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Minecraft app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Minecraft app an average rating of 4.49 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 655.2K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by Mojang. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Minecraft?

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Rated 4.67 out of 5

655.2K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Minecraft

What is up with the updates

I love this app and have been playing for years, but in the last year there have been several updates that have made the game either unstable or just unplayable. Why does this keep happening? If it happened occasionally it would be understandable. The past year its almost every update, except for the updates that actually fix the issue caused by the previous one.

Love It

Amazing Game don’t get me wrong loving it considering I can add mods and skins and I couldn’t on my XBOX I have multiple custom skins and it’s just really fun, it runs well on phone for being such a big game 100% Would Recommend It

Better than Roblox :0)

Minecraft is better than Roblox here’s how #1 people aren’t as toxic #2 Minecraft doesn’t tag like everything #3 you can have a insane amount of friends #4 games are free to make and last #5 free avatars with apps finally someone to beat the selfish company Roblox

For most of annoyed this bug ever.

Try to join my friends worlds but before I even get into the game it kicks me out and I don’t know why I think this is a bug in the game that I need to be fixed boutique studios please fix this bug and it happens every time.


Could you please add the season autumn 🍂

Yo need to fix this!

I’ve been trying to make a new account for the past 2 hours but no names for it won’t work not even the suggested ones!Still a over all good game!

it’s not as good as it used to be.

look. this game has way too many bugs I can’t even go into the screen without waiting three minutes just to get glitched in the menu.

More mobs

I love playing Minecraft but I want some more mobs like deer , Alligators, kangaroo, butterflies, ducks, bears, kolas. Also more jungle mobs besides parrots and ocelots and any mobs you haven’t added yet.

Hero brine

Hey, when I was on cube craft games I saw hero brine, and usually in the reports when you see Herobrine the the it doesn’t have a name tag and when I was on cube craft, I saw something that that of a player or something had no name tag and then it disappeared, and I made a weird, ominous sound now and the reports of Herobrine I thought you got rid of the bug or so people thought and there’s some videos about about Herobrine being back more stronger than the old Minecraft. I am sending this repor


I don’t like to say negative things about this games because I love it but when I was customizing my avatar it seems to have taken all my back items away along with the featured ones it’s weird I’ve done quite a few things to fix it and nothing works :(

The controls are kind of hard

I love this game, but I’ve noticed that the controls are kind of hard. i’d preferred to be playing on the computer with Java edition. I love this game, but the controls are kind of off

Best game ever

It’s literally my favorite game

1 to go

I have Minecraft on every platform Xbox 360 Ps3 Pspvita Ps4 Wii U Nintendo Switch Pc Android and now on iPhone now i just need Xbox one best video game that made my childhood


I love Minecraft. Mojang has done a great job of making Minecraft versions! Great Job!👍

An amazing game

This is an awesome game that I recommend we use it all the time it’s amazing. I love creating things I’ll always use this app thank you but could you add an alligators in swamp regions.

Minecraft lied…

In the Minecraft 1.0 trailer the creator said “nobody tells what u can or cannot do” but u cannot sleep in daylight so what do u think about that Mojang!

This is creepy

Okay so I had this furniture addon in Minecraft I went on this tv and there was a bad channel it was weird it said the chair is cake, the cube is cake,The $%#52 is cake and then it said what are the lies in cake? NO NO No no stop plz!! The ??? Beep and it kicked me out of Minecraft it scared me! Thanks for your help😦

Look at the community a bit more I guess?

I respect the Minecraft Devs, but the updates don’t usually contain content the community suggests. Take a look at Terraria for example, Redigit added what the community wanted, a boss pre-cultist, or something to downgrade/ decraft items.

1.20 I whith will be added

So one thing in caves and cliffs trailer it shows a green axolotl strangely it’s not a thing in Minecraft so can you maybe and that in 1.20 also the fact about the warden so I think there should be many forms also why can’t you add a skeleton dog or crocodiles please add these animals also foxes can’t attack wolves is unfair I think you should and a fox can attack wolves 2 these are just suggestions please at least make the green axolotl please

tHeZ fIrEz WaZoRd

Ohs noez my hause burnz!!!! iT caUZ dA FeRi WAZurd bunZ it?!? B

Forced on friends of friends

My friends can’t play on friends of friends because it’s basically one person mode. And it lets my change it but as soon as I join it says friends of friends but when I leave to change it. It says invite only that makes no sense. So I’m guessing it is on nothing.

Amazing app but…

Okay so Minecraft is the best app ever but recently I have not been able to invite other players to my worlds because multiplayer is off but when I go to turn it on it says it’s on. If you read this thank you for reading it and I am super excited for 1.20!

