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Love it but

Harold B. Hutson

I love the game, my only problem is that i have has this game 4 years and have never won a game against the computer.

Online games disappear

Fusion Tint Tools

Was playing with 2 friends at a table, the moment our phones went to sleep the game kicked us off the server and the computer began playing for us. Completely inconvenient. We’d still be playing if we could.

The dice rolls dont seem totally “random” at times since I did 4 laps around the board and landed on the same property with the same hotel on it 4, yes 4! Times in a row. Still a very fun game with many options to play and customize.

They finally got the online multiplayer working and my friends and siblings enjoy destroying each other from afar. Great if you’re sheltering in place.

I love this game. There are def a few things that need to be worked out.


Jason the barber

Would be great to force the players to go faster if they continuously idle every turn

Needs Community!!


Love the game, but it needs a community and ranking system as well.

Great game


Fun game. Computer opponents make horrible deals with themselves freely giving monopolies. Dice roles do seem a little fishy. I seem to always land on income tax after passing go. One game it was almost 50% occurrence.

Is there more?


Love the game but would be awesome if along with the other interactivity going on in the background during game play they would zoom down to the game board and down thru it like a birds view.

Great game

gucci josh

Great game if you are feeling a bored game but don’t own monopoly download the app is a great game to play by yourself or with the multiplayer option you can play with friends I consider this app for kids or adults!!!



The game is great. I would like to see stats being kept.



Great game, have out lasted the decades.......... Thank you!



I lose online matches like no other, the UI of the board freaks out half the time, and the game is laggy to begin with. Such a bad experience

Great game and players too faster than playing the board,it’s frustrating at times but great.



I’ve been waiting on this game to return so I had to buy it and as always a great game to play



Excellent game but we need the following to enhance the experience: 1) a free form chat 2) the values on boardwalk and park place could go down a little 3) something for the losers who like to mew mew like a monopoly junior or something.

You might think im crazy but this is the best game ever you should try this game at home you’ll learn how to pay real money and fun!

A classic game designed for modern day. I love the animation!

Please Add


Please add champions, scores, and levels. This is how the game will be wonderful



Worth to play worth to buy 😀🙌👌👏👍

Like the classic!


Fun to play alone or amongst friends and family. Even solo mode is tricky at first.



It’s a great Legendary game I love it

More people game

Kevin kkkkkkk

Please allow more people in game, and also allow to play with friends and stranger at the same time

It’s predictable in its moves

It’s addicting


It would be cooler if we could verbally talk to one another.

Great Game


If your a monopoly lover, then this game is a for sure purchase. Worth the money.

5 stars


What more could I ask for? I wanted Monopoly and I got it. Zero ads and cheap price. Fun and addicting presented in a charming way. Got exactly what I paid for. Fair CPU also.

Fun but freezes


I have a lot of fun playing. But every time I play online or with friends, the game freezes and stays like that for a long time. I end up having to quit the game, losing all of my progress!

Good game


Play the game allot. Only suggestion I have is a being able to see my record of wins and losses. That would give an idea of how good a player is.

I guess...


This game is really good but it sometimes freezes when I am playing with my brother and my dad and it ruins the game I wouldn’t say it’s reallllly Annoying just kind of but is there any way to fix the glitch



I love monopoly but the app takes a while to reconnect and sometimes kicks you out of a game. I also wish you could chat.


tommy tooters

The rolls are rigged for the bots :/. But overall fun 9/10 enjoy



this game is worth every penny‼️💯

Privacy Concerns


Great and fun game, but I’m very concerned because the app is reading my clipboard upon launching.

I love this game I really do buy there has to be a vote for kicking players out for not playing or holding the game up there’s supposed to be a timer I jus spent 10 min waiting for a player to move



I just got this game and I love it!! But I can tell that I’m going to become bored of it quickly but I’m enjoying it for now!


hndibsbd dhdnd d

ANAZING G.O.A.T Greatest of all time

With the current pandemic, it’s hard to see family and friends. Playing board games on video conferencing can be tedious. This is such a great way to play a classic game we love with those we love. Graphics are nice and gameplay is very smooth

The title says it all! The 4 or 5 dollars you have to pay is worth it!



I love how you can customize it. Something that could improve: allow players to leave a game with friends and rejoin later.

Fantastic Game


This game is great because I always win.

I would put money into this game if there was a text chat feature put in. That is all.



I really love this game. Only downside to it is that you can’t earn anything.. you have to continue to buy things in the game I think there should be rewards

Like it


I love monopoly. You learn good things by playing this game

The only thing I could do is play every morning

Love the game


Really great game great graphics and a lot of fun really brings me back to my childhood the online play is really good

The game is fast, lots of options. Only wish is that you could stop playing overnight and pick up again the next day or so.

More options....

Hu$tle Hawlik

Game is cheaply designed’s monopoly man! Come on. Fun tho



It’s a fun game but about half the games are rigged so certain game pieces in single player mode are favored. To put it bluntly, no one, real or otherwise, is that lucky at the role of the dice. It takes the fun out of it if it’s not a fair game

Buying houses


When when I own an entire color set, I’m unable to buy a single house. Whenever I click on the buy house, nothing works. Ruins the whole point of the game...

Fun Game


It reminds me of playing the board game many many years ago only this game is in 3D. It is fun - what a trip! The prices are still the same!



The game is great, the only problem is that people tend to start to loose and then hold the entire game up, we need a timer for each player because waiting and or starting over is getting other players frustrated!!



It’s better then the board game I love making house to trie to beet my family when I play them it’s so fun you should get it!

Loving playing monopoly with my friends when we are not in the same room but some times we have to end games early because one of us has to leave and we can’t pause the game. Please add a pausing feature to the game. Loving the game otherwise.


Dr Who Tardis

Can’t find anyone to play the board game with, so when I saw this game app I jumped on it. Glad I did. My favorite board game of all time. Win or lose I really enjoy playing this software game. Great job developers, you made my day!!

Monopoly game

jack frosty #1

It really makes you think about strategy and it’s ways to achieve the goals you really want to achieve in your own life! I have had a great time playing this game.

