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Forge Ahead - Be a Blacksmith app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 2 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Forge Ahead - Be a Blacksmith app an average rating of 4.59 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 85.1K ratings since its release on Jul 22 by Lion Studios. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Forge Ahead - Be a Blacksmith?

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Rated 4.22 out of 5

85.1K global ratings

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Explore global reviews of the Forge Ahead - Be a Blacksmith app: Germany, France.

45 Positive User Reviews for Forge Ahead


It’s a really fun game the only thing I would change would be the graphics if it was 3D you had to cut things you could do other things and maybe some things cheaper it would totally be a five star game there’s not a lot of ads and it really overall nice.

Great game with some MAJOR bugs

I have to say, this is one of the best games I’ve seen in quite awhile. However, there is this one bug that makes it so that on level 70, you can’t complete it. You just can’t. The sword just doesn’t forge.


Love the game needs a second sword rack that maybe doesn’t make money but allows you to keep swords you like that may be less valuable.


The game is fun but it could be better. If you were able to look at the ores list while mining. Also some of the metals look very similar. So it can be hard to tell what is what.

Forge ahead

I really love the game. I think they should add a duel option to test the blade too. Overall it’s a really good game.

Its good but it gets old

Ok so heres the thing, its really fun but it gets so boring when you have everything, so i have an update recommendation: add new sword blades and hilts or maybe something to the process of making a sword

Just downloaded

I’ll Update y’all in a minute

Great but…

The game is fun but if you don’t play for a little bit you can afford everything.

Please read it’s important

I think you should do a couple of updates so we have more swords to make.


This is a very good game I love it a lot

Great game

Great fun game to play when you have a few minutes if free time and want a chill game.

Update please

Can you please update this game because I want it to have more materials and more blades two so can you do that please.

I like the game but I have a improvement

I would like it if you could mine metals before hand and then use the metal that you mined before hand


GG every body thinks that the ads are bad just tern of airplane mode and it's amazing!!!!!!!!!

It’s great but

It’s a great game and for once a mobile game does not have too many ad’s but there is a couple of things I wish was in the game like custom handles and daggers

Good but one issue

Like the game but when one of the updates came out awhile ago it stopped me from accepting any jobs from customers.there is no accept button like I still have a customer to do witch I don’t.

Cool dreams come out

Holy cow spice sister winter icon s Ovid nice to Ed I’d ever white kind so ex is ex idol ex ok ex in ex bloom

Plz add more of these

Please add more stones, swords, designs, more things to test swords on, and mane make it so we can color or designs and swords. Cause I beat this game and am still playing it.

Too much copper

I love this game I’m like level 80 in 2 days but the only problem I have is there is too much copper and tin spawning. Other than that this game is five stars in my opinion.

His is so good

I’m a real black smith and this is the exact way you make swords

Cool game

Only game out really that’s like this. Should update it though. This game would be epic if you got it up to date. Forged in Fire is my favorite show so I been looking for a game like this. Thanks you!


How do I get better materials to make swords cause I use to play like 2 years ago and the better materials were so easy to get but I don’t know if there’s a new system cause it’s totally changed for the better but I need help

Not too shabby

The game is fine, but it’s not it’s not perfect. I would recommend it if you are really bored 😑.

Good game

This is a great and addictive game the only complaint is the number of ads if you don’t pay to not have ads

Love it but...

I love this game put just like some update missing a bug that sometimes i see a ball missing in de cruible and update to add colors to or decortian blade


So quests are cool but sometimes when they kill their enemy it comes out as a fail, please fix it

Please fix soon!

I’ve had this games before but deleted it. It was a really fun game until I reinstalled it and it started getting a little laggy. Please fix soon!!!

Really fun!

I like it! But,, you should maybe add more minerals, and maybe some gems like amythest and emerald and sapphire? I dunno, I also think more swords would be cool!!

That’s not how it works!

This game is fun but it could add a bit of realism. Personally I’m a black smith and you have to heat up some metal and pound it into something don’t put melted rocks into a mold. So if the developer sees this then please add some realism.

Needs updates more often

This game is great but I feel like the developers abandoned this game and thought of it as a scratch


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8/10 for sure.

actually pretty fun, a good idol game. also, the new update takes it from a 2 to an 8.

Very highly recommend

It’s one of my favorite games because once you get the use of of it you’ll like it

I like it

It’s really addicting and a good game for when you’re bored

I really like this game but one thing

I really want more capacity that I can have in that pot thing with all the Materials and stuff but overall I really like the game! :)

More customers

The game is good but it needs more customers that come in asking for different types of sword styles

Fun game

The only issue I have, is for some reason when I first load into the game. It shows you what you made offline and gives you the option of 2x or more and it won’t let me select this option. It will only let me select 1x.

Needs more stuff

I like it. I’m not saying that much. Maybe because there isn’t much. It definitely needs more stuff to do. Make this, make that. Truly this app is kinda BORING. I don’t recommend this app.

Good game but I have suggestions

Maybe add a sharpening section after the shining more decals and add axes your choice about the axes

Amazing game

It’s an amazing game but you should add the ability to upgrade the amount of rocks that fall and fix the thing that makes you scrap a sword as soon as your done making it


You should have more options on what to slice

So so so so so good

I love love love love this game it’s so fun and one of my favorite games!!!

It’s a lot better now!

I played this game SOO long ago and I waisted my time on it, but now I just came back to it and it’s Soo much better and there’s new and better updates now

2 Negative User Reviews for Forge Ahead


I wanted to make an ugly blade. This was set up to where you can’t mess up.


The game gets boring very quickly and you do the same things over and over and over again.The only reason I gave it a star is that it is satisfying for a very short amount of time.

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