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So everytime i try getting hair it doesnt let me get alot and it cuts the hair. But this gane is good but make it a bit easier because ill never reach over 125



This game is kinda glitchy, but it is quite fun. If you could make it so it is not glitchy, that would be great! Thanks!

This is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so fun you have to get it it is the fungame of my life

Love this game but...


So this game is very addictive but sometimes I wish that there were not any ads. Well here the thing some of the ads are weird and inappropriate for my age so that’s why I wish that the game did not have ads.

This game is better then makeover run because there’s no glitches

So I updated the game but it’s still the same so can anybody me please tell me what the update is?And when I get in the game there’s this glitch so if you could please fix that

Very fun!!!


I like how the outfit look and the hair colors are pretty!!! 4 stars though because it isn’t my ‘most’ favorite game. Anyway that’s all.

I love this game

gggddkk has s

I love this so much it works every where you guys need to try it



y’all could do better add more updates byeeee

Good game but


This is a berry fun game but it’s rigged you can beat your high score I have tried over 200 times to beat it and I am not exaggerating it’s a fun game just please fix this problem

Love it


It is the best game ever.I play for hours every day I’m now on level 107 can you make more characters and styles.thanks

Super fun game.


I love this game it does lag but I won 55 diamonds in 1 game it’s really really really fun I love it I had it for a month and love this game you can download it on any phone.

Glitching app


This app is fun really fun but one problem it’s really glitch

this game is awesome

yippa hooha

this game us so satisfying and nothing is bad about it!!

Level mistake


My high score is 125, but for a while I have been getting longer than that into 130. And all it says is “125” but I’ve gotten to 130 this has been happening for a while and I’m getting angry. Why?

I had played many games and this is one the best games I have played!!

i love stupid games


this is it. this is a stupid game. i hate the ads but i love it

Just now when I was playing there was a glitch my hair was longer than the SCREEN and it only gave me 35 😡😡😡😡but otherwise it is a great game 👍🏻😁👍🏻😁

Amazing game


It’s really fun for me I personally think you will like it too so download it right now plus it a fun game

Fix it!!!!!!!!


First You would to fix the bra and how many razors there are.



It’s so girly and fun Its just amazing

Love it


I really like games that are free! And guess what this one is? FREE It is fun I downloaded it because I was kinda bored in the car. Road trip! But it is fantastic

this game is my favorite besides roblox it is so entertaining and super fun, I love all the characters and the different hair colors and styles.DEFINITELY BUY THIS GAME 🤗

This app is fun yes there are a lot of adds but it’s so fun. Theres always WiFi except when your not on your internet I know this is short it’s all I can say!!!

The best

Guhg disg

The best game ever don’t listen to those other comments listen to mine

Great but....

Snowy sunflower

I love this app but it’s so glitchy I am not trying to be rude and this likes to TRACK ME so yeah that’s it

OMG awesome game

Kamora R.

I love this game so so much.On a scale from 1-10 this game is a 9.5.It’s very fun and addicting I never get bored.I’ll sit down and play for 30mins and it feels like 2 seconds.So basically what I’m try to say is I love this game so so so much.


fzjfKtzirJgg mcxjdkt


Hair challenge

Funnnnnn gameeee lol

I really like this game but their is just one problem it some times gets glitchy at the start and it kind of annoys me. So can you guys please fix the glitch thank you!

Not The Best


Well I kept getting the ads so I was like let’s see if it’s good we’ll I can just complain but the game is entertaining but I have noticed the game it a little bit glitchy.

So far so good!


Great so far! I definitely recommend!

