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25 Recent Reviews From the United States

I AM using the app

By YaelleG

I am trying to navigate through the app, and am continually told to use the app. This is odd …

Desperately Needs Better Job Title Filter

By DrivnNAbug

When it comes to looking for jobs, LinkedIn has much to be desired. The most glaringly obvious problem is there’s no free text job title filter. Why do I have to look through 100s of jobs, when I literally only want jobs with a specific title in them? I get that they have promoted jobs, but if I’m not interested in them it’s a waste of good WiFi. On all that is good, add a real job filter.

I’m a little torn as to what to think

By grizzly bur

This hole internet and web three thing I’ve been on. well it’s been greatest thing that ever happened to me but at the same time it’s been the worst year of my life. I have been self teaching myself internet safety with the help of Ai as well I have quite a story to tell but I need some more time gather facts to explain but I like this site it’s the humans that get to me lol

Laggy on iOS

By vh.khorasani

I really like to be in touch in Linkedin because I think it’s the best virtual network due to it’s professional community but the Linkedin app on my phone , iphone 6s with iOS 15 , is so laggy !! I’ll be really thankful if you can make it better.

The best

By likiden star

The best app for business

Efficient, but is slow on jobs tab

By Bleh1234567854356

When scrolling through jobs it can get laggy and sometimes slows down during a scroll. Because of this the “hide” option pops up next to job positions and takes longer for me to do my job search.

Version challenges

By 202807131039

When using the app or logging in from an iPhone does not allow me to publish articles. That’s frustrating because, like right now, I have one copied to my memory, and can’t post it to my community. At least my FB network got a copy. Please fix so I can publish.

Doesn’t connect to app after update last week

By Brijeshm1

The app on I-Pad doesn’t open after auto updates last week.


By svinay123

Hi LinkedIn How do I open links in my preferred browser? I don’t want to browse external links in LinkedIn app.

I’m confused

By nagla fathy86

Sorry I can’t use LinkedIn on iPhone IOS15 , what should I do ?

I can’t open my account

By Saleh Alkhalef

Please help me open my account at Linkdin

App seems cool so far but….

By Jeff Ree Jonez

The back button and profile icon are both behind my iOS toolbar which displays my time and battery life. It makes it impossible for me to engage in the features.

Issues with the app

By Abwdawg

I wanted to share that recently the app will only work on my phone when connected to wifi. When using cellular it says no I termed connection. Not having the issue with any other apps that require a connection.

The new update is glitchy and freezes

By User111111111111

I’ve never had LinkedIn freeze on me. It happened several times just after I updated the app. Please fix this

The previous version is not working in IOS12 please fix it.

By nelchn

The previous version is not working in IOS12 please fix it. Thx

Job search seems to be getting worse

By yanush68

Keyword search for a particular role doesn’t return results to what I search for but instead returns results for different jobs.

Such a great app! Respond on my issues was fast

By Vladimir Iaka

Please make dark mode for programmers. Thank you LinkedIn!

Great app!

By Deborah Ann Frederic


Mass delete notifications

By Niger better faster

I suggest an option to mass delete notifications. Deleting a few hundred 1 at a time is a waste of time

App not opening up

By Harlinkaur

Since the last update, am unable to open the app on my iOS device.


By M.H.Askari

I’ve just installed this APP and learned many things from it. I actually wanted to appreciate you for the APP. Thanks indeed.

Become more like Facebook than a Professional Networking site

By 43Blue6

Linker has become too much of a social media site lately and is beginning to look like Facebook and Instagram….

Amazing app

By FrshBoiSwag05

Great to connect with different professionals in all fields of work!

Puede mejorar

By borrarr apps

Más para agregar información de

Help for download Link for ios 12.5.5

By Saba.sph

My phone uses iOS 12.5.5 because it is 5s. After updating the Linkdin app, I can not longer use this app because the new version update is only for iOS 13 and later, how can I download the old version of linkdin? Please help me. Thanks a lot

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