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Rated 4.20 out of 5

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Dandara combat without the Metroidvania

I have to say, I’ve never been a fan of the Rob Zombie’sh brutal, dark, eternal suffering and pain aesthetic….I know there’s a certain kind of person who’s into that, but it has never been for me. If you enjoyed the combat in Dandara, but not the metroidvania aspects…this is the perfect game for you. I’m not head over heels for it but I’m still playing and enjoying it. It does feel like a quality experience. I’ll update if I change my opinion.

Looks Great

I only played a little bit past the tutorial. The atmosphere, audio, and visuals are awesome; the control mechanics look simple, interesting and different in a good way. Unfortunately there's no controller support so this will limit how much I play this game as my disability hinders holding and gaming with my phone for extended periods of time.

Better be worth it

Haven't paid for an app in years.


There is no reason this game shouldn’t have almost all 5 star reviews like it does now the gameplay is very simple while still having a great story and it has many different monsters with different abilities to keep the game entertaining there is also a endless mode which you can play after you finish the story

i rarely write reviews

this game is fun. so rare to find a game these that you just pay once and that's it. no subscription or in app purchases. worth every penny.

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