So I think it’s just your Internet because nothings wrong I got to say this game is very good to me maybe not to other people but it’s probably just your Internet


girl who was mad

AMAZING GAME but I think it’s the same as high heals but still it’s awesome

Its a over good game

BADDIE #11111

Well I was playing and it is a little laggy but it’s a pretty good game for the most part you run around and collect hair and sometimes you lose hair but by the end you’ll feel like a BADDIE

I love it so satisfying

epic cool roblox dud

I love it but no mention of baddies but it’s a fun game to play while bored

This game is really good but this game really laggy a lot but overall this is a pretty good game :)

Hi this is an amazing game i love long hair and this is perfect i love the different hairstyles and colors 🥰😘😝its so awesome

This is sooo cool I just got this game a min ago try it but put airplane mood on your iPad or iPhone get the app and u will see

Dear hair challenge I love this app but can you Make it more fun q

Hair Challenge

Savannah 🌺💋😍

It is a fun but difficult game with saws and obstacles you will have soooooo much fun😍😀

Good but bad

jordyn ligh judd😍😍😍😍

This game is AWESOME!!!!but my hair was really long but it only went to 45 when it was to 90 but that is the only thing that was wrong but I looooooooove this game

Why so many adds?


When I was playing,sometimes add randomly appeared after I won or lost. I want them to kinda fix that I don’t want so many adds but I can deal with it for a bit I guess 😕

Won’t load


So this game won’t let me play it just sends me back to my homepage

This game is fun


Hi my name is Adalynn this is a fun game you get unlock characters the hairs and hairstyles r so pretty and the game is cool🤗

SOO STRESSFULL but kinda fun


Bro this keeps giveing me add and glitching and it won’t stop and when you get your hair cut it just makes you wanna screen so I give this a 3 stars it’s stress full really fun but bro good luck

Hair change

type Barnes

LOL I’m not going to stopPlaying hair change

Worst timing

kendall bednarski

This app won’t stop glitching and it has stopped at the worst times even when my finger is on the screen

expensive lol

Ellie the elefant

The game is rlly good and all but its rlly expensive,u need 3000 diamonds just to buy a hair color or a character. atleast make the price 1500

I’m 10 I love it, but maybe less ads I’d give a 5 star... but umm... nooo.... Take off the adds I’ve downloaded too many games JUST BY PLAYING THIS!

Pretty fun


Hi, this app has pretty fun game play for people that are able to sit through a lot of adds, I like that you can customize you character with hair, hair color, texture, outfits, and accessories. No notice left glitches and I recommend




Kiddi a great game


So when I get in it’s good then Iit glitches then it makes me wach a video then when it glitches it makes me fall so it’s a good game but it glitches a lot

Good game

11 ali 4 april

So I kept getting adds and so I got it but just two things the clothes are kinda inappropriate for me and the adds so can you change those please can you change the two things well I guess the adds are not to bad I guess

I love this game when I first started playing I fell in love with it! The only thing I wish was that you should add background music it would be a way better app! Over all awesome app!❤️👠🧵



So Awesome definitely For baddies

It’s ok

Aniba phlalaben

So this game is fun but there were to many ads I can even finish a level without a ad jumping in between the level I would say it’s worth it but just beware of all the ads



It is sooooooooo fun and satisfying

makes me mad but good game


i love the game but feel as if it’s literally impossible to pass 125 high score

When I am playing it keeps pausing and logging me out of the game. The game is a good concept but very laggy. If it wasn’t laggy it would have been way more fun!

Best app ever


This is the best app I’ve ever played .❤️😍🥰

I love this game but every time I play it freezes and crashes and I couldn’t get to pay attention because it keeps freezing. Could you fix this plz? I still love this game but this glitch may be out of control.



I love this game is so addicting must try!!!!!!!!!

Nice Game I Think It is Perfect


Hi Thus app is so fun it is fun to colllect the hair this is like high heels anyways awesome game nothing wrong 👍🏼

It’s so much fun!!!


Yay I love this thank so much gg I’ma boy I still love

Amazing game


This game is amazing so great never glitches and it’s great but you guys when it glitches you it’s just your device not the game and fever mode last long so it’s good

I like this app


I like this app but it is glitches and freezes some times on my iPod touch

Great game!!


This game is SO much fun. If you are looking for a game to play I say this is what you are looking for!! Only if you are a girly time girl I give this game a 5 out of 5.

very addicting


LOL am i the only one who’s straight up addicted to this game, literally started playing 3 days ago and i’m already on level 309 and for the lagging problems it’s only happened like 3 times other than that it’s pretty good!



