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It was great

it was great I loved

It was great this is awesome,But I think the app should add more singing instead of just sounds



Please make something that I can buy I love this game I looked at your album on Apple Music alpha hits different 😎

I’m waiting on a volume 2 or something now 😁

Every update just gets better and better. Thank you for the good times!


incredibox lover

It’s amazing! I love to make songs on Jeevan and Alive, Dystopia is just so cool and sounds grate. If you can you, should add to the songs people make, there should be a comment section. But incredibox is amazing.


good. revevw

This app is so so amazing! I have created so many mixes! Highly recommend this app!




This is the best


If I’m already good I’m still working you know I’m asking if I’m already good I’m still working on musk use

Amazing but

kill cloiiu

The game is fun and all but my dream is to be 1st place on the leaderboard but this game is the best in general

So fun! So awesome!


Amazing app! The creators of this have harnessed something special. Very creative, easy to use and ridiculously FUN!!!

I got this game a few weeks ago and it’s short of pure perfection and I would recommend this to everyone i see outside

Worth the money


If you’re into music and like making some beats, you’d really like this.

So good


I love this game. I am able to express my emotions with this app

Amazing app


Good app worth the money so many options with NO ADS and it goes on the app on web if you save so others can watch

Nice game


When I got on the game I saw all the versions and I went on all of them and it was so fun

Awesome game that is so fun!

wolf 😛😘🧐

This game is awesome! Totally get it!

The dystopia is really cool but can’t you add a little bit more at a time? That would make me feel happy That’s all I have to say

It is what the title says cuz IT IS

Very good


I am able to make euphonies that I love

The amount of work put into this is so amazing, I’m not sure if I have the words to describe how it makes me feel. Dystopia is by far my favorite suite, but all of them are absolutely stunning. Wonderful job, SFSG.

Good app


Incredibox I think is a way to relieve stress and have fun. Thanks to incredibox for making this wonderful app

This game is so fun because literally all you can do is just make music and stuff it’s so fun.

So much fun!!


This game is so addicting and fun! Once you hear the sweet beats that you can make with this app it feels like a whole new world has opened up!!



the app is amazing when your bored, and if your picky about music you can make your own.



Best game on App Store 100% best $4 I have ever spent



I love this app I had to demo version on my computer and now that I haven it I’ll be able to play more beats

pretty sick


I enjoy messing around with this app, it’s always fun and satisfying to make beats while i’m bored.



No matter what you do this app always makes you sound like the best musician ever!

OMG I love it


So much sounds to play! And versions! I love it!

Amazing game


This aren’t just bot reviews. This game deserves all the praise it gets. Simply fun.



There are no bugs, and this is a great app. If anyone hates I swear they are INSANE

Great app

yoshi apple whitmore

So fun lots of cool music and awesome features hip hop jazz other types musics a over 5 different types of music to create and almost Infinite combinations of music

Pretty good

mr.stupd, beast

Has incredible beats and is so catchy but gets boring after a while


Tyreke Knight

Honestly a perfect example of how thing can be done right with love and passion for what your doing 10/10

🤩 amazing but..


It’s amazing but I know how to make it cooler 😎 It would be cool if you could make mashups! Also can you add bonus 3 please?

Epic game


The most relaxed and cool game I’ve ever played nice 🙂👍

I like this game because it is really fun to make your own music. I recommend this game it is awesome and really fun.😁😁😁



this app is the best thing😂 the raps and all of the 808s really hit



the rating speak for them selfs 4.9 im confused how dis INCREDIBLE game dosent have 5.0 because i love dis app REALLY WHORT THE MONEY!!!



I like this game because it has in real life penises thank you

Super fun


It’s great to find random combos that sound good together and just zone out to it

I love it


It is my favorite app because you can create your own music and listen to others music.


Tathe S.

Love how there’s hundreds of combinations of beats, rhythms, voices, and sounds!👌💯

So I’ve been playing this for a long time, and I love it! I love to make song and post them! It makes me feel like a DJ. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS AMAZING GAME!!!

I LOVE the game when I say love the game I mean it my sister got it for me I was so happy also when I V9 coming😁



This game is awesome This helped me thrive for music through elementary school (now I’m in middle)

Pls b3


Bonus 3 teaser then trailer then bonus 3

Amazing App :)

incredibox love

Incredibox is an amazing app. period

A bit off topic but...

Timmy the shirt

I was catching up with your guys’ app and I noticed you released a new song, and I love it! Great Job!

Great Game!


I don’t leave reviews very often, but I have been playing this game for multiple years. I just decided to get the app, and it is great! This whole game is amazing and I would purchase this game any day.

I like the game I like all the sounds and I like my mixes

Very cool


This is the coolest app. Only reason i did not give it 5 stars is id like to use all genre at the same time.

As far as I know, Incredibox is amazing. Specially because of the no bugs and no ads.


SPONGEBOI Squartpant

I would say it’s worth the money and is super fun when you are bored and have nothing to do



This game is amazing. So creative I love it. It really is so much fun.

This app is so amazing i just lay in my bed making jams! Even helps me sleep its so peaceful no problem with it at all surprisingly😸

So,I was doing specials in remote school and it was music time... and guess what! That was the exact moment I found... Incredibox!!! From now on I have been making music and having fun with my friends with this lovely app!

Like more elements like dystopia I want more of the elements

very good


this game is so cool. you can make any beats in this game,and ive been in it for a very long time.keep up the good work incredibox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It is the greatest game ever played

The game

BIG C -9282

The game is amazing you can make your mix’s with so many sounds from eight visions

I love it


I love this app so much I highly suggest if you want to make some beats for a video or something or just for fun but overall I love this app. 🤩

I love Incrediboxes music &a I love how you can make the music &record it!enyon/evryone should be playing this game.EVRYONE.

Make it where you can see all your songs when you go to your list not just the songs from that music type.


devonta fairley

Amazing game 10/10 when are Yhu guys coming out with more themes ??



It’s very cool get it if you can

Improvements maybe??


I just bought this game and it’s pretty cool but I think they should create a sandbox mode so like you can do basically anything but I’m sure that would be difficult but overall this game is SICK!!!

Great app fun to use hope their is more version later on and would be nice if it had a freestyle mode that would put all the version together but all in all great app

This is my 2nd review

some/guy you dont kn

Hello this is my second review that’s right! I bought this game 2 times just so I can tell YOU yes you SO FAR SO GOOD that your game is fantastic 2 times :) have a good day

I love the music, it’s easy to use, I’ve only found 1 glitch and it doesn’t even break the app! The price is well worth another half of game, and I haven’t gotten bored finding new combinations in the old versions either!



Hi am jojo I was wondering if you could make a bonus 3 soon at all to need.


unbeatable kitty

I love how this game helps create music and everything! The only thing I would want is to add in your own voice, but it had to be privet, as to keep it child friendly.

I love this app

tic to the tok

I love this app extremely! I love the beats and the music and the voices! It’s really calming and amazing. I’d love to make different beats on different categories every day because it’s amazingly cool.

This is the best game I ever played. You can chill playing music and getting bonuses! Thank you so much for making this game!

Best game ever

stick war legacy gee

It’s super fun when you’re bored it never has ads just it’s all awesome


yes ops

This game is the most fun . i like every version but whne version 8 cam ein it blow my man keep up the good work guys 🤩👍

Totally worth it


What... you think imma spend 10 minutes writing a review... one thing: it’s incredible



This is a great app!Highly recommend!



Dude this is a great game I love it no problems about it, and its' not app that has adds or has micro transactions so far this is the best game I've played and I'm no capping

Very good


It’s so fun to come up with your own unique beat

Awesome app

Aiden barajas

I didn’t know what to write here I just wanted to give Incredibox 5 stars



This game is so cool , it passes the time, you’ve gotten better and better, every year the music gets better.

this game is the goat


any time I hear the music I just wanna bust a nut all over my screen



This game is amazing. Genuinely the best thing I have ever paid for. This game is incredibly addictive and sometimes I can’t put the game down. Thank you So Far So Good for making this.

Incredibox is a great game to just chill and listen when your stressed and vibe and make music when your bored

The best


I have never played a game that is this great distopia is my favorite but one thing I wish is that they had more types of music to choose from.

What’s next?


What is going to be next people on YouTube say blinded lights will be next is that true?

