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Max score 305


Your game is fun, but it is aggravating thateven during aperfect run with longer hair to start, it is impossible to score over 305.

I like this game really really needs a update.I keep playing the same level OVER and OVER like seriously can we PLEASE have a update 🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆


Gamer 1111222333444

Hey. I have a few issues with this game. I don’t have lag, but it cuts my hair when I’m not even near it. Also, my hair doesn’t go past 305.

Great I love it!


This is probably my favorite game to play other than Roblox my username is uncornloveraweos if u wanna friend me but back to this I absolutely love this game and I’m on level 442 I love it!

I have not seen any flaws yet

Bluetick Coonhound L

If to may ads turn of WiFi. This is an offline game (You don’t have internet connection you can play anyway) Edit: What is with the info tracking!?!??!? Disturbing 😳……

Scary stuff

srary srary stuff

The changes you made were awesome but the characters are creepy



When you only went one time they ask for you to rate the game

I’m rating this a four star now don't get me wrong it a good game but it’s really glitchy for me and all my other games aren’t it’s so laggy but other than that it’s FUN ty guys



i play this game a lot and I really enjoy it but this mew update is a lot different than how it used to be also i can't get more than 305 length👺


mckinzy cool love

It’s so much fun but the girl who created the game post lots of things so be ready for that lol!!!!!! But it is one of my favorite games you guys would love it so have fun. 👍❤️❤️

Good at first...

Pancakes in nashvill

This game was awesome at first but when you get to level 30 it glitches like CRAZY!! And there are way to many adds and it is impossible to get 1000 I got all the hairs and didn’t get cut once and Didn’t get 1000!!!

It’s ok


It’s a little confusing but it’s not really bad it’s ok🥰

with peace and love


fun game. too many ads tho. also i think the levels should be longer/ continue/ do more. and that’s my truth

1.when I get a hair or skin for a add it glitches 2.u don’t need to do things for an add

Hi my name is amber. I love love love this game! But I noticed there are hair overlapping one another. It’s like horribly put on extensions.

Less adds

karate girl689

This game is super fun but every time when I am about time I am about to replay there is. A add and when I touch the add for faster sometimes it dose not even let me go faster otherwise this game would be perfect

this game is super fun i love it but it’s VERY glitchy and there’s a lot of ads.

So it is great. But the adds are too much.


he hrhyueuejsus

I love the game but the adds would not let move to the net level and it got.boring by level 20

Good, But Laggy


Since The New Version of the game the new one is laggy and i dont like it that way. So Change your thoughts.

So satisfying


Play this game it is so satisfying and fun

Great but…


This game is super cool but I would love to have more hair choices and clothing choices even accessories because there is not a lot


asd card

Sooo many adds It glitches then playes an add. It’s a fun and free game. So many hair and characters to choose from. Would give it a 5 out of 10. Thx for reading this review BTW my first review ever hope you enjoy the game!!!😄

There is not just new hair styles, Close, and hair add on that are free but there are new types of obstacles!!!!!

I LOVE this game sm

i like bts💜💜

Ok so I really like this game a lot and I think u should get it too bc yes why not it’s a great game and that’s it 😂❤️

Hi I’m Zaylee, with the update I play this 24/7 My favorite game on my phone is probably hair challenge so I hope y’all out there will absolutely love this game. Till next time😘

A bug needs fixed

cupcake girl2017

This game is great but 1 issue. Every time my hair reaches a certain number, my hair shortens and it goes lower than the number that I got. That is the bug that needs to get fixed. But over all this is a great game!

A really fun game but…


I love The game and all but it has quite a bit of ads and that’s why I gave it a 4 stars ⭐️ and it’s a bit glitchy but I love this game because I’ve had long hair problems and this kind of relate to me a bit so it so much fun

Why ad

number one 🤸🏿‍♂️🤸‍♀️

You always give advert of this sho when I have already downloaded this app

Hair challenge


Awesome game that’s all I have to say



Hi I love this game you should definitely get it you will just love it so so much get it I dare you

I love this app. But the update made it weird. Now your character looks weird. And when your at the end of a game when she lays down she again looks weird. It was a good game but now it not good😥 Thanks for reading!

