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Geometry Dash app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Geometry Dash app an average rating of 4.56 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 109.9K ratings since its release on Nov 17 by RobTop Games AB. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Geometry Dash?

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Rated 4.49 out of 5

109.9K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Geometry Dash

Fixing GD

Can you please fix Geometry Dash please?!!!!!!

Geometry dash

I’m haveing fun


And if are you to the are if are you the and if stupid (amazing game I’m being silly)


When will the new updates come out

Do i have to say more?

this is the best game


When will it come out on mobile?

Another level

Also, I just wanted to say that TON 618 level by Pooooooooooooch should be extreme demon. I mean, you literally have to click over 1000x per second, and impossible on mobile :( The only way to really do it without noclip is to use an electric toothbrush on a mouse. Or you just have a steel index finger.

Really good

The game is very good it has lots of stuff good games

This game is perfect

So basically I got it and it’s really good and no p2w things unlike roblox and this game is fun I really recommend.

This game is cool

NGL I like that you can make your levels but about to free gd games…. This version is the best idc if it’s costs money

Good game


Thank u robtop for making this level because i beat bloodbath!!

I’m gonna faint

best game ever

geometry dash is very fun, the levels are fun and have really good music, and it really gives you a feeling of accomplishment once you beat a level youve been struggling on for a long time. The icons, ships, ufos, balls, arrows, and spider skins look amazing and are fun and challenging to collect. even after you beat every level you can do online levels so the game pretty much never ends. overall probably the best game and the full game is only 3 dollars. not just that, but i haven’t experienced

Bro hurry up.

It’s been 5 WHOLE YEARS SINCE THE LAST UPDATE. Just stop listening to people’s expectations and get the update out already. I’ve been looking forward to it... for the last multiple years, being like “it’s coming out soon!” each time. Just please hurry up. Otherwise, good game.

For some reason i can’t play it

I really like it but every time I try to play it It just force closes the app when I try to open it. =(


Love the game but it’s paid for. I’d give it a five if it wasn’t.


I love this game and all.But for some reason I can’t enter the game I’ve been constantly deleting it and reinstalling but it still won’t work can you please fix this?

DoN’t FoRgEt Me

I am JD That’s all you need to know 🙈

One of the best games but…

Geometry dash is one of my favorite games and one the best platforms(or I think)but there’s a glitch/bug is going around.One time I wanted to play geometry dash but when I pressed it,it kicked me out of the game and I reset my iPad but it didn’t work,I tried to delete it and install back but that didn’t work so developers if you see this please fix this bug/glitch.It might work on a different device but if you see this developers please fix this in 2.2

the great game

i beat my first level A+ game

Good game

Robtop made a banger. Good main levels. Just as good endless user levels. With infinite fun

Update please

When is the 2.2 update coming?!


Is won't let me in to gometry dash, can you fix this? Everytime I try to open it it kicks me out.

Great game

Great game but rage… :)

I can’t play it anymore..

When I open the game it kicks me out and I don’t know why

Pls fix iOS bug

Good game but cant play mobile

It’s a good game but I have a problem with it.

I love the game but I really want auto save I lost most of my progress after my game stopped working and I couldn’t save and well I lost almost everything.


is 2.2 out??? Rubub. yes it is

Gameplay is great! But one thing

The game is awesome! It’s also got a good setting and stats, I WAS enjoying it but then after a while the game glitched out and I couldn’t go to it. Every time I tried it would say geometry dash which it should do but then it just crashes. I would really like to be able to play it again but I wrote 4 stars because it was good I just want to play it. That’s all XD

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!!! Not that much bugs

This game is amazing no ads yes but if your on mobile when you go to a different app then go back its muted and then you have to go back to home screen then go back in BUT THE GAME IS STILL GOOD you can make your own levels! I like it i also like that 2.2 is coming

I can’t get in game please help

Can you make it so I can get back on this game please


It was definitely worth the money but I only have one issue I can’t play it anymore due to an update for iOS and ever since I haven’t been able to play and I have worked very hard to get where I was then and lost it all but still the best game I also have it on steam

Simple obstacle

My only fault of this game is that I feel like they need to design a game solely for levels that don’t go upside down or backwards. I understand that it’s a difficulty thing, but it’s difficult without it! I will change the stars to 5 if this changes.

Sad Glitch

Geometry dash is such a fun game once you get better at it, but after a while of not playing, the new version came, and along with it, a weird glitch that makes you log out as soon as you get in, i’m wondering if that is just a glitch, or is it permanently? I really hope you can fix it in any way possible. Thank anyway.

Please add auto sync for accounts.

It would be nice to not need to save and load cloud data all the time.

Add a sans skin

Add a Sans skin! It’s simple you just got to update your game! Sans-if you don’t know him he is from a series called “Undertale” he is a live talking skeleton with either two white pupils our one completely black eye and one blue one. Thanks!

Fix this pls

The game is good but there is this bug that makes it so that I can’t play or do anything so right now I’m stuck with all the other games so rubrub pls fix this and I hope you see this

Good but you need to fix it

So I bought the full version of the game because I loved it so much and I played it every day so I got the full version then one day every single time I logged on it kicked me out the game it didn’t even load and I couldn’t play since thin and I’m really sad I had tons of progress

Glitch and bugs

So I was playing GD on my iPad and it doesn’t load for some reason. If any devs can look into it it would be appreciated. I love this game and it makes my sad not being able to play it.

Why I love geometry dash

This has been my most loved apps of all time. like to play these levels and only this pibby one named save! 5 stars for you! have fun!!!!

It didn’t save

I made an account for gd and thought it would auto save when I deleted it and reload it to see if it would fix the audio. I log in and everything reset why :( I guess you have to manually save before deleting it

I love gd

GD (or known as geometry dash) Is a very fun game, it’s level editor is a very nice addition to the game. But, 2.2 is taking FOREVER. Please Robtop. Release 2.2

help pls



WHEN!?!?! GIVE US 2.2

It won’t let me in the game and it kick me out

I played the lite version and it’s a really good game but this one won’t work.

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