This app is amazing

Ilike your cut G

This app is amazing it has no bugs and no flaws and it’s a very chill upbeat game five stars

Amazing game.


This game is one of the best games I have ever played-and I suggest it to all.

Good I’m big aaaaaa gust play it mr beast

5 stars


If you want basic and easy music that sounds better than it should get this game. Worth every last penny

Fun concept but...

Martin Danger C

It’s enjoyable to a degree. Fun sounds to play with despite the repetitive guessing to get the bonus. But I’ve never had an app drain my phones battery so fast. This needs to get fixed.

I love this game

Sam sj84

This game it brings joy to have this game I feel the rhythms

Add new stuff


Hello I would really love it if u guys added a feature where we could follow our favorite music creators

Worth the money

Ethan Mays Hayes

Even if you decide to remove it because you got bored, it is still worth supporting the devs. This is such a well made app and is really a genius idea. I personally love this app and hope for more modes in the future.



this game is so fun i just want to see more added.



The best music game ever played!!!!!!!!!!

Very fun


This app is something fun to play with while bored and you can make some awesome beats with it.



The bonus clips are amazing and the animations are just to good 10/10 best game ever.

Want more

Scripture's mommy

Love this game! We play as a family and the kids get really into it! Wish there was more levels tho.



The Music is so good! I would like for there to be a Mexican Music Update

I love this


I use this app for music class and we love it 5 stars

The game is so amazing but like I can’t wait till the update though I really love it so much keep it up devs

Amazing boredom reliever


I catch myself getting bored all the time so 4 bucks is pretty cheap to keep myself entertained. With all the variations of music and mixes, it never gets old. Freaking love this app.

Favorite app


Out of all my apps, this has to be my favorite! You can create amazing music and explore different types of music.

More sound

sent me you

I like the incredible box but I really want all the albums in one box so make a really cool song with all the beat

Check out my beats on this game search the DJ and type balloon boy64

It’s so fun there’s endless possibilities, and I don’t get bored of it!



I enjoy it much so that I like it it’s a very good yes tasty

Fun game!

zorlac 337

Basically you’re randomly picking multiple loops and seeing what sounds good together. There are animations and videos and a lot more I’m leaving out but all in all that’s the general idea. Worth the money, definitely fun.


Jacket Man123

Since I’ve downloaded it it’s been my favorite app. Everything about this app is gold!


humpty flumpty

It’s a good game the cutscenes are cool the music is cool the game in general is great tbh I wouldn’t change a thing with the game my favorite part I just letting the game make the music and I’ll just lay back and chill

I like this game like a lot because it’s fun and it’s music that makes you bob your head keep up the great work devs! :D 😁

This is truly amazing


This app has something about it that makes me want to keep playing it even more it is truly the most fun app I had in a long time. It is perfect for good beats perfect game.

Amazing game


You can look at other peoples music and explore the game more and there is so.many different combinations

Golden good


Thank you for this game. But if you put another volume if it was rock or pop or any other types of music genre. I’m sooooooooooooo happy you created this app. I love music! 🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶🎵

Worth begging for


All I’ll say I beged my dad and it was SOOOO WORTH IT


moko the cat 27

My family loves this game and I do too

I got the game and it was so fun and good. The thing was that there weren't any other songs. I suggest a beat maker of some sorts or just some new songs



So much fun for my music students!

Good music technique


Nice sounds and COOL BONUSES but the incredimen “go on vacation” sometimes (they are gone at times, but usually, I drag a icon and then they reappear).

You can make music out of anything with this app and there is many different types and ways. I love it because my passion for music is very deep and playing this app Is very enjoyable. Definitely recommended!



Cool game or wtvr it is but cool 5/5 tbh.

I LOVE it!


When I have free time, I love to play this game! I can show people what I made and show off my creative skills! 🎶🎵



I love the came and played in for multiple years because of my music class in elementary



I have only played for 2 days and I am obsessed!!! Definitely would buy. Very good price too.



This game is so fun I rate it too tier. It’s easy to maneuver and you can make really great songs like it was Nothing. Totally worth the money



I love the game but Im trying to get a refund it’s going to pass 48 hours then I can’t get one and the website is not working please let me get my refund.

I love this game


I love Incredibox it’s so fun to play I can’t even stop playing this and I wish all the versions on the demo were free

Worth the $$$


As you can see from the name, Incredibox is Incredible. I love exploring different ways to make music and enjoy listening to them later. This app is most DEFINITELY worth the money. No regrets.

Very very good


I love the app when I’m bored I go and play that game it is very good game is it’s work 4 dollars again never lagging and is very quick and fun

This game is really amazing, it includes many great combos to make your own music, I really enjoy this.

This game is amazing. I rarely find any games that seem like that can’t get any better and this is one of them.

This is a great app.

Megatherium American

I love this app. Really fun, but when I use it my phone starts getting really hot in 5-10 minutes, so I cannot leave it running

I play it every day and is amazing I have 4 music games now there a lot of bugs to but I refresh the page and it works best music game I ever play and I love it.

This is single handed one of the coolest music games I have ever played, it was worth the $4 that I had.



This game is so fun. This app makes you more creative with music and how to use. I love how everything flows together if you put random things to the guys. This is definitely worth the 4 dollars.

The music


The music and the beats are so good that even if I do all the same vocal cords it still sounds great get the app it is really great and I use the app every other day

You can have so much fun with this app.

So pick your favorite like pet sounds by frictionman



My 11 1/2 yr old kiddo love this app and she makes the best music with it!!


unknown sender101100

If you like music this app is great for you! There are so many options. If you need music for a YouTube video or something like that, this app is perfect for that sort of stuff.

Love it!


My 6 year old plays this all the time and loves it

Great app but


I love this app it’s the best thing ever I get him a cool beats the thing is the thing I don’t know just I feel like it’s more fun without the little short films

Super useful!


This app has helped me create music on SoundCloud and is an all round amazing music maker. There are so many different ways you can arrange music with this app! I can’t wait to see more content.

Very cool


The musical ideas that are in here are amazing, and I love the aesthetic of the program. Thank you for such a good game!


Taylor Everett

This is one of the best music apps I’ve ever come across. All the character’s clothing look great, the sounds are perfect, it’s everything you’d want in a music app!

Hello, Incredibox creators! I just want to say this is the greatest app I have ever opened on my phone! Have a good day! -A Random Guy Named Jeff

New Version Idea


Can you make a version where all the sounds are 8-bit?

Not a fan


The game is ok it's kinda hard to pass the levels tho honestly I was scared cause people told me it tracks u I want to restore my purchase but I can't sadly.

Amazing game!


The game is pretty fun just one thing form a fan. You should add a feature where you can combine sounds from other versions. Something like that would be cool

This game is so fun and addictive. But it will drain your battery if you play too much 😅

More packs


I love this game. Amazing with so many different sounds and beats to make. Please keep updating this game and add more packs, I’m so excited to see what you have in store for us.

It is awesome


It is awesome that’s it yeppppp

This is the best game ever get it now


Among Us 404

This game is great! It really showed me how many types of music is in this world. Thank You.

There is this glitch when you start up (V8 Dystopia) , the screen turns white then restarts the loading screen for the versions. Overall good game.


In Gratitude at LPY

Yo this game is amazing i love how you get to make a band and you can create different characters every time!

This game is really intentional and different from the games that have been being served up I definitely recommend this to anyone



I’ve been an Incredibox fan for years and they only get better


Ezra Holt

Amazing, tons of fun to mess around and vibe to

The title really explains how I feel about this up, there are a few bugs here and there, but they are easily fixable with a simple button press. I definitely think it deserves 2nd place on most downloaded game on iPhones



I really like this it’s easy and fun

It like the name


Awesome, ate a cracker at the same time as the beat dropped in a song, amazing

Kennadie Barbour


This game is so fun and worth every penny. It gives me so much serotonin and it always makes me happy hearing it. There are so many different types of mixes you can make, it’s literally endless. I highly recommend getting it. SO WORTH IT!!!



Lovely game the graphics are perfect could not even say a better music game than this



I was on the app TikTok and I tryed it and it was awesome so I recommend it try it and see what it can do because now I do sports because of its pumping energy try it today

Great game


I first found this game at school and i loved it i came home and downloaded it on my phone it is so fun and they always have new updates:)

This is an incredible game!!! It’s so fun to make music and try so many different tunes and experiments! I love it and would 100 percent recommend!