Love it


The game is fun. Wish you could type in your own stuff. Also wish you could pause a game to resume later. All in all a great time though

Love it

jp da soul snatcha

How my family and friends never wanna play with me it’s awesome to have a way to play Monopoly whenever I want

Loving it

Hot Rod Hamish

Love it, my family won’t play monopoly with me very much. So this is perfect

I love it♥️♥️


So my fam will not play monopoly with me so this app lets me play against the computer best game ever if there was such thing as a million stars I would rate it that much Thank you for making a wonderful game for the world



Excellent but a little hard to raise cash with toggle

Bad AI


Definitely is not designed to have all players be equal. Could use some work.

This shows how your decisions effect the leverage against properties you own in a more intuitive way than the class board game version. Highly recommend

Great Game!


Just purchased and I am addicted!

Fun game but $

Disgruntle owner

Pay for the game and a lot is still locked

Apple TV app would be a great addition where we can pass the remote and play .



Very fun game to play with friends.

I would give a 5 but they need to allow open chat when playing with your friends & they game glitches a lot when playing your custom group with friends

Believe me when I say that the rigged. Just play it and find out. I still like it and will continue to play, but the algorithm needs to be refined.

I bought the full adventure but when my family plays they don’t get to choose from the fun tokens



This is the monopoly game I’ve wanted for years!



The extra boards are so expensive it’s just a board

Boredom is dead for me

nathan blakely

Super fun game, it is realistic, and AWESOME! That’s it. All in a nutshell.

Recurring bug


There seems to be a recurring bug that does not allow houses to built. Seems to happen when there are already a few houses built on those properties.

The recent update has been causing app freeze up and closure.

Great Game


I used to play this year's ago, and I can not believe the improvements that have been made! So much fun!



I wish I can post a picture and show you how much glitches are in this game. It’s really fun but lots of glitches

Online mode gripe


Rated 3 stars, should have been FIVE. love the game, online or with friends never seems to work or kicks me off.

It doesn’t work


Option for playing with friends doesn’t work always

Love it


I love being able to play monopoly with friends when I can’t be with them in person. However, I wish this game was like an older version-the player pieces would actually drive or walk or whatever across the board. It was cool

Fix the Algorithm


The game is fun, but the algorithm causes players to land on the same spaces every time you come around the board.

Pretty good game. No need to keep track of pieces and you can play with friends.

The old game had features that I personally think this one should have

Fun game


This game has always been my favorite



Fun game, makes a family game of Monopoly go much faster.

What would we do without the classics. Closest to a board game one can get, on a smartphone.

Glitches at first, now its good and I’m winning. Winning is good and makes for a better experience.


England Young

It’s cool. If you like the game. I do. Very disappointed that you pay ($3.99)for the game and then they want you to pay more to get different boards. ($25+) And you can’t win to get a new board/pieces.

It takes the money away but doesn’t distribute it to the other players. Please fix. Other than that it’s a great game! Highly recommend!

I won


What are the dates for you guys and I will win

Worth the money


Some much fun to play online. Brings back old memories of the actually board game

Must adds


A leaderboard would be a great addition open mic session as well

Great but...


Really wish there was a standings or some sort of ranking system. Would love to see how many times I’ve won and lost and how I rank among other players.

Fun game


Take a lot of time, easy to get addicted .

Really convenient


Nice and easy to play with my wife.

It’s good overall. Easy play with many options. However, when playing with multiple players online, there are some error when making auctions. I can not tap my card. Need to be fixed.

The AI needs fixing


The AI spent funds it didn’t have and wouldn’t accept far trades and wanted to triple the money for the property’s and the AI refuses to lose. Please fix this!

The game disconnects sometimes when you navigate to a different app. It would be nice to have the option to join back in. It could also use more chat options.

Game sometimes freezes


Game froze on me while playing online with friends. Everytime it froze it happened on the snowland board.

Fun but you need to penalize AFK players. I had 3-4 games already in 2 days that people just stay idle for 5 or minutes when it’s their turn and never do anything. I end up leaving cause I feel like it’s a waste of time. Please fix this. Thanks.



So far pretty cool. I’m sick in bed and it’s really entertaining. It’s my first day. I only hope it gets better and better.

I have been rage quitting for 5 games now



Wish we could actually chat with the players that would make it more real life

Very good


I love the game it’s so good if you don’t like it I’m sorry but UR TRASH THEN !people who made thank you so much ur the best❤️❤️❤️😀😀

God dammit so many times already. It is a very good game but it just keep getting disconnected form other people. And then the game just freeze. What is going on! It is been like a year and they never fixed!

Inactive players


Wish a bot could replace inactive players

Sorta Newbie Winner

Charline R

So I have played monopoly once in real life. Didn’t know how to play it, didn’t understand. Today I had the chance to play. I learned a lot from the game and I did really good 👏🏾 Great game

Need to fix stuff


The Custom Rules don’t always work. I like to play that you can’t collect rent while in jail and it has that option, but even with it selected as a rule, it doesn’t work. They need to fix that.

Definitely worth the money if you love monopoly! The online experience is the best

So nostalgic


I grew up playing this game, and this app makes it so fun

Support Language


Why dont add arabic language for player ?



I lost too many times I barley won my first match after like ten of them felt good to win tho, Also you guys should enable a feature where you get to shake your phone to roll the dice like the old game for iPod

Please allow more than 4 players!!!

Dope but Crashes


Very much enjoy playing this game. Very much dislike playing for 40mins+, winning and have the game crash, which it does quite often.



I’ve have spent so long on this game and I’m still not bored. Worth every cent

It’s a great app and I love that you can customize to the way you play at home, I just don’t like that if you leave for whatever reason there is no way to resume the game.

Have successfully ruined multiple friendships, great game

Fun but

Carissa Richardson

I wish there was a way to have the fun bored a for free.

Its monopoly


It is monopoly always will be fun. The only thing lacking is some form of rewards system. They expect you to pay for boards and pieces with no incentive.

Covid jail relief


We get locked in covid jail. Monopoly helped us through. Lots of fun!

Seems a little off


Game is fun but seems to favor someone from the start.

