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Mafia City: War of Underworld app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Mafia City: War of Underworld app an average rating of 4.78 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 125.7K ratings since its release on May 24 by Phantix Games. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Mafia City: War of Underworld?

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Rated 4.53 out of 5

125.7K global ratings

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Explore global reviews of the Mafia City: War of Underworld app: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden.

45 Positive User Reviews for Mafia City: War of Underworld

Mafia City

Really love this game it’s really fun and enjoy it

Great game.. but.. get ready to spend money

It’s a good game, technical and strategic. Very time consuming and if you want to get anywhere in the game.. you will spend money. They make you buy many packs for a lot of the cool stuff and to get ahead in contests.

Grand Mafia

They need to allow to obtain a second building que when you reach a certain vip level like most other games do to pay for a subscription for 30 days is sad and than have to renew after that is just a money grab for a extra builder otherwise game is good and prices for other items isn’t bad if your a spender

Amazing game

Been playing for about 6-7 years off and on..just came back after a year break and fit in like I never left…it cost tons of cash to play but if you are into it. It’s worth it. Just wish they had a lot more. .99-2.99 deals more than just 1 here and are great and graphics are some of the best

Great game

It’s getting better and better. It’s a little corny at first, and nothing like the ads ran for it. However, you get to join clans, learn how to grow your power & play with people all across the world. Downfall: wants everyone to just spend as much money as they can for little rewards. This game shouldn’t be costing so much for anything fun and new. Advice: join a powerful clan so you can get as many rewards as possible & you can level up faster.

Great game

Pretty sweet game so far! I like the idea of the gameplay! Very smooth!

Love/Hate Relationship

I love this game very much except for one thing. I hat the fact that somebody who has more money then me can easily surpass my stats in a matter of 2 days of creating an account. I understand the whole pay to win thing but there should be some type of limit of power until you have played for some time.

Love this game

Love this game. It’s always interesting.

Fun. So much to learn but it’s great!

Starting farm account now

Everything is good except the price of the packs

You guys should seriously consider to hire someone to do the marketing analysis. I have played tons of games and I have never seen such expensive decorations pack ever. I am pretty sure there will be less than 1% players to buy your super expensive decorations pack. Almost 1K USD for a turf skin??? I would rather buy a LV bag for my girlfriend.


Very addicting spent a lot more money than I ever planned on this game I can’t put my phone down it’s been this way for over a year!!

I love you

Goooooooooood AdGem

Mafia city

Great game to play against people all over the world. And meet new people also

Region error

I have been purchasing packs for some time now, but I keep getting an out of region error.

Mafia City Sets The Standard

Amazing support team. They helped me resolve an issue with their third party marketing partner (Offertoro) who was trying to withhold the reward for reaching M25 in under 30 days. Honestly, their thorough investigation of problems and their dedication to helping players resolve them is something every other game app needs to adopt. They earned my trust and respect. Thank you and Kudos Mafia City Email Support Team 👍


Pretty in depth game

Good game

Good game if you do not mind dropping a lot of money to stay competitive. This is by far the most complex game of this type I have played. There is a lot of things you need to do to become strong. And there are so many layers to growing. So even though you can grow fast with money. This game does give favor to the smarter players.


The game is a lot of fun, I like it a lot.

App crashing

This new update is crashing on my iPhone XR and it not loading all the features can you please take a look

Awesome game

This is by far the best mobile game I’ve ever played. This game is super fun and intellectually brilliant. This is the first mobile game I’ve ever played more than a week. Thank you for making such a brilliant game!!!

I love it but it is making me poor

It’s a good game and meeting people around the world is wonderful. But it’s a pay to play game if you want to compete but you can pay nothing and enjoy the company.

Great game!

This is one of the greatest most addictive games I’ve ever played. Being in a clan is one of the best things to do in a on line game.

Great Game!

I love this game! It has an idle game feel yet you could play for hours! You can get really far into the game without spending a penny. The guides are extremely helpful! I just kind of wish at the beginning you could select whether you were male or female.

Worth the download

Saw this game everywhere, on Facebook and Instagram and I had to give it a shot. It’s pretty good and keeps you distracted for awhile.

Good game when you need to kill time!

Been playing 3 years. I love this game.


Add more stuff like make the Babs show more skin

Old is gold

The game was so good till you ruined it with Pay 2 win packs now you make less then before and No is interested in playing ur game

Great game, lacking support

After playing and running into technical problems, I find the support team is either absent or isn’t knowledgeable about the game. Different people “help” each time and often contradict each other.


If you made your game exactly like the ads it would easily be game of the year he’ll make dlcs try put it on consoles pc you would make millions

Please read

There’s piss all over my bed


I like it so far, lot of fun.


Like the game a lot the reviews are funny lol like get over it it’s just a game right ? But no I think people complaining and adding ideas definitely help boost the game for future updates 😂


I keep buying the anti-spy and use it but still continuously am being spied on. Why is it not working? I check turf to make sure it didn’t run out but it seem like a worthless purchase

Mafia city

This game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Best game ever

I love this game so much it’s fun and very interesting for sure!

Excelente Juego

Tiene mucho que hacer y no te aburre, recomendado


This game is just total Addiction! Best by far and am anxious everyday to be able to play and communicate with new found friends. Just love it!


It’s nothing like the advertisement makes it out to be. It’s like playing Clash of Clans but mafia style if you will

Very fun but……

This is a great game, but make no mistake, it is definitely a pay to win game. If you are OK with that, you will enjoy it.


Hello this is a good game still it’s old but still Popular

The best game

So much things to do and pepole to meet look for me

Not bad

Be careful buying things. They charged me 4 times for the same purchase, and never got back to me. Been weeks.


Such a fun game if you like two trade interact with people and hang out and Best mafia life.


Enjoy the game but for the second time in a row both within just a few weeks am having trouble purchasing packs yet again and nothing is being done about it


I love this game can’t stop playing

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