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Moonlighter app recently received 31 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 1 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Moonlighter app an average rating of 4.50 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 1.2K ratings since its release on Nov 20 by bit studios sa. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Moonlighter?

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Rated 4.45 out of 5

1.2K global ratings

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31 Positive User Reviews for Moonlighter

How to drop items?

This game is great! But how in the heck do we drop items in mobile?

Dungeon exquisite

This is my all time favorite. The dungeons, the enemies, the ways you can level and ways you can’t, the story is background to your journey but cute so far. Love this game on here and Switch. It’s on all though.


What a great game. I love the different aspects of the game. The dungeon crawling and combat is good. The shop managing is also super fun. The crafting system keeps one coming back for more stuff all the time. A super addictive and fun game.

Love it! Only one request

I would like to be able to choose to play a female character

Other 11 bits games

Bring Children of morta to ios will be good😌😍

good game!

Nice dev team! They responded my message!

some feedback when battle

I dont know why player can not go back to home in the middle of exploring, I prefer this game to be more like monster hunter series, you go to battle, collect things then back to home whenever you want to sell things or pick missions.

Great game.

Needs better controller support and inventory storage for dungeons.


This is truly by far without the shadow of a doubt the greatest game I have ever played hands down!! Great work 11 Bit Games!!

Fun game

Great art and music. Relaxing and fun. Interesting items to collect.

Great game

I love this game!! The only reason it's not a 5 star is because of the fact that every time I try and start the game it just keeps loading and loading and loading and loading. Please fix this!!

Good Game, but Buggy

Game is good, but the controls are buggy and there’s an infinite load screen bug.

Punching slimes for fun and profit

Very fun premium game, like Zelda for capitalists Buggy tho: I’m on an ancient iPad Air 2 and sometimes my equipped items’ icons are invisible, stacking items needs some work, and the “inspect” mechanic is a hassle. Still a joy.


The Mimic familiar seems to have a bug. swapping out items with it can lock the screen. Otherwise, this is a super fun game!

Great game to relax after a days of work

Not super addictive, which is a good thing at least for me, just good game to sit down and relax and play to.

Awesome ! need DLC

Awesome game, worth the money. i heard theres a dlc. bring it to IOS please thank you

I don’t usually spend money on apps

I decided to give this app a shot and spend some $ buying it and I have never made a better decision. This is so much fun I keep playing till it’s night out 😂

Bug report

Ipad air 2 When the countdown slime boss is activated, rolling into a particular secret hole (i think it is the one that holds a history book) causes game crash.

No controller support

Please support controllers, the game is great

Fix the lag

It was running fine until the new update. Now it’s all laggy and buggy. Fix it!!!!


I love the game since it was on pc and now having it mobile allows me to get some gaming on the go it would be nice to see some controller support tho but I still love it the same keep up the good work and yea this is amazing

Great game needs controller support

I played this game on Xbox. Loved it so bought it on mobile. Great game all it needs now is controller support. This will make the fame even greater. Thanks for all the hard work on the game!

good game

but you will not want to play second time

great game

it is an awesome game. However, the game keep crashing on my phone for no reason. It also give me a weird message say that someone using my account already then proceeds to kick me out of the map.

A game of passion indeed 💜😭🙏

A game of passion indeed 💜😭🙏

Want to leave 5 star but

As others have said, controls are a bit wonky. My biggest complaint is that there’s not enough instruction as far as how to play, and when you should come back and sell. Last complaint is... losing 75% of your goods when you die is ridiculous.

Great game

Responsive developers fantastic game. I look forward to it getting better and better. Thank you.

Rough on Device

Fun game, but immediately heats up my iPad Air2 to crazy high temp. Super fast battery drain as well.

Pretty harsh rating for a great game

I think this game is fantastic and I’m sure there will be an update to fix the controls that alone does not deserve a one star rating it’s a fantastic game with a minor control issue still playable. Thank you for a great game

Great game.

Devs added better controls very quickly, and it is very much appreciated.

1 Negative User Reviews for Moonlighter

Want to play...

Just bought the game, really excited have it on the ps4 started the app, created my save file, chose my settings, now stuck on a loading screen...

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