This game is sooo fun and if your reading to get this then you should totally get it,but I think maybe they could add a few things,oh and I’m making this shirt cause I don’t have anything else to say.😝😝


the king of awkwardn

It’s an ok game it’s entertaining for a while it’s better than the high heels game but it’s extremely laggy

Okay I lied

callllll mehhhh

I said this is a bad game but it’s fun it lagg so much and the ads

Good game

baby luck kitty

This game is fun to play and I just love playing it. You should get this game! 👍👍👍👍



ok so i downloded this game for a tt as a joke but now im adicted OMG U NEED THIS

Coolest game ever review

meh name is bob/not

It is really coool how in stead of you just playing your can watch a video for 300 coins!! But don’t show the same comershil there that is why it is a 4 not a five



It is a little glitchy which might just be my internet, also the hair could look better, not as stringy. It looks like yarn

Best hairdo

AT Noelle

I like this game because it cuts hair and you get to change the color of hair. I hope you like the game too.



I really enjoy playing this game.

This game is glitchy. Every time I move it just cuts out. Either it’s the game, The internet, or the hackers that are the cause of the gas shortage. So developers , please fix.😐 , ,

So my game always lags and freezes and for free rewards you watch an add it said no adds available and like five seconds later and add starts

Good game but glitches

fat kkiittyy ccaatt

This is a good game but it glitches really bad. So when ever I try to go left to right it don’t work it just glitches.



It’s very glitchy and you need to fix that immediately

I love this game so much because i can’t tell you how much i love it the highest number ever this game is amazing



Cured my cancer and my dying dog!

Really fun


This game is supper fun but I can’t get past 125 and and there are times when the edge of the hair is on 125 but it counts it as 120 also with the smaller side it landed on 10 and it counted it as 15

The game is more more better then high heels

This game is supper glitchy and now it doesn’t even give me prizes anymore.

This game is nice but


It’s really good but really laggy and it takes awhile but it’s good enough

Love this game but it always had glitch issues I will give it a 5 stars for the colorful ness and Fun but other then that it glitches so much :(

I like it but


It’s good but it’s really laggy it ended up turning of my phone

It dose not lag for me but all where saying to is to fix it



I love this game because I can get long hair

Good but one thing

august 4528

This game is great and all but there’s A LOT of ads. Every time I finish a round, there’s an ad about the same thing I’ve been seeing.


k kittl

I love the game I have to give it a 5 start

It’s an amazing game! It’s like, the only game I play anymore. Just, one problem. It’s extremely laggy. I’ve defeated level 26 at least 3 times and it still makes me on it. It’s very frustrating.

Love it but


I lllllllove it but it stops you for some random reason and then you get your hair cut 💇‍♀️ but over all it’s amazing I think you all should get it I am so so so speech less all I need to say is AMAZING 🤩


you .-.

Its good and all but as soon as your get your first high score at least more than 100 You cant get back FIX IT!



you can’t get passed level 125 so it gets pretty boring



Its a very cool and awesome game i love it matter a fact im hooked to it but its jist so laggy when u first play when u get in the app but close to getting the hang on playing the lagging stops

I love it 🥰.very cool skins, hats, and hair! Extremely fun!



Good game but it randomly froze and it won’t let me play


di tm. g

I love this game it is so Satisfying.But it can be glitchy at times so I give it a 3%5 But in the future I hope you make more games

It’s really good but..


I really like this game but it can glitch a lot I would recommend fixing that but overall it really good

Yes I love but...


I luv it totally but so many adds I have downloaded so many apps after playing just 2 weeks because of the adds

I love it!

3Katie3 xP

This game is satisfying and i think it reminds me of repunzel the graphics are amazing and i love this game because of the goal, i believe this should be rated 5.5



Overall this game is rlly fun to play and I enjoy it but they’re soo many ads but it’s rlly fun to play otherwise

This game is fun and all. But it gets annoying when it gets to the measuring your hair part. If the length is about 125 then I will go to 120. And it just gets on my nerves. Can you guys please change that??

