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Hey Developers


Can you respond for fun?😂😅



I have made a few YouTube videos where I made songs out of them. I’m trying to save the sounds and splice them together to create a video with V8 and v4 sounds.

omg so good


Incredibox is literally the best beat making game ever i love it and i love the little dudes and its so fun to use and easy to use so anyone can make music. Thanks so much for this amazing experience.

I like this game

got 'emmm👌👌👌👌

This game is really fun and I enjoy it a lot



The only problem I have is that I didn’t discover it sooner. I got this just a few days ago but am loving it. I love the music and download songs I make or ones that others have made is super easy. This app is so amazing. I love it

Read this!


This game is so freaking good the beats are fire! And a beat they should add is beat box and rap beats a country beats and dj beats if they add those this game would be legendary! And elite!

Love it

cheese jax

5/5 app totally recommend for 5 or 4 dollars it’s awesome

We need to have the ability to swap the sound of one version with another. I want to make a solid sounding beat in one version other than v8 and then drop in Monk and instantly ruin it



I think this app is the best app in the music catogery

So good


The music is so good all the stuff that the creator made it so good because when you just make a song you desire Maglie see that good

So good

migu MArt

This app is so good and has such cool beats and music

It’s a good game. We need part 10 the ending of the last one left me on a cliff hanger

No cap


Definitely one of the best games I’ve had in awhile, very well made

If this app I can write songs for everyone

More please


Let’s have some v9 to make better! Can it be a sequal of dystopia?


nolan kendyll

This in general, is a very good game. BUT it is super laggy and not worth the money



This game is very fun. I have had it for 2 days but it is worth the money. Youcan mix and match beats with characters that make music and sing.


Chickn nuggetman

This is one of the best games I’ve ever played. I have had so much fun playing with the different types of people. I play this game for hours at a time.

I bought this and it is fun I don’t think it’s worth $4

finally a decent game


A really simple game with devs that care, seems common but it’s almost impossible to find in mobile games

This game is great 😊

The Talented Rabbit🐰

Just like the name Incredibox is incredible I use this app every day not only is it high quality but game itself is very impressive.I like this a lot 👌



And great for teaching kids the layers of music. I found myself creating amazing beats that I kept going in the background. ❤️

Not much to do


There is only 8 type of music you could make and ive made one on every single one in 1 DAY very fun game but not many modes

Best music app ever


I haven’t played a music app like this one it is amazing

Great but...


This app is so great. The sounds you can use are so pleasing to the ear. And there a lot of combinations. The only thing is that you go through all of them in a day. I wish there was more variety and ability to add more of your own style to it.

Still great


I got this game a couple of years ago and I instantly fell in love and I think that it’s great that they still add content today and it’s still a great game.

Great but buggy


Amazing, but have trouble with buttons have to reload a lot to get everything to work again.

This app is INCREDIBLE it has great music, you can make your own beats and the stories are great too I really love the app, this was definitely worth my money and you should download it. Amazing app



Game is very epic, it has sicky sicky nar nar beats

Best Game Ever


I love this game it’s the best it has so many songs that you can pick much songs and you can make your own playlist every week and like it.👍👍❤️

This game make my phone lagging And make my phone hot , why ?? This is a review from iPhone X .

That’s all I have to say lol it’s so worth it.

Fun mix and match song creation! I have already spent much time enjoying this little app.

Supa fun and EPIC

Brythatone guy

The best music genre game on the planet!

Thanks Incredibox, very cool


pretty cool, had no bugs or anything of the sort, music is good, its just a fun experience in general. :)

beats are nice. you can have fun. it’s cheap and you should get it. even if you don’t spend hours on it it’s still fun to mess around with and make beats and stuff. overall i think it’s worth 5 stars.

Love the daft punk

A Meme God From Pict

Them having daft punk in “the love” version is awesome!



I know there’s a lot of modes but gets boring fast



I love music, and having the chance to feel like you are a pro at making it is a fantasy. I hope they add more modes. There are many, though, don’t worry about getting bored with one set of rhythms cos there are many kinds, all different.


lil dj kid

This game is very fun my favorite game over Minecraft and fortnite I recommend it to anyone that likes beats\music

So amazing and fun 🤩 I love it and it’s so amazing 😻

More songs please

Carlos merlos

I like the songs but I just feel like that I want more can you do that

Skip this


I just wanted to leave a good review… Nothing else to say here Why are you still reading this?

Must Have App


You have to get this app, you can spend hours on this app.



I love it. That’s all I can say.



I have always wanted to get this game and now I do and it changed my life.



This game is incredibly addictive and fun to play while bored I play this a lot if I get bored I play this I recommend purchasing it for 4$

Best app I own

Jaden Weiss04

Although this app drains my phone battery I still enjoy this game to the fullest I also bought it for my laptop and spending $8 is still much but it was worth the payment.

Nice game 💯


A game you can enjoy it without getting mad of losing 😂

Incredi questions pls read


Okay can you give us hints about what you guys are planning for v9? Is v6 really connected to v8 it seems to have this same triangle. Is the fourth beat in dystopia powered by its pyramid core?

very fun


this game is amazing and a great way to pass time, the only thing wrong is the lack of diversity in versions and also my phone gets very hot but other that this game is very fun

Weird Price

Meow meow cat man

Great app but i paid 4 dollars for it and my friends only pay 1 dollar?