ADS 😒😞😔😕🙁

I love this game. I found it from tiktok but so far I’ve had no ads and it’s a very fun game. That’s all I have to say



Just plain old fun. Creative people should get this ASAP!

This is a super fun game with really cool sounds but there should be a mixing option where you can take different sounds form different versions and mix them

Writing my nice review

caroline sutton

Nice nice game to watch the one you play on your phone or watch the game play and orange one game with a little more fun and fun game

Just maybe

airplan mode

idk if incredibox ment to do this but if you click and hold on an unfinished bonus but there is still right beats/melodies/effects/vocals, then the ones that are not right will turn black

I love this app as it helps me do work or focus and has some really cool clips to unlock.


Leamen Kone

This is an awesome app. Nothing more to say really. It’s 100% worth the couple bucks.

Incredibox for the win

weird kid on gtg

I got into this game about a month ago and am addicted. Everything about the game brings out the music in you. I feel a lot happier playing and continue to hope for new updates

Worth the money


I love this game. I got it on Christmas Eve so I cloudless try it and it’s absolutely wonderful. My favorite is dystopia.



The beats are really relaxing and there uniform mixis and the only thing I know is that these game is no wifi and I like it

So fun


I sit down and have fun for an hour highly recommend to anyone who thinks of getting it GET IT you won’t regret it

I LOVE this app, and I really hope you add she/her and they/them singers. I could play with this for hours. So fun to isolate a sound. It’s aural play.

Omg so amazing


How do you find other people to do all the voices it’s so cool and the beats in my music class we play this game it was soooo!fun!thank you for making this game


lil wolf(not a furry

Love this game, not only can I make sick beats but it also a unraveling story.

Bought this just for V8

Hat on the Boat

V8 has been the best for me personally. Dystopian version worked so well and I’m so into it. Can’t wait what else we’ll get!

This game is DOPE! Nothing else has to be said; the beat selections, the variations, the mini music videos you can unlock during a set? It’s too fire 🔥

This game is so fun and amazing I can’t stop playing it.



It’s a pretty cool game it has no bugs or glitch. You could like it to me it’s a epic game


lama Expert

This game is so good that you can play for hours

I love this but adding more options for mixing would be cool and also more options per group but im assuming these are coming but it’s really good and I would recommend it

Incredible Incredibox

parker vance

I love this app! It’s very fun to mess around in. I love unlocking the new scenes and everything it very fun so 5 stars!😁

Whoever is reading this go check on my mix my name is Smoove J



I really like the gameplay but not to rush you but I would like new content basically 1or 2 months after content has been released or DLC but over all I really like the game and it was worth the money



Now that I have it every time I get home from school my littel sis begs me to play it with her



This game is great, I mean sure it’s amazing for the first couple of days and then it gets boring. But it is a great game to play on a long drive or on a plane and just when you are genuinely bored.

very fun


you get to place down characters who each have they’re own sound and you get to make a sound out of multiple characters and post it in the game and you can see other ones and heart the songs

Great game


This got me into music and helped me see the light that it brings


Hi Im Barbra

i’ve only had it for a couple days and it takes up 50% of my battery and lags out if i have all character slots taken

I love this app!!

Darren J-J

As a member of an a capella group and a general lover of music, this app brings me so much joy!



I love It , It’s perfect. Can you make a version about that money animation



Absolutely Incredible. Just Incredible.

It’s a fun game with very catchy beats to make an it’s fun, just hard to believe they charge so much to make procreated beats

Simple, easy and fun


I don’t wanna say much about it, I’m just tryna make this short. It’s a nice app you can mess around with and make sick beats



You’ve outdone yourselves. 👏

Fun but......

Monster dude:D

It is super super fun but they need to add more people.



I only have one problem with the app. If you play shuffle for long enough, it will no longer be able to go back to normal mode. Great game.


jens XS MAX

I have had other beatboxing apps and this one beats all of them and I love V8

I love this game so much there is literally nothing wrong with it and it also has a lot of beatbox/singing and there is nothing wrong with it so I gave it a 5 star

Much fun maybe better then monke but prob not 🐵🐵🐵🙈🙈🙉🙉🙊🙊🙊🐒🐒🐒

Amazing game


This is crazy how they can do this although I need one thing to change beatbox styles instead of resetting the app although amazing game and beats!

Greatest game I ever played

Mrs. doing the right

In my opinion this is the best music game I’ve played. I thing you should add a custom incredibox version creator.



I love this game so much! Nothing bad I say it's 100% worth it to buy!



Hi! Incredibox, can you please add another Version? Like a Rock and Roll kind? Or something new? Thank you!

Absolutely phenomenal


I found out about this app in the forbidden place, but man is it so much more than I imagined. Great work guys, can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with in the future :)



uhhhh i bought this app cause i thought it was cool and it’s was like 4.99 and now it says it’s .99 cents and i need a refund -.- but AWESOME APP

Finally Got It!


I’ve wanted this app for months and months, and now I finally have it. So much fun to be had, with tricky rhythms that’ll stick with you for days. I love it, You’ll love it too.

Just found this today, never knew I had been missing it my entire life.

Really fun, but gets old quick


I love this app and it has some really cool sounds and features, but there’s only a few sounds to choose from in each version and it quickly gets old. Maybe add custom sounds? that would be really cool to have.

It’s a great app


I wish you can add a Jamaican version of Incredibox. That would be absolutely FIRE 🔥



This game is absolutely amazing, such a dope experience, I love it🙏🏾🙏🏾💯💯

Very good game


I love this game because for a chill guy like myself this app is perfect not to say that other people won’t like it just look it up on YouTube for a Preview other than that 10/10 love your game

I actually play this game and it’s really fun. This is the only game I play on my phone



I bought it today and I will not stop playingI like it that they added the song wanted

It’s the best


Yes I love this This is the best thing ever!

Absolutely fantastic

The game lags

Great app with a ton of content, I’m never getting bored, cant wait for what’s to come.

When are the 2nd and 3rdbonuses coming out

Phone overheats


I love the app and how it runs but my phone (iPhone 12) overheats after about 15 of playing the game I don’t why it overheats so quickly but could you please see if you could fix that problem. Thank you.

best music app out there


I use to have the incredibox app on my school computer when i music class and it was the best now i can have it on my phone



Hey Love the music keep up the good work

Very good


The game has music I like combos are very nice and the bonuses are cool the music is very nice you can create your own music and make a sick beat!


spring hybrid

I remember playing this on my uncle’s computer back when the alpha looked different, I love this app! Five Stars!

Best music game i’ve ever played

Random dude that mak

I really love this game because you can create your own beats and although it may sound bad but there is no music that sounds really horrible. I’d recommend this to anyone and mostly I don’t regret buying this game.



If you don’t have the game and seeing the reviews to see if it’s a good game well..... .....ITS THE BEST GAME INVENTED!!!!!! It’s so awesome!!!!!!

V8 incredibly good

kellan smucker

Hey love this v it’s good and all but when are you going to add the new combo ps my fav guy is the third beat

Best app

angry hulu user

When I first downloaded it I was messing with it when I realized an hour had passed in what felt like minutes and as I’m writing this It seems it has happened again

Over heating prob


So my phone over heats when playing this but its very fun

So fun


I love it it is worth $4 by a lot I would be happy if it was $10! I highly recommend!

This game is great


It is the best game I’ve ever played or seen,I just have one comment,how do I change it from light mode to dark mode?that’s all,other than that it’s a great and flawless game.

I love this app so much, it allows kids, teenagers, and adults alike to make awesome songs! Another amazing music creating application that I love! I hope you guys keep staying awesome ✌️ and create more music!



It has a really good beat always I like the cutscenes to

Super fun


I highly recommend. Enjoyable. Fun for music lovers and those who enjoy the feel like their own dj. Would like to see new material for the future. Super excited to have this app. 😎👍👍

So cool


It’s cool to play with and just chill to the beat you made while you do other things

Holy Shiiii


I didn’t know about this app until I seen it on tictok and let me just tell you it’s worth the money!!



one of the best games I've ever played 😄

Amazing app


I love incredibox it is awesome and you can make songs. But the thing is that you have to pay to get the app but anyway it is awesome!


Casriel Dreemur

This is a great app. 10/10 I recommend. It is worth it.

Great Game


I enjoyed this since the first time I played it four years ago.

