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I love this game I play it everyday but for some reason when I play it for a while the graphics go horrible and when I put smooth fix on it just goes super slow. Robert Please fix this for mobile.



its so frustrating! Games meant to make people happy!!

This is the best dash game ever, but, I want to try controller too because I know this amazing game is on Xbox, but I don’t have one, so I would like you to add controller support please. Thank you! -pixelgamer573gd



RobTop this game is a master piece I don’t know how you can think of this But I really want to be a mod my name is Otom can you plz mod me:)

Add back every play.


Like why would you get rid of it. Every play was da best.

Kudos to you for making the game good but only if you updated it like I’ve waited like 2 years for it and nothing so if you read this any time soon I luv the game😁and hi robtop👋

Really nice game

dark mode problem

It is really fun game I recommend this game when your offline

Geo Dash

Talebn YT

It is just the best I’m speechless

This game is better than fortnight

i like le game. that’s all i’m saying

Best game ever


I finished one of the hardest ones and it was amazing 😉 you shod Mack a geometry 2 that Would be even better if you do it’s party time 🥳 come on give it a try you have too 😆yaa you can do this come on

I LOVE this game but... there’s one problem sometimes you can’t jump

New update

The best of me to dr

Please add more updates this game is really cool but for some reason it said that I can’t make a acount. Can you please help



Really fun and can’t put it down

Fun game


This is a really fun Game rub rub

Awesome game! :D


When I play This game I go OwO It is amazing 🤗

The best game


Omg guys you first get on and there is so much level editor, original levels, and demon levels I loved it so worth 3$

I like this game


GD is a very good game but I am still a noob at this game so I’m going to rate this game 4 stars


It’s the best.


I really enjoy GD. My just bought this a few days or months ago. And today my mom bought me GD subzero. I really love this.

Best game ever!


The graphics are amazing the mechanics and being able to make levels and play levels other people mad e is really fun it is defenetly worth the money

Stop lying


You have been lying! The easy one aren’t easy

I love how it is very challenging and addictive but I hate the fact when ever you die and your really far on the level it makes you restart it makes me scream and throw my device that I’m playing on.


jeffy mobber

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I can’t win

So I want wireless controller support with the Xbox controller features so please add that as the 2.12 update

One thing


I love this game but my I’m trying to login and it says my gmail is invalid really annoying please fix!!!!

Invalid Email

albert oofstein

When ever I try to sign up all it says is email is invalid and I go to help (which is no help) And still does not work Fix the game

Really fun


I’ve played this game since it came out and i’ve had a great time its fun and challenging



2.2 needs to come but other than that it’s an awesome game

Recomaindation :Make something that you can choose your levels or somebody’s online level for a template on the level editor so people can edit peoples levels and make them on their account

Make it slower


It’s annoying that the creator expects us to have extremely fast reaction time. All of the levels are super fast and it gets crazy. So please make the character go slower, but the game is otherwise fine.🤷‍♂️


Mr.wither Declan

Every time i try to install it it can’t install it😡😡😡🤬 LOL I hate this game!!!!!!!!!!


Rigoberto Barron

I love this game so much it is of those games where it's triggering but you'll always find yourself coming back to it and I honestly think more people should but the full version it's worth it😉😃



God game would like a new level tho

I’ve never seen a music based 2d plat-former as good as this one 5/5 for me!

The game is fantastic but when is 2.2 coming to IOS

Geametry dash


I have been playing Geametry dash for a while and it very popular on my bus I think it is a perfect kid game

Great stuff


This game is cool and it’s sound tracks are lit 10/10 toataly recommend



It is a great game with no ads. :) also, 2.2 when?

Great game


I think this game is fun and let’s you pick from so many levels from other people or the game itself

Look I love the game and all just.. my music isn’t working the music is up on my device and game it just won’t work so overall it’s great but I just don’t know what’s going on bye!

Please. RobTop.

MandelBrot Boy

Are You Gonna Add 2.2? I Have Been Waiting For It. Are You Gonna Update Geometry Dash!?

I love robtop! In 2.2 there should be a fusion portal!

When I first played it, I played stereo madness and I haven’t complete it yet but this app is the best. I wish this will be easier but I guess it’s really good and nice. I even liked customizing my character. - UnlockedUp

Clubstep is broken

Laney Luvs Chihuahua

There is some orbs that go by itself 2.2! Make new difficulty and portals and make a Show of geometry dash! 104 episodes!


The trouble of the a

The music in jumper has two DEAFENING noises. The first one is at the start and the second one is the first time you go upside down. Apart from that the game is absolutely number1 for fun in my opinion.

This is fun

Random Username Pers

I have enjoyed this game so much I forgot it was a rage game

Game is so much fun

Ultimate game time

This game is too much fun I can’t put it down



this game has great and there were no ad!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been waiting for 2.2 for awhile, so that knocks off one star. Overall, great game.

Good but...


The game is REALLY good but it’s hard to free the monster. rubrub or robtop make it easy to free the monster. Remove the key that you have to complete the chaos gauntlet.

It’s been two years, we want the 2.2 update so bad! I will give 5 stars once the 2.2 update comes out

Great game


It’s very hard for me but I love it anyway robtop make more bangers

insane game


this game is AWESOME for when your pooping😂.

