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Mr Bullet - Shooting Game app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Mr Bullet - Shooting Game app an average rating of 4.68 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 168.7K ratings since its release on Apr 24 by Lion Studios. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Mr Bullet - Shooting Game?

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Rated 4.80 out of 5

168.7K global ratings

5 Star
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Explore global reviews of the Mr Bullet - Shooting Game app: Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden.

45 Positive User Reviews for Mr Bullet

Good cake

Good cake but not good for children and you can’t turn of the blood but I’m 17


It’s so cool like to meet us a stressful reliever I can relieve so many so much stress on people but I just killing them and it’s fine easy and I let my kids play it sometimes but there are 12 and 13

Great game.

I played this at my childhood.

This game is fun

Thank you to whoever made this game


I love this game, I play it all the time! So fun and so many different types and levels. I give this game a good 4! <3 The reason it’s a 4 and not a 5 star is because I like this game but every like 2 or 3 kills you get an add. Which I understand because every single game as adds all the time unless u pay for them not to.


the game is really fun! but there's one problem, every time I choose to re-do the level there's an add. same thing with finishing it, there's a lot of ads, but that's the only problem. the game is great!


Said Hey this week is going good

Play this game at home at the park in the morning

I’m going on the phone a lot right now

To many ads

I love the game there is one problem I just see too many ads

Fun game

10/10 very fun no ads either

Good game

It is just very fun and when your bored it is a good game to play

This game is epic

Mr bullet has tons of fun different game modes which makes the game really good and exiting.


Game is so fun and kind of relaxing


Really good game

Delete hostages mode

Delete Hostages Mode and replace it with something actually good or imma get my discord server with 50,000+ Members and tell them to rate 1 star

Awesome game so much fun

You are not different models and do a lot of cool stuff you should definitely play this game

The ads

The ads are way too frequent, like especially in duel when one in every three rounds has an ad or more and the ads don’t give you anything, and you can turn your internet off and there aren’t any ads but then you can’t play duel so what’s the point, and devs, if your seeing this please offer us more reward videos or advertise more things that cost money and don’t spam us with ads, just makes it unplayable. But that aside, great game, five stars without ads.

Mr. bullet shooting games

This game is so awesome and I love completing all the levels until I get to all the levels I get so finally the challenges and I love whatever you made this whoever made this it is so stinking amazing miserable it is so fun I love this game so much that I want to say yes in a middle school of the night

Best game ever

I love it so much I’m having so much fun playing it

Jdjd dj em and costumes would recommend its a classic

Yeah the title nxnsnxusnxj



great game

this game is one of the most best and addicting game i've ever played. You can pick any skin you want. usually shooting games i play only give me like 1 bullet. this ge gibes like 5 bullets. if you mess up you can press the redo button. theier is different places you can go. i think you should get this game you will love it. -fortnite god

It’s so fun thanks for making it!!!!

It’s so fun and cool thank you again for making it !!!

I love everything but can you guys do Underwater map for free?

I love everything but can you guys do you underwater map for free?


I love your game its so fun but you should add new worlds

Mr. battle

It’s an amazing game

It’s very fun and btw I’m not the creator of the game reviewing it

It’s very easy to learn how to play

Mr bullet

Mr bullet is super cool🤩 When you shoot the people there blood 🩸 it’s cool I like the skins and guns vary cool and have lot off fun😀 I like that game a lot 👍🏻

Mr bullet

Best game in the hole wide world


Very nice and is not laggy


Awesome it is really fun i don’t care what anyone says bruh

Mr bullet

Mr bullet is so fun and improves your aim and I am great at it

A+ game

It’s an game you play when your bored it exceeds in that and it’s overall fun and great

Mindless fun

For a younger crowd but it’s a good game for just killing time, like solitaire.

Why I love this game

This game should by the top game of the year LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Granny 10

Nice but way to many ads!?



Love it

This game is lovely and creater is so cool


It’s a great fun game and it’s is also addicting.

Best Game!

Mr Bullet has given me a lot of skill! It made me so good and used other modes. Thank you for making this game!

MR. Bullet

It’s a really good game if you haven’t tried it already you should🔥🔥🔥

Great download this game boredom killer

Plz make this old version 3d i like the other game but this hits different Cool like all the modes add even more lol Maybe ( user created levels )!!!! Love the characters

Love the game

It is very fun but always try to make you watch adds


Good good good good good I love this game not in a dark way

Best game ever

Best game ever Cuz it is

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