I love this game

Nonnie boots

It’s so fun. I would recommend and is definitely worth the price. Beats are fire. 100%



It’s a really fun game but there are some issues if I’m gone for too long from the app my music and sound won’t work I have to refresh the app. But over all it’s a fun game for all ages!!!

In V8 their is only one bonus please add the two more so I can see what it’s like and awesome app I always mess around in v3,v4,v8,v5,and v7.this app is the best.



My brother showed me this on holiday break and I been obsessed ever since. So much fun! My only gripe is hopefully they come out with more content soon, as I just can't get enough of it. Totally worth the money.

This Is Lit Tho

Clipping Octagon

When V8 exist is was awesome but yes some are creepy but it’s worth it


I like the app but it should have more stuff to be more creative with music

This is remarkable


This game is outstanding the graphics the sounds the little videos. If I could I would give it One million stars. LETS GOOOOO DYSTOPIA 😁😁😁

Incredible creation

Chilly Emoji

I downloaded Incredibox because I had seen someone mess around in “Dystopia” and it looked amazing. I went here to the App Store and bought It, and hours later, I still don’t want to get off of it”



Omg I’m in love with this app I really love it if you guys make more music I would be so happy. This is like WOW best app I’ve bought

Increíble 👏✊👍

Juju on dato

Best música game EVER⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

So cool


I love this app so much it gives me so much joy in music thank you.



This game is fun but maybe add more sounds


dude 1545

I new it was love at first sight

I cant....

yo dragon city 4 lif


Critica a mejorar


El juego es bueno pero estaría mejor si en conjunto se pudieran juntar todos los ritmos y a si poder crear la melodía perfecta.

Great report


For me this app is amazing and it’s very calming for me making my own melodies music tones everything this is a perfect app to easy a person’s mind if they have a taste in creating are listening to music

great game

f n a f boy

this game is extremely good I found this on Tiktok and i liked it so i bought it and it is PERFECT



You should put all of the versions together I love all of them please make it



This game is fun I play it on my own time keeps me distracted and music sounds so sick to.

First off, I love variety thats made from this. And the fact that y’all are still updating it is amazing. Speaking of amazing, the new dystopia both looks and sounds incredible! Definitely 5/5



Great beats and music. Thanks incredibox!



I didn’t think this game was that great in the trailer but when I played it it was amazing. I definitely recommend it. I’m more of a shooting and action gamer kid but this game is like way better than cod. I definitely recommend it for everyone.

Excellent, fun and simple

The Christmas Gremli

I love the creative freedom that Incredibox gives its users. It’s very easy to get the hang of and the mechanics are just amazing. Aspiring musicians will love this app. Keep up the good work!

This app is the best app I’ve ever paid for so far! So fun, just need to find a way to get more likes a views on my songs 🤗

Unique and Great

Vance Mckarcen

This app is very fun to use and experiment with for hours.

This is the best game ever! I love the sounds and v8 was MIND BLOWING! 🔥🔥 Super good! Thank you so much for making it! I was here since v3 🤩

Very cool




Daniel MiddIetim

This is the best game I have played I still play it too I can make new music and my class enjoyed the music and asked me how I told them it was this app they they bought it and they loved it even my music teacher uses it for class best app period!

Good app.


They wanted me to write good comment so good app


yeet on incredibox

Incredibox is amazing I love the characters and the end less posibiletes with songs

This is sixk


I personally love this game, hopefully more song genre stuff comes out



So awesome and just started. Hope they add more genres down the road


Jsmg4 James

It was awesome but the animation shoe was lagging

Incredibox is one of the best games I have ever played. I am a gamer and a parkour free runner. But on the time when I just want to chill I play incredibox and pump it up!



All I can say is that it’s a really fun time waster



It is very nice and I kind of like making music so I think it’s nice for me I hope you like it too !!!

So fun!!!!


I literally can’t stop playing

5 stars ⭐️


because it excepted my gift card...YAY!!!



Awesome game just wish there was more version cause I need more sounds, but besides that it is a great music maker thing

This is a great app!

Goodship review

I really like this app! It’s fun to make music with and the auto play function allows me to have a “live dj” who makes music for me while I work. Thanks So Far So Good for making this app!

Worth it


The best $4 I’ve spent in my life

But sofarsogood is incredibox v8 coming in December 1?

I love all the Versions except alpha and the love but I LOVE DYSTOPIA doo do doo do 🤖🤖

It’s awesome


The new update is just so good!!!!

I was Exited to play Dystopia but the video underneth the app it shows all 3 bouneses but theres just 1 bounes please fix it


peepee in her butt h

Version 8 is honestly awesome!But I have a question”When will the new clips come out?”Thats all mates bye!!!!!



Oml I love this app, especially the new update, so dope.

Someting odd


Hi I found something that you should not to see that is the videos of v8

Your game is cool and all, but... (read the title)

dystophia good


dystophia awesome dystophia awesome dystophia awesome dystophia awesome

Please read

cookie problem

Add country music and gospel and Rock A Billy

So good


It’s soooo good I can’t believe I haven’t tried before! Now I will play it every winter break



I love it!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😇😇😇😇😇😇😇


Dooki3 Shoes


One of the best online purchases I've made!

9 Days Till December And Dystopia V8



So I make lots of rates so here’s mine I made unknown music I just have no words so end



I play Incredibox almost everyday, and still find entertainment from it. This game is truly incredible, and I’m very excited for Version 8! Keep up the great work


some/guy you dont kn

Yeah dude it’s pretty good yo, I’m happy :)

I love incredibox, because of its great performance and cute art! But there are a few bugs. Sometimes, when I play a song, all the characters disappear for 3 seconds and the sound mutes. Even though the app has a few bugs, I love this app!

About what I think

adrian single tary

I really don’t have much to say but I really liked this game because I can show musical talents by using this app and I hope this app progresses much more to it being the number one music app

I love this app!


Incredibox is a very good app. I enjoy making songs on it and I highly recommend this app to others.

This game is really good, the music is amazing, and the art is really cool too. there’s just one problem, not enough versions. I know it takes a long time to make them, but it’s easy to get bored after a while. that’s really it honestly.

Incredibox is awesome

Jman's umma

This is an awesome app my brother downloaded it because he saw that is was so good



This game is so good but not everybody has a mustache so can you make less characters have no mustache also when is a new update

I love the idea of making your own music


spineless goat

It’s over all a really good app. You can do so much with this app and it’s amazing. It also is really simple and fun. You can make private and public songs for you to jazz out too. This four dollars was totally worth it.

Fantastic game


I love this game so much. It is incredibly fun, and extremely enjoyable. Please add maybe one or too more versions, though.

Noice very very Noice


It’s good thats all it is the best music game

Love It. I mean it.


This game is perfectly made. Really. Okay, how that I said the nice thing. I’m assuming it’s hard to make new versions? Cause, You know, it’s been a while.



There is to much goodness I don’t what to say

Cool game

Astro Toast

This is a really cool music game and I can’t wait for the update it looks really cool



It is great for anyone starting music. Sure some of the animations are wack but it is amazing.🙂

So far, this is a great app! I love all the little elements, and this game is so addicting. So here are my music genre picks: A jazz/smooth jazz, Espanic music, techno, and classical.

I love this

ya boi got his free

Five stars because it sounds good it is good and it works perfect👍👍👍👍👍👍



I’m an expert at this app;So far so Awesome!But, my dad cannot get how Incredibox works maybe a tutorial video if you can.I don’t want to be pushy or anything but please do a tutorial.

I love this game

chuchel fan

I love music and this game is just amazing🤩

This is remarkable


This game is outstanding the graphics the sounds the little videos. If I could I would give it One million stars. LETS GOOOOO DYSTOPIA 😁😁😁


best music app!!!!!!

ITS AWESOME BECAUSE YOU CAN DO COOL BEAT DROPS AND BONUSES!!! Right now there is a bug and I can’t play versions so incredibox if you see this please fix it

Next Level


Ever wanted to command your own perfectly timed beat box acapella group? With colorful costumes that match the music genre? Well now you can, for a measly $4. What a deal


Add Ìstanbul

do da dab

Make Turkish beats with Turkish looking people please! Also I have loved this game since I was 6

When is V8?

The percussionist

I love you’re but when is V8 coming?

This game is awesome!!