Good game


Would like to have a chat function instead of th prompted phrases. And should have a individual scoreboards of lost and wins for each individual player like a player’s lead



Loved this game 20 years ago, and I still love it now!

I love this game

dfvs. gsz

It’s really fun to play with friends and a good practice for the real thing

How good this game is


This game can be frustrating at times but at the end it’s really fun (trust me;))

Great game

Cig Grap3

Definitely a classic game remastered to fit the times

Kinda glitchy


The end turn button is very glitchy, so be warned you may have to quit games because of this, game itself is very fun.

Need to fix problems

abc123 all usernames

Fun, but a big problem: if a person leaves the game or stalls forever, the game has no mechanism to let the game move forward. It just gets stuck there and nobody else gets to play

Best game ever!


Monopoly is such a great game everyone should play!



Smooth gameplay. Feel like the real deal

So much fun


Don’t need to break out the board game. Love it

We enjoy it but would love to see up to 12 player’s playing together.



This game is single handily the greatest game I’ve ever played they should make a communist version of this



I have loved this game since I was a kid now I am glad I can play it on my phone.

Fun for the most part.

ggfghhbjjjhfc vfrfvv

It’s just as fun as it always has been but for the price I’d expect less in app purchases.


Larry Jenkins 21674

Really good time to just past time and relax while you wait

Monopoly is awesome

fortet itt

Thx for making this game ai love it if ever s would someone that doesn’t I’ll kill them this is the best game ever! :)

Add texting


Please add free text on there or add audio if I’m paying for an app i should be able to text my friends instead of the pre text that’s already there

Game is fun of coursed but the dice throwing is not random at all it seems. It’s so bad



Fun to win against your gf 😍

Every free game I see wouldn’t be worth buying but monopoly is worth it.

Love playing this game

Mikey likes it 555

I love this game on the M1’s MacBook Air keep up the good work.


Nobody Cares...

This is the monopoly fix I always needed.



The dice rolls seems less random than ever.

New york board MLB boards NFL boards Donald Trump board

I don’t like it


I did not like it. I expected it to be something better for 4 dollars but no I hated it. I want my money back.

Great overall. No complaints about what exists currently. I hope they add a ranking system of some sort and open it to 6 players instead of just 4.

In app purchases


Paid for the “monopoly for sore losers” and can’t seem to find that version of the game in the app.

This game is a lot of fun but it’s always crashing. You’ll be in the middle of a game and it will freeze. It’s definitely not worth the money unfortunately



There are tons of bugs in the game please fix it they get annoying after a while

It’s nice to have

coon the best

It is all the things you love on monopoly but it can fit in your pocket you can play at any time



Love this game. It's my all time favorite board game. Since my kids are grow and gone I don't have anyone to play with. I just started playing a few days ago and I'm addicted already. Love it. No complaints for me. I can play for hours.



This is more fun to play than the original board game !

Win-loss record


You guys should start a win-loss record and show how many times you got 1st,2nd,3rd or 4th place and make a game chat !

Brain food

Chris Wheeler

I play it more than my kids and husband.



Online players can walk away during a game leaving a game of ppl waiting around for countless amounts of time.

Save game option


Great game play. However, there really needs to be an option to save games to resume at a later time.



I been playing for 5 days straight. I can’t get enough lol I’ve brought all the boards. Sometimes it glitches but I’m sure they’ll fit it.

Chat box


I would love monopoly more if there was a chat box between all the players so it’s easier to know if the players got disconnected from the game when it lags... or also when we can call out other players from taking too long to trade.

It’s a fun game but have played numerous games where I land on income tax 4 or 5 times in a row. Doesn’t seem so random when I know what’s going to happen.

Stellar Game!

oilfield trash42

This is incredible. Did not expect this in a mobile app. Trades with AI players are wild. Very capable AI contenders.

Extremely fun and loving however if you disconnect from a game with friends you can’t join back. Is there anyway that can be adjusted??? Really important !!!!

I don't know why but it's ridiculous that you cant view property information at anytime, not just when it's your turn. There needs to be custom game mode option for online play, in game texting or more comment choses. Thank you



This game is so rigged. Somehow I always manage to land on other players’ properties with houses but they NEVER land on mine.



There should be rewards like if you win an amount of games you can unlock pieces and board instead of buying it with real money. For example if you win 15 games you get a horse piece. Pls respond to this I wanna hear your thoughts

Dice Roll poor


The dice roll is almost predictable. The company needs to work on that.

Monopoly Is Back


Best board game on mobile app easy to do everything under your fingertips

In online multiplayer there is a timer for someone to finish their turn. However, when the player is in the trade screen this timer is completely disabled. Had a game ruined by a player who went to the trade screen and then never came back.



Great game haven’t noticed any flaws other than wish you can customize chats more not enough options to speak directly to other’s

Going Old School


I’m really enjoying this game! You’ve created some really nice themes and they’re fairly priced, how about a classic theme that is plain like the original board? I think I’d buy that one.

The classic game of Monopoly is fun and interactive within this app. The graphics are terrific on the iPad. They mix in the classic game with current technology.

Great purchase!


Are usually don’t purchase games on the App Store, but this one is a must buy! It’s great to play online with random people and connect with friends!

Fun but pricey


I dislike how all the boards etc cost additional money

The most fun I’ve had in 2020



Way too expensive for the add ons. Friends must all buy their own copy



Good game which good graphics and gameplay. It cost money witch isn’t bad, but you have to bye new board for the price of the game. Would of liked more boards.



Hello, pls fix the bug that prevents the players from ending their turn. Thank you

My 9yr old granddaughter bet me...She had 7829 and her 63yr old grandmother has -2001 🤓🤪😂

I love it so so so so much it is fun !

Pause and go


I love this app. The only thing, I wish that there was a way to pause and go with the game. Every time I click on a notification the game gets disconnected.

Perfect on the go


Plane trips are so much better now

Love Monopoly


I like your Monopoly game because I like to play with my family!

Good game


Follows the theme of the physical game!!!



This game is the best one in App Store for me


Emee G

I love this game, but it would be much more fun with achievements, quests, or something similar. After winning a few games, I got bored!

You can’t stop playing with this classic game.