I just went through a wall in geometrical dominator on the first coin

Some problems


Geometry dash’s sensitivity is pretty low, especially with orb spamming

Best Game Ever

vvda dood

This Is The Best! I made levels, got good scores, and did things! Go see my acc: dantdmdarealguy

I love this game, I am so exited for 2.2!

This game is my life

dont buy all the add

I have played this game for over two years and I am very satisfied with it. I CANNOT WAIT FOR 2.2!!!!!!

Only one problem


There’s only one problem with the game... IT WONT MAKE ME SHARE LEVELS I DONT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING WRONG IF I DONT HAVE A ACCOUNT OR NOT BUT IT MAKES ME MAD other that that it’s good

GreT gam


So I played this game for 6 and a half years haven’t saved since got got account please help and can u get my saved account back

Good game


This game is good and it’s gotten me throwing my phone since 1.8 but when is 2.2 coming it’s been a year...

So if u seen vids like bloodlist 98% or bloodbath i got 96% on toe and y say so close if i know im close like rob top ur just t bagging me

Ideas For 2.2


Hello RobTop add Another MDK Song In Geometry Dash And Make It Nice Like Fingerdash



This is the best game ever. I like that you can make levels and collaborations with other players. Me and my friends love this game and would very much like it if 2.2 came out. Please can you make me mod

Best game ever


Luv u RobTop but plz nerf the deadlocked wave I have trouble passing it overall great game!!👍👍

When 2.2

not here btw

Hey RubRub when is 2.2 coming out

Love it


This is a very good game I hope a lot of people like it I beat a lot of levels have fun with this game

When i turn off this game, all data has gone why :(



The challenge level that you need 200 gems for is soo luck based! :(

I just have a recommendation

Download ROBLOX righ

Ok, I LOVE Geometry dash and all, I play it everyday! I just would like to recommend more levels. I’ve already beaten every level except for the demons on my phone, so I’d just like to see something new. Thanks!



Alright I Play A Couple Games But This One Is By Far The Best!



Ok, RubRub, when will you finally make 2.2!? I have GD for 4 years now and STILL no 2.2! p.s I hade it in 2.1 :D Also, I just wanted to say that why is dying over and over again just for some measly mana orbs SO ADDICTIVE!?!

It is so much but it harder but you can do it

Hey RubRub


Robtop are you still alive? When is the 2.2 coming?

Hi rob Top! This game is great but I am dealing with a problem, every time I try to download a song it says “download failed, try again later”. It keeps doing it over and over, can u fix the bug?



I’ve been playing this game for 4 years now and I’ve had much fun on mobile and PC. The only downside is that we wait too long for updates. But apart from that, I recommend this game to anyone.

Best with a Bug


Okay so this is like the best game ever, but in my games, I can’t edit or delete objects, AND... my BG is black even when it’s a different color. Can you guys try and fix that? If you could, that would be the BEST!!!

Just Wonderful


Nothing makes the go more enjoyable than Geometry Dash. It has added at least two minutes to my number two time, but it’s completely worth it.

Fun game


This game is fun but it is a little too hard



Why is clubstep so broken I felt theory of everything 2 was easier and why do updates take forever like seriously and the 3rd coin on polargiest was a pain

WOW Its so good

new jam

I love all of the levels they’re really really nice and I love the game

This game is like I love this game Lol sorry By Zach

Good game


‘This game is good the extreme levels are really hard!

Very Fun


I love this game because there’s no end and after you beat the normal game you get to play harder player made levels it’s cool and I would love it if they added the other geometry dash games to the full version

I love this game


I’ve been trying to complete levels but they are challenging my favorite thing to do ;)

How Do I Update My Game?!

Craig and Gray

I've Heard That 2.2 is Finally Here! But I Don't Know How To Update The Game! Can Someone Help Me? I've Tried That Trick But I Accidentally Deleted The Thing! I Need Help Uptating My Game! Nexus? Parti? Anybody?

I LOVE ❤️ the game, but one thing that drives me crazy is the glitch. Sometimes the character thingy doesn’t jump. Or it might jump on its own. I still love the game.

This game is the closest thing to turning me suicidal. If anybody plays this game your gonna owe me.



Five star for all of your apps. NEED MORE GEOMETRY DASH

This is a great app I happy to try it lol

Amazing game, well worth its cost.


Pretty good deal for such a low price. Good graphics, a large variety of fantastic & unique levels, epic soundtracks, online levels and a sandbox where you can create levels, and a helluva lot of cosmetics.


FxRedAOA Games (Rodr

This is really fun i reccomend this!

Awesome! But...


I love this game but the commands and all that other stuff is hard I mean some things are easy but the other stuff is well you no what. I was just wondering if you could make it easer to do the commands and other stuff.

Amazing game


This game is so fun and I love playing it. I play it almost everyday. Keep up the great work RobTop.

Awesome game!


This is my favorite app since 2017, and my friends play it too! It doesn’t have that much bugs and glitches. So everyone can play!

Very fun!