This game teaches me how to beatbox. I’m getting better beatboxing! THIS GAME IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is epic


I really like the songs and I just LOVE THIS GAME



I love this game so much!!! It is now my #1 favorite game


i do exist

IT IS SO GOOD A SAID E WHEN I STARTED IT UP (look up my mixes too, I am tanuki Boi)



It’s the best music making game I’ve had in a while! But when I double tap the home button and go back in it it silences it, but it may be because I have a IPhone 7+ but........ It’s a great app overall!

Y’all are gods


You have to pay for it but it was worth it

Love it lol


It has the best music you can make and watch!!

Cool game


Game is very fun and enjoyable. Sets of lots of chill vibes

Incredible Incredibox


This game is amazing it has a few glitches but that only happened once so overall this is incredible (get the joke?)

Whenever I try to play versions like V6 or V7 it glitches and freezes.



I gotta say I used this app for 2 years and loved it!! If you wanna make beats or share then this is the right app for you!!

I’ve been playing this for a long time and it is so amazing but now when I try to play and go into a style it makes a weird noise and when I go in it it just’s freezes

I saw it up on the internet. Can you reveal it a little longer and fix bugs to fit the app?

It’s great


The only problem I have is this app is a battery drainer for my iPhone 7 and my phone heats up quickly. But that’s probably cuz it’s old, but the app is real nice. I love how you can make your beats and stuff. Worth the money.

Really fun to play

nikname #10984

I love the game, it’s super fun to play and create your own tunes. The only problem I have is that it gets my battery pretty low and makes my phone hot. ( though it might be because I have an old phone.)

The first time I tried it I got an amazing piece of music. I wish I could get it out to all my students. They would love it. It’s easy to use and you can create many, many different songs. Best app ever.

Good game


This is a really good music making game



I injoyed this app for a while but now it doesn’t load the people and freezes when I open V 2-7 I’m not sure if this is in response to V8 being worked on (probably not) but I want this to be fixed ASAP.



When I got this app I play it every time and I’m excited for v8

This game is addicting and I love the music and it's really fun. I've been playing it for two days now and I just downloaded it on my phone and it's the best game I've seen in a while.

Soo fun

Rebel BT

This game is so fun I think you should get on it and give some people hearts it’s like liking their songs I hope you like my songs it’s really fun game you should get it!!!!!!!!!!!


james aglet

I had this app for about 1 yr but recently it’s stopped working

Cant even play songs games frozen



Incredibox is a fun game, I would have given it 5 stars if you could edit your song after its created.


Jsmg4 James

The app is fine and when are you going to put V8?

I love it


This game inspired me to be a singer and I am I really really good at singing so I’m just thinking this game This game inspired me to be a singer and I am I really really good at singing so I’m just thinking this game

Good beats


The is a cool game but you guys need to add more song themes and more beats

I’m still waiting for v8 but this is the best game ever



Can I have a refund? The games amazing but I don’t think I’ll play it a lot

Best game ever

Dj Sosa🤪😎

This game is like the best game ever I can’t stop playing its like I’m addicted I recommend playing it doesn’t cost very much so I recommend you play it MateoForFun got me into playing this game do go check his channel out :MateoForFun


i do exist


The best app ever


I’ve always wanted to try this app and I finally got it!. I’m in love with the game it’s so worth it I even bought a vinyl and I won’t regret it, one thing the demo does not work in my iPad.


Shane The Dragon Sla

A wonderful music app to play around with! Though honestly I’ve unlocked all the combo movies and this game could use more variety and content like a new style or more movies.

Love this game so good

jaiden sayler

This game is a master piece love this game and it’s so satisfying when u play the music in perfect sync I can’t wait when the new version comes out it looked amazing

Great app!


Kids and I love playing it and creating different songs. Only downside is the tunes are constantly getting stuck in our heads and I find myself humming them randomly throughout the day.



This is such an amazing app I thought why not 5 stars.. So much fun! (Favorite thing about it: when you can record and just create music..)

Fun app! It’s a nice toy. But you’re not allowed to do anything with the creations you make unless you get permission in writing from SFSG. So if you’re looking to do anything other than amuse yourself, keep looking. Too bad, great sounds.

The different sounds and tunes provided by this app are perfect. A friend showed me this app and I fell in love instantly. It is worth the money :)



I give it 5 stars. Needs more versions though.

Creatively charged

hello pgihtnr

Incredibox encourages creativity through music. I found that incredibox is addicting and fun for all ages

Fun game!!


Really fun. It is worth paying to get the app!

I like beat boxing but I like the beats they make

When I started playing I knew this game would be good and I was write!!!!😊😊😊😊



Applejack Mlp



lexi 🐼🐰🐣

I love this app it’s literally my favorite 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍🤎🤎🤎



This Game Is Incredibox!!!!!! Incredibox Game Guys!!!!!!!



I really love v3 I even tried to re create it but it sounded bad


kellan smucker

There is one bug in incredibox when I get out of the app my screen freezes when I get back in 😡so please fix this soon


Perfect really just perfect!


This app is really a dream, I recommend it a 5 out of 5, nothing bad about this app! Just go with the flow Little miss. I am just curious about the next update every single time I play.

Incredibox is a great game and amasing but i wish you could put more letters


babelins 2357

I love this app. It’s style makes it so unique from any other music maker app. I think they should add one more but that’s just me. And the cutscenes are amazing to. So good job guys!

Such a cool game


The best music game ever you can creat your on beats

This game is fun, it has music, it has videos/bonuses. To be honest my favorite ones are sunrise, Brazil, and alive. Me Evan is pretty funny, but I do like the first bonus. I will give this game 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.

Pleeeeaaaaase fix this!!!

pretzel 888888888888

Okay so I made a song and sent it out to some people. I went to the link that led to the website. It started loading. When it was done,IT DID NOT EVEN PLAY THE SONG (sorry for the caps) I am VERY upset by this. Plzzzzz fix!

Awesome app


I loooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvve this app it’s amazing. I recommend it.

Really good


Really good and fun but sometimes noise cuts off .don’t know if it’s my phone or the app but the game itself is awesome. Ps visit sumarai on playlist

i think they need shirts or something to cover themselves

The sounds are nice and unique and the bonuses are great, I’m excited for v8

I love it 🥰


This app is amazing Haven’t had it seance but now I have it

Amazing Game


This game is music-based game and I love music so this game is so good.


spring hybrid

I remember playing this at my uncle’s place, back then V.1 looked like...... V.1! The original four plus three more makes it a classic. I loved this app! Thanks for the memories team!!



If you are reading this, just play it. You will only understand if you play it.

The most fun game

Guy who wants HORSES

When I’m bored this is the game I come to, when I’m busy this is the game I come to. THIS IS THE GAME I COME TO!!!



This game/app have given me the chance to show my musical life!🤗

So much fun I love it so much it’s good it’s great I love the music from it.



This app is the best I ever got is amazing the beats are so good the and the voices are so good this is amazing

The title says it all! I love making mixes and experimenting with fun sounds. It’s fun for all ages, and completely kid-appropriate (for those overprotective parents out there :P)! That’s all there is to say, really. 😀



Love it love it love it love it!!!

Awesome app

Charlee Perez

I love this app. You can make cool beats and mixes. You should try this app it’s great.

It has cool beats, nice singing!



Es una de las mejores aplicaciones que conozco

Angel m


Is soo good I giv it not a 5 dut a 100 👍🏽😛🤪 🎩

It is so good I love it because I used to walk around the house making my own beats and to create your own is just a dream come true

Too Good


This is great, good, awesome, and well that it

Incredibox is the best music game ever!



i love this app. I tried it on my computer and i was hooked, and now i can’t stop playing it!!



If it’s any music game I wanna play it’s this 1

It’s easy to explain in a few words. Amazing. I have played for a decent amount of time and it is fun to mess around with all the different kinds of music. It’s worth it.

This game is brilliant


I haven’t seen any bugs since I got it! I love it

Now this is


This is fire. I don’t have anything else to say.

This game is so popular Youtubers have Incredibox! I’ve been waiting for this game! Play this game all the time!!!!!this game is special to me!


deadpool btw i am a

Soooooooooooooooooo coollllllllllllllllllll

Very cool but there’s a bug


I was watching some of my mixes then suddenly when I was watching one of the bonuses it just froze and I couldn’t see the bonus. Luckily it turned back to normal when the bonus ended. Besides that it’s a good game.