This game is quite fun and addictive. I love the themes and token choices. The animations are cool, only wish there was a way to speed them up other than tapping the screen.

Love the game- but


I love the game, we play it almost daily... I wanted to start buying other boards but ever time we play the snow board I bought it freezes and we can’t finish the game. So I guess we have to stick with the classic board.

Another level


Very addictive more fun than playing in person

Great App I’ve been waiting on the Monopoly app and your guys delivered I love it.


Common draft

Never played this when I was a kid but it’s been very enlightening

Nice game


Nice i had a lot of fun but my grandma doesn’t like how fast it is but I love it

Great Experience!


This game was so much fun! The game dynamics seem well thought out. I love the option to create my own rules.

Very fun. The whole family can enjoy!!!

Lots of fun.


It brings back a lot of wonderful memories. A bit addictive.

Very fun! But I cannot hear any sounds even mute option is off and sound bar is max.

I never pay for games but I really love monopoly. It worked good for about an hour. Now it crashes every couple minutes. I’m disappointed.

I don’t know for sure but it seems like the AI is cheating.



There should be like records for each player and like ranks and what not

Themes should be free or a lot cheaper at least. The packs should also drop in price



When playing the ai the dice rolling is super rigged every game against you no matter the options and it tends to gang up on you 3 to 1 not actually random at all

chinese please


i need chinese please please please!

Love the game ‘

kiwi 💘😍

This game is so great there is no way cheaters can cheat now ! And I just won a game, fair and square . <3

Need to use a lens to read the signs.

Game is great wish I wouldn’t have to pay 6 dollars for the different board themes :(

Too good to be true


No glitches no nothing just a good game worth what it costs

Timeless classic


The game is great, very enjoyable, but after paying to download it do you really expect me to pay $6.99 for each theme? That’s insane

Classic fun


Overall great classic monopoly fun just wish there was more like a reward system for cosmetics

Awesome Game!!


Awesome Game👹👹👹🤠🤠🤠👽👽👻🤡🤡🤡🎃🎃🎃

Absolutely enjoyable. You won’t get $200 for passing the App Store, but you should definitely buy this app!

Monopoly is an awesome game with various themes and tokens. You roll the dice to move your token and buy a property. From Baltic to Boardwalk, you’ll be coming back for more! 💵💵💵🎲🎲🎲

Golden Tokens


It seems like a lot to pay for a new token that looks similar to the ones we already have. Can we have the option Ta buy “Golden” tokens? Now that’s a token I would buy!



This is an awesome app!!! Only opportunity would be make the texting or messages better.. These one word response is horrible



It’s super addictive once you start playing and really fun!

Very good but chairman of the board just takes the money and puts it in the bank rather than paying other players and receiving a birthday gift of $10 gives money without taking it from other players.

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I wish monopoly deal could be created. Please the card game!

Great app


The app is way less buggy thanks!!! Just wish that when you played with friends online you could have a custom message or custom messages #please

The best


Take your time and have faith very fun



Great game, I wish that more players could play each other

PJ’s Wife

Aunt Peanuts

Just wish the board was a little larger. I really enjoy playing.

Fun fun fun


I wouldn’t you like this game. It’s monopoly

You guys are greedy


I’d have 5 stars but I mean I paid 3.99 for the game and everything is locked but one game board

Good game


Would like to type comments in the game instead of the prompted phrases. Is now freezing a lot during online games

This is a great game


I’d recommend buying this it’s really great once I got it I have been playing since I got it

Great game and great animations.

Fun game


Wonderful game. Lots of fun. Expect a game to last a hour or so

Not random


They cheat for the computers playing and it’s really un fun. I land on the same places every time and i don’t even get money for padding go bc i constantly land on the same thing

Needs new boards ASAP


It needs to have more playable boards monopoly has been out for to many years not to have at least 15 playable boards


Bible learners

I play with my family. Good business lessons behind the game.

Online multiplayer


It would be really great if we could add a friend and play an online match with other people.

Do not recommend


This game is rigged in a way that makes it feel unbalanced. I had about 10 hotels set up and for about 12-14 turns, the last standing player kept skipping past all my hotels. I’ve played about 25 games and I have not been having fun.

Great old school game


Great old school game you can play forever.

Really fun


Pretty sure it rigs the dice but its fun to play and consumes a good amount time if you got time to burn

Great features


Love the online game feature but very disappointing that the game limit is for 4 players. Group of friends play this on the Nintendo switch with 6 players and have a great time. We’ve all paid for this app but not all of us can play :/

No sound


There is no sound as of November 8th, 2020

Great game


When will you be able to save a game with friends and play over a few days? (ie. Game Center)

Awesome, but


I love monopoly, and it is my favorite game. I think they should have another free version besides classic though. I love that they have an online game though.


no promo codes

The game just started to have stability issues with reconnecting. I have deleted the app, reinstalled and reset my network with no success.

Love the electronic version. I just wish there were more board options and I didn’t have to pay for them.

I love this game


I love this game when I was planning my future I gust gave up but this game made me believe in myself

Best Game


Define my worth the money. I play this all day as much as I can.

Would be nice to be able to reduce/eliminate animations, and generally pick up the pace of the computer opponents in single player mode. In addition, why does the game have any need to paste from the clipboard??

I love it


This game is so amazing 😍 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️

Sell your properties


When player is mad he can sell all his properties and over bankrupt himself. As a result game glitches and don’t understand what has happened and game freezes and no one can play. So if you mad just do this and ruin this glitchy game!!!!

Awesome Game


Awesome game just like real life, worth every penny



Love it, looking forward to future updates to make this great game even better!

The Dice


The number generator for the dice make it feel like the odds are against you so much! It's makes the game feel extremely hard to win.

Pretty good


I like it it’s pretty good. you get what you paid for, not as good as the real thing through

This occurs in some instances where after we are half way through, the game just gets stuck

I love board games but now a days most don't. I love that I can play with others online and friends. In a time where you can’t really meet new people cause of covid this is a good way to have fun stay safe and still play with other people.

Great game, but...


I love the multiplayer aspect of the game. However, I’m kinda disappointed that the game doesn’t offer the option to have a friend join, and then have the option to go public to will the empty player spaces rather then just putting in AI.