This game is very fun, and sort of addictive. It is easy to get used to the first few levels, from stereo madness to dry out. This game is so fun, and I recommend it for anyone looking for a challenge


Even though 2.2 is taking FOREVER, it is the best game I’ve ever played! At times it can be rage inducing lol, but overall the songs, the gameplay, and all the other features in this game are lit. ;)

Super fun game!!


This is one of the most addictive and entertaining mobile games I’ve ever played. Many people say that the game is dead but I think that statement is false and people should return to playing the game. 👍🏻👍🏻😁😁


username is dapandam

I have been playing for more than a year and have beat 25 demons but there hasn’t been anything new since I started because of how long it is taking for 2.2 which I cant wait for to come out so hurry up please.

Love It but...

e p i c S A M

Why hasn’t 2.2 came out yet? We have been waiting for 2 years. You said it would come out SOON.

Just wow...


I love this game but when I deleted it and downloaded it again I went on my account and guess what? All my earnings are gone on my account plz add something to save our stuff

Es muy buen juego uno de los más entretenidos por favor descarguen este juego

Very good.


The game quality is very good recommended for ages 6-14nvery fun for children.

Weird glitch?


When I go to editor mode I try to delete something but it will not delete no matter what! I had to delete the game and install it again. Can you please fix it

I love geometry dash and everything in it but 1 question when is 2.2 coming, and, who... is... RubRub... I think it is one of the developers of geometry dash, but anyways, WHEN IS 2.2, love this game

The updates are so slow and 2.1 has been here like a year it’s getting boring

Amazing game


It is so fun playing ur game and other peoples levels. Very challenging and creative.Overall 5-star game

Bug. It won’t let me delete. YOU HAVE TO FIX THIS!

Make it compatible with controller please it would be the best and I wouldn’t have to buy a pc

So In 💖 but...

Maya 11-25

I love the game because it is so hard, but when I create a level and press save and play...IT DOESN’T SAVE AT ALL!!!!! So please read this developer.

This game is very hype and when you finally beat the levels you fell like a god

awesome game!! 😊😄😃


this game is so awesome i want to play it all the dang time!!!

Love it!


I love this! It’s always fun to create, play and ragequit on this game! (Even if I’ve only got pass the first level) I love creating levels and yelling at my phone! Geometry dash is GREAT!



Trhdhfjsuhsjduvhsjaijcjjudhdjeidhdjisudjejidhdnejeodkfnfhsilemdndhdssks best game ever

Great overall gameplay


You can design and play other level as well as the main ones and it even has a subliminal story base



This was my favorite game forever! It’s so fun and it allows me to create levels and it’s so cool!

So, I love geometry dash and is the only game I play (usually). But there is one thing, it does not let me put in an account. I try to register, but it keeps saying my email is invalid for some weird reason.

Best Game Ever!


This is my favorite game on my phone I have no big reports yet maybe I will later other than that keep up the good work :)

I have made so many levels on mobile, but no uploading. Someone please tell me how to on mobile or just fix it in 1.12.



Can u please make it a little easierits almost impossible to complete


Annyonus Roblox Play

Ok RobTop, this game is good but the custom object limit should be at least 10,000 instead of 100. Still, good game.

Ever since 2.1 came out the game was changed dramatically. Now we have subzero featuring the features that we’ll see in 2.2...that came out 2 YEARS AGO AND WE STILL DONT HAVE 2.2!!!! I’m not mad I’m just disappointed

Pls make 2.2 come out

brody the robot

I really love the game but pls make 2.2 come out

RobTop is da bomb


Geometry dash full version is my favorite out of all of them because you can do so much! So many levels to discover, infinite diamonds, user coins, stars, and orbs, so many awesome challenges and last....... Having FUN!

My review


So I am trying to make an account on mobile but it’s not working but the game is amazing so keep up the good work.

Amazing Game


This game is so simple yet so complex, and it just keeps on delivering. it has a very active community too. This is one of my favorite mobile games. The updates may be slow but they sure as hell deliver. Great game overall.


decpasito 4

HEY robiss topiss maybe add 2.2 in the beginning of December u know whattame?

Can you please work on 2.2 please and thank you!

One thing...


The only thing different is that one u complete ur course in normal, it should automatically save to the world-wide courses.

Es muy buen juego uno de los más entretenidos por favor descarguen este juego

Where’s 2.2?


I love this game much. That’s why I give it 5 stars. but where’s 2.2? WHERE’S ❷.❷????????

I think this is the best game ever, just one question, when is the 2.2 update coming out

Okay this is the best game ever. But no 2.2 it’s gets boring

This is amazing


It’s very fun but very hard to play I would recommend it to people who love challenges.

2.2 update


Well other then not updating it’s a good game I could say

Just a glitch


The music isn’t working and I keep downloading the app over and over again, besides that it’s still a pretty good game. 👍

Amazing game


I am the only one in my family who plays this app. I love It so much.


One thing...

The rake is cool




Nobody can finish these insanely difficult levels. This game is meant for computers. It’s easy to do with a computer than with a tablet. GAME is still fun though!

hello robtop i'm having issues trying to register my account i'm putting in my email address and the password and everything but it says invalid email address, but i still love your game and keep up the great work


3D Jacob

This is awesome... 2.2... i’m ready!!

Update it

Jason ddddd

Please add more official levels and just update the game, add something new.

