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Nails Done! app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 12 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Nails Done! app an average rating of 4.42 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 15.2K ratings since its release on Sep 20 by Lion Studios. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Nails Done!?

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Rated 4.02 out of 5

15.2K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Nails Done!

Nails done

Can you add more levels to the game


Good game but to many adds


I’m only giving this 5 stars so it pops up…….THIS GAME SUCKSSSSSS NEVER PLAY BORING AND TO MANT ADS NEVER GET

I love this game

I like this game a whole lot since I downloaded it I thought it would be fun and it is I’m so happy I downloaded it it just made me more skilled it is so fun

I love this app

You guys need to get this game and then play it for the first time download this app now

Plz make more levels!!

I love this game but plz make more levels then I will put up 5 stars.

Nails OCD insult

I have OCD and I don't like it says Nails OCD in the ad. OCD is a painful disabling mental illness that is not to be joke about or taken lightly. Other than that, I love the game😀


It’s lots of but glitches a lot

Really addictive 🙂

I think this is a great and addictive game! It is a great time killer, and the ads are not insane at least. There are ads but anyway, it is really fun and would suggest!


This game is so fun but there are a lot of random ads


When I was playing the game an add came up and I x it out after that the music to the game had completely went away And I did not know why

Love 💗 it but

I love 💕 the game but I think I is way to easy you paint and cut the nail and then you are done ✅ I think you need to make it more hard p.s there are holiday nail so cute


I think y’all should add washing hand but so far the game is fine.


I love this game so much and some of the designs are very cute while others are just strange. The only thing wrong is the ads on ads on ads on ads. I would just turn my WiFi off to stop it. Would recommend!


When I first got the game, I couldn’t stop playing! Sure the ads are annoying, but I enjoyed myself. However, It’s getting boring. Add new designs!!


I don’t like how after 43 levels you have to buy special ones so I don’t love it

It’s good and all but one problem 💔

To much ads and the same ad if there’s a lot ads it barely a game 💔💔💔💔

It’s great! But...

I love this app but it’s FILLED WITH ADDS! Some times the adds are inappropriate to kids. However this game is so fun and relaxing! I rated this because of that.

Back to level 1

Every time I play this game and have to stop and get out of it and come back to it later I end up having to restart back at level 1 and it never saves any progress I have made? How do you unlock other levels?


When I first got this game I was excited. But there’s an ad after every finger and it’s pretty pointless. I don’t recommend playing this. It’s a waste of time. Plus some of the ads were inappropriate.☹️

It was ok 😕

Ehh it was fine satisfying but easy TOO EASY 😑


It is a really good game and satisfying


If you hate ads put your phone on airplane mode

Super fun

At first I was very skeptical now I am like wow it’s super fun and it has no problems I totally recommend it to everyone even adults might have fun!.

good but...

can u update it? Like I want the social media part in the game where you like other people’s nails. But overall fun game but takes up so much space on my iPad

Love it so much!!!!!

This app is so cool! And I am going to paint my nails white tonight and thanks for downloading this app and I am 8 years old and btw thanks again!


I love this app, just put it on airplane mode, and you are good to go. It is so relaxing and fun!!

Good game

First of all its a good game just needs a few adjustments! Too many ads, if it had less ads it would be better. Again really good game!!

So good

If you have any free time you will love nails is a great way to spend your day. There may be some adds but it’s a fun game. The new updates I really find fun.

Good way

Many girls complain that there are too many ads. I will teach you a good way: turn on airplane mode. So you can enjoy your game


I like this update, which fixes the bugs so that I can happily nails done. Please add more designs. Love you.

Fun but..

It’s fun, but really unnecessary to add ads after every nail 🙄

It’s fun

I love this game , everything is fun and well put together but the only thing I dislike about it is the ads ! Yes that’s it the ads . Please change the ads .

12 Negative User Reviews for Nails Done!


It is a very satisfying game, don’t get me wrong. Although, it glitches a lot and doesn’t let me complete some of the the nails. Sometimes the tools spaz out and I have to refresh the app and start over. Please fix the bugs.

Wouldn’t recommend

This game is fun but it takes up so much battery. After I did one look I had already lost 10% of my battery.

A little buggy but you must play it!

I.Am.Speechless. This game is amazing! I would definitely recommend it( please respond)

Worst, Such a waste

This game is a wait of time, It has a ad after every freaking nail. And every nail is very fast so what is the point? I’m so annoyed.

It’s ok but to many ads

Ok so this is a good game but it has to many ads i do enjoy playing this game. But can you please make it so I don’t stop playing please and thank you 😷😷

Too many ads

This is a cool game and all but you can’t go 20 seconds without an ad popping up and it gets annoying...these ads are at least 30 seconds long too so it makes you not want to play anymore!

Not what I saw in the ad

In the ad it showed you that you could file it and they would tell you if you did a good job and this got very boring really fast do not download 😌✌🏽

2 stars

I gave it a 2 star because I don’t like it too tell me what to do

Toooo many adds

It’s way to many adds.Its a add when you try to go to the next nail.When you go to a next nail,BOOM add comes up.Im going to give it two stars but I WILL change it to ONE star if you don’t change it


The game is very boring. It has no challenging aspects to it whatsoever. Creators, make some challenges please, and then, maybe, this game will get a higher score. It got 2 stars instead of one because it’s kind of satisfying

To many ads

This game gives you a add for every nail you do


Games fun but wayyyyy too many ads it’s annoying to get an ad after doing one nail definitely uninstalling 🤷‍♀️

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