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Otherworld Legends app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Otherworld Legends app an average rating of 4.78 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 7.3K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by ChillyRoom. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Otherworld Legends?

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Rated 4.58 out of 5

7.3K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Otherworld Legends

Top game from Chillyroom

Started and continued playing this game since it was launched, now I have finally decided to leave a comment after seeing Chillyroom ruined Soul Knight (and prequel is a pure disaster). Please keep the way this game is, and if you are seeing this, please consider optimize the realmsoul (I think this is the only terrible design in this game I can point out). It makes the game seem grind-y and that's not fun, plus the farming levels are boring... Try adding more farming levels, and actually make t

Great game

Amazing game, great gameplay loop, nice artwork, cool characters and features and most importantly updates and love from the developers, one of the best roguelikes for mobile I will say.

Amazing game!! Make the spring festival mini game permanent!

I don’t know if they read these but if you are looking at this game it’s super fun I’ve sunk way to much time into it. Gameplay wise if you are struggling get abilities that do AOE damage. If they are reading this can we make the spring festival permanent but with rogue like aspects, make it 5 times harder but all upgrades are permanent. Love this game

Amazing game, However I can’t transfer saves from two devices

I love this game to bits and pieces, I usually don’t write reviews at all however I thought I should to bring up the inability to transfer save data from two different devices. (An android and Apple device)

My favorite game of the company 😀

I love this game with all the different characters to the modes. I like soul knight and soul knight sequel but I will always go to this when I boot my iPad.

One of those rare gems

Procedural generation, impactful and fun combat, tons of loot, build customization, unique characters - this game is a must have for any rogue-like dungeon crawler fans.

Great game!

This game is nice and smooth to start out with, the microtransactions dont feel forced onto you. theres so much to explore and learn but in such an organic way! Bravo

Dope game

Loved the game since it came out I don’t care for the in app purchases but the gameplay and everything else makes up for in my opinion Ginzo main not that anyone cares


Please don’t stop updating this game!

Fun but doesn’t let me select hard mode

Can’t select hard mode

Awesome game

This game is amazing and i saw that you are making a prequel to soul knight i hope that game does very well have a great day 👍


I love this game it’s multiplayer and you can play offline, I hope they add more skins, I want to see a warrior of light version of uliana



Great game. Found bug.

Love the game but I noticed Ferocious Ghost Dog doesn’t work. The dogs charge, but no damage or knock back takes place.

Great game few complaints

I used to play this game all of the time and it was great.one thing though is that I was going from a Samsung to apple and they aren’t allowed to have accounts switched.also charecters we’re locked unless I buy them

Ideas for future

This is for sure my favorite game on iOS, and like top 3 fav phone game all time. I don’t have any issues, but I do hope we can get some crossovers or something if possible. Like adding a Jedi as a playable character or an anime character or something would be cool. I’d love to be able to use Yusuke or Kakashi or something.

The game its extremely nice

I like the mechanics and all but i dont find it hard enough

One of the best games I have ever played

Love this game to death and I can play it for hours. Has no right being free to play but I do spend money occasionally to get new characters. Takes a bit to grind and get characters abilities and stuff up to level but it’s really worth it. Just wish they made more events like the one battle room with multiple enemy types super fun and hard

Katherine new ability idea

So I been think about this when I was playing as Katherine and I feel she needs something new so I was thinking since she has elements like fire/ice/lightning why not give her a new one to give her more interest to other people I don’t know which one to go for but I was thinking she could be given poison or even dark but not holy or light since so many other characters already focus on that so she can be the first to have dark type elements to her or even an ability that mainly focus in poison.

Keep updating this game

This game is amazing I really don’t know why people are hating on it I’m having a absolutely good time it’s fun and addicting



Mfi support

Really enjoying the game. Not sure if it has controller support.

Responsive controls

It’s rare for a mobile game to have controls that aren’t clunky. It’s very good.


Monkey king Son goku Plz

It quite fun no forced adds

I’ve been playing it for a few hours I think it’s fun and plus haven’t seen any adds forced on me so I can chill out and enjoy .

Make all paid characters free PLEASE

I play soul knight and I don’t have all characters for this game same thing happens so please fix this

Incredibly impressed by the devs

I played this game on launch, and while I enjoyed my time I ended up playing through all the available content pretty quickly. I downloaded it recently to see how it was doing, expecting maybe a couple minor changes and improvements. I didn’t expect the sheer amount of amazing new content. For a f2p game this is incredibly impressive to see, and I will absolutely be supporting the devs seeing how much time and energy they’ve put into the game.

Welp found another game breaking glitch

Game get a glitch fix and a worse new one pops up where I can’t get the special items after dealing with debuffs cause once they drop I exit the room to be teleported to darkness Seriously what happened after the second to last update I’ve never encountered glitches nearly as much sense the alpha

Stop with the paid characters

The game is pretty good, mechanics and all but the problem is the constant paid characters it’s annoying

Best game ever

It is the best game ever except money I have to pay. Without pay real money, it will takes at least a year to play to get them free. I wish there is discount package that I can have all characters at discount prices. I would enjoy to play until Diablo Immortal released.


Probably the best mobile game I’ve ever played. It has extremely high quality and is can be played for hours on end. Each character is unique and this game is open for all play styles with tons of customizable options and has a pretty good story


I’m being very sincere when I say this Make the drop for the new mirage equip easier I have beaten mirage mod multiple times and I still haven’t gotten it ONCE FIX PLEASE

Amazing for Mobile

Borderline PC quality Rogue-Like. My main gripe is that most of the characters are pay gated and I’d personally rather just spend 10 bucks to get the full game but I understand that’s not how mobile games make money these days.

Really really good

Just awesome really can’t say much else. It’s fun and has good progression and art. Amazing game

Amazing New Update

The new character was worth every cent!

Needs an online mode

This game is perfect just needs online coop rather than lan co-op



Keep Imba Mode, please

Imba Mode has been the best way to play this game, and I ask that you at least do not remove it as I’ve spent way more hours playing due to it. I always have it on now

Kinda buggy

I noticed that when i play the game and the “time limit” that I set up on my iPhone pops up and the game has no sound! No matter what i do. I have to close the game and open it again for it to work again. Other than that the game is great






Make a tutorial for unlocking characters

Awesome but too short

Great game and great company. I really enjoyed this game, but after beating it a handful of times I got bored. There is too little content and it doesn’t look like they have added anymore in the last year.

Awesome Idea

Its a fantastic idea similar to soul knight, my only complaint would be the clunky controls. The lack of precision in control can sometimes make it hard to hit the small hit boxes

account frozen?

my account was frozen so i cant login

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