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Something that’s needed

you'll bring home th

I think it’ll be cool if you added new bosses to the game, that’s all :)

i love this game


this game is so much fun to play by yourself or with friends. its fun to play survival or so your own thing in creative:) by far my favorite game ever

This is the best app ever because you have so much freedom! You should totally get it!




They keep getting stuck on trapdoors and ladders to the point they won’t even move unless I push them out of the way

About Minecraft

i ❤️ aminecraft

I personally like the game but I would like the wild update with more mobs and hostile mobs like swamp villages and a type of item that lets you teleport to your house

It’s great but..

Igaito Keji

This game is AMAZINGGGGGG I think this is Just a problem with my device but If I play a disc with the jukebox I can’t hear the music :( I’ve tried multiple things but nothing has worked

Needs fix.


Amazing app but it lags mostly and needs to be fix I know people get so excited but I’m sure there’s laggy stuff going on especially at the neither portal. Even tho no matter what there’s always going be bugs on the app.

Amazing but


Please add an option to delete multiple worlds at once, I have 440 worlds I need this

This may just look like a cube game but it truly gives the creativity inside of me and truly is irreplaceable.



Instead of deleting the firefly why dont u just paint the yellow pixel black then it will be a normal fly and the frogs could eat it then

Must fix bug


Hey I have a bug to where I go into chat and try tyiping into it and if j accidentally exit the typing thing then I will have to forcefully restart so can you pls fix this

This game is awesome


This game is awesome so much to do and so many new places to explore.



It doesn’t let me go to market :(

I like this game!!!

Huang Wenbo

Although I'm Chinese, I still like Minecraft very much.

My opinion


So I think it could use some more animals and some furniture like a tv or computer but Minecraft is one off my favorite games and love Minecraft but that’s my opinion

Listen 😅


Uh so creepers are annoying because when you are surviving the night they blow up your home and then mobs get in then a second creeper gets in I would like you guys to take out the creepers my only complaint


chfjfjttt ur h

It is goood and better then the mincraft scams I have to play it is very fun

But the world generation is extremely broken I actually despise the world generation jungles are way too common planes biomes are hardly seen every other biome is a little messed up I absolutely despise what you did to the world generation

Give the update


It’s the best game I ever played but… I WANT THE UPDATE (1.19)

Amazing game, I play it everyday and you should really get it. The money is definitely worth it.


Jet taperstri


Dragon egg


Plz let the dragon egg crack And a baby dragon get out of it and petting dragons

I need to know the minecraft edition idk if its java edition or bedrock!!!!!!!!



mincraft is the best game i have literally ever played its the only game i play were you can explore ,get mobs , and much more!

Best game ever

rloyal player

Best Game there is Best game there ever will be 🤩🤩🤩

Dear Minecraft


I Just Wanna Tell You Don’t Listen To The Haters You Are Awesome And Keep It Up 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨✨✨✨🌟🌟🌟🌟

Pppppppppppppllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee add an entire Disney world 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺I love the magic kingdom so why not make the whole thing Byeee

Pro game no things I want to be added it’s perfect for gameplay but seeing the same animals is kinda boring so can you add more in the future if you do thanks a lot :)

About Minecraft

Daksha .m

This is a very very very liked game by me by the items the worlds and the generations of Thai game thank you mojang for creating this game

Gooooood gam


This game is soper gog it havs good graphics but spoopr scray moobs and sbobs

I love it


I love it I love I love I love it

I swear and live by this game, it has something for everyone and I just can’t get enough.


max aguayo

Minecraft is so much fun I like it

good but one suggestion

Nikki koala 🍩🍪🎂🍬🍭

so I REALLY WANT more animals in Minecraft like more birds, mountain lions,lions,snakes,bears,ground hogs, porcupines and more!So can you add more animals?


potential is awsome

Is the best game I have ever played. I love everything about it, all the updates and animals! You have to play and obtain such a great experience!

Deep dark

TriTri the Tea

I was curious on when the deep dark update will make it to mobile



I bought minecraft on another device,It wont met me redownload minecraft on my new device for free.The experience was very fun,you can play with friends,build,and much much more.

Make Minecraft more realistic by making the leaves and grass move.


its my favorite game

This game is so awesome and its so fun, it haves good detail, this is basicly one of my favorite games, thank’s for doing this game i like it.

Every time I open inventory I crash plz fix it


Boots ana

Please play this game it’s wonder full especially with mods please play it’s worth it IM NOT A SPAM BOT






Minecraft is a great game! You should totally get it!

So I think that ONLY in creative mode you can get like magic staffs and special tnts to make destruction and everything. And the magic staff can like shoot the sky and lightning will apeer or you can have like super powers or something



PLAY MINECRAFT!!! Sorry for yelling but minecraft is a great game for kids! There is educational mode for the chemistry table so I do recommend this game!


h basd bhycdygcygdyc

whenever I play it’s good but when I try to log in it doesn’t work. FIX THIS BUG PLSSSSS!!!!!

Five star game

elias miyess

Ya so it’s good five stars and not that much money soo it’s a good game

Please ad tornadoes 🌪

jeepers creepers fan

For your next update ad another weather, the tornadoes 🌪 pls do it Minecraft I beg you and add a 🦁

This is a funny game and I hang up the pictures and then shoot them with the bow and arrow!

I can’t believe...........

girl of wonder 2005

I can’t believe you can make worlds of your own and go worldwide!