But something you should add in 2.2 is a toggle button for the ability to hold down on the screen and jump because me and a lot of my friends have died because it registered a tap as 2

Geometry is a great game and I love it, it has all the features I want, the one bad thing is I don’t know how to access the full versions of levels but other than that I love it and hope it keeps improving!

Very gud game


Heck this game is so fun it’s the best rate 5 everybody plz it’s the best Gud times I hope

Amazing Game


I have been playing this game for about 3 years, and I have loved every second of every level I play. I have been a good player since the day I beat my first level - Stereo Madness - , and now I am beating demons. I love this game and always will.

There is a bug in the editor and I don’t know if it’s the 2.2 update or a bug my icon is off screen in editor mode

I’m mad

marchello army

I’m mad they I’d is the end lol

This is a fun game but it does have some problems. sometimes when I tap (I’m on mobile)the block does not jump but it’s should.and if you wipe out your iPad it will not save your progress.i hope this helps you decided.

To the robtop


I LOVE THIS GAME. just 1 problem. Clubstep is broken please fix it please 😊

Great game but...


I love all the features to this game and I have been playing for a while but it never gets UPDATED! We NEED 2.2 RUBRUB!

Best game ever!!!!!!!!


Its challenging and fun and it has great music! 3 words best game ever

I love the game but...

Minecraft Fan113

This is the best game in the world to me and I think it is great for your mind and it is so fun! There is so much to do one way you get good and I can’t stop playing!

Best Game EVER!!!


I’ve been playing this game for 3 years now, and I absolutely LOVE IT! It’s such a fun game and it’s been my favorite for a LONG time now.

This is the best game ever with new levels every day and you can collect lots of icons, spaceships, balls, and bugs.The game is very challenging and I have been playing for years now and on the level “Time Machine”.

Great game! I cant load it though.

Miyu-chan EmoOokami-

I love the game with a passion. I play it every day on my computer! I think this could use some improvements though. I cant load the game on my iPhone 11. If you could fix that in the new update that would be nice. Thank you!



Geometry dash is BY FAR THE best game EVER developed


10 yeets out of 10

I like the game but the later levels are impossible!

Very good


I have been playing this game for 2 years and I wanted to make a new account but it would not let me. I’ve tried everything. Different names, different passwords and I’ve tried at least 3 different emails. Idk what to do rub rub plz fix this.

In app purchases

my game wont update

I feel like this game would be much better if it you can buy secret coins to get your dream icons

Please do that because I keep taping in the black part and it is very hard to move in the game so please optimize it



This game that’s all I have to say 😂

Super super fun


The only concern is that there isn’t a warning on how you’ll be addicted to this game



Very good plat-former game, but it has been almost 3 years since the game has been hit with a major update. This is unacceptable.

B HD dying


H x hyufg I x ok utligfjifluglgl Vyf



Hi, I’ve been playing this game for a while and a year ago you said you would update the game. What happened? You need to update the game. Otherwise the game is very fun. Thanks



This is my favorite game and I recently quit.but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it.i just quit to take a break and this game is really fun.. Account:Astendadan



There’s nothing terrible about this game. I played this when I was a kid yet I still love it. You did a great job Robtop!



I love geometry dash but one thing, every update it two years apart

Fun game


The game is really amazing and would be even better if you could do controller support like pc



This game is an awesome challenge and a great time killer! The levels and music just keep getting better! Keep up the good work!😁

I love this game but I want to save my progress I’m on mobile and I tried registering then I went to bloomers and went to invalid email then back but it won’t work please I really want and account ;(.



I wouldn’t have been the most popular kid in school without this game

It so fun


I had this game on mobile and l pass finger dash lt is so easy l love geometry dash and put finger dash on harder mode good job Robert I wonder when is a new level coming soon Erik willder man is the best.

I’ve had this game for years and it’s very rarely updated which is very frustrating.

Dear, Robtop you should fix the login and register but the game is the best.

Geometry Dash


It’s just Fun. -Me (BandannaWonder

Awesome Game

Logan the Ravenclaw

I think it’s cool how you can play levels you made all by yourself. I love making my own levels. For the levels on there they’re challenging but not impossible. Geometry Dash is one of my favorite games.

great game


i love this game and have encountered very little issues, keep up the good work !

I can’t beat blast processing it’s not because I’m bad at the game but when I play it in practice mode at 59 percent when it turns me back into the cube I go upside down! RobTop please fix this

Best Game EVER!

Chance A.K.A Chance9

OMG! Please make a 2.2 Ver! This is the 🤯 👾 👍🏼, ❤️💥. My mind went 🤯 at the thought! Pls make Version 2.2!


I really love this game! I just beat the hardest insane level(Fingerdash)! Thanks for the great game!

This game is great don’t get me wrong, but each time I attempt to create an account, it will declare my email as invalid. Please developers if you see this, fix it.

1 year ago you just posted the 2.11 update, and till now we have been talking about the 2.2 update and when its going Out ? its actually after 1 year of the last update so when you gonna release the update ???????

This game is the best so many good challenges deadlocked is fun and overall it’s the best game ever

Now the jump pads are broken in electromentay I hit it then it jumped me like a purple jump pad Pls fix



Incredible! Just a little addictive tho

I’m so happy this game is a thing and if anyone gives this 3 stars or below they are obviously not a nice guy/girl to this game I also can’t wait for the next update!

