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LMS: English Speaking Practice app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given LMS: English Speaking Practice app an average rating of 4.61 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 7.5K ratings since its release on Feb 22 by English Apps. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about LMS: English Speaking Practice?

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45 Positive User Reviews for LMS: English Speaking Practice


Estoy muy feliz con esta aplicación, porque me Está enseñando vocabulario, gramática y pronunciación de una forma sin igual


it's best app i've ever seen, includes all tecknics and parts of learning. well done. but please try to change to the old version, like we only learning one language without helping your native language. me and my wife were used too much, but now because of new languages that you added as native language we will not learn anything. i hope you will get the message.

Native language issue

Hi, thank you for your awesome app. I have a request. Please add Persian language to the list for native Persian speakers. It’s a must for me. Please consider it.


Hello, I am Iranian, please put Farsi language

Good for new student like me.

I would like to improve my speak. I hope this will be help me.

Native language issue

All native languages in your app are not my mother language.so I can't understand in grammar.if it is in English, I can more the others.If you can’t add more languages in your app for now, please just add English in native language. English to English is also helpful.


This app really amazing and teaches me alot about how to learn and fix mistakes in English


برنامج اكثر من رائع اشكر كل من قام بالمساهمة به سيساعدك على المحادثة من الصفر

Native language

Hello Why you didn’t add english in your native language? I can’t understand any native languages that you added but your application is so amazing ❤️❤️ I like that and please add english or persian as a native language🙏🏻

Wonderful 🙏🏻

I really enjoy using this app it’s too useful for me but my native language is Persian sometimes I have problem with the meaning if possible could you please add Persian language too 🙏🏻🙏🏻

La mejor app de inglés disponible

Es realmente excelente en todos los sentidos



Amazing app

You should have a feature to review already completed lessons, that way we can always review old memorized vocabulary since they can be easily forgotten without practice


We want the British accent The dialect used in the app is American This doesn't suit me even my friends own this app and they complain that the accent used is American and we don't like it but we like the British accent, thank you 🌹


Please add persian language we need persian language we love you from iran tahnk you for this app

Fix Speech recognition

Too much error in voice recognition about fortnight. fix plz.


Hello there. The app is brilliant thank you guys for it! Is there a chance to learn wards from beginner, Now it starting from the and from advanced! And a chance to repeat after you had already learned

Es la mejor

Muy fácil y práctica


ممتاز وانصح الجميع به. اسلوب التعليم ممتع يصلح للصغار والكبار

Native Language

I like this app but unfortunately couldn't use it because it has not my native language (Persian) so it is so difficult for me to learn with other languages that I don't know about them


La mejor app que he encontrado de tantas que he probado para aprender inglés

English to English for Persians

Hi, I'm Parsian and i don't want to choose Arabic or Turkish what should i do? If you don't have Persian as first language you should let us to choose a better way to use the app

Best app

It’s really best app for learning English i like it soooo much

Please sit the Persian language on it

I am waiting for Persian language in next update

Chapter 7

When you release chapter 7?

Genial !!

Me encanto para aprender

please add language kurdish (sorane) kurdstan very very need ths app

please add language kurdish (sorane) kurdstan very very need ths app

No puedo abrir

Deje de usarla y no me permite continuar

More native language

It is very good apps but if add more native language, it will become better. I aspire to add Pashto and Persian language in its Thanks.


افضل برنامج لتعليم اللغة

Please update on native languages

This app is really good for learning. But sadly I couldn’t find my language (Khmer) so it’s hard for me.


Yes, I enjoy this application.This is made me to improve my english skills.I can learn to easy.

To add many languages

Please, add Myanmar language. Thank you.

About this app

This app is really cool but have one problem this app not have Persian or dari languages plz solve the problem tank you


Parce que vous êtes près de moi merci

Learning English

Alien English with you I am happy and you are very well. Thank you your efforts

coolest app to learn English

words, grammar and pronunciation, different types to practice English. It’s interesting to say and play “game” in it. Meanwhile you can learn to earn if you have a NFT coach

Native languages

I had fun using the app and I enjoyed it however my native language Filipino is not there. I hope that you will add more languages.


تطبيق جيد جيد جيداً وغير ممل شكراً جزيلاً لكم♥️

My native language is not here

I love this but please add Myanmar/ Burmese Language to this ! This is my difficulty about language


Excelente aplicación no la conocía se aprende mucho

This app is really nice but there is a slight problem with the native language function

My native language was not listed and i didnt know what to choose which made the app useless for me 😅. i wish there was an english option in the native language section because my native language is too hard to translste anyway.

Me encanta!!!!!!

Me encanta esta aplicación, es súper, he aprendido cantidad con ella

No Bengali Language

The apps is really very amazing and helpful. But my native language is Bengali and I can’t find there Bengali language and that’s why I can’t understand it and read it. Please try to add some more language including Bengali. Thanks!

Please add Bangla language please.

Hello I am from Bangladesh. Please add Bangla language.

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