Best game ever

Lily rrrt

I love this game soooooooo much

The bug


My high score should be 130 but there is a bug my hair is longer but it is saying that it is 125

I thought it was gonna be one of those fake games but turns out it's an amazing game! When I first started playing I knew right then that I wouldn't be able to stop! Thanks to the creator(s) that made this game!

Very satisfying


This was a challenging, fun, relaxing game, but I beat the game and there wasn’t a reason to keep playing because I unlocked all the skins so I deleted it can you please add another category for skins and hair? Thank you.

It is so weird

Alanna Jamison

I can’t even play the game it kicks me out every time i can’t try the game and i am so sad i like games like that but why?

Good game

Sasha Polsky

Great game but cuts your hair behind the person I think it is kinda annoying if you can please change that but I know it is hard so you don’t have to buy good game I really like it and I got it five day ago

It’s a good game some times laggy but pretty good so far I was playing a second ago but the add was on the top on screen and block the view

Add more BLACK skins


Its ok I just wash there was more black skins

This is such a good game!


I love this game and that’s all I got to say to the people who are reading this and to the people who mad3 this game great job!

Glitches but good


This game keeps on freezing, but other than that it’s a good app

It’s so boring after you finish so I’m just gonna delete the app

Fun just this thing


I love playing it is the best u avoid the scissors but the ad for character shakes its butt in ur face its weird so (︶^︶) 𝗽𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗲 𝗳𝗶𝘅 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁



This game is soo soo soo Addictive and it is so fun I love the hair it gives me ideas for my own hair

Bad game


Is a scam it scam me and my cusin

So grateful 


So grateful for this app. Really this app amazing for all in one

This game is pretty fun it will definitely cure boredom if your really bored other games can be better but this is definitely the TOP game on here so far- Thx for reading ☺️



I haveA lot of hair so I can relate to this but it’s pretty good

It’s great


I love this game because it is so addictive and fun and cool add more game modes and levels to love Jailah💖

Problem solved

I love guardians of

It no longer glitches and there are no adds in the game. But the blades are too close together

Nice app


I love this app always amazing, and recommend this app to everyone.



When I saw the game I downloaded it so quickly I would really love it but as you all know I liked it because like it’s so challenging and stuff so yeah I like that

This game is too fun for me to play because how the hair moves is so satisfying! And you can stop at anytime so that’s good too. I like to change my hair color in this game and just I well good luck!


nuttlla lover

I loooove this game but please give me a challenge.

Very good


Love the app, This app is one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile. 👍🏼

Kind bad but good game


I love this game soo mucb i play it all day but just glitching alot

Best game

my best game!!!

I love this game so much I’m stay up play all night lol

يعلق واجد بس

امل الغازمي

هاي اوكي مشكوره هلا والله انا امل


Lingo lay

This game is so satisfying and calming too I love love it.

Really good game !


But one problem we’ll it’s not a problem but can you please add sound because it’s just not that fun with sound but all tho it’s still a great game ❤️

Sassy girl


I love the game but there are to many glitches


alayna rhae

It is not really wha you expect

Amazing and addictive


I’m only on level 6 and this game is so fun and addictive? Best soulution for boredom and when you have nothing to do!

This is a ok game

K pug king

I think it would be a much better game if it stopped glitching me I always freeze and can’t see what’s happening but it’s ok

Love it!!!!


I love it!!!!!!! It’s so cute

Great but....


The game is great but the outfits aren’t too appropriate for kids.

Very good


It is a really fun and addicting app but it lags a lot. Also super hard to pass levels. But I really love it!



This is a great game the best ever the only thing is sometimes the game glitches and I lose but it is the BEST game so many levels and so many colors of hair and you can unlock a lot of cool hair colors and styles

I love it! Can you make purple hair?

My comment


Game is fun cool and easy to play

Game is good but


Their is a glitch where even when i have enough hair or long hair it gives me less money then i am suppost to get and i have can you add more accessories hairs and characters pls?