Hello! I love this app! It’s let’s people and children explore music and you can make soundtracks. It helps children’s mindsets at a young age. It’s good for you the mind. The moneys worth it. So much fun would recommend.



One of the best paid games on App Store 10/10


ccdkfj gxkksnguc

The game is vary good it’s worth the money

One problem but good

harry p .ness

Sometimes if you get out of the app and then come back and you go to home the screen goes black

Love Incredibox


I love this game is the coolest game ever I am really excited for v9

Pretty dang awesome

not sans 14

What do you want me to say, it’s a great game. Go read someone else’s comment who actually put thought into it lol.

Top tier app


Literally changed the rap game for me. Amazing



My cousin is an expert at noises, and starting since he was 8! He introduced me to this and loved it ever since.

This game is so good

Isaiah the Philippin

I love making songs to fit my type of music, and plus it's custom



I like the beats it includes and everything you can do, i like the app overall. The problem is i paid 4 bucks for this app and for some reason its the laggiest app i have. when my other apps are free.

Best ever


Best app I use it to make beats



Great game fun to make my own beats

Good game


This is the best game I’ve ever played it is so Worth it

The fact that this app only costs 4 dollars is absolutely unreal. I would have happily spent up to 15 on it, without a doubt. Brilliantly made, glad to have found it. Thanks to the devs for their incredible work.


It’s a good game but I been wondering is there gonna be a new version I love all of it but I want a new one not tryna be hateful


mr chickens

So i downloaded this after seeing a YouTuber play this and I thought this is cool and I bought it anyways please add more beatboxes

Trial n error

somewhere in texis

I bought the game and it didn’t even charge me! Lol🤣

There is so many different sound and short videos and it is so incredible!



It’s a cool game I like the beats you can make with it and it is totally worth the 4 dollars!!!

Best app ever

Fix your app or game

This has got to be the best app yet. It’s fun to make music which I love to do. Making music with this app is so fun and making mixes are just so cool. There’s nothing bad about this app


thic boi224

This game is awesome, you can create awesome tunes, but there is only six places you can make music at. Other than that this game is amazing

Great game!


This game certainly lives up to its name. It is truly incredible! Very good concept, and all of the music is great. If your kid asks for this, just trust them and GET IT. Highly recommend 11/10

Hi my name is Brandon

brucandon ok

I want to say that this is one of the most coolest and most creative way how to make nice and cool songs or music thank you for giving us this app to enjoy while we’re bored or on a road trip for fun entertainment!😊👍

This is the best game ever!


If you say this isn’t the best Music making game I hope you would be poor because man this is so good! I love dystopia more the roger roger robot is good and the voices of angles it’s say good! Keep up the good work Incredibox!

Really cool!


Game is a lot of fun ! The visuals are cool!!



This was amazing and it sparked my imagination

Awesome game


I like the game but… I would want new versions I don’t play it that much because it’s kinda boring but I still like the game I want a rap update and Djibouti one to we have rap in alpha I really want a rap version


maria rodrigrez

Incredibox is so good even dystopia this is my fave game so far so good


dygg says try gas ea

Game is perfect I started seeing it on YouTube nice then I started watching videos about people reviewing The game I love the music 😌.


Mario vidales

This app is not playing around, this app is to be experienced, the sound is beyond relaxing, and the clips are a great touch. I really recommend this one, great job from the creators

I like how you just have to drag hats to the cow doesn’t that headstand they just randomly make beats why can’t we just do that real life dad cool and I mean it time for 🤪🥳

Super fun


This game is so fun to explore and make great music, I totally recommend this game if you like music

Great App


Honestly this is a really fun app, only downside is after you play every different version it gets a little boring but I still find myself going back and playing it every once and awhile. Lots of cool songs you can make with the different sounds



Friend recommended it to me recently. Think it’s cool. Dats it.

Vibes all day


You can make your own tunes and fade it in and out as much as you want. I vibe hard and this is cool cause I can try so many different things and combine them to make real good music and pretty funny stuff.



This App has so much things you can get and you can customize your whole setup


brayden. m

This app is worth the money and they clearly actually tried to make a good app.

Breathtaking app


I bought the game and————————it was amazing

Where is v9?

joey higham

Where is v9 there has to be a v9



Amazing community awesome music and 9 versions for Incredibox I hope tons of fun and new updates are added on in the future


Goated 1223

This game is just amazing and the amount of creativity that the community has is just perfect

love it!


This game is so good I love it so much keep up the good work!

Greatest Game

Walter Clymer is a b

Me and my family all downloaded this game! Totally worth it! As a family we all compete in creating these songs. After finishing we upload the songs and then play them all at once seeing who can create the best!! This game is totally amazing!


cool cat playz yt


Icredibox blew up!


I like this app it’s so cool 👏


darren the beast

I’m crying on how good this game is it’s amazing

Great App

Very good much wow

Very good game. Almost all of the different avatars are super interesting. However a few are a little on the quite side and are overpowered by other sounds. Other then that great app!

It’s worth it

ghoster 247

The put so much Tim into the and made it add free which makes it completely awesome 10/10 😁

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