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Foil Turning 3D app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 1 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Foil Turning 3D app an average rating of 4.67 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 24.7K ratings since its release on Feb 24 by Gismart. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Foil Turning 3D?

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Rated 4.04 out of 5

24.7K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Foil Turning 3D

A bug

It’s a really good game but there’s A bug

Amazing game just one problem

On level like 3 or 4 on the spackle level theres this one bottom left corner that you can’t reach and so now I can’t get past that level and it’s super annoying that I can’t get past the level overall one of the best games ever (Also theres inappropriate ads in the game)

Good game but. . .

I was playing this game, peacefully, and I finished the sculpturing so I had to fill in the cracks in the wall in the game.I got the top and bottom with the The bottom, that is very hard to get is you can’t get it, when you try to go down your fingers, iPad, black cover and you cannot go down anymore.I’ve had to restart the level many times and it is almost impossible to get the crack. I can only get half of it I can’t get all of it so every time I try my finger ends at the iPad bottom. If you w

It is good but

On the wall cement one it's baddest one I could not get the bottom one

The game is amazing, but…

The game is really good, and fun, but the issue is is that on the level where you have to fill in a wall, it’s impossible to pass through it because you can’t reach the bottom. Please read this and fix this.


I get stuck on some levels because some objects are too low to the screen for my finger to reach and complete — like the spatula and the wall plaster… I can’t get low enough to finish it…

Only a few problems

I love this game but after a few rounds you have to make this scraper thing and fill all the holes in the wall and it was easily to fill the first two holes but when I got to the bottom left hole it was impossible to fill I would move my finger and it would move off my screen please fix this problem so we can play more of this addictive game and it would take a long time to load but I think that is just my service.


Great game but on the level that your fix dry wall is impossible (at least for mobile) I think the devs need to move the screen for that up so it is possible


I love this app i will feel InSANe 6 year old, Terrence

Pls read

I cannot reach the corner of the crack

Really fun

Y’all this game is really fun and I like it so y’all have to play it im telling y’all just try it. And no I’m not a robot.

Good buttt TOOOO many ads

I got this game thinking it would be a good good game it was but too many ads if this game can make no more ads I would be happy

The bad thing about this game

I would have rated it 5 stars if I could pass the level with the concert I can’t get one piece of it.


This game it’s Awesome!!! I love it. It is so satisfying and it feels like you are actually next to the foil. It does not make you watch ads in the middle of rounds witch I love and it is just Awesome!!!!! Best game choice ever.


Super satisfying!!!!

What a great game 🥰😍

I love this game so much a am so hooked to it it’s fun relaxing and yeah I don’t know what else to say so yea

My favorite things about the game

I like the color, polishing, and the hammering.

4 star

This game is entertaining for me and I love it and I can’t have a game in the middle but I’m still playing it because I love it

Omg so in ####TRENDY

Sooooo trendy love it play it

About the app

I would get this app for kids and adults it is fun for road trips in my opinion it is a good way to pass the time have fun with your new app.

great game, one problem

I saw a bunch of other ratings and a couple said that one level is IMPOSSIBLE so I decided to see if I could beat it. It turns out it is IMPOSSIBLE, even my friend tryed it and she could not beat it. So if you are thinking about buying this game maybe think twice, unless you dont want to get very far in the game.

Uthdtudyxtudyxujd tuxxyfyrs

Hehehe Ndjdnd S S D

Listen here!

So the games fun but there’s something annoying the one so you have to fix a wall but you can’t it goes to low FIX IT!!!!!!!

One of my favorite games!

I love this game! Its perfect

It’s OK

There is one level that is impossible to do😡😡😡


It made me scratch my balls.😁😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏 fsfs recommend.

Good but bad

It’s a good game but the level with the shovel-thingy I can’t get the bottom left corner only half so please fix it

An impossible level

So there’s this one level and it’s impossible for mobile users because if you try to run the aluminum foil or what you made over the brick wall hole the plaster would not get filled in and it would just go off the screen.

Great game

Ok I love this game it makes me feel so great and I feel relaxed and but there is ads when you want to get a item but I recommend getting this game


On level 4 or 3,please fix the brick smeering level. I cant get the bottom piece and id really love your game if you fix this. Thanks!


The level when you need to fill in the hole is not allow me to fill in


Fix this, it’s a level we’re you make like a puttyknife I can finish the left bottom corner on when we need to fix the wall fix it please!!!!

Markiplier brought me here

Markiplier brought me here lol😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

Love it

I loved playing with foil when I was a kid and now I still do it doesn’t feel as cool but I still love it. (This is my first review so Idk how much stuff to put)

Great game but HUGE problem

Great game but in the part where you pave the wall, the chip doesn’t let you pull it down to the last hole. I wanna see all the other levels but I can’t because this one gets me stuck. Please fix it.

Best game ever

This game is so fun and satisfying you know for a 8 year old and the graphics are so awesome. I is so addictive and you will want to play it every day I totally think you will love it

Found a bug

Everything was good until I got to the paint scrapper one when you get to the last part to use it it won’t let me get the hole on the bottom and crashes everything

Good game 1 problem


Level 7

I can’t spread all of the paint on the wall! The bottom hole is too low. Can you raise the bottom hole please?

Great Game

Hello! This game is very fun, but there is a problem. When you make a Pudy scraper thingy you can’t cover up this one spot on the wall, so I am stuck on that level and can’t move on! Please fix this, it would make me happy!

It’s fun

So I saw it on a ad so I got it idk it ok


I wanted to play because of a mattshae video but the game keeps crashing seconds after opening, why?


This game was really fun and satisfying to play but there are WAY too many ads. After you do one step it gives you an ad.

3thrd level

The third level of the gam is horrible the spatcula thing will not go down so I can’t go to the next level fix it .

1 Negative User Reviews for Foil Turning 3D

Not really

It’s ok but the once in you reach the 4 level you make the tool the you fill in the holes in the wall but the 3rd holl you can’t reach it and you can’t do anything about it so the game literally ends there :(

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