A Nickname :3

My school does Incredibox for music class and we only do the free web version. I was so happy that we got it on the app because the app is so much better and totally worth it!

Great game

great game 😌

The game is fun and it is basically coding but with music but I can have more sections of music

Great app!

Very anonymous😎

This app is really great! There’s no in app purchases,and you get exactly what you see.

I have no idea how this game doesn’t have 5 stars, each version has a different type of music and they all sound good!



This app is totally worth it! I know it costs money but The money is totally worth it! I absolutely love this app at all cost, I feel like this app is for people who are eventually almost everyday at home like me😂 but I love it!



Get this game it’s so worth the four $. I also want to thank the developers who made this game ,I have been looking for music games and yours popped up .<3



This app is F***k amazing I love it so Much

Best Game


Great game good game best game.


Jake's pop

Really good! You can make any type of rhythm of your choosing, and it’s really fun! The types of sounds are fun and enjoyable!

Its so nice


When the sound is playing it’s like rap music

I’m only had it for like 5 weeks but it’s so goooood!!!

I love it


This game helped me go into professional beatboxing and combining music to make new ones

Incredible just like the title

alltime app reviewer

When I first got this game I didn’t think much of it.but now that I see all the different combinations of beats and tones etc I think it’s the best game I’ve ever had



I love this app you should get it 🤍❤️


sdvfgj,hr,kjgf tegbm

The best music game ever but make more versions



The game was relaxing and inspiring. After playing it for a while you get a little bored but there’s always something else to focus on. Overall, I definitely recommend buying it!


harry pottr personwh

Super fun to play with and create, and I LOVE to play



Great game to make music and have fun, like it says pump it up and chill!

Best game ever


I can never stop playing! Incredible

I love this game


I love this game so much like I can make my own songs

This app is godly

Yasir Al-Yasiri

The music is the best graphics and animations are perfect, this is the best 4 dollars i have ever spent

THIS GAME IS AMAZING, That’s all I have to say

nice game


great game. really creative with the bonuses.


Jake's pop

Really good! You can make any type of rhythm of your choosing, and it’s really groovy!

I love this app

jacky 564

It help me in life and it’s just amazing

Simply the best


I have no words it’s so good.


Amazing game!

This game might be money, but it’s totally worth it! I could listen to the music all day! 5 stars totally!



My best Friend bought this a few months back and showed me the game he made a very cool beat in the app so then I found the game in the App Store and found this. This game was worth it!

Best game ever


The game is so cool it’s even better when start making beats



I like and I am 9 and love it but the only thing is that you have to buy it

Awesome app


You will not be disappointed in buying this app, it’s entertaining for hours on end

Best game ever!!


This game is the best!! There is no down side of this game.I love it it is one of my ALL time favorites!! :))

Get me


Best app everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtrrrif I could give 100000000000000000100000000000000100000001000000100000010000000000100009299993999900003000 stars that what I do

Boo boo


I Love this game It’s a great game because you can make your own music and it’s fun

This game was here when I was in 5th grade and it has evolved quite a bit



I thought this would be like a tipicle ad-every-second, money for new features, etc.. but I was SOOOOO wrong. When I bought it, I played a random beat and it was good anyways! You should make more games. This is defenetly worth the money.

No sound on iOS 13


Problem solved on sound. Thanks to support from developer. Now the challenge is getting my kids (7 and 9) to use it. But it looks good to me.

First the game looks boring or sounds boring but once you buy the game it gets very fun

V8 - Russia

Jaxson Sawhill

Йьврапрвокеорквкттруоьрышзьпщкурт lol XD But add Russia speak English USA! :) - Paul sawhill 2019

I used to spend time with my kids. Then incredibox came into my life. The amazing beats and rhythms captivate my every second with it’s endlessly creative characters and music combinations. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has ears.

This is simply a amazing game for only $3.99! There is so much to do and so many ways to make beats!

Love it!


Awesome program with lots of possibilities. Great and worth the money



I love this game so much!!! It is now my #1 favorite game

Very Good

Jaylene Eilish

Before i got App i Seen This On YouTube


fortnite is a great

I love this game because you get to Express yourself with the world


im dillpickleburrito

I personally love to beat box and this game taught me some new beats but it is also a very creative game because any way u put the people it always makes a good beat.

Can’t wait for V8!

DJ Awesomez

Hey I can stop playing this game and I’m so excited for V8. Thank you for making this game.

Amazing app, Love it, but it drains my battery like it’s trying to power the death star

This app is amazing!


I LOVE THIS APP TO DEATH! And it’s already hit 10 years! IM SO HAPPY TO PLAY!!!!!!! 🥳😀😃😄😁

This app is the BEST


You can play AWESOME music and complete!



Overpowered bro. It has good vibes in the songs which makes music to my eats😏🙂

I absolutely love this game the beatboxing is amazing the graphics are smooth and the animations! The animations are amazing! I would definitely recommend getting on all my devices! Thank you So much for this game 🤩😃

Just started out but this app is so cute and fun! Absolutely LOVE it! Just had to rate—looking forward to playing around with different groups and making some tunes. Highly recommended!

Turn it up!


Oh wow! Just wow! Wonderfully executed. The user experience is delightful and the groove is just phenomenally fun.

I can’t even believe that this game is so cheap. Well worth



I like how I can create my own beat

I love how there are many types of sounds and beats you can use to create a song or melody. I hope that more factions are added so I can try some new beats to create new songs! I love this and I highly recommend it

Incredibox is a good way to make music. With all of its sounds, I love incredibox.This app is a good way to make music.With all its sounds, music, and other peoples conclusion,I love incredibox!!!

This is the best game in the whole world it’s my favorite you should get it it is worth it trust me at first I wasn’t that good at making the beats but then I got so goooooooooooood

Best game on earth


Hey you should let your kids play this game I love it so much

Good game

blue thunder122345

This game is good my favorite bonuses are busta,follow,alive,and satisfy



It’s super fun and it’s amazing also it also helps you be so creative

5 stars

Xylor H

I love it because you can make your own music

The app was to awesome my son has been playing it for three days know for a Christmas present that was on his Christmas list

This game is good


This is a good game to make songs and all the sounds are really cool!

Fun. A little silly. Tons of character. Can’t imagine a music game being much better. I’ve had mixes stuck in my head all day

Get me


Best app everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtrrr

Such a nice and fun creative game, I enjoyed creating my own music and posting it! Get this game if you’re musically interested in creating

It’s cool


It told me to be cool and write a cool review

Absolutely love this


This was worth every penny. I am traveling alot and this doesn’t need wifi. This lets me be creative and let my mind travel.

Worth Buying It


Trust me this app is amazing you need to buy this game

Good game but


The jeevan version is obnoxious otherwise great game

Worth buying!


You might’ve looked at this game and thought that’s not worth buying! But if you did your wrong! I love this game where you can make music and watch others and rate it!If you see this app and you like to create music but it!



This is a great app for 4 dollars and it just so fun amend amazing to make your own music!



Music good and nice sounds like alpaca group, they go aoouaaaauuooo. Go buy play big dumb

Best game I played


This is the best game i have ever played that had to do with music

The best

war planes

I just love the game my Brother showed me the game a long time ago my eyes ware blown away😃

It’s worth it

Jerauld Lathan

The game is fun and cool i love the game there’s no glitches or bugs and no adds

It was so good!


I like the music that the guys make by making sounds with there mouth. My baby sister even likes it and she’s only a year old!


cheeze 'n mustard

You might think that it will be boring, but soon it is fun! I like making mixes in Alive and Little Miss! Just a glitch: sometimes the characters disappear. Other than that, this is amazing!

Great Game

Great Game 987478

I don't do reviews but this game deserves one. 5 Stars

I LOVE this game


I really hope this game get 5 stars ALL the time! I want other peeps to know this app is AWESOME!!!

Download it now!

sickle smeels

This game is amazing when I first got it my jaw dropped because I didn’t have the game and I was playing the website but still lots of fun though this game is just amazing and I can’t get off of it cause of how addicting it is.

Thank you developers. You have sparked an even tighter bond between me and my best friends. You have improved my self confidence and will always have a special place in my childhood. Thank you.

Hidden Gem


It may seem strange as to what it truly is at first, but the possibilities and creative points are spot-on. Great for educational use, as a game, or having fun. It’s worth the cost and more.



