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Merge and Dig App Reviews: Ratings and User Experiences

Check out the latest Merge and Dig reviews! Users in the United States gave this puzzle app by Lava Level an average rating of 4.60 out of 5 stars. Check out the reviews from other countries as well (links below).

If you're new to Merge and Dig or updating it, you should read through these recent reviews. All are based on iPhone, iPad, and Android device user experiences.

We've compiled a list of 15 of the most recent reviews and ratings. Frequently updated to keep you informed.

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Ratings and Reviews

Rated 4.67 out of 5

15 global ratings

5 Star
73% Complete (danger)
4 Star
20% Complete (danger)
3 Star
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2 Star
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15 Recent Reviews in the U.S

Love it

Level almost 3000. Max level for pickaxes as 61 and I’m almost fully done in filling the area with them. Would love to see more perks and tools but otherwise awesome game. Play it every day while listening to podcasts

Great game time killer

I like the game helps kill some time from work and other things. I’m on level 610 on this day and notice that the reveal at this level it’s for some reason glitched and the message shows a few times and off the screen. Other than that the game is fun

It’s ok, BUT…

I really like this game but it has a lot of ads. I know that free games tend to have more ads, but if you want a free game with no ads, play animal jam or Roblox! Sure, you need Wi-Fi to play them, but they have no ads whatsoever! Seriously, if you want a good game, try animal jam. It’s free, has no ads and you will NEVER run out if things to do. Thanks for reading!

best game

Best game I've ever played basketball game ever I recommend very good game

Best game but ads

This game is really fun but there’s ads but it so easy for me this is my favorite game My highest digger is 18 this game is really good but pls make the game have least ads.

Best game ever

Some are hard but so fun it’s like Minecraft

Fnaf is better

Fnaf which is five nights at freddy’s is ay better

Good overall but one problem

It’s a good time passer and I got to a really high level, I’m in silver league but I’ve been in silver for a long time and I am #1 with 182000 stars when the #2 is 8473 stars and so it won’t let me move on to gold but a good game overall other than that

Time killer & fun.

It’s pretty fun to play, usually games with a lot of ads are annoying but this is alright. I play with wifi and data off but it’s also fun to get maxed on pickaxes but can get tedious. If you want a game you can waste time on or just to have a little fun this is it.

Decent game but a few problems

I will start by saying this is a pretty fun game. It’s simple and fun and easy to play but there is a bug problem: There are SO many ads. For example I’ll be playing a level and I won’t make it to the bottom and before it goes back up for me to try again, I get hit with an ad. Along with that, it also asks if I want to watch something to get a reward like 20 times a minute (exaggeration). So overall, this is a pretty fun game but please make it so less ads.

dumb fun addictive game

Please please please update so i can level past level 41. I have like 20 Level 41 items and i cant combine them at all, add more progression or implement infinite progression reusing old weapon assets just with some sparkle around them or something.

update it

i beat the game pls update

Add More Please

Really fun game, very addicting (especially with no ads). But past 30 there is no more merging, but honestly I crave more out of this game. Would love to see maybe a prestige system or more things to merge, thanks.


I have played this game for over 50 hours this month and I’m obsessed. However if I were to suggest any improvements I would add the ability to trade bricks for coins since I have almost a million at this point.

Great, but…

I wish they add an “merge all” button😭😭

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