow


This Fnaf game is really fun ballora and Funtime foxy and funtime Freddy thay are cute so cute tasks you have to do so cool bye

This is the best game ever I love it so much I beat the game and then I had one star then when I beat the baby mini game I had 2 stars then I got to private room his is the best!

My opinion

Fnaf player05

Can someone please put an editors choice award for this game!! It’s fantastic

Good game


Love the Game. It’s very entertaining for solving mysteries I always have to turn up my iPad to hear Ballora in night 2

Best game ever


This my fav Fnaf game in the series and I love it

Thank you scott


Thank you scott for bringing this game to mobile I’m sad you retired but….that’s on the more ppl that buy this the more money you get

It’s hard

I want The battle pa

So night 1 2 3 are easy but night for has a bug I’m doing it correctly but its not working

I love it!


I love sister location, but I do suggest that you where headphones if your sister/brother is scared of the games.

Awesome but

kitty cacks🥰❤️😍

I want a refund so bad so I can get more robux also play roblox



I was playing and on night two i was hiding underneath the desk and my game glitched and I couldn’t shut the door and i got jump scared

Bit hard but fun


I love the game but I can’t get past the bidibab attack on night 2 It is probably because I am mobile you will probably hav better experience on a computer

Update pls


I am really happy with this but I think it would be better if maybe there was a part we’re you need to survive CB, like you would with the other animatronics, please consider this an idea


ava da walrus

Its a really good game, yet the scopping room level is impossible. I went through it ten fimes and never hpt through. EDIT: I HAVE TRIED 30 TIMES NOW AND STILL HAVNT GOTTEN THROUGH.

How do I pass the box who someone please reply I need help

Night 4 is way to hard I’ve been playing for 3 years still have not completed night 4 to this day. Scott we need you to make it not as impossible please

I am so glad this game is on mobile because I DON’T HAVE A VR



So the game is great. I really like it but I’ve found a bug, so the game is completely silent even though my audio is at full and it wont make noise ;-; yeah that’s kinda all but it’s a great game eitherwise

scooper room…


SOMEONE HELP ME ESCAPE. i’ve been trying all day to beat night 4 in the scooper room. it’s literally impossible.

Night 4 is impossible

awsome ender

I love the game but might four is so hard I’ve played for hours and haven’t even gotten past one minute

I love this game, the only problem is how HARD balloras level is otherwise it’s great

Great game but…


I’m at night four and can’t beat it. Great game tho

No Audio :(


There is no audio for me when i play and how am i supposed to play this without any audio but i am sure this is just my phone being horrible.

Fake ending to hard


Can y’all make a update to make the fake ending with ennard easier please..



I’ve seen this on YouTube and I decided that I would download it. The first time i played the part where the key pad gives you the key pad, it skips it and moves on with the night. I had to reset it 3 times. Overall, it’s a good game

Mini game impossible

huricane boiiii

I have been playing the game it is good until the Mini game the blue cupcake when you feed it to the first set of kids for me it some times glitches and only produces one in stead of three

I love this game but it’s so hard to get the 2nd star because the minigame’s time so please don’t have the time on the minigame

This is a pretty good game in the series but something SUPER annoying is in night 5 I keep dying but the restart goes wayy too far back and it is being super boring to have to constantly have to re do it. Other then that it is a pretty good game.

How great it is.


This game is do amazing I love all the endings I play it nonstop!

Good game but hard

bad boy tom

It is very hard night four takes 3 hours it’s very hard that is why I reviewed four starts the game is very good but that night four hardest

Baby’s speech is too long


I love the game and the franchise, but I feel like night four takes a long time to start and it’s way too hard on mobile. I keep dying for no reason even though I was shaking off the mini-renas. I’m still trying though, root for me! :)



Okay so when ur in the game, (night 4) at the part Baby is supposed to open your face plates, there is just a voice that’s heavy screaming and breathing kind of roaring it’s very creepy!!



So this is nothing about the game it’s about the plush. So what makes me sad is that u don’t have phantom freddy and u have NONE of the withered I really want withered freddy and chica!

I have a question


My question is why do they kill you isn’t this your family afton why



Whatever I get jumpscared by Funtime foxy I jump

Great game BUT....



It’s a great game...but when I got to the ballora area the game just got rid of the jumpscare sounds. And when I got to the Funtime freddy place I could not hear him talk eather so please fix it. IM BEGING YOU PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok on YouTube Scott’s friend Um idk how to to spell it so FuzanZgamer I think got a note from him saying that Scott stopped making FNAF games.☹️so yeah☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

ONLY because a bit to hard

fish with lungs

Really fun game but also it’s very hard i’ve only been to game once but I can’t beet it again, otherwise great game!

i gots a suggestion


I LOVE LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!!!!!! however ive got a suggestion. we can only do each night for the real ending once.. itd be nice if we could pick any night to do again. PS ENNARDS NIGHT... GAHHHHH SO FRIGGEN HARD MAN

Please read


When I got the app I was really excited to play it but one problem I never saw bonnet in the five nights I do like how at the end there is a twist ending to you helping circus baby but I do not like how you got to pay for every fnaf

It’s hard


It’s hard and I still can’t get passed day 2

I love the game but I can’t refund.. I don’t want to delete the game and waste money so I want. Refund please.

Scott i always believed in you your a really good amazing game developer

Good game but hardddddd😟


It is a good game! It does deserve 3 dollars. On the under the desk one when I had to slide the door I almost broke my finger lol (not actually) I love the game but I’m giving 4 stars cuz it’s superrr hardddd.

Fix it please


Make the little crawling things gone of f the suit it’s REALLY anyoing



I love it but baby’s night for me took the cake



I love this game but I can’t get passed night 4 🥵

Great job 👌


This game is one game that I love I would never choose any game over FNAF ok maybe I would but not really you guys all do so good at creating these games I wish I could play every day😃



I rated this 5 stars so you could see it. Really I’d rate it 3 stars! Is it just me or it’s impossible to make it past the part your trying to keep the desk closed on mobile? Fix this ASAP. Thanks.

Nicely done.


The game is amazing I love the FNaF Games in all but night two is kinda hard to play lol bc I’m playing on phone and can’t keep the thingy shut. But overall This is a rather good app.

I downloaded this to play a random game because I was bored, but now I play it over and over again! You should definitely download this game!

Its to hard


Night one is easy but night two with the desk thing is to hard but it’s really good I feel like it was worth my money

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