Great but...

puzzle qween

Ok. this app is awesome but I am in rage that almost every single level THERE IS AN ADD!!! And it drives me nuts so could you please make there be less adds?

Great game!


It is a great game that is very entertaining but it is kinda laggy on my phone. I don’t know if it’s just me though. They also give you adds between every round which is annoying. But overall a great game

Thx for putting this game online thank you so much I love this game

i liked it better before the last update the characters just look so weird in my opinion

It’s good I like it because it’s a fun game I can’t do this anymore it has a lot of ads and it makes me leave the game ughhh


Savana rules!!😜

This game is absolutely awesome! The new update makes it MUCH better!!! Everyone get this ty.

4 stars


I ❤️ this game so much but the reason I rated four stars is because it glitches

Love it but…


I absolutely love this game but the newest update I don’t really like at all. Especially the new player model change.

as of right now it’s going great just get rid of adds please or I will delete the game and tell everyone I know that has it to delete it too Thank you



It is really fun and just calms you down it helps me I am stressed.



my highest score is 200 but idk what is the max

The best game in the world


Hi guys, I love this game so much. It always gives me something to do. I love obstacles and all the hard things. Download this app now.

The Best Game Ever.

Hannah Seawell

I give it a 5/5 if y’all don’t like this game just try it an get to know it in then you will love it.

The new update

bonbon love😍

Well I really loved this game until the newest update.The girl looks weird and the pigtails look weird now too.



Too much lag and put less obstacles can’t get more than 50 more the update is bad

ngl I actually got 250! Am I the only one with a big high score?



Hiya! I LOVE this game. My only concern is that the girl’s clothes are a little inappropriate. Other than that, this game is amazing.


Baby girl 520

I like it but it keeps on freezing up on me. I deleted it and I restored it and it still freezes upon me.

So I got this game for my text to speech TikTok’s. Please fix the characters I don’t like how when you stop moving the hair looks weird then when you walk the hair look fine I just don’t like it thank you for the amazing game ❤️

Lag problems


Hi I think you did very well on your game. But the lag is a problem. I can't really even play the game cause it just crashes cause of lag. If you can. Can you please fix this?

I love this game so much you need a update or a two



This game is amazing! The reason why I gave it a four is because there can be many ads at some points. Although, it’s not a regret the game is amazing and I’m definitely keeping it on my phone!

Very fun

girl ##

I recommend this game for kids it’s just killing where this girl or a boy around and they’re trying not to get their hair chopped off



Very fun but it’s very laggy and I wish it was not that laggy, Otherwise, the game is fun and I love the colors and people but if you have a laggy phone I suggest you don’t download.

It’s so fun



I LOVE this game

gacha life 9

It’s relaxing when I’m upset it’s SUPER fun when im bored and super nice if you loose they don’t make a fus about it I hope you play this game young or old😊🥰😉



So fun! I’m 12 and I just love this game

Bugs and to many ads


When I ride the swing I be right on the he hair on it don’t add on my other hair and when I get finished the ad play .

Great game


This game is kind of hard but I love a good challenge! It’s a great game for good gamers. At the end it will show you your score. My highest is 69. I god it from all the adds.

I like it,But...

aaliyah ochsner

This is a great game and all but it’s really slow on my iPad and that get really annoying,Other than that LOVE IT!Just suggestion a little fix on that 😊.

The best game ever


This is a fun game to play when ur bored lol I love this game when I saw the ad I just had to download it!

Hair Challenge

laney loe who

I honestly love hair challenge it is so much fun! I honestly think it is the best game I have on my phone!

Love this game more than my life

Awesome game

koo koo kangeroo

This is such a great game! Good job making it. I’ve played this and loved it, so I showed it to my friends and now they’re obsessed with it! Thank you for bringing this game into my life! Woo Hoo!

