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Force Master app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 3 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Force Master app an average rating of 4.73 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 51.3K ratings since its release on May 24 by Voodoo. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Force Master?

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Rated 4.42 out of 5

51.3K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Force Master

The first time

I’m so glad that you’re feeling better


You can walk around ur self:)


Eleven from stranger things

Great game but gets boring

I love force master it’s addicting and funny but it’d be great if there was a larger variety of enemy’s like with faster guns or something I also think if you throw something at unit with a shield the shield should break and you don’t have to pull it away from them.

Great game but…

I love this game, I play it all the time. The problem is, too much adds. Every time I go through a door and add pops up on he screen. My suggestion is that you have less adds because these adds are really annoying and I am deleting it. But the game is kind of cool not going to lie.

Great but to easy

Great game, but it is not much of a challenge.


that’s all I have to say thank u

This is a amazing game it’s made perfect I wonder what will come next?

It could be nice to have a new update

Not a lot of content

There are only about 5 maybe less hands and not a lot of levels plz add more of these things

So I just want to say something to people who paid for adds

I know how to get rid of adds. Just turn your internet off, simple

Pretty good

I really like this game a lot and I have fun playing It but there are way to many adds and one time I deleted this game Bc I couldn’t stand all the adds but other then that it’s good

Omg I love this game it’s so cool and magical

It’s so cool and magical and weird and I just love it for some reason

Thanks for this game

I love you so so much thank you all for just making it for me thank you.

Too many adds

I love this game but their is to many adds and I can barely play it but overall it’s a good game


It’s good love this game also it’s easy!

Needs fix

Amazing game but one problem the shields are to good like the bulletsBouncing of them is fine but like when you throw everything else they just bounce off and that is not ok

I just downloaded it and I Love it 10/10 I love it

You should download the game it’s fun and interesting I Love it download✨🌹 force master✨🌹now!

How Cool Would It Be In VR Or AR

I just think this game perfectly fits VR. Also it’s really cool.

This Is the best game!

I can throw whatever objects i want and it Is relaxing and satisfying to watch the dolls fly!


It’s the best game ever it relates to Star Wars which I’m a Star Wars fan myself so all those Star Wars fans will love it so ya

i Love your game it is so good thanks for making this game

this game is the best bye have a good day

I’m 10

And if a 10 year old likes this game you will like it but can you add powers to on lock please

Developers please read

Can you add more levels please because I keep saying the same ones over and over again also there’s way too many ads also please make more skins

I love this

I love this game a lot.When I’m bored I play this all the time.But the one thing I think you should fix is looking around you can’t look around it turns for you but other then that I love this game😍😍❤️

Very nice game.

its a underrated game because you can just use this app when your mad too, because its called FORCE, also there are some interesting ads.

Wow this game is AMAZING I LOVE IT

Wow this game is like wow it’s so cool and pretty tricky but this is awesome I love the way when you like have magic and that makes it cool

Very average

My butt hurts from playing this so much hahahhahahahahhah ğö döwnıöüd it

Good feels like Star Wars

I get the energy because in mandolorian baby YODA fell asleep cause energy and fell asleep ya just that

We love the game

This game is fun I can play this game hours


It’s a good game but It’s like not good at the same time but it’s still awesome👁👄👁

Hi my great review

This game is my life like i can’t pick stuff up with my hands with out moving like this is so fun and the fun fact is that i just got it but i Ben playing it on my sis and bro iPad and they on a big level 😘👍🏽

So goooooood

Wow just wow one of the best games ever it is the perfect amount of challenge to keep you interested but still easy can you put more hands that would be nice can you have an in game shop(plz respond)

Fun at first, gets repetitive after a while

At first, it seems really fun, with all these different enemies and bosses, but then if u keep playing, the same enemies and bosses keep repeating. Can u add some more lvls voodoo plz? Other than that, the game’s super fun and accdictive.


It’s a great game but the ads are just annoying I need some more levels to make the game better


I like the game a lot but there are way to little level/themes and also I wish they an impossible mde

Too easy

I’m not saying it’s too easy to be cocky or anything it’s just you can spam the attack and nothing can touch you this game would be so much betterIf you made it harder


It’s so beautiful I would like it had five nights at Freddy hand skin


I like this game but it has way to many ads and maybe add different colors of the force and different types like on Star Wars with electricity force

Good and bad things

It’s more enemies Bad good I like the space level a lot it reminds me of a Among us so get this game

Great but needs not so much adds

I love playing this game but they are to much adds that the only thing that I don’t like everything else is great!


This is so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood like memealis that you tuber should play it


I LOVE IT but I HATE the ads it gets to annoying

3 Negative User Reviews for Force Master

Good concept but too simple

I really like the concept of this game. But the gameplay and controls are too simple. All you need to do is randomly around and you’ve cleared a level. I love Voodoo games, but this one is a rare miss.


It’s so hard to control every time I move it uses magic . I also find a bunch of glitches and get stuck on the walls .

It’s ok

It’s ok but not really good because it’s a really sensitive game but it’s really cool and fun which is ok and fine so it’s fine but it’s probably only fun for people like 7 and younger

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