Just like my childhood memories

could use some work


when a property is on auction, the board can’t be consulted to see if the property would benefit you to own. also the online play with friends doesn’t work.

Needs to add more players in lobby. We got friends that would love to play but is restricted to the current max 4.

Freezes a lot after putting in a lot of time into a game. Annoying. Also needs to fix when someone leaves the game. A time limit or something before the CPU takes over.

True To The Original

Minimalist Dude

Although the pandemic has made it difficult to hold an in-person game of Monopoly, this game has made it possible! Great visuals and easy to use. It’s 100% true to the original game.

I’ve been waiting for a Monopoly game for iOS and this is it! Fun to play and easy to figure out. Still has a few (very minor) bugs but nothing that impedes playing.

So much fun


Very enjoyable! No bugs or issues. Worth the cost

Great investment


This is worth every cent. Especially since a lot of us cant be in the same room to play monopaly, this is almost just as good especially over facetime.

Great classic


Love the fact it’s not pay to play and none of those annoying ads.



Excellent game epic classic If you could skip the animations it would be even better!

It eh is that you pay $4 for this game yet you only get the bare minimum. No extra boards or any extras at all. Might as well make it a free game.

Need more cities


Great game, other cities need to be available to use



Love it! Would be five stars if it kept track of your statistics.

Monopoly is the best!


It is so fun and it saves your progress when you log off. You can play with friends and family. It is great.

Online game


Playing multiplayer online can be annoying because people won’t go and you can’t vote them out. Some people do it on purpose so everyone quits.

A some super fun to play with friends



Great fun game but the odds are not I. Your favor to win compare to other Kat or s



Exactly what you would expect from the hasbro monopoly game

All right!


It’s fun, we might need to have free purchase on bundles and no Single player AI they cheat cause, well... they’re AIs

I hate the board game because it is so long... but I love the live action app and the game on consoles! It’s a great family game!



You should make it so we can go back in the online with friends and not have to play it all the time and make it so we can go back in when ists our turn.

Great but could be better


One of my biggest complaints is that you can’t join back in if you closed the app on accident. 2ndly, you cannot socialize in this game. Would be cool to be able to send messages other than what’s composed.

I love this app!


It is so much fun I played the game for a long time!

Fix this!


This game needs a feature where people are removed from the game for stalling and trolling! If someone is stalling and holding the game up you


Ranger Fan293

Best 3 dollars spent on a game app!! Not buggy at all. Sometimes it lets players wait too long before taking their turn though. Other than that, great!

This is fun


This is so fun and it is so great try it out now because I love you Det and I just won my first game it was fun I hope you downloaded it or download it now and I hope your first game today have fun

The Game Freezes Often & There Needs to Be a Chat Box

Well thank god for this amazing and surprisingly addicting game. Just as exciting as the real thing and easy to play.


Amazing Game


You always have somebody to play monopoly with, even when your family is being lame

Best game app ever!!!!


This game is addicting..the online cooperation is near perfect ...contestants are very competitive..only upgrades I request is free parking money for online pay and more deal options like (free ride ) on people property

Cross tie

tamper regulator

Great game. Have played it since a boy on the board game. This game obviously cheats by not hitting on your property but will hit on the computer property more so.

Love the game, animations and sounds! Only thing I

Worth it!

CeeCee Rose




This game could be really fun, but the computer ALWAYS WINS. Even when you set it at the

Good game


Would like to type comments in the game instead of the prompted phrases



Stop making it obvious on who yall choose to win I notice glitches in every game



This game is fun and addicting. I wish the other board themes weren

Love it


Great game, excellent graphics.

Love this app but there isn

Could get boring


Could get boring after a while but still runs good

Great game!


They lost a star due to the fact that I have to pay for a different background ? otherwise great game. I

Mono money

Diego Flava

This is a cool interactive game but I only gave it a three because players are allowed to sit in their turn without a time limit dragging the game and making the other players leave an already open game.

Fun, but...


I wish the app kept track of win/loss stats!

Good game but the dice rolls arent random

Game can be too long, make an option where you can save an online or offline game to be able to finish at a later time, that’s about the only problem with this game, matches are too long sometimes.

Great graphics!

this ol' lady!

I like this version of Monopoly a lot however, it seems that your opponent earns more money when they land on “Chance”. It feels like money is taken from me but the opponent almost always earns big money.

Fun game. Great reliability. Just wish you could play online multiplayer with more than 4 players. Gets old quick with 4.

No Saved Games


I just got the game and am enjoying playing against AI competitors. My only complaint is that if I have to leave an unfinished game, it disappears, forcing me to begin a new game. Not cool.

This app is amazing

Dougie Beaumont

I just kicked her aaaaaaaaaaaaah... no wait, I will not gloat. That would be so rude of me. So forget that crap I was about to type. But I am the best!

Customized texts

Unhappy_camper 😡

Can you guys add a customized text feature? That would be nice.

I’ve never played a game that was so rigged. Great graphics, but so incredibly biased towards the computer it’s simply irritating. Save your money.

Great to play with family and friends.Great thing is it’s compatible with Android and iOS. Very fun and great for pass time. I highly recommend this as a must have app.



Tengo problemas para jugar en línea !!!! Muchos problemas !!!! Y me gustaría escribir mis propios mensajes !!! Por favor Gracias me encanta esta app!!! Pero hay problemas aún en línea

Needs stats


Needs a ranking system and statistics

Froze on me once while I was winning Update: froze again Update #2: froze again

Not fake good job

oli the gymnast

When I bought this I thought it would’ve been fake but it isn’t it is amazing

Me liky

ooo kayy

It is good and I feel powerful it is only missing a star because I had it to where if one person gets out I auto win so ya I wanted to play more

Certain chance cards do not act correctly, Example: Birthday person gets money, but other players don’t lose the appropriate amount. Chairman of board doesn’t work as card says...



Lets make that roll a little more convincing. More randomized chances and community cards.



I just played and once again screwed. This time the worst. 7 times the other 3 players passed by my 7 properties without landing on them. Really? I’m sorry I spent money with you. Not ever again

Love it

T Frat

This is the best app for the greatest game ever!!