I LOVE this game!


I love this game so much, although I can only get past streo madness;-; I love trying!

pretty lit game


i love Geometry dash and all but WHERE IS 2.2 ROBTOP?????

To Geometry Dash


I can’t stop playing this game it’s SOOO fun and I even play it in class😅😅 make coooooool and awesome levels keep up the good work👍👍.

This game is super fun and everyone loves it do you definitely want to download it.

It’s a very fun game trust me but it’s just I didn’t get my update and it’s actually sad...


Awesome and Complex Game

Ricardo Javy Fonseca

This is an awesome game that uses memorization timing and skill this is the best game I have ever played. Also it has no ads!

Best game ever


This is a awesome game that requires memorization,timing,and skill this game is really fun you can even create levels :)

Hey Everyone


I’ve realized that the more we ask for 2.2, the more small videos RT gives us. So... everyone and everything, just stop asking for 2.2. To me it feels like it makes him not focus on making/programming 2.2. Thank you. I’ve been waiting for 2.2

fix easy

Landyn is awesome

if you don’t fix stereo madness in red zone, I will find you and kill you

Update please

u fake noobs

I love this game but it could use more. I know this is a bad review. Sorry.

This gAme is so DifFICulT and I Love it

This a great game, but it is very bad when you want to have a smooth experience. Sometimes when you tap to jump, it just does nothing. Would not recommend if you want a pure smooth experience.

Way too hard thanks, 9

As fun as this is, it’s ridiculously hard even though you’re not even on the 4th one. The word, “challenge” takes the fun away.

It’s awesome

tipsy ninja

Really fun game it gives me something to do when I don’t it puts me in a trance but if you have epilepsy don’t get it you’ll have melt downs all the time

So I opened Geometry dash to get my DAILY CHEST but it said 12 AND 11 DAYS. So I kind of want my money back



This game is so fun! I cannot put my phone down, I’ll play it when I have nothing to do, and it’s my favorite game ever! (Btw I’m on cycles).

This game has a lot to offer, there‘s than the levels to it I personally love it I have gotten so far on it SO THANK YOU RobTop GAMES

Geometry dash


I have 500 diamonds but shop still won’t open!!!

So I always play gd with the recording on but every play was discounted fix that my sisters say I’m a lier

Really challenging

Yee Yee Geometry

This is very fun the music is great too and jumper and fingerdash are kinda challenging and challenging is fun for me

My review


This game is awesome! You can create your own levels and there are no ads! Also you have access to all the levels from lite and subzero, plus some newer levels.


u fart

Ok hands down this app is the best app that I spent my money on I think it’s better than fortnite plus Minecraft



There’s is nothing wrong with this game and it is perfect and I love it more than spaghetti and that is my favorite food :)



When is 2.2 gonna come out its been like 1 year dive 2.11 came out. That is why I rate this game 4 stars it would be 5 stars if 2.2 came out. Basically pls release 2.2


gaminggamer dahlia

This game is hard but awesome Keep up the good work😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Luv u robtop senpai



I love the game but <<<<<<<<2.2>>>>>>>>>

Just look at YouTube to figure out how to play. YouTube has all the stuff to get you started. I became a really good Geometry Dash player because of it. Thanks a lot YouTube!!!

The best game

gxhdbfjf fighting ma

I love this game it’s so much FUN!!!!! I like the levels there super fun I get prizes I really suggest that you get this game

I love this game!


I love this game so much ,every time I play it it makes me smile because of the challenges the levels and most of all the music! Nice game though it probably took you months to make it.I also like it because it’s one of the worlds hardest games.

unplayable on Iphone XR


Make this game playable on the XR.

New plan


Nice game can you please have your new update let us use our photos from our phone library to stage editor

It would be great if the app was 3d

Dear robtop

Drew koi

are you dead or something because 2.2 was supposed to come out like 3 years ago

Absolutely one of the best games I’ve ever downloaded, totally worth the money!



I love your game keep up the good work



Make more please please please please please please please please please

Pls update 2.2 soon I have been waiting two years for this.

This game is good for any gamer so please install this awesome game

When is 2.2


JuSt GiMmE tHe UpDaTe AlReAdY It’S bEeN a YeAr AlReAdY pLeAsE



This is an AMAZING game and I love it but, they still haven’t come out with their 2.2 update

Hey RobTop I was wondering when the new main level will come out plz make is soon From: Your Biggest Fan

This Game is AWSOME


I love it so much it’s to addicting:)



It has excellent graphics, the creative mode is great, it is the best action and rhythm game

Great Game but!

Some Smol Beam

Needs a update, even if it’s small. I hope they can add more characters!

I love this game

scp 12385

I love this game it’s an interesting game with achievements and other stuff it’s a good game Why the just don’t option

Just saying I REALLY love this game but,Why is 2.2 not out for so long?!?!?!?!?!You did the updates for the other games but why not subzero?You really got to be kidding me robtop!!!Pls make update 2.2 right NOW!!!!!!