Amazing app highly worth it but the Jeevan mode is not as good as the rest but I’m not disappointed

Ok, I’ve had Incredibox for about 3 days now, and I’ve been hooked to it. I love it! You can make your own music, melodies, and find new bonuses. Definite plea one of my favorite games.

I love this game

levi cake

I really love this game I can never put it down I already made a bunch of songs

Great time

Bakon Pugg

All the tracks I’ve heard have sounded fantastic, a quality app overall

AMAZING! But one suggestion...

A beautiful nicknane

V5 is very beautiful, and it’s refreshing to see some new things, but the bonuses in my opinion are very short!



I love all the different choices and styles for music this game is amazing!


blabla poop face ada

I own a keyboard with 254 sounds and I think I can compare the 2. This is really easy to make music with.

Love it!


This app has changed my life of playing music I highly recommend that everyone should have this app! Please make a free one for android users


not pete davidson

Its a great game, but after the first day you want more versions and new bonus’s. Other than that its great

Speechless like, wow!

the unity player

Ok so what can I say? This is great (and worth it) there are low reviews, but they are just mad about no women being in the game. If you could put 100,000,000 stars I would.



V3 is definitely my go to beat maker i love it so much im still experimenting but love this. Hope you guys keep up the good work!!!



It’s amazing.Its so creative and fun and it’s so awesome it was so worth it.

Amazing game


Best game ever, if you love music it’s a must have


goope le poopy

Just overall very fun being very into music as well

It’s a very good game


It’s absolutely good even though I get bored sometimes while playing it. But it’s highly worth it. I really hope there will be a v8 and a third bonus to jeevan.

So worth it!


Me before incredibox: 😐 me being taught In music: 😐😯😦😶 me now: 💫💯💫 I even try to do the music on my trumpet 4-3 dollars SO WORTH IT! but... can you plz bring back the M&M bite sized beats plz? I really want to test it out!

Great app!


This app is worth the money! Not only can you make music, you can share the music!! I would pay an extra dollar for this app


my nickname 123-1234


Great Game


This game is really fun and honestly I feel like it’s kind of underrated. (For those however who are complaining how there are no women, this game is based off of the singer.) Overall I recommend you get this app. warning: catchy beats.

Worth the money!!!


It is a nice way to relax and have fun at the end of a hard day, or anytime! It is also fun to share and watch other people’s recordings. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

This app is cool with all the people making different sounds and so many combinations I love it

So good

musician dream

The best game for someone that has a passion for music can ya make a Mexican version please

Awesome app


I love this app so much.There’s no in-app purchases and you don’t need WiFi

Worth every penny! ✨


This is possibly the best app ever! I got it yesterday and I spent hours on it, and didn’t even get through all the versions! This game is so addicting! If you like music, or even just making something then this app is for you. ✨

Great App


Nothing else to say this is good.


i 🖕🏽🗣

I love this I been working laying sense it wus first made and I can always rely on this game 👍🏻

Cool game


I was so exited when I got it and I played it for the rest of my day 🤘🏻🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Guys, Props To The People Who Made This App Because It is amazing and everyone out there who’s thinking about buying this app, you should Because this app right here makes the best music beats and songs ever created

This app,

uwus everywhere

This app is worth buying! I love playing it and making music :D

You HAVE to get this app!


I was shocked at just how fun this is it’s the type of game you can be on for minutes or hours 10/10

Love this app

nsyh whh

I love making music with this app


Former fan of Apple

this game is awesome because you can make your own song . 5 stars

I love it!!!!!


I love it so much. I first learned about it in my music class.FYI I’m a kid and all the kids in my music class got so excited when my music teacher said the word Incredibox I got excited too we also beg every music class to do it agin.

Awesome app


This app is one awesome app I love making beats and this is a good game too do that on a lowkey but it would be cool if there was a mode where u could use all the samples and add like Two more dudes

Some bugs


The app is AMAZING but there are a few bugs that came with the update, I get some static when any type of bass is used I hope this gets fixed for an overall better experience.

No explanation needed


The best music game that I have ever played. I think that says it all



This app is really good and I high suggest it I like listening and making music and this helps me. This app dose not need WiFi so when I’m in a car and have no WiFi I just play this



This is one of the best games I have ever played and it is so addictive



It’s a good game but it needs more updates..but also the song alive is freaking lit :3

iTunes Store


Make those songs and post them in the I tunes store! Make it happen people!

Real good


I like the vids too when they sync up to the beat you made.



This app is amazing! It is a lot of fun and it’s worth it.

I like how you can create any type of music! If someone is reading this by it it’s so good!

Good review


I can make some sweet jazz on little miss

Best game


This game is the best I been playing it for 4 hours

Amazing app


Fun and addictive gameplay it is really simple and easy to use love this app and I would definitely recommend.



This app is the Sugar Honey Ice Tea

The app is fun but what ever happened to bite size beats the collab you did with M&M’s but let’s get to the point.I love the app you can make music probably do it on YouTube and this app is just amazing



This is amazing. The only thing is it just needs more updates.



You should add drummers and bassist like the Beatles

So after 5 minutes of using incredibox i got really bored because there is not much stuff to do. So i am just wondering if i could get a refund please

Easy and fun


It is easy to make great music. You can record tour music and share it. It’s really fun too. Unique. And you can save your songs. And it still gets updated. Best music app



It’s pretty good. It’s just a little too limited for a 4 dollar game. :/

This app good


I like this app 10/10 you really feel like sonic

Lovely and Unique!


I think this is my favorite game of all time. There are so many things you can do and best of all, no matter what you do - it will sound amazing.

It feels like there is not a lot to do and I wish there where more versions



It’s great for people who want to make music/beats but are bad at it

Worth it


If you think this game is not worth it because it costs money don’t worry it is worth it

The game is great!


I got this game with my chores money and so far so good! I’ve made a few songs and it’s really easy to get addicted to and play! 5 stars!

How good is it?


Buy it it’s worth it. I think that this game has good music and it takes a creative mind to do fun stuff with this game but anyone can pick it up and have fun

I love this game and what would make it even better different levels every day!ededers please make the game have my sigjusten. Seserly Astird



Amazing beat for recording song

Love the app


This is one of my favorite apps the only thing I’d love is 6 or 7+ variants for each color and another version.


cool but borring

I love this game so much because you get to write music. It’s just the BEST😊



All I can say about this game that’s it’s musically beautiful.

Hate Brazil and jeevan but BEST GAME!!!!!!!!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Really fun


This game is fun, easy to use, and the songs you can make are really cool. Overall, it’s just a really good game, and it’s worth the price.

This is awesome


It is a great game and is made well👍

10 years?!


omg, this app is stuck in my head now!

I love this

anonoymess cant spel

This app has made me so happy since I downloaded it. Thank you guys for making an awesome app😁🙂

... so good!!!


So I started out in the demo. I ready wanted to get the real game! So I told my parents to buy it and now I think Brazil is the best!!!



So addicting and a great way to past time when you’re waiting in public

Must Have

y u lookin here

This app is a must have! I have never in my life had a better music app

Best app I have on my phone


This app is the greatest thing to get turnt up with I love this app so much this app is what I spend most of my phone juice on it’s a slap


The sun is a deadly

Just play it why? Because I said so

Love it


It's so addicting. I can't get over this game!

Great App!


My son loves this app and can play it for hours. He wants to know if in a future release you can allow custom sounds so he can make his own beatbox combinations.



If you are thinking about buying this It should be 40000000$ it’s so amazing GET THE FRICKING GAME 5 star



Estaría muy increíble que crearan un modo creativo en el cual de pudiera elegir cualquier personaje musical y unirlos en una sola sala para crear una combinación extraordinaria.

Better get it now!


It looks like people mumbling to make music but the music is epic! Worth the $4.



This app is amazing you should really get this game it really lets you create you own beats using little people🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😇😍😍😍

New idea for v8

Bronson Van

Incredibox you have a lovely game but can you make like a ancient thing for v8?



I love this game also I think they should add some to versions

I’ve been playing this game for 3 years and I love it. It’s really fun to play when your depressed. It’s chill yo.

Really fun!

Person who has probl

This app is really cool if you want to learn to make your own beats. Highly recommend for people who want to make their own beats. It’s worth your money.

This is worth it


I love it and it’s fun because I like to beatbox



This is one of the best games to get if you have four dollars

Love it


When I’m bored I play this app and no longer become bored.

