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Heads Up! app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Heads Up! app an average rating of 4.80 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 195.7K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by Warner Bros. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Heads Up!?

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Rated 4.42 out of 5

195.7K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Heads Up!

Forced me to leave a review

Would’ve left a better review if it didn’t force you to leave a review EVERY TIME you play a round

Good but buggy

Excellent app but I cannot create my own deck in the “build your own deck” seems like there’s no other way to report this

Rotation no longer working when screen mirroring.

This used to work until a recent update. Looks bad on the TV when it does not rotate. Developers probably took out the feature because the game automatically rotates in its own, but that does not pass properly when mirroring screen for a party.


How do you play this game in Spanish?

Great game for Family Game Night!

My daughter suggested this game, I heard of it a couple times and because I make a point of never paying for app games I did for this one and it did not disappoint! We laughed harder than we have in a very long time I would totally recommend and plan to buy other packs in the game! Worth it!!

Make your own card doesn’t work

The create your own card still doesn’t work properly. No way to edit and add your own choices.

Great game needs more free decks

Love playing this game with my family would love for them to give more free decks throughout the year! I currently have 9/10 paid for 3 of them but wish it was more to offer on the app. Maybe watch a video for a couple deck plays? Still a great game regardless!!

Amazing worlds best game

Will have a very fun experience playing this game because I li

Great App and time killer but….

I love this game and use it whenever I’m in line for rides or if I’m bored with family around. One thing I would love for this app to have is to be able to extend the amount of time we are given. With a second slider we should be able to adjust how long or short the rounds are. Sometimes it’s great for decks that take lots of explaining.

Great game

Amazing time killer. But just one question where do I find the marvel pack at?

Great App

It brings the FAMILY together

Missing customize cards on build your own deck

Bought this specifically for the customizable cards and the customize button isn’t there above play. Anything I can do? Please check the software and offer an update. Thanks.

Best charades game ever

I will flay this game all day

Vampire diaries

Love the app Please make a vampire diaries universe set

Great Game

So fun you should play with friends!

Where are the Marvel Cards?

I love this app and wanted to use it on our upcoming trip to Disneyland. My sister had a pack of Marvel cards that she downloaded in May, but when I went to buy them, I can’t find them. My app is updated but the pack is nowhere to be found even though it’s still on the images in the App Store.

Disney line mover

Heads up is so fun to play in Disneyland lines. I LOVE to play the Disney version of it because we would be at Disneyland!! Overall it a vary good game and u recommend getting it

Good job

I love this game. It’s a lot of fun.


We can literally play this game for HOURS! friggin love it!!!

Not that worth it

I paid for it cause I wanted to do comic book heads up than I found out you need to pay additional fees to unlock other packs I found it to be quite annoying so expect not to much from the app

Stranger Things

I love this game so much even that you put stranger things! Its sad that eddie died lol

Best family game

This is the funnest family game I’ve seen in 3 years my family loves this game


Cool and all but you have to pay to play even after the 2$

Great game for lines

Saw people playing at Disneyland in lines and got it. Great way to get the energy up for parents and kids. Excellent for my kid who wants to play charades always but never knows what to act out other than a dinosaur.


Okay sooooooo personally love the game but I need to know how to Create my own game I know the pack but it won’t let me make a game

So fun!

So much fun! My kids and I just love playing it in the car, on trips, or when we’re simply sitting at home. It’s always so entertaining, whether you’re a child or an adult.

Love but can’t play

I love this game. But after recent update we can’t play. Only screen we get is to purchase decks. Plz fix!

Soooo fun

The app is so fun it’s like charades but with electronics. It’s really fun for me and my friends definitely buy it so so so fun!

It’s ELLIOT Page not Ellen

Don’t put peoples dead names fools. Respect on their names.


Phenomenal game play at school,church,and home any time I have a free moment and need to wait is what I go for every time!

It’s a vibe

Man listen I do this when I’m trying to livinup the crowd. I do it when I’m sauced lol I do this when I’m tryna see sum👀 Y’all just need more people that we all know some of these be off the wall🤣

Good Game, but Everything Fun

The “Everything Fun” bundle says you get “every deck” but that’s not true. I didn’t get the Marvel decks.

Good Family Game

Love this game…. Something to do when there’s nothing to do.

Good game

-1 star only bc it’s a tad expensive for different game cards even with the deals

It’s a little glitchy

I like the game and I knew but every time I play and get the questions right it always gets out and I tried everything but it’s not working so it would be great if you could find out what’s happening I fix it


I just realized it costed 2 bucks. I totally did that on accident but I still enjoy it very much.

Love It

Really fun on road trips Love It


Had fun with Fam😀 too tall for them to see since they’re small and are midgets, but we made it work!😃

Get it

Oh my gosh what a fun game!!!!!!!! It should have more free categories though

Best game for when your bored!!!

It’s good to do if you’re bored Especially when you’re waiting in line! Amazing mechanics and works great!But the only problem is it’s really only fun when you play with your family. But I think it was worth the price!

Love the game but charged more then it said

It told me 1.99 and charged me 12.99

Fun for hours

My family and I love this app. It’s genius! It has saved us many times while stick in traffic, theme park lines and boring family gatherings. Lol.


this game cool n all but it can’t go 10 minutes without crashing. really makes me mad.

fun but..

this game is super fun but i don’t like how you already have to pay for it and then pay for decks inside of it

Great game!

Love it and great deals on new decks

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