Star Rated Levels


I’m trying to get an icon for a ufo but it’s hard because of the recent tab you will never get noticed but it’s still a very fun game

When 2.2?!?

masive bossboy

When 2.2?!? This is my favorite game on mobile. I am not a good player YET. But I am working on my first demon. Speaking of demons I request an absurd demon difficulty. Thank you robtop games.

Amazingly awesome

manny the gamer

I can create levels play levels and many more I don’t think there’s anything wrong

I loved it so much it is so fun and so nice 😱

One Problem.

this game is soo gre

When I try to share my games I create. It won’t work... Can you help me if this happens to other people.

Please read!👏😩!

Jen Guevara

Ok i loved this game since 2016 when I started,BUT! A bug you click/tap,And just don’t jump/interact,PLEASE FIX!

2.11 for Android?!


When will you think of iOS + Android players? T h e y m a t t e r

Great game

oh ye nugget

Its a great game you should play its fun you can play we ever you want even if you don’t have WiFi you can still play the game

Ultra demon is harder than extreme demon!!!!

Please help


The game in overal is very fun and all but one thing. You know the registering it doesnt work and i cant add friends soo i dont get it and please fix cuz i do want to add my friends but it doesnt work so yeah.

The levels there are pretty much hard and you need to memorize where the traps are and when you need to jump so that can be a fun way to remember things in the future.

To the developers


I LOVE THIS GAME. just 1 problem. I hate mini wave it is WAY to HARD can you please remove it. And this is the hardest game of 2019 😁

Best game ever, but


Three spikes they can go die in a hole and jump off of a bridge without a bungee cord

2.1 (not 2.11) was released nearly 3 years ago. As far as we know, this game is developed by one person, but 3 years is a - reasonably said - ridiculous wait for new content. No release date in sight. 😕

Bloodbath on mobile gg

Noob85971 *ROBLOX*

So I been playing geometry dash on mobile for years ever since 1.8 and I beated bloodbath in 2.1!!! Love game would recommend anyone!!!

Um I give this game 4 ⭐️ stars because I want to make an account but I do my email but it doesn’t work I did my user name,my password,my emails it doesn’t work but I still like this game too bad that I can’t upload a level🤦🏻‍♂️

Some of the levels are super hard, I beat them anyway but it took some time. :) There’s a new level every day for me to beat though, and I can make my own levels.

Great game


Completely worth $1.99 in fact it should be worth more!

I like the game but it’s raging I didn’t think it was so rageing

Best game

coolboy mc awesome

EVER! You can jump over objects by tapping,improving hand eye coordination and EVERYTHING

Download takes long on iOS

jessie from spring

Very long to download and it almost takes like a day

I Love This Game!

Infinite Pikachu 2

Hi Robtop! I Just Wanted To Say That I Really Like Geometry Dash. But, Sometimes I Rage. But That’s Okay. I Love How You Can Unlock Different Icons, And Colors. I Really Hope You Make Another Geometry Dash Game.... You Rock Robtop!

This is so far my favorite game of 2013 my favorite icon is the 60 user coins icon, I play this game every day now


pickle Robert 37 5,0

The game is really good and I am appreciated that it is a good app to keep up the beat you should check out the game just shapes and beats🥳🥳🥳

To the developers


I LOVE THIS GAME just one problem I hate mini wave it is WAY to HARD can you please remove it :)

I love this game, whenever I can, I’ll play this game everything about this game is great I play at least 30 minutes a day!




Very Fun Game!

Carter Dale

Geometry Dash Is A Fun Game Because You Can Make Custom Levels And Use Level Editor! I Rated 5 Stars For This Review Rate. I Love Geometry Dash So Much. Geometry Dash Is Such Like Geometry Wars I Think. By Noah Dale.

Upgrade ideas


New demon mode: impossible demon ,crazy demon,master demon create those mode for an I deal, upgrade new mode.


minTer gd YT

This game is pretty fun. Constant challenges and never ending level count makes this game satisfying to play, especially when you beat a level (;



This game is so worth the 2 bucks!!



Yo dis game is next level madness yah I know what u thinking I am a BOT typing this LOL.... Not da truth back to GD okay THIS GAME DA BEST also ya know if ya wanna play meh level user name:TaT3r21

Game is very fun. Recommend. (You’ll get addicted)



My brother told me to download this game and I said it’s boring and I didn’t download it and then he begged me so I said fine now I play it every day best game ever

Good game!


I love Geometry Dash. Before I got this, I got Geometry Dash Lite. My only complaint is that you can’t transfer your progress from Lite to Geometry Dash.

Good game


Been playing for a few years. Really fun

This game is so great but I been playing this game for about three months and now I am very bored with it so please ad an new level but I am loving this app.

Deadbush font


The game is awesome! I highly recommend it, it’s worth the money. My only complaint is that the deadbush font is gone, I’ve seen vids of it and I really like it. RobTop, if your reading this, please bring it back thx. :)



I do not know whether it is my iPad but there is a lag where it slows down then after awhile it just speeds up


m j h h h h hh hcbrj

This game is so fun and passes time so much faster so get this game if in a car

I really love this game. I’ve loved it since i was 6. And still, it is the best game ever. I would definitely say that it is worth $2.00. In fact it’s worth every penny.