Good game but....


This game if vary fun but I have got a lot of adds and it is very glitchy . Although this game is fun it has two many adds and glitches a lot . If you made it here hi☺️

Lag isn’t fun


So I saw this and it looked fun!no lag in the adds though....BEFORE U DOWNLOAD THIS. CHECK UR *insert what ur playing on here* BEFORE PLAYING TO MUCH FRICKEN LAG.but I love it :3



It was really really good and fun and addictive but it now like kicks me out of the game and I cant get back in I don’t know what that is but I cant update it either so I basically cant play the game

Coco sapp


Add more skin’s and hairstyles cause I got them all

Really good game


This is a really good game you should play it every day I wish I could truly this is a game I would play all day you should get! That is my opinion! :)

This game is the best but every time I win I has a ad I know I am only 7 but I am still writing a review I have a stressfull day on the iPad but I love the game

The game is truly amazing but the adds are so inappropriate especially bc I’m an 8yr girl and it’s and amazing app pls fix this - the Carter’s

Sooooooooo good


I love this app it’s really good and I love it it’s so good and it’s super addicting I play every day after school it’s a really fun game and I really like it 10 out of 10 rating



It kept stopping when I did not want it to and it kept saying I presses fever mode


I don't love this ap

Good game but it will get hard!

a few issues

payton rawls

this game is very fun but there are a few things i would change about it 1. it needs more outfits 2. i have gone farther than 120 as a high score but it won’t let me go farther but other than that its a really fun game

Fun game

kota 101

This game is so fun everybody can play there’s cute hair colors and it’s pretty kind of weird how long your hair is kids and maybe teenagers can play this this is a very very fun game everybody everybody everybody can play this (thank you)😎

This game is fun! But...

Cameron Kittle

So first of all this game is amazing but it always lags there’s nothing else wrong with it it’s just really glicthy and always lags! 🥰💗💖🦋✨

One Thing


The people wear very inappropriate things. The clothing is very showy for no reason. And the dance they do is just horrible. And nasty. But other than that the game is very fun and entertaining.

Hair game


So far I love this game it’s really fun and entertaining I recommend people get this game! 😄😁

One thing


Ok so I absolutely LOVE this game but there’s an issue... it’s very glitchy but overall it’s a very addicting game to play! Bye😊🤪😶🤗😉😉

I really love you game it’s the best one ever please make more of these games for everyone who loves to play! Thank you from Aoeyn the best player

Why the length it will will stop only at 125? I’m doing more but it will never cross 125


why barbie

OMG I love this gameeeeee this is amazing

Great game


I think it is cheating because I can’t get past 25 when I fall but yes it is a great game.

I just don’t like this game I’m sad/mad of this on level 6 verabal it would glitch😡😭😢

It’s a good game but...

Fun game, could be f

It’s a great game but it’s laggy because when my hair clearly gets to 125 it says I only got to 120. Another thing is I don’t know if it is me but some times I don’t get my hair cut off and I can never get 130 or higher.

Great game


It’s good but I can’t get passed 120. I get so much hair and I still get 120. Please fix this. It’s very annoying

So good


I want to play this game fourever

ADDS so many ADDS


This game is amazing but the ADDS so MANY ADDS that is the only flaw so if you don’t like adds I would not recommend this app but over all this game is so fun

It’s cool! But..


It’s kind of annoying how you can’t go back to get more hair, like the saws and stuff still can chop off your hair. Just saying butttttt like who else agrees with me?


dabber tabber

So I’ve seen Laurenzside play. This and I wanted to play it to bc it was cool so I played it and I love it

Since I laid my eyes on this game i loved it, less ads,fun,and challenging, but when I reached the level 22 the girl keeps get frozen when a blade is in the way!!!!!!! PLZ improve it 🙁

It’s amazing!!

