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Please add hints.

I truly enjoyed it

A few glitches, but I worked through them I thought. I only had four more artifacts to go, and when I went back to finish it I didn’t have a continue option. But I have so enjoyed the challenges and the quirkiness of it I really don’t mind starting over. Thank you developer for another good game!

Fun, but the clues/puzzles are always great

I solved almost everything, some of which was just by chance. Even after solving some of the puzzles, I still didn’t understand why what I did was the solution. I wish that there was more clarity in the clues. Also, one of the last puzzles, in a painting with a deer skull on it, it completely unclear. I have solved every other thing and I can’t finish the game because of the one unsolvable puzzle. It’s really frustrating that there are clues or hits to solve, at least none that make sense. There

Why make it so difficult?

I haven’t even picked up a single item yet, and I’m already stuck. I loved your first game and have played hundreds of point and click escape games, but it’s not fun when puzzles make no sense and there are no clues or hints.

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