Very fun game but...

dis game epic

It has WAY too many bugs. One of the bugs it has is where I CANT DELETE BLOCKS, there is also another editor problem where the camera doesn't follow my cube. Ples fix and I will rate 5

When when When?!

Robotix, Master of T

Update 2.2 is awesome, please tell us when it really comes out. - Robotix, creator of YEHo, Press Start II, Omnivore, and much much more. (I can help you make a new Geometry Dash. °…°)

Auto holding?


Idk for anyone else but when I am in a ship section and sometimes when I press it down it would hold it down without me touching if that’s fixed I would give it a 5 star.

Very fun but..


This game is amazing, I play it EVERYDAY. But the update broke 2 player for mobile.. If it's two player but not dual, it won’t let you jump at all on mobile. Please fix this. :(

Best game ever


This game is still my favorite to this day (2019)



It’s been two and a half years since an update!! It doesn’t need to take this long to make an update. You could make a game more advanced than geometry dash in less time than the time it takes you to make this update.

Geometry dash


It is really fun and hard but please fix this bug where I can’t open the daily chest.

Awesome game, stop hackers

Cost and production

2 starts until you ban the hackers

I miss this game );


When will there be new updates? It’s been so long...

I think there should be another shop for just death effects and an icon creator and for every 5 demon keys you get a special orb and that’s where the new shop comes in the shopkeeper there takes different orbs please add rubrub:) biggest fan!

This game is the best game I have played in a long time. But Robtop you really need to release 2.2 pls

Very upset.


You never released 2.2 so I’m really mad. Release or I delete this game.

I’m addicted!


I have played this game for around 2 to 3 years and I only took a 5 month break ONCE. I recommend to anyone looking to get hooked for a long time and not just delete after a few weeks. 👍👍



Definently something to keep you on your feet

how do I do that??????????❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓

Fix this now


When I try to backup my account, it keep on saying “Backup failed, please try again later” Even thought I connect to internet, PLEASE FIX THIS NOW!

Love it

Neymar jr. Fan girl

I have had this game since I was 4yrs old I love it 🥰

I love this game


This game has Been my favorite game ever. Don’t stop making more of them. BEST GAME EVER



This game is REALLY fun. Except that it gets boring. If the updates were more consistent, then this would be my favorite game ever but definitely 5 stars.



Game is getting boring now I’ve been playing for 5 years. The update needs to come out already i really like the game, but y’all are taking too long to update it.

Good game

jelly masster

This game is fun because there are so many levels and more and you can make a


Good Awsome Cool

I have played GD for 4 years and have only seen 2 actual updates. The game is fun but only gets an update every 1-2 years. The updates aren’t even worth that long wait. But the game is very fun.



i am better than a kid named joseph at geometry dash lol



This is a fun game and all but when is 2.2 coming out,pls respond



Can you update so we can use our controllers because of the latest iOS update

Pretty good but updates are few

This is just trash

It’s good but the updates take a while



I love Geometry dash because it’s entertaining and satisfying, plus the graphics are amazing it’s just for the challenge and Scratche’s shop is to many diamonds but besides that the game has a awesome storyline and is really fun!

Plz Add More Modes!


This game is AMAZING!its would be even BETTER if there were more Modes!with that being said....the mode should be like a mech your icon will be in and it would be like a robot but jumps 2x higher!thats just an idea tho :D have a nice day!

iPhone XR problem

ttv jesus10101010101

The game doesn’t fit the whole screen.



When is 2.2 going to be released?



2.2 PLSSSSS we have been waiting for so long this game is amazing but the major updates take so long it's new like a year and we still don't have the update. But great game anyways. #ban the hackers pls



I love this game, some people don't like that the pause button in a bad place.You go to settings and tap flip pause button.If your a lefty, leave it.(I beat bloodbath)

This is a fun game but with a brother next to you it will be better.with a brother next to you you can go against each other and you can see how many stars you or your brother you can do anything with your brother



Get this game you won’t regret it I promise!! 🌠🌠



Robot if your reading this go to hell

More levels!!

Doni Dee

Love the game but would really like to see some new levels released soon!

The graphics on this game is awesome. The levels are awesome. The level editor is the best.

This game is amazing. I've been playing it for more than 2 years. 2.2 is STILL not even out. There are too many hackers and now my game does not even open what the hell is going on? Fix it please help!



Wow rob top I love this game! Plz make more!

This game is so fun and with 2.1 here it is the best game I’ve ever played! I spend 24 hours playing this game and I don’t get bored. ALL I WANT TO SAY IS THAT THIS GAME IS GREAT

Amazing game


I have been playing this game for 4 years now and I still can’t stop playing tho I would appreciate 2.2 by the end of this year :/



The levels are too hard it doesn’t save my progress sometimes so fix this game robtop FIX IT!

Geomotry dash

Jett Austin wade

Geometry dash is my favorite game you can explore different levels.Its the best game ever so you need to get Geometry dash write now so you can experience it have fun if you download it.

Amazing but


I love this game it is amazing but the sound doesn’t work for iPhone XR

Just release da fricking update! Or I’ll rate it 1 star!

Add 2.2. I’m waiting for my long awaited platformer mode. PLEASE!


decpasito 4

Hey RoBtOp you should add this game to the Apple Watch ya know what I’m saying??? For 2.2 maybe????

