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MONOPOLY: The Board Game app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 2 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given MONOPOLY: The Board Game app an average rating of 4.67 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 168.1K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by Marmalade Game Studio. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about MONOPOLY: The Board Game?

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Rated 4.47 out of 5

168.1K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for MONOPOLY: The Board Game

Great game but...

But don't look at your notifications or accidentally swipe onto a previous app! the game will freeze and renders that whole game useless. having tons fun just wish that wasn't such a bummer way to end a good match


Monoply is great it’s so fun

Big monke boi

I played and a funny guy tickled me it made me laugh and then an ape came and destroyed all my hotels and then a bigger ape ate ape1 I ate ape2 it tasted good then my mom came and punished me womp womp


Reminds me of how much I loved playing board games and especially with my family and myself. I honestly wish that I seen this game a lot sooner.

Very cool

This combines a classic, hyphen, board-game, and with the help from the incredible internet. We’re excited to bring this awesome game to our fingertips..!..

Best game.

This is the best game going, lol…

Amazing game

Good graphics and no adds


I’m asking you to update the app as there’s been multiple times that I’ve been in the middle of a game and something will pop up and won’t give me the option to say “do it” or hit the “x” then you have no control the entire game because it’s blocking your mortgage button and add houses / remove houses button so all you can do is literally roll / can’t see what you’re rolling and “end turn” . Then after the game exit out of the application for a complete reset. If you did the in the MIDDLE of a g

Real cool. could use more in depth animation but just right

Yikes! this game too dope. add me SkullyR33F. come get your money took!!

Why does it freeze up every time I leave a game for a split second

One of my favorite games but why after all this time does it still freeze up mid game if one person even accidentally leaves the game

PvP gameplay could use balancing

I know some people like the standard monopoly rules and that’s fine. Personally, I think it’s disengaging when all you have to do is roll doubles to win in fast PvP. I’d like to have custom rule set games in PvP. Also, PvP gameplay needs off-turn trading and it’s stupid to sit there and watch someone else “countering” without seeing what they’re doing or the previous trade.

Why is there no multiplayer with friends?

The game is great and overall I really have no complaints but if I had to make one, it would be that there is no option to invite a friend to a multiplayer lobby against other people. I don’t know if this was a development choice to avoid rigging of games via malicious cooperation or what but dang! I bought the game for me and my wife expecting to play together with others but I guess we just can’t.


Entertaining and teaches you valuable lessons and skills!

Just like the original game

This is a fun game to play. Is there a way to change your username?

Better than I expected

It’s pretty fun, the controls are easy to follow and overall the game looks great.


Please put in an option for unlimited houses & hotels ….

Monops Fans

It is everything you want. Bought this due to the ps4/ps5 always losing connection. This at least attempts to reconnect and maintain connectivity errors. Very fun. Worth the money.


I love this game. Great way to learn about cash flow

Name Change?

Why was I given an automated user name, and why can’t I change it back to my chosen one in the settings?


Hopefully new boards soon also auto action option in game would be nice besides that great game


The games cannot be paused and i think they should change that.

Sign language

Maybe create sign language game

Great game

I love this game so much it’s so addicting

Buying properties

Sometimes it ask me to purchase the same property that I own an charge me double for a single property! But the game has really good bones an is fun to play when it’s 100% with no small glitches like that

Honest opinion

I think this game is far worth the money, it’s a classic and being able to play while laying in bed is even better! My husband and myself have been absolutely hooked lately playing every night since we got it. Definitely worth the buy

Loads of fun!!!

Monopoly is hours of fun just like the board game. I even like how they offer new boards other than the original. The best one part for me is being able to play against the computer players because I’m a bust mom and I can’t stY glued to my phone. I can edit and return to the game anytime!!!

Good for a long flight

I downloaded several different games to entertain me during a flight and monopoly is one of us only ones that wasn’t deleted after being disappointed. Have been playing often for days and might bore of it but haven’t yet! ..Recommend this.

Family fun

Great gameTo download for the whole family play in separate rooms all at the same time

Good game

It’s a good game but it can be better. Let the quick game keep going and I’ll give it a higher rating

Not the original US version.

The basic starter is the UK version. If you want the original Atlantic City version you have to pay to “upgrade”. Also, would like an option where I can skip the animation and finish a game faster.

Why is it a different map

I live in the United States but the one map is from the UK? How do I get it to the US? Other then that the game is fine and I would give it five stars if the map was right.

More FUN than the real thing

I would’ve given this a lower rating (due to the fact that the collectible steam train token is not in the game) but I think it’s fun to play and it is better than the real one

We Need Chinese!

This game has Hong Kong place names but no corresponding translation.It's tiring to play. The game itself is pretty awesome.

Fun but the AI part cheats.

This game is addictive. I like to play against the AIs. It is unfortunate that the game cheats. Statistically, the game favors the AI’s. That part gets extremely aggravating.

Buggy. I can’t buy houses

**🛑Review updated🛑** 🎩Fun game takes me back to my childhood. But the bugs in this game are ridiculous. ….I would have three green houses 🏡🏡🏡then I go to purchase another one or red hotel. ….But I can’t purchase them. Yet my AI opponent can purchase houses. So for now, I will give Monopoly 3 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ . . **🟢updated review here🟢** Thank you for your your quick reply and helping clear things up for me. Monopoly will get get ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Big fun for Monopoly fans

Great graphics and user interface. No ads makes it even better.


Great game, very iconic


This game is made for mr krabs. Money money money! arr arr arr!


Great way to kill hours. Ten out of ten: recommend!


It’s a very fun way to play monopoly. It’s fast & hassle free, really.


I love this!! So much fun!!

Insane game

This game is addicting and fun just need to know how to play smartly it’s the best game I’ve played so far


Totally worth the money!! Follow me on Instagram; @0xprincess or YouTube; @Its Aniyha’s Time

2 Negative User Reviews for MONOPOLY: The Board Game

Being disconnected

The game is fun but if you take a break from it (like pause) why does our game continuously gets disconnected? When this happens we can’t continue where we left off.

Glitches all the time!

Love this game but I hate going into it and halfway through it glitches and freezes. No one win.

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