The game is amazing but there’s one thing off .it’s been forever since I played so I do not know how to friend request my friend and by the way I’m on mobile so I can not find out how to friend other players:/


martin jones ( real

okay I use to love Minecraft and I still do but! Creepers are so annoying!! I am never playing survival cause I know ur not gonna delete em…. I hate survival!

I love this game i don’t know how to get it but make sure to get this app right now

Where is allay

eff this 1234

So the 2022 mob vote was the allay but when I try to get it spawned well I can’t find the spawn egg I even use a note block and it didn’t spawn in and I KNOW IM ON BEDROCK

1 A giant anglerfish 2 A grizzly bear 3 a nether dragon 4 A hedgehog 5 A ender man boss . That’s it hope you guys like my mob suggestions

Great game! I love all the updates but I like the old stuff still I’ve been playing when it came out all I wanna say is keep up the good work!

More biomes in the end


Minecraft should put more biomes in the end world like more trees and stuff and also in java!!

I love Minecraft I really do the iPad I can’t play it because the controls are messed up in every single Setting of the game nothing can explain why it’s Messing it up please can you switch the controls back to the controls for the iPad



Update like Java plz! 😩😩😩



I love the game, it’s very fun and you can create whatever you want. Wether you want to survive or build, it’s all in this single game. The quality is good, the play style is amazing and overall it’s a good game.

Fun but..

lolmelike a n i m e

I loved this game, ever since I was a kid and still play till this day, but I cant for what ever reason I cant get an account it’s really annoying.

This game is Awesome!

Moon Crystal light W

It’s so fun And i love to Build For hours and hours !

Great game!

qwen cute

I have been playing Minecraft, Ever since 2012 a long life friend! I’m so Glad to see it turning out For you You guys have come a long way Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

Like it but...

Rocket mad al

Not a fan of the Sigh in thing. And you can’t pare up with other player sometimes. Likewise this game is awesome and LOVE the updates.

Steven universe fan

bluey heeler

Hi I just what the Steven universe free without money please and mash up pack

Nothing wrong with it best game


What are there’s nothing else to say about it it’s just best

My grandmother parrot is 27 years old my grandmother owns it and it been a childhood for years I love the parrot in minecraft because it remind me of how great her parrot is and ever time I go to her house I see it in the cage

Best game ever


The best game ever.It is super fun and fun you can do so much.It is even funner when you play with friends.

Lied to


Apparently his is either pocket edition or bedrock edition but I’m not getting any features that are from them

No audio


There’s no sound in the game my phone audio is turned up sometimes it’ll work sometimes it won’t please fix this as it makes me not wanna play without the music.

Super cool u can built so much play so much love it play mods cute animals cute pets love this game everyone download even multiplayer

Could you please make it more realistic bc I saw videos like that and they are cool but could you make Minecraft more realistic and I lag a lot so could you make it not lag anymore!💜🥳

Good game few suggestions

Application wonder

1:please make it have furniture 2:please make it realistic

Good but


I don’t like the new update the old Minecraft used to have you find bedrock at y cord 4 instead of - 64

From Steve


This app is very good I would recommend this to everyone



I love Minecraft so much I think it’s just the best game ever thanks to mojanj we can have Minecraft

Its ok mostly


Its ok it just needs to allow us mobile players to copy and paste.

Best game ever!


This game is so fun epically on the servers

Amazing but creepy.


I play this a lot and I hear a creepy creaking sound and I get so scared that I turn down my volume.

I like it a lot!


I’ve played a lot I like this game a lot with my unspeakable skin & Preston skin

I say 4 star because it will not let you join your friends.Wich is sad:(

Remove paintings and make it java only



I have this problem where it takes forever to load Minecraft on my phone do you know if there is a way y’all can fix that

An amazing game


Ive been playing minecraft since 2010. It’s a great game. Thats all there is to say

Good game


The guy who said look see is stupid and should die and has dumb ideas anyways minecraft is a good game and it game a long journey



Mama papa padre madre ur momma ur mom delicious. <3

Minecraft is truly the #1 place to let your mind explore, whether it be in caves and caverns or in a Nether Fortress! Great game for almost all ages!

Ĭ̈ l̆̈ŏ̈v̆̈ĕ̈ t̆̈h̆̈ĭ̈s̆̈ ğ̈ă̈m̆̈ĕ̈

Yes it is Minecraft is a very popular game you need to get it

I love it

superstar dre

This game has came a long way. I’ve been playing since the older version. I played all the tutorial worlds and made a lot or maps and stuff. I hope to see this game change more. I really kinda want the old Minecraft back for April fools


Samo Fan

Whenever I’m saving it glitches me out of Minecraft because I want to show my other friends my world but for some reason it keeps glitching me out please fix this. Thank you

I can't hear anything from the jukebox no even on creative or survival

Super good


Way better then roblox Minecraft is the best!!!!!

My older brother suggested the game and I played it a few times but still liked my other apps better. Then I was shown my own account so I could play with my brother, and it turned into THE BEST GAME.

Played for so long


I have played this for so long and I never get bored. I was so happy when I got it, it is now my favorite game! So creative and you can build so many things. BEST GAME EVER YOU SHOULD SO PLAY!!!!!!

I don’t hardly play it sense I don’t see the stuff so pls fix the bug

Crushing dreams

Gina Zane

There is this guy Name JoshuaSim123 if you see him ban him he curses and be’s mean to players like me he bloo up my minecraft world today 10 mins ago when i was on the call with my friends i can send screen shots of you want -TigerGroalz

Great! But


Its great but how about the 2023 update give all the old mobs and player moving animations and maybe new combat system?????

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