Please at least put our win loss ratio somewhere. Having no stats for our online play is super disappointing

The game is fun but I bought the thing that gives me all Christmas things and it didn’t work I want the items or a refund so please do one of those things

The code to play with friends won’t work

it’s cool


This game cheats horribly on the hard setting but other than that’s its very entertaining when needing something to do

Awesome app!!!

That boy rad

I’ve Always loved this game. I’m so glad that I can enjoy playing it on my phone!



It’s fun but on multiplayer it’ll freeze up half of the time and doesn’t allow the next player to roll and it just stays stuck. And then you have to close out the app and start over. Pretty lame.

I think that this game would be a lot better if you were able to write things to say instead of having templates for comments. Also there should be prizes for the ones who win.

The game is fun when it works perfectly but often there are bugs. Nothing more frustrating for the game to randomly say it’s “reconnecting” in the middle of an auction.

It’s only up to 4 players. However, why not allow observers in the room? Shouldn’t be too difficult.

Great but


It is a great app to play. But they have some bad things, like you have to spend money on the app

Leaderboard needed!


The game is enjoyable, but can seem rigged when AIs never land on your property hotels after 20+ games. People cheat in multiplayer a lot using trading cheats. But we need a leaderboard and a system to ban cheaters.

too much fun


My husband doesn’t want to buy me one in person and if i buy myself he wouldn’t play. so i paid for this game and the best 4 dlls in my life! i love how you can choose the computer levels makes it much more challenging and fun

Best game


Best game of all time I now I’m gonna win once I got boardwalk and park place

Skips spaces


The token does not always advance the number rolled. Happens at least twice a game when playing AI.

My kid loves the board game.... it bores me to death... this I can play with him and we both have fun!

Poor AI

The Chadders

If you started this game with hotels on every property, your AI opponents would amazingly suddenly only land on card and corner pieces. In real life, greens are rarely landed on and oranges commonly landed on. The reverse is true here.


Cardinal baseball

I love this game. It’s so addicting

My cousins and I purchased the game and we love it. We play almost every night. Here’s the issue. It always kicks us out or it freezes. It been doing that for every game lately. Please fix the issues for a game we purchased!!

Player colors


In the game their are four colors to identify your property purple pink green and blue when your playing a single player game you can’t be any other color but purple it would be cool if you could pick or if you had a color blind mode/ game.

I love this app but why can’t more than 4 people play in one game? Someone in my group is always left out when we want to play and it ruins the fun.



Should be able to unlock boards after a win, and they shouldn’t be for purchase.

i love it!!

sunglass chick 142

i really like this game!! it is super fun and just like the original.



The game crashes 6/10 times I play online.

Fun sometimes


Glitches from time to time but overall me and my friends really enjoy playing together

Very fun!


Your classic monopoly game on your phone!!! So much fun and you can play with friends or if you’re alone choose the difficulty rules whatever! Love it!

Great game


Great game, love playing it during my spare time


chris in PH

In the middle of online a games, it has locked up twice now. I suspect it is another player not playing while losing. Needs fixed.

Rank and Tier System

Cert Reviewer

I think it’s time... I don’t really have to say too much, but implementing this will increase the competitiveness, incentive feeling from the consumer, and the ratings.

Love it but


It is absolutely amazing but sometimes it doesn’t work even if it is fully updated and everything

The AI needs some work. It's just a tad bit rigged when it comes to playing against computers. Doesn't make the game realistic or fun.

Could you add the speed dice

Anonymous person 111

So I am a Monopoly lover and when I got it I could not find speed dice and I was super sad so could you add this?

Choose ribbons


I love the game but can you please make it so you can choose the ribbon that you play with

With a slick presentation, and quick paced game play. The only caveat being overly priced aesthetic in-app purchases.



That was a fun game and player 1 is a good player and he put the Boardwalk with hotels in it with the Park Place with hotels.

Great game


It’s a little pricy but one u get it is very good

The best


So lovely reminds me of my childhood



Way better than I thought it would be!

Rolling dice


Rolls seem like glitchy but all and all fun wasted time

More Players plz.

An Alien From the Ga

I’m just gonna get straight to the point. Please add more players. Thx

Bigger border


Playing on my iPad and would rather have less center area and outer area so the properties could be larger and easier to see.

Simply fun


I have XBOX, PlayStation, etc but I pull this game out and play in bed all the time. It’s just perfectly simple and quick enough to play by yourself. Very well done, especially the customized house rules!

That feature would make this so much better.

I like it ok. well done!


It’s good, but I don’t like how you don’t show how to make you friends. 🧸it’s good!



When I was a child I would place their with my many uncles. Is they don’t play anymore and I face bots but the bots probably cheat less than my uncles so I cannot complain.

I get just as mad/excited playing in real life, good stuff, maybe make some events and stuff with different rules and this would be the best game in the App Store

Chat room


It would be a 5 star definitely. Just because they didn’t make a chat room it’s 4... I think that crucial in this type of games! Improve that and it’s gonna be perfect!



I love this game but it cheats but still I love it a lot

Save option


Make it so you’re able to save when playing with’s a good game..just don’t really have time to play an hour+ game of monopoly in one sitting...

EST game


I like it because it is very easy to play same a rail one I promise you will enjoy it



Great wish they would create a scoreboard form week to week

Servers are laggy


I really love this game but on my phone it’s just freezes on game screen and makes game frozen. I don’t know what to do and what I can fix

My Favorite Board Game


This is a awesome game, it is pretty hard if you have a disadvantage but if you have a advantage, free when until you make a bad decision, not bad

Freezes often

Mina Os

Cool game but literally every second time I play the game freezes mid-game causing you to lose everything! SUPER frustrating! Also it would be cool if there was some type of leaderboard that keeps score.

Wish the AI was smarter

Your mom's crack hou

Love being able to play Monopoly on the go. My only complaint is that the AI characters make the dumbest trades ever. Who would trade one property for another without getting a monopoly in return??? Oh well still love playing it.

Add more players


You can only play with 3 friends online make it to be at least 6 players playing

Real chat option

real chat.

