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My Perfect Hotel app recently received 34 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 2 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given My Perfect Hotel app an average rating of 4.72 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 286.4K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by SayGames. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about My Perfect Hotel?

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Rated 4.32 out of 5

286.4K global ratings

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34 Positive User Reviews for My Perfect Hotel


It’s the best game I have ever played because it’s relaxing on Sunday

My Hotel

Great came graphics are kind of slow

Can’t move on

I got Max level on the spooky hotel but the next hotel didn’t unlock…what am I missing? Otherwise, great game. Love the haptics!


It’s just a really good game all over I mean you can do so much and it is incredible. I have never had more fun on the game then this one definitely worth getting.


This game is just like the adds it is fun entertaining and does not need internet so you can play without WiFi I would definitely recommend


This is a great game and you should get it because there is barley any adds and it will make the hotel bigger

The best game I’ve ever played

It was the best game I ever played. It’s everything I would ever want and I’m only nine years old. How in the world is this so good like is the only game play on my grandma‘s phone because my phones locked but she has other games like the design and stuff but I don’t really like to play her game so much I that’s exactly why I downloaded this game. Y’all should download it too because it’s really good.

Clean clean clean

I love this game so much it makes me want to clean my house, and I hate cleaning!!

Would be fun without constant ads

The constant ads ruin the fun of this game.

Great game

The game is a lot like the ad it has a tutorial at the first part but not that long is pretty fun I didn’t have an ad for the first 10 minutes

Awesome game! Ignore all the bad reviews!

So I saw this game when an add popped up. I was like maybe I should download this game! So when I downloaded it, it was so fun! I’ve made so much progress on it! There is not the many adds actually! Every 15-20 minutes there’s and add! I love that you can hire cleaners, desk workers, and car workers! I also love that there is an beach hotel too! Awesome game! If you looking for an fun-easy-basically no adds, this is the game for you!!

Very fun

This game is cool. I’ve only gotten the game a few hours ago, and I have not gotten bored of it. I’ve been looking for a game like this, and there are not too many adds.

New Currency…

While I like the idea of having a unique currency for each hotel, it makes absolutely no sense for actual gameplay. At least irl there’s currency exchange rates :/


U need to make the Cleaner Pick up Money from the Rooms

I paid for unlimited tickets and never adds But?

You undated but I paid $9.99 for free unlimited tickets and never adds and now I have to watch adds and pay for the tickets which isn’t right!


Good but to much adds


The one that you have is a good size for a little bit of a price range and you could probably find some decent size ones that are not that expensive for you and I think they have the best price range and the most expensive one for me so if you’re interested I would be more interested than I was in buying them and then you could just get them from the other place that I went and picked them out for


This game is good but I don’t recommend this there is a add every second and I hate it but still fun.


It’s a good game

Love it!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my mini hotel it is so fun and I am so addicted to it! Its one of favorite games keep the good work up! ❤️🏨🛎😊😁🤗🙂😄


Really love the game.. BUT… when you level up you “win” a couple tickets.. but it’s not adding it to my total.

Fun but could be better

It would be awesome if the money in the rooms could move to the hallway like it does for the bathrooms. It would make things a lot easier. Thank you


This game is fun. It shows eglzagly like it is in the ad. My 5 year Brother plays this game.

Good but glitches

This game is so fun but there are some bugs that are so annoying. Like whenever I try to open the game on my house’s internet it gets stuck on the loading screen! But when I went to a restaurant and opened it there and there were no problems! And then one time I was putting toilet paper in a bathroom in the game and then tried to throw it in the garbage can and it wouldn’t go in the garbage can. But this game is really fun and addicting and I really recommend downloading it!


I like this game but there’s to many ads and some ads it won’t let me exist out of so then I have to completely exist out of the game then re open it


I really enjoy this game. Need more hotels added and also why can’t we carry 4 like the waiters and loaders?

one of my favorite games!

this game never lets me get bored, and i love it. they’re arent that many ads. you can keep leveling up to more hotels! its a really fun game and i hope you like it too! huge recommendation!

Crashes & over heats my phone

The games fun, mindless. But half the ads don’t work, and there’s lots of them. And it keeps freezing and crashing and it makes my phone get hot. I have an iPhone 12.

Some issues

1) The people move way to slow, especially the toilet paper guy. The bathrooms are always out of order because he can't get there fast enough. 2) The gender roles here are absolutely disgusting. A woman can be a receptionist and a man can be a cleaner. There should also be an option for your character to be a girl or boy. Please take note to these things

Fun game and addicting.

Only thing I can’t figure out is how do you get to Hotel #3. I have updated everything in hotel 2.

What am I doing wrong?

I’m maxed out at level 2 and I still can’t move on to the third hotel. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Game is fun but…

Liked the game. Can’t get past the second hotel though.

2 Negative User Reviews for My Perfect Hotel


Love the game but can not play longer then 2 minutes with out watching an ad Then most times it will play the ad twice. So aggravating! And u get nothing for most of the ads they make u watch randomly. Save the app , cut the ads


Won’t load game just commercials and then white screen

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