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Newsmax app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 2 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Newsmax app an average rating of 4.81 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 175.9K ratings since its release on Apr 24 by Newsmax Media. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Newsmax?

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45 Positive User Reviews for Newsmax

Newsmax review

I’m getting tired of having to repeatedly having to re-download Newsmax on my iPhone. They need to fix the problem.


Only news channel I watch. The garbage on news channels these past few years is disgusting. Carl, Rob, sometimes Bolling & Greg Kelly(they get annoying with their left wing playbacks drive me nuts) & all the morning folks are great!

Truth I can’t get on Fox News

I’ve been a Fox News watcher for 9 years since Trump announced his run in 2015- Been watching Newsmax for a couple of weeks now. WOW! Every newscaster is excellent in giving the latest story quite detailed! I haven’t listened to and watched one show on Newsmax where they weren’t afraid to speak the truth regardless of topic! I hate listening to someone who is afraid to tell it like it is! I’m still deciding on my list of favorites on Newsmax because it’s difficult! 😂 I’ll get back to you on th

Issues loading

I have had the app for about a year. The content is great. The issue is when I try open it most of the time it just works and doesn’t open. I have to shut it down and usually have to try several times to get it to open. I have actually deleted the app and reinstalled it. No help. On WiFi. No help.

Broken Promises…

I signed up(paid) for your new app, because you promised to show (All) of President Trumps rallies in there entirety, yet you still pick and choose. Very disappointing Newsmax…

Two restarts

News is okay but the app always requires you to open two times, sometimes three, for it to actually open.

Spinning spinning today

For some reason I can’t get in for past. Few hours . Nothing wrong with WiFi or data. Everything else works fine. Frustrating 😡😡😡😡

Holocaust coverage. There is a holocaust museum in my hometown El Paso , Texas

There is a holocaust museum here in my hometown El Paso, Texas


I can’t get the app

Regular Reader

Update: The nagging was fixed. Thanks. Still experiencing the app’s failure to load spinning wheel on many occasions. QUIT NAGGING ME FOR MY PHONE NUMBER!!!!! I responded with “NO THANKS“!!! How many times do I need to tell you NO THANKS? “NO THANKS“ means “NO THANKS”. I am not interested being inundated with pushed notifications of Breaking News on my phone!!! STOP WITH THE PERSISTENT NAGGING.

Apple TV App primitive login

The app keeps asking me to log in on Apple TV it’s the login that is ancient. It stores nothing and does not use stored log in features. PIA. Just skip watching it lately but I pay for it. Considering asking for refund.

Not getting what I paid for

I paid the subscription and believed I’d be able to watch Newsmax on my Amazon Firestick, boy was I wrong. Can only get it on my IPHONE. Not happy at all😡

Like Newsmax

But would rather read articles than watch a video (sometimes I can’t watch a video because of where I am), and please get rid of Bob Brooks and Greta! Other than that, I really enjoy Newsmax!

The Truth

I am forced to watch fake news sometimes just to see what’s going on but believe just the opposite most of the time🤪I listen to Newsmax on my phone and I am glad I do because I believe in what I see and not what I am told! Newsmax reports the news the way it is and it’s refreshing to hear words that backups what I truly believe what’s going on!

NO sound on Newsmax

It will be 1 week tomorrow. I have the picture. All other channels are fine! Only Newsmax! I have watched you since the first day you came into TV. Is anyone else having this problem? Other than this problem, you ARE my news station!! Thanks and love you NEWSMAX You still get 5 Stars, 😄

Travis Acrey

They don’t tell me how to think Great and Honest News

Refresh content more to stay with current news

News is continually updating on most sites but not on this one. Most of supplied news is old and stays for days.

More world news

Your network is great the only rub is the lack of world news on a more scheduled basis like they do on BBC. News .


Conservative commentary


The only real news station!

The only news channel….

Worth listening to. Fox has turned to woke red… not for me !!

Ex-Fox Fan

I was a Fox Fan from 9/11/2001 until 4/24/2023 when Tucker Carlson was fired. I immediately switched to Newsmax that day and will never go back to Fox for ANY reason. I put the “new Fox” right there with George Soros and I have NO respect for either. I’m so glad I found Newsmax and it’s my go to channel now. Thank you for the truth!

Best News Channel

I can depend on REAL news here. Thank you.

Needs improvement

Need to make it easier to advance prerecorded programming. Also I would like to do other things on my iPad as I watch and the app does not minimize. It would be great if we could do that

Great news source.

That says it all. This is the news source for Americans. MSNBC is radically a propaganda channel for democrats and t for those like China who want is gone.

Only Real News Media to Watch

NewsMax is the only real media news outlet. It’s a must watch in our home!! No puff pieces on NewsMax. Keep up the good world!

A YOUNG Person

I am a 26 -year-old that really forgot how to hear & understand REAL news and be aware of serious things that are occurring in my country until I found NEWSMAX. Thank You for still having our eyes open to the reality of what’s really going on to many things. 🇺🇸♥️✝️


Miss you on cable

Praise for newsmax!!!

Love newsmax - I now have to go thru your app because Frontier in my area decided to all of a sudden drop you from their programs. Thanks for making your newscast available to all of us

Frontier communications

I have to watch newsmax on my phone app because it’s no longer available on frontier communications cable TV! What happened? I love my newsmax every day

The best news station by far

Refreshingly, honest, reporting. This is the only station I trust.

Real News Trust

Title says it all. I love Newsmax.

Ms kameika

It’s so great to be able to listen to Nunes Victor Davis Hanson these great scholars and to learn so much I just wish I could copy and paste these clips on so much of the social media that I belong to so people could realize what’s happening


What has been replacing the socialist rhetoric and keeping Americans awake —the omission of distractions; maintaining a venue that will not be victimized by the gradual dilution of our constitution. Every trivial downward comment of the Biden administration may seem harmless…. But, I have become mortified that in a few years I can’t recognize my country. We need these voices of Newsmax and Fox to have the truth heard.

Direct tv bring it back

Love the straightforward news


I believe this news broadcast is on spot and on target. They do not sugarcoat anything. I believe they are doing their research and they report truth. They also expose those who are not telling the whole truth about the whole story and the news that is goi g on today.


We need to support Newsmax and their sponsors, Best coverage on the Air ! Thanks Chris. Average Calif Voter


ONLY place I read the REAL news. Thank you!


Why is Fox silent on Newsmax deplatform ? They will be next and then they will cry hard!


Keep reporting truthful news!

Newsmax is the best!!

When I want to know the truth I watch Newsmax! I will not watch left wing stations that constantly lie to the American people! Wake up people ..

American News Conservative Outlet

This’s a great platform to hear the conservative voice being projected, yet it would be great to have every media News outlet state facts and not cater to their base’s view. -Sincerely, Cole Planinz.

Best News Ever

I have watched many newscasts from various stations, but Newsmax is BY FAR, the BEST source of REAL news that can be found anywhere on the dial! Keep on reporting! I’ll be listening. Many thanks for great news and excellent programming altogether! AJ Coe

2 Negative User Reviews for Newsmax

Will not pay for news.

I enjoyed the Newsmax lineup until it became “pay to watch”. I still can listen to Greg Kelly on WABC radio and watch Grant on RAV.

Repeat logging in

I can get Newsmax on LG smart tv, however there’s a few second pause every minute or so. I can also get Newsmax on Apple TV, but about every couple weeks it goes to a blue signup screen with a free 15day trial, this even though I’m all ready a paid subscriber. To fix I have to log out and log back in. I like Newsmax but this is annoying. Streaming isn’t exactly new technology, how come Newsmax can’t get it right like other streaming services can.

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