Love the app would love it if I could actually chat with my friends when playing this game

reda plz

Aidan 364

this game is fine but it needs some fixing

Review by a monopoly lover.

warrior da best...

My review. . . . This game is fun but it needs more flexibility and more tokens. . . I love their stats feature but there could be more. . . Over all it is really fun it has lots of pros and a few cons... Rating: 4.2



It’s fun to play when it actually works. There has yet been a game where I don’t have to sit for at least 10 minutes to reconnect for no reason.



Great!!! Fun!!! Addictive!!! I would love for them to add (at least) “smh” and “lol” to the chat option!!!

Download this for my son, and we end up playing it together every day. We’re getting friends and family together over the Internet. Great for these times when we have to stay socially distant. Thank you for making this!

Worth the 3.99


Most people complain about the online multiplayer mode but everything has been running smooth since i started to play the game. Best board game ever




Great game, but....


Really enjoy the game, however it would be good to be able to save a custom online game so it can be continued if someone accidentally closes the app. Make that change and I’ll give it 5 stars.


chips n fish

Really fun can play on the same device or separate devices.Yes it does cost money but it’s worth it.

Fun game but frustrating that I cannot speed up slow play. And, playing on line it is clear that I play mostly game bots.

Rigged PC


The computer players are definitely not random and totally rigged

Game Freezes :(


Just when I finally found a game paid for and love it states freezing after a couple of weeks So frustrating!!!

Don’t lose reception or else


You will automatically be removed and unable to join back, a stupid future that needs improvement... I put 40 minutes of my own life into this game and can’t reconnect. Absolutely horrid.



I had so much fun playing it. It’s been a while since my father in Vietnam, now I have something to live for. Thank you monopoly



Seems like in every match, one player is chosen as the favorite, one-sided most of the time.

Great game!

Rome John

This is a great game to play! There is only one thing I could add which is a live chat room while the game, just want to have custom messages in a friend great games

Good game to play online or on road trip with family using the same iPad

Amazing game


This game is very fun too play worth the money

You can only have four friends play at a time online. You should be able to have as many as you want!

This is my favorite game I love how you can go against online people and pick your characters it’s one of my favorite games I’ve ever had (Love) (Lailah).

Very fun with friends!

Mac Catrambone

Awesome game. 4 stars because of some connectivity issues



Won't allow others to make a trade with me. Impossible to play this way.

Definitely need more boards ASAP. -new york -Donald Trump edition board (it was a limited release about 20 years ago) -nfl -yankees -miami dolphins

I’m trying to play a match with friends online & it’s saying the host has a better version then mine & i can’t find a way to update it or anything

Very fun game

Halo sims

Just wish this had 6 player online option



Love this game at any age wish they had candy land game lol



You should not be able to make money in jail because at end game you can just camp in there and make money while others have to keep rolling and giving money to them when we land on their properties

best game ever


i really enjoy this game so much, 5 star for the amazing quality of this game

Love this game and play it very often with my friends. After the update I can’t connect with my friends and it’s very frustrating!!

Turns take too long to complete.

New Version


I’m not sure if it’s just me or not. But this new version of the game is causing a glitch when I attempt to trade. It doesn’t allow me to view it. Just auto-rejects.


we qqq we eeeee

Great game but please fix connectivityy!!!!!!!

The only downside to the game is the disconnect and joining back

I grew up on this Game and I love playing it. I definitely notice the update. It’s wayyy smoother! 😍



Game crashes to much. When playing online cant tab in and out without crashing the game.

Honestly I love this game in every single way, except one thing. I just wish that there could be more than just 4 players. I wish that they choose up to 6 players like the original! Other than that amazing game!!

With all the money I’m sure they are receiving . They can’t fix all the bugs this game has . Very sad . This game could be great but nope . It’s just bad .


Misty B.

I have enjoyed playing this game. However it does glitch. The game freezes up in the middle of a game so you have to quit the game and start a new one. When this app works right the game is fun and addictive.



A classic board game that’s even more fun on mobile! I love it.



Fun game but needs and update. Custom online games would be great


Yeet Dab

This is the best game in the App Store.

First win


They need to update the game play internet play, this is the first time i win since downloading the app people have figured a way to creeze the game and knock people out when winningThis is my for



To pay $3.99 for a game the have froze on me on 2 different games is not ok. This error needs to be fixed.

fix the glitches ! 😡😡😡


fix this FOUR DOLLAR game P L E A S E. when I play on multiplayer, or with friends , all it does iS GLITCH !! I have a special place in my heart for monopoly , but this app just plain ruins it >:[. Please fix it !!!!! Or else 😡😡



Good app just needs game chat no game chat makes it boring that’s why it only gets 4 starts NEEDS GAME CHAT ASAP!!

Don’t seem to fix.


This app is everything I hoped it would be, but I have not gotten farther than buying properties. The game crashes and I wish I didn’t spend $4 to everyone else going through the same thing for months.



It’s the best game and you can customize your own game!!!

Have problems with online mode

Carlos Mas y Rubi

terrible the game have bugs please fix the online mode and the friends playing mode

please update Chinese in the game



Online games freeze frequently.


gummy bear11 cherry

The game is great but you should be able to zoom in.

I just gotta say if you are board on a plane then or no WiFi just play the single version it is as fun as the other game modes and keeps you entertained so buy it and BOOM...your life is changed

Good game but you have to pay for upgrades even after paying for game plus you get disconnected a lot .

Not bad


It’s decent enough. My only huge gripe is that there should be an option to just opt out of receiving trade deals. The computer offering the exact same trade deal Every. Single. Turn. for the entire game is beyond annoying.

This game is almost perfect and just like monopoly but it seems like I can’t get a game in without it freezing and I have to restart. Very frustrating.

Trade logic between AI is a joke. One AI trading a brown property and $50 (still no monopoly) to another AI that gives up a monster property to get a monopoly. That’s crap. Easy fix would be to have a no property trades option.

Great game

crazy kid1570

Fun to play with friends and family. My only hope is that this game will get new boards to play on, rules, and pieces to play as.😎✅

This game hangs up on trades and it’s annoyingly annoying. I would like my money back.

