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25 global ratings

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25 Recent Reviews From the United States


My life 360 app won’t open I’m not sure why


Thank this app for allowing me and my mother to track our path. For not only was it a lonely path. My family is involved personally.


I love to know what the heck is happening with the people in my family .

Peace of mind!

Life360…the features in the app are amazing.


i can track my boyfriend bro

Most useful app ever used

I use this app with all my family. Highly recommended

Member always disconnects - no customer support

We are three members in the family. It’s working very well for 2, the third one keeps getting disconnected after 2-3 days. Always. Has the same settings than everyone else. Went through all the recommended trouble shooting steps and meanwhile even had a new iPhone. Try getting customer support. No luck

Checking in Moma

I love this app! My dad passed away last month, and I put this on my mothers phone to make sure she’s all right. She lives in Henderson Nevada and I reside in Santa Barbara California so it’s great. Thanks

The app

I really like the app but it’s a little delayed. But I still like it…

Essential for families.

I consider this app just as important to have as the phone app. It should almost be required if you have kids, ha.

Location issues

I’ve been having issues with getting notifications when people in my circle change locations. I’ve tried emailing customer support but no one has responded

I have a teenager

I love this app! The fact that I can see how fast my daughter is going and where she is, is the best! It’s so accurate

Good review

This app is great for tracking your family members or friends I highly recommend getting it

Great app!!

Really easy to use and titowho

Project manager

It’s good but doesn’t update when person is at the same location It’s shows last updated 4 hrs ago Or what ever the case may be. When u first had it it always did …

I love this app

Because it is amazing to see other peoples locations expesealy when I am nosy.

Nice app but has 2 major flaws

1. Unless you watch it constantly, there is no history of speed. It will show you a time they were at a location but not the speed 2. kids can track parents too. No way for parent account to disable for kids.

Accurate Location and Time Stamps

I use Life360 for tracking business miles and Timecard info for my employees. I use the option that keeps 30 days of info available. It’s been a nice app. Especially, since iPhone wiped out the Location Tracking Services Log with one of it’s updates. My only request is for Life360 to add a total miles driven for the day. That would eliminate use of a calculator to add up daily miles driven.

Live 360 review

This app is amazing I ask my self where is my family all day now I know where.

Easy to use

Love the features and how easy it is to use! Such a great way to stay connected with each other.

Best app ever

It’s not accurate 100 percent of the time but pretty close. DHG

i love it

this app is so good i love it so much 100% recommend


Love the app. but their is not continuous move when traveling. The movement stops and then will jump to current location and then stop again and then it will start and keep moving again. This occurs when on the interstate. Am I doing anything to cause this?

360. Muy familiar

Es fantástico se los recomiendo funciona muy bien

Worked amazing for my ex boyfriend.

He loved the fact that he was able to track me with life 360. Notified him if I left my home. Works great honestly if you ask him.

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