When I got this app I was a little worried but when I played it it was the best app I’ve ever played. I highly recommend this game. I LOVE IT!!!

10/10 game.


I think I if they add a new section for Rock it would be amazing

It’s a great app, recommend it!


gvgf hgfctfcytcytctf

I like your game it’s so much fun and I like it.

I love it. My baby boy loves it. Good stuff!

I love this


I can make music now you are amazing whoever made this and the developers that made this please make more games.

Highly recommended because you can make great music and the extra levels are AMZING

Love it!

Super blaster 20

I really really love this game it has good beats and cool cutscenes I would love it if you added another music genre!



Hours...weeks...months...years of entertainment!

This is awesome!


I LOVE this game! It is so fun to use and all of the versions are awesome. 5 stars!

Best app ever!


I be makin beats here and there it’s amazing!

It’s honestly a fun app you could make your own music

The first part of the title is true

EXTREMELY fun and a good time killer. My only problem is that sapna has the wrong unlock combo, but besides that, it’s pretty good


the one21

One of the best games on my phone can’t stop playing 3.99 well spent

How inspiereing

best ddddddddddddddj

You are super inspiring just make the app free

AWESOME for songs!!


The sounds sound too good to be true! And its super easy!!! I just started using incredibox yesterday and i already know everything!

Gooooood game need more songs but goood game

Worth the money


This game was very fun in many ways and you can make unexpected beats out of random characters. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to just relax and play a fun game in their free time.

Breath of fresh air


Gonna be honest, don’t know how long I’m going to be playing this game but it is such an original idea and the beats/songs that you make with this app are priceless and sound amazing! Totally worth it!



If I’m being honest I love this game I got it last night and I stayed up until 1:00a.m. Playing this and as soon as I woke up I got straight on the app I highly recommend this app.



Great game you can do so much and make your own sick beats

Very addicting!


It’s AWSOME And very addicting! All you have to Do is Drag And drop And Lovley music Created by You Goes into your ears. 10 Out of 5 stars! Also it’s very Good quality!

This is one of the coolest games ever, I really just hope there will be new music modes in the future.



this is cool at first i thought i wouldn’t understand how to use but its easy and fun!

More modes please

ducky lucky 1232

Its a really good game but There arent lots of modes can u add like 2 more to play with but its a really good game -Ducky

This game is amazing I once closed my eyes and put random beats on and it sounded great!I recommend you play this wonderful game.I could play this for 15 hours,or even more!!!If I could rate this game a million I would!!🤩🤩🤩

Best music game


I love this game so much it always makes me feel happy if I’m board or sad it’s soooo good if you like mixing get this game you won’t regret it at all I also think the game is the right price for its content and I haven’t really seen any ads



Add new modes plz this game is the best👌



This app is so worth it! It gets addicting over time. Plus, people get clout from it on TikTok. So, just wanna say, thank you for making this game. 😁👍🏻

My Favorite


This app has catchy tunes and got me off of YouTube.

More content?

Did this for the che

So this game is great, I love it, my neighbor loves it, and his neighbors dog loves it but what could make this game even better is adding new characters and themes. I’m just wondering if you plan on adding any new songs?



I thought this game was going to be so boring but actually it is fun and I love the videos your get but my favorite is when it says “Ready”

Greatest game

Bub bub bub yeah

Greatest game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music Teacher

Mom of College Kids

I teach music and my middle school students and I LOVE this app!

I love this app it’s so cool

The percussionist

I love your app it’s so cool I wish you can make another one

I love it


This app is awesome for making cool sounds you like and can listen to on the way to stuff or just make a beat for fun

Worth it!


This game was worth the money! If you want to become a DJ this is the game for you! Even if you don’t want to it is still very enjoyable! It may not look like much but, it’s AWESOME!!!

I love it it makes so much different kind of music with the culture u can also make songs with your friends

It is so fun!! 🤪🤪

Fernando Morelock

I also really like the Brazil one! It is my favorite!

Plz make a another one


Please please make a other in maybe 2020 ok if you read my feed back please do it I would die if you made a another

This app is a must for those who inspire to make music. This is brilliant! One caution...this app is great BUT it drains my iphone Max really fast and causes it to get hot. Other than that.....this is a must buy



Not worth 4 dollars. Was fun for a while and I enjoyed the experience but I definitely shouldn’t have bought it

This app is AMAZING and so easy to get the hang of it’s really fun and great if you try competing against someone under a time limit I just love this app so much it is totally worth getting

Never gets old

Hoogey doogey

With many beats you can create and currently 7 different versions, it’s definitely worth the money

Best game

dk forza

I love everything about the game I bot it for a lot of reasons it's the best music app ever made 🎶👍🏼

Great game


Very well thought out and designed. Really inspirers creativity. Great all around.



Amazing app for creating music with a “template”. Just hoping for a chance to listen while being offline

Must have


This is the best music app I’ve ever used. And gets stuck in my head every time I think about it. There are no other apps like this one and trust me I’ve tried but none come close.

Automatic Mode FTW


I love arranging and rearranging when I’m bored, but I’ve found that automatic mode is perfect for reading or working. The music is energetic without being intrusive and the auto-variations keep it fresh. This is entirely worth the price.

Worth more than you pay


It’s a great game it is very simple and fun it’s a easy app for music very interactive and is amazing

Good and awsome


I think your game is better then you look at ratings Good work make more game with your company



I love the game so much I love making new beats it’s just fun I just with they would add more new versions off the app more often like maybe every month or so, think about it.

Love this app!!

Patrick Kasongo

This app is literally so great; the sounds, the different genres of music that can be created, and the graphics are just phenomenal overall.



So I tried to play but it said my phone is on silent mode but it wasn’t soo couldn’t play

I love this app especially my kids! It be cool if you could record a quick soundbite of your own voice or beat and added it.



I love this game. The music is grate and it’s really fun.

It will not look mutch a frist but it has 7 Versions to choose from trust me it’s worth the money it has alpha little miss sunrise for love Brazil alive and version seven that just came out

Love it!


My 2-year old loves this game. My five year-old twins love this game. I love this game. Get this game!

I’m gay


This review was pointless and the title is a joke but I like the app

Best custom music app ever!

Christian Aaorn

I love making music in this app!

I love this app and my son has a lot of fun mixing music with this great tool. I really wanted to buy a set of classroom licenses but my principal said “no go” due to the face that the dudes are shirtless. Remove the nipples and I can buy it.

It’s Worth The Game!


Oh my goodness! This game is awesome! It’s like for people that couldn’t afford a $300 producing app! I really wonder what you have in store in V8! It’s worth it!

Really cool app


This app is really cool if you just want to chill. Definitely worth the price.



I love incredibox I’m in 4th grade and we use it in school I cannot stop playing

Amazing app!


I really like the new update and I was wondering for the next one you could do a Africa therm with animals like.. giraffes lions cheetahs or gazelles!! 🦁🦒🐆 or maybe a Australia theam! With kangaroos 🦘.

I want you to make a version of alpha where it sounds, and works exactly like the original version of incredibox, or make a separate app that works exactly like v 1.0 (Except for WiFi bug)That’s all, and can you add an extra singer to the game?

FAQ on website if no sound iOS !!!


A little hidden button keeps the sound from working. Go FAQ. As for the app? Ages ago there was Mac CD called Rock, Rap, and Roll which had samples you can add and order to make your own songs. This is a knockoff but still fun

5 star worth

DaCoolKid GD

This game may look like another one of those many music games, but Incredibox is special and is eye catching!



I would love they would put the m&m’s edition

Super fun!


This app is amazing. It is such fun especially when you let it auto-run. Really inventive.

Its so nice


When the sound is playing it calms you down and the bounces are cool too


Neon T-bone

I love the app. Plz subscribe to Fun ways of life on YouTube


shadows world on you

Yes yes yes yes,yes yes yes. Yes yes yes.

So far so good

Igzy popia

This game is super good I've been playing since version "little miss". P.s. Could you make more cut scenes, Thanks!

Good beet boxing

Houston the devil

Hey just so u know this game is highly worth it not bad at all but wait for updates coming soon I am making a YouTube channel!!!

If you want to make a good song this is the app! Alpha little miss the love sunrise etc. are all great! Some times the song you make has a chill mood and other times it is faster and more upbeat! Great game I recommend.

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