So so so awesome

magic wolf qween

This game is super fun and so so so awesome! I got 50 inch hair!

Way too much


My name is Mila Way too much at I’m kind of tired of it I just kill me and make this so much as so late in the first place you’re done and add pops of each and it keeps doing that each time it’s kind annoying so please be friendsRemove ads

To many ads


There’s way to many ads and most the levels are way to way to keep your hair

Best game ever


I love this game there is all types of hair colors and hair styles this game is awsome 5⭐️

It’s fun when it works

Queen Dazzling

I really like this game! It’s a fun way to pass the time. Unfortunately it does not work that often. It’s is always glitching even when I have full service

Little note


Hello!this game is so much fun but it is a little glitchy and confusing so if you put directions in that would be great thanks


gg momma honey

This game is good but it glitches a lot. It doesn’t let me move sometimes. But the game is still good.

The more skins because I like them all but I think I should be less adds.adds are pretty annoying.but overall I love the game

I love this game so much!! It’s not laggy at all, The ads I don’t care about. I am 9 years Old and I can’t stop playing this game, I play it every morning. I just love this game!! Thanks so much for creating this game!

Hair challenge

tomboy 18

I love this game because it is challenging but not too hard and it is soSatisfying

Good game but…


Me and my sister can’t seem to get past 130. Does the game not let you get past this? It is very fun but I do look forward to seeing my score go higher. Can you make it go further or is it just my lack of skill on this game?

Amazing app!!!


I got this app cause I was bored and I honestly thought that I would delete it pretty soon but within the two first level I fell in love with this game.This is one of my favorite games that I have had in nine years!😃😁🙂🙂

I kinda like it


It’s ok🤔 not the best game i

I just started playing this and I got the ladybug skin and the blue hair is mixed with the other hair

Hi I love the game but very laggy, I downloaded high heels and it wouldn’t let me in. High heels is from the same creator. It’s really fun bye!

Five stars!

Joesephine Pearson

Such a cool game!!! I play it all the time love it!

So everytime i try getting hair it doesnt let me get alot and it cuts the hair. But this gane is good but make it a bit easier because ill never reach over 125



This game is kinda glitchy, but it is quite fun. If you could make it so it is not glitchy, that would be great! Thanks!

This is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so fun you have to get it it is the fungame of my life

Love this game but...


So this game is very addictive but sometimes I wish that there were not any ads. Well here the thing some of the ads are weird and inappropriate for my age so that’s why I wish that the game did not have ads.

This game is better then makeover run because there’s no glitches

So I updated the game but it’s still the same so can anybody me please tell me what the update is?And when I get in the game there’s this glitch so if you could please fix that

Very fun!!!


I like how the outfit look and the hair colors are pretty!!! 4 stars though because it isn’t my ‘most’ favorite game. Anyway that’s all.

I love this game

gggddkk has s

I love this so much it works every where you guys need to try it



y’all could do better add more updates byeeee

Good game but


This is a berry fun game but it’s rigged you can beat your high score I have tried over 200 times to beat it and I am not exaggerating it’s a fun game just please fix this problem

Love it


It is the best game ever.I play for hours every day I’m now on level 107 can you make more characters and styles.thanks

Super fun game.


I love this game it does lag but I won 55 diamonds in 1 game it’s really really really fun I love it I had it for a month and love this game you can download it on any phone.

Glitching app


This app is fun really fun but one problem it’s really glitch

this game is awesome

yippa hooha

this game us so satisfying and nothing is bad about it!!

Level mistake


My high score is 125, but for a while I have been getting longer than that into 130. And all it says is “125” but I’ve gotten to 130 this has been happening for a while and I’m getting angry. Why?

I had played many games and this is one the best games I have played!!

i love stupid games


this is it. this is a stupid game. i hate the ads but i love it

Just now when I was playing there was a glitch my hair was longer than the SCREEN and it only gave me 35 😡😡😡😡but otherwise it is a great game 👍🏻😁👍🏻😁

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