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FRAG Pro Shooter app recently received 30 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given FRAG Pro Shooter app an average rating of 4.64 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 67.4K ratings since its release on Apr 24 by Oh BiBi. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about FRAG Pro Shooter?

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Rated 4.17 out of 5

67.4K global ratings

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30 Positive User Reviews for FRAG Pro Shooter

Has potential

I have played frag for a couple weeks now and I have come to realize the matchmaking in this game is just terrible! Sometimes you match with someone a thousand lower while sometimes matching with someone five thousand higher, overall this game has a good concept, but the matchmaking just makes this game so annoying.

Good game but a few suggestions

I like it but the quality of the skins and card needs a little work and since you are doing a good job make one skin naked

From fox the god

I just got the game but I have. Alt 1w Ago and I think the game i super good keep it up


This game is super fun and cool

Good game

Grate game for young kids


Best game ever played in my life and my friends have been playing it all day so I have to play it to.

It’s amazing but more changes

You guys have to make it a little more spicy, hard, clips


Honestly it’s a very fun game. It’s competitive and you need strategy. If the sensitivity was a bit higher it would be better, but overall it’s a good game.

Awesome game

It plays really good and I can’t put it down

Skin coins😐

I really loved this game it’s so fun and beautiful also but one problem I have is skin coins like dam I have to pay gems just to get coins for skins maybe put them in chests and if you want more pay gems cus I pay 100 gems for 25 coins like cmon give me more for 100 but that’s my only problem

Please add controller support!!

This game is tons of fun with pretty minimal need to purchase anything at all. But I use a Backbone controller on a lot of games and only the left stick does anything. It would be awesome to be able to actually use the controller to its full potential

Great but

Great game,but I hate event exclusives!!!!!!

Love it

Awesome game but please try to make it backbone compatible ASAP


This game is great and all but one problem WHY do you scam us on the share to get reward thing it a scam and could mess up you or friends account I am very disappointed and have to rate this game a 3 star.

It’s and okay game

I’m having a problem winning and getting 0 trophies and it’s annoying

The greatest!

This is by far one of the greatest game on mobile device but I have a problem with this issue. Why do you match a low HP player with a pro player?? Sometimes a 1600 HP player has to face some dude whose HP is over 2K. It’s not fair and it doesn’t do Justice. Please do Justice to match a low player with another player that is around the same level.


so good and fun i can play it all day has no ads at all over all so awsome love it🤪🤪🤪🤪👌

Fun but Corrupt

This really is a unique game, it’s really addicting and the characters are awesome. But the match ups are always unfair, the in game purchases are terribly expensive, exploiters in every match, non-responsive customer support, honestly I might come back to it . But for now I deleted it

So good

I love this game it’s so fun I love this so so much

Just took me here

So at this point your reading this your like what is this about well it’s about noting rating just took me here

Good game but

So I really enjoy this game but I did notice that there are some demonic “FRAGGERS” such as Inferno, Lili, Duality, and a skin on Red shadow has a horned mask I really don’t like this and I hope these fraggers will be fixed

Good game

It’s a rlly god game if you play it long enough

This game rocks

Hey this game is fun if u want a description u basically go into a 1v1 and switch guys at any time the guys u don’t use are bots Wich help u fight u unlock more and more people as u play I think it’s really good


Needs a grafix update

My game just sometimes flips out.

I just started to play frags again. Sometimes when I’m in a match my game doesn’t respond to any of my inputs.


This game is an awesome concept except for the flaws of having an ad pop up to purchase in game items every time I upgrade a character, constantly having the sound cut out, and being connected to servers halfway across the globe.

I don’t know what happened(please help)

My friend sent me a friend request through messages for frag and when I clicked on the link it sent me to an infinite loading screen, I have restarted my phone, reloaded game and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game but none of it worked. (Any tips/ways to fix it) Good game though.


I like the game but for ome reason it randomly kicks me out and it sometimes it won’t let me in. But it is a really fun game so I would get it. 😀😀

Target glitch

It looks s good but the tracking system is way overpowered I was constantly getting track and I ended up loading half of my trophies and ended up in arena 5. So can u remove it or make to where if u are weaker then it will track someone (also u lose to many points and U can’t even counter it).

Change jackpot chances please

I have a stopped right in front of the jackpot and right after it but I can never get a jackpot so can you please make the chances of getting the jackpot higher thanks BIBI

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