Soohie rojas

This is so good of a game I love all the colors and outfits OMG I just love it you don’t have to pay for anything and I wish that It had less adds though and it could be more challenging tho, but anyways it is a good game 😺😺😺

Great game but…


Great game but whenever i go nest to the saws the hair moves it’s wha over to the saw and can you ad different shoes plz ty🥺☺️

Best game ever made!

all about no glitche

This game is so satisfying me and my bestie are like playing this game ever single day I think y’all should try this awesome game. Perfect (hola) (hi)

It was great but...


I literally unlocked every thing unlockable in less than a day and got bored with it because theres nothing left to unlock and look forward to

No sound


I like playing with background music

Great game play it


It a great game but I really wish there is music

Good but not great

stink chees foot

It’s a fun game but it’s so laggy no matter if your WiFi’s is good or not it’s still laggy

So when u get a new hair style the girl twerks so fix that hope u read this

Fun game no ads


Best game ever and sooo fun you have to download this game

Hair challenge


I love this game it’s so awesome 😎


i lovve geting more

Most games I hate but this one I like. And this game reminds me of the movie tangled and tangled is my favorite movie because she has really long hair



So um yes I see on TikTok videos that they do money instead of dimands i want to do money please

Great game


It’s a really good gameI could play it all day it’s so much fun and I love how the hair grows. Omgosh


Toiny Dog 09

We should be able to have different hair styles and different faces to and many even outfits

Bad game


Like the game but it can get annoying when it buzzes😕

Best game


It is really good even my children is playing

Hair challenge


This game is so fun it is challenging but at the same time super fun it is so relaxing my highest score was 70 so addicting. I love the colors download now! Plz Leila

best game Ever


this game is the best ever the creator is genius I love this game.


unicorn all the way

I love this game so much my sister even likes it it is probably the best game I ever played so that’s why I gave it a 5 star because it was so much fun!!



This app is really good, But there is too much adds. You need to add more people to wear. My update didn’t come on for some reason.. Thank you for making this app this app made my day with a smile. Thank u!






This game is so fun you collect hairs to get a prize please play it’s so fun I’m so addicted you got a prize at the end and just play play play I played this for 10 years straight

This is gooooooooooood I love this gameeee!

I like the game


It is really fun and cool who made this can you make more apps like tis

I love this soper fun I love this so so so mush

I love this game me and my brother

I love this game but there is no possible way to make it to 100 you can try and try but you can’t otherwise I like the app you can get new carecters but there are to many ads so please fix that but I love it thanks for reading my reveiw

Not a bad game


I like this game but if you don’t like the sound of vibration of your phone then I don’t recommend personally I don’t like that sound but I like the game a lot I just don’t like the vibration

Ok game


Game is okay it wouldn’t be addicting if it didn’t lag so much



This game is amazing it’s really fun but there’s too much ads it’s really fun please download!!!!😄

This game.

Op Olivia P

I like how the girl grows her hair it is so Satisfying I want to get the biggest High Score! So I think I like this game so I gave it 4 Stars. I hope you like that I gave you a 4?

Great 4 1/2 stars


This is a pretty darn good game could use some updates and a few more prizes otherwise good

My opinion

adriana bachelier

It’s kinda impossible to get to 95+ or I’m bad but very laggy even if you have an iPhone 3 stars app is addictive

Lagging Issue

just mat hrmmmm

After I updated the game it still lags and freezes for me Im just not sure if I didn't refresh it correctly or you guys are still working on it.

Love this hair


So far so good well not good geart

Good game but


Good game but why they shake their butt when u get a new character 💀✋

We need a shop to spend money and black hair



Never knew I was such a BAdDiE befor this game uwu I’m so hot and boeutifuo 😜🌸✨

Add more features


I really enjoy the game, but I hope in the future there will be options for different characters, hair colors, outfits, different levels, hair types, etc.

Amazing but could use some tips..

marty, a wwe superfa

New characters, buyable characters, more levels, more hair types, more hair colors, maybe new outfits?, different style walks,


tye hO3

The game is super fun and really well made. I do soon hope that they will be different hair colors, characters, hair types ECT. But otherwise it’s very fun try to make it less hard though.

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