It is very fun gave me big boner


Kaiden the awsome



ttv Real_King_D

This game is action-packed, loaded with fun, and you never run out of levels thanks to online games. This game is DEFINITELY a game for ALL ages!!

It okey


The game is okey but mostly carbage

Gd is a very fun game and is my favorite game but, 2.11 has been out for 2 years and it’s still 2.11. Robtop needs to update it more and most people agree with me good or not.


A Apple mobile devic

I love this game but I can only hear the sound with headphones on and same for my sister!!! Please fix!!!

2.2? Where r u?


2.11 - 2.2 Will be released shorty now! 1 year later.... 2.2???

Where is 2.2


When is it coming!!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!??!!?!?!??!!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!??!!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!??!!??!!??!?!?!?!?!!?

Must buy for mobile


This is a amazing game, yet it is a fairly hard one, and there is a lot more content then it might seem as well!

I have a couple of ideas for the next update

GD rating


I love it!!! I also just finished my newest level demonic hell! RobTop please check out my level and others! (My username is Jayden13307 btw!!!😁)



I like to play this game, but it won't let me share a level

Very fun game


This game has been my favorite game for a long time and I still love it.

2.2 update

username is Elmo

I thought 2.2 was coming out the 22 of September robtop

Love it


This game is like the best who wouldn’t like it it has all the stuff I like and u like it’s a dream

Very good



Best game ever but

DERP 655129

This is the best game I ever played. There’s just one thing. 2.2 is something we all been waiting for. Can you just release it. It’s been over a year.



This game has been my child hood. I love this game so much. I just really wish that u would follow up with ur word and release 2.2 because u said it would be out by the new year last year and everyone really wants it.


ad leave raid

Game not complex little kids can enjoy it

I have been playing this game for 7 years now and it still is amazing.

Great game!


So I have been playing this for over a year and this game is outstanding. I like the free Versions like Subzero also. Also the 2.1 version is great!



Nice game 👌 but we needs 2.2

When will 2.2 come out?

Tommy Nicholson

I have been waiting a long time for 2.2 to come out, I just want to ask, when will 2.2 be released?

love this game


i love this game. i defiantly got my $1.99 worth it.

I’m a square

idiot loser pants

Please help me. I’m a square, and I hit a spice and blow BOOM!!!}!}{!,1,1,1,1,!




I just sigh

Lady Buckets

Please fix this glitch I hate it so much on can’t let go the bounce shows to tap and I did and I died so please fix this glitch and I will change my review

Fun but no 2.2


The is really fun I play it every day but here is the problem the last time we got a update was 2 years ago and like LOTS of people has left the community we want a update and soon

Geometry Dash

3D Jacob

Popular Music, Popular Levels, Popular Remixes AND Popular GAME!!!!!!!! AAAA18273374 I’m a Cat ... 2.2 Is awesome!!! -JacobEspitia

Medium Three


I love geometry dash. But oops. There’s a problem that’s been happening to me for 2 years, I can’t upload Levels :c

Thank you for letting us come in here today and tomorrow I will let you know what we are doing

Great game!


This is a very addictive game! I play it almost every day now! But the problem is.....WE NEED 2.2!

Amazing Game


Geometry Dash is a nice and fun game on Apple and Android. But since iOS 13 for Apple is coming out soon can you add iOS 13 support and/or controller support on mobile. Thanks

Geometry dash

Mr. Turtle guy

I hate bloodlust 95% then I quit I brake my keyboard

Delete glitch/bug?


When I place a thing, I can't delete it. Please fix this glitch/bug. 😁😁😁

Epic Gamer

Herobrine279 Gaming

I love this game! I have an account and let me say, it was worth it. For some reason, it wouldn’t let me upload till I registered, but I got an account, so that’s fun! Thank you RubRub! Update 2.2 Area 51 raid!

El mejor!!!


Es muy buen juego uno de los más entretenidos por favor descarguen este juego

Love it


I just love this game it’s my favorite game, also plz RubRub can you rate levels that are from unfamous people:).

Geometry Dshs


Great,Amazing, and Challenging game that lets you take on levels of new modes and mysteries to explore as you progress through that game. Many creators and players love to make the world of Geometry Dash a better place and they will always try

Good Game!


I know I love this game But where is 2.2 update?

The updates!!!

Shadow Infinite :)

I give it basically a five but why I made it a 4 is because robtop is VERY BAD AT UPDATING! Because right now it’s 2.11 and I’m waiting for 2.2 and it’s been over a year and hasn’t updated :/


Noob85971 *ROBLOX*

Love demons beated bloodbath gg



It is a great game with no ads. :)

SeaYT problem



So IOS 13 now supports controller Bluetooth and you can play few games that has controller support and I wish I can play it on geometry dash on my phone with a controller! If you can do it, that would be super cool! Thank you!

This is better than clash of clans that game sucked this game is fun and infuriating thanks robtop/rubrub RubRub is kinda a weird nickname though I love all the versions of this game subzero world lite meltdown :)

This is a really good game with the 2.1 update but I’m incurring that 2.2 really should come out before 2020 and that stuff. So pls make geometry dash better with 2.2 update pls

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