Addictive to the max

Dragin Slayer

Didn’t notice I was playing for hours and dozed off in my sleep playing.

Can add a chat box to multiplayer to communicate Game freezes in multiplayer too and kicks me out

Not working


Won’t allow me to buy houses, please update :(

Obviously the game itself is amazing, but if you buy this app expect 60% of your games to disconnect mid game. They need to fix this ASAP.



I’m really happy with how the game runs, but there is an issue with the multiplayer modes. If a player leaves the app or anything like that, they are kicked from the game entirely.



Need to add chat for online play and fix the online play. The game freezes after a while and cannot continue play. Great game overall with some minor adjustments needed.

I like the app. I would like it much better if it did not often freeze up and make me exit a game.

Game Locks Up


Purchased $30 pass, now locks on trade. Don’t recall it happening before purchasing and changing themes. Hope devs fix this.

Freezes a lot


Love the game n effects but it freezes sooo much!! The game will be going good n right in the middle of it it freezes I have to quit n start over super frustrating n I’m always last to take me turn



Multiple times I’ve been deep in a game and it froze. Very disappointed in this especially since it’s a paid app. UNACCEPTABLE. Adding a chat room would be nice as well.

Three out of every four online games disconnects at some point and makes you loose any progress. You don’t get an error or anything, just nothing happens. It’s pretty frustrating to pay for a poor experience like this.



I love this game ...BUTTTT!! there are TO many games I lose because I am winning and it freezes 😐‼️🙌🏽 please fix ...(FIX) I hate losing because I’m winning or in a great position ‼️



Although i enjoy the game, it is very frustrating when other players stop playing and every one has to wait. There should be penalties for abandoning a game or stalling.

Played the computer that was greedy and bought every property they could but they went belly up with my hotels and added houses!!

Amazing game


It’s an amazing game but I’m wondering if hasbro will add a fallout monopoly skin or five nights at Freddy’s skin for the board and tokens



It’s most definitely worth paying to play! Me and my wife enjoy this better then the actual board game! You can’t cheat lol

Bug with latest release


The multiple game has been disconnecting for no reason



It kicks out the player mid game A LOT!!!!

Multiplayer keep crashing i am upset that I pay for a broken game.

Like the board game

Busy teacher in KY

To my surprise, this is a lot like playing the board game.



When I try playing with my friends online, it always disconnect. My phone can send a message saying I have 20% left on my phone , once I click ok, the game disconnect. And also I’m tired of receiving the same 5 chance and community chest cards.



Sometimes when I’m playing the game online with a friend one or both get disconnected .Please work on that I paid $4



It is a great game for kids and also kind of teaches them some math

Thank you!


I’ve missed playing Monopoly since I had my LG flip phone- thank you for bringing it back!

Need a update


It’s been freezing up lately on me

When i try play with my friends online it freezes and doesn’t start. Can you fix it?

Has Potential


I play quite often but have yet to complete an online game. It ALWAYS crashes. While it’s working though, it is fun and brings back childhood memories. I would just love to complete a game.



I love this game ...BUTTTT!! there are TO many games I lose because I am winning and it freezes 😐‼️🙌🏽 please fix ...(FIX) I hate losing because I’m winning ‼️



Great game always disconnects you in the worst time when playing and doesn’t let you back in.

This game needs to get it together. I literally opened my notifications to change my song and it’s telling me I got disconnected .. I was on such a good streak.

I can’t get the room code to work. Boo.

Love it


I love that it’s finally here, hopefully you can add some sort of chat functionality when playing multiplayer and online. Also a notification would be nice when a player leaves an online session and it switches to AI.

Online friend play

Zach Stefanski

Easily give this 5 stars if you guys could add a way to talk to players/friends every time I have something to say I go to text them and it disconnects and won’t reconnect. Very disappointing

The game freezes if any player has $3000+. As long as you play in medium mode or harder then no player will reach $3000 and the game will work fine. Overall game is fun if you love Monopoly



i think it needs a little work sometimes it just freezes and glitches also i just close the game and restart it again and works perfect

Keeps glitching :(


Love the game! However it keeps glitching to where I can’t roll the dice and then gets stuck.. My wife and I were trying to play and when my turn came up, it was as if it wasn’t my turn, and I couldn’t roll

The game is fun. I would like them to make it so you can pause a game and resume it later so you do not need to end it when you want to stop.



Great classic monopoly however, I have never been able to play a full game because it always crashes before the end. This is extremely frustrating but I would give it 5 stars if it didn’t crash.

Awesome but BUGS!!!!



Went to online play tokens at start but nothing happens, how do u begin?

Needs fixed


Game will freeze when playing with friends and then will not let you rejoin the game



This game is awesome so far. I’ve only played against the AI so far, so I assume online will be more competitive! Lots of fun!

When playing nline players, the screen will randomly free e and the only option is to quit out of the game... a annoying bug



I like it but this game have too much issue,bug,crash.....hope u solve all problem.....when playing this game can stop anytime and everytime



Anyone complaining about not being able to take breaks or turn based paced out over a few days are remedial. It will take a month if it was turn based.



Bidding on property is hard to understand.



The game is fun but it freezes to much too many glitches

Woth the money

T Reviews 🧐😾

This game runs smoothly and is fully playable without any extra in app purchases. I am addicted to monopoly so this app for me means more than just a fun time.



Great game worth the money, just wish the pass wasn’t so expensive! ☹️



Love the game but lots of glitches that need to be fixed

Too Robotic


The chance of the die at some points of the game is predictable, also it freezes and you have to reset to unfreeze,

fun games


please add chinese language !fix bugs!

Wish you could save an online game with friends so you could continue it later. Also, wish you talk to each other during the game

Should be able to stop play and come back. Once you leave game you can’t enter it once left. Should be a perk of this specific game.

Why does it freeze?

King Account

Halfway through a game, it freezes. Why? Why is Marvin Gardens base rent 22$, not 24? Why does the chance & community cards reset when you resume a game at a later point? iPhone11 plus

Doesn’t load


This app would be awesome if they would fix the bugs. It doesn’t want to load and crashes in the middle of games. Would by the updated 26 dollar bundle if there were no glitches

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