By Herobrine

THANKS NOTCH FOR ADDING ME BACK IT IS NICE HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hello everyone it’s time to face the apocalypse of Herobrine HAHAHAHAHA!


I love the game, but when my brother deletes it. I don’t like how it kills all your data. So can you make a button in the settings in Minecraft's to save data or add a add on so it saves your data when you delete it. Because it’s really annoying how I have to restart a new world, when my last world was a god seed. But other wise, the game is really good and I highly suggest it.

minecraft is an adventure.

When I first played this game, I was around four. I loved making little houses and killing random things. Heck, playing with my siblings was even more fun! After taking a two year break I soon came back to it, amazed at how much more... well, amazing it got! I’ve been playing Minecraft for seven years now, and it still has so much more to give. Once we get camels, you bet I’m gonna be the first to make a zoo.

I like but bugs

Ok i was playing lucky blocks skyblock fighting someone it KICKED ME??!! Pls fix

Idk what to put here

Honestly I have nothing to say it’s Minecraft bro💀

Something is weird

When I joined my world it would just break blocks randomly

Help I logged out

Please sigh me back in I can’t get back in my user is Oliviasilva580 please I’m very upset

A few recommendations

1. A witherstorm that is like crackers’s witherstorm but playable on mobile, and please make it more added to the game. For example, instead of the end credits when you defeat the dragon, how about when you defeat the witherstorm. 2. Monke. 3. Actually add those two admins speaking to each other. 4. Intelligent villagers that have building and fighting capabilities. Also a loyalty system. 5. END UPDATE END UPDATE END UPDATE END UPDATE.

Deer Minecraft

I love love love this game so so much me and my little sister like to play in my big brother sometimes I have a big family my whole family likes to play Minecraft even my mom and dad but they normally play creative One day I saved up for weeks to get these mine coins I did chores and I even walked the dogs I was about to buy something and it said I didn’t have enough mine corns and I only had 60 I was confused and mad but besides that I love this game so so much

Absolutely a great game

I’ve had this game since I was little and it never seems to get old with the new updates and bug fixes. This is game is such a fantastic game to play when your older or younger I’ve enjoyed though my years and enjoyed every moment!!!

I LOVE the game!

Minecraft is my favorite game I’ve ever had. You can do anything in this sandbox… build a farm or anything else in creative, and survive in survival. It’s worth what it costs! I would never DREAM of deleting it! Sure, it CAN be kinda hard to play on a iPad, but once your used to it, it’s easy peasy!

what if

what if you added a thirst bar?

Thanks for my childhood

Exactly what minecraft is, this is minecraft, no complaints. One of my favorite games, definitely. It has frequent updates yet always stays minecraft. Thanks for this game and for my childhood. Long live the king.

Great game, but a few things I would like to discuss!

Personally, I think that Minecraft is a great game especially giving you a taste for the real world. My only complaint is that my brother has bought a Halloween world pack, and he had it for a while, (he’s not signed in.) And he deleted the game by accident and as expected, his progress was gone. But he noticed that the pack was missing and he was really upset, so my dad tried to send emails and all sorts of stuff for money back etc. and havent heard anything. Please make sure this does not happ


We never ever waited this long for 1.20 to come out and add the bundle please

I don’t know how to play it in the ipad I want to add friends

But I don’t know how but it is a amazing game so I don’t know what to Say more 😃

Why I bought Minecraft

Minecraft is fun I play with my family from across the word super fun

More clothing!

I know there isnt much free clothing much on minecraft now, but I wanted to ask if you if you could add more clothing to mobile and whatnot, thanks!


I got an addon and some of the things that came with it became these dirt blocks that say “update!” In green. how do I fix this? I don’t have to update the game either..

Something's I really want to happen

Can you please add more types of dogs and have new types of chest of the wood please and please make more wood and new mobs and other animations please add this I want new stuff

Good but one problem

This game is one of my favorites but there’s one thing I don’t like. It’s not really Minecraft, but it’s the skindex. The skindex is something I use a lot but I hate that it keeps updating the format of the skins. So I’ll like get like 20 skins and put them in a folder and then the next day I can’t use them!

Scary stuff is happening in my world

So I made a flat creative world and when I joined I made a big hole with tnt and I tried making a pool but I broke so I covered the water but every time I rejoin the water goes back and when I cover the water I go away and then come back and there’s a giant square hole that goes through the bedrock it’s really scary and when I try to cover it with black concrete it turns into bedrock mojang pls fix it it’s really scaring me but it’s still a fun game



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