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Pack Master app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Pack Master app an average rating of 4.58 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 36.6K ratings since its release on Sep 23 by Lion Studios. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Pack Master?

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Rated 3.91 out of 5

36.6K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Pack Master

Amazingly fun game but WAY too many ADS

This game is literally perfect except the number of ads. I can’t only play a couple levels at a time because it gets so overwhelming. For the next update it would be awesome if you could purchase ad free play!!

This is my favorite game ever

This is my favorite game ever because it is so fun and it has smooth gameplay and it is so satisfying I played it last night and this morning and it’s so fun and anyone can play it and join the fun!


Dear makers of pack masters, I would love for you guys to make more levels. I love pack master so much I finished every level in less than a month. I would love a lot more challenging puzzles for this game. I’d also like more places to go. Maybe the Philippines? Oh! The sea or underground?! I just want more levels to play on my favorite game ever. I would really appreciate you for listening to my message I really want to become true!! From


I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! First off there is no ads. second off all clothes/items you have to put in your suitcase is so so so adorable and cute. Third off this game is my favorite ever it's just perfect with the no ads it makes me feel so overjoyed and happy it's so freaking relaxing feel as if I could drift off to another world where everything is just so kawaii.


Look, I love this game. It’s a great way to pass the time and really helps with stress. But these adds are getting carried away. There’s one after almost every level, and a level could only take you 5 seconds to solve. At least space out the advertisement so we can actually enjoy playing.

Love it but

Great game but we need more levels. I’m tired of repeating 260.

Come to Steam

Can you please port this game to steam?


way too many ads. i dont think its necessary to be an ad after every single level

Cute, but way too many ads.

An ad after every level is too much. It’s a cute and relaxing game, but it’s ruined by the excessive ads, which make me angry.


Get this game its super fun! Good for traveling or being bored!! Most of it says it’s bad but I think it’s good :)

PackMaster Review

This game is so cute and well developed but there are SO MANY ADS! Literally giving me 50 ads per second. Like chill out and let me play the actual game.

This game is So fun but…

I love this game so so much but I only gave four stars because there are adds after every time you play it. I would recommend to get rid of the adds but hey, that’s your choice not mine😐

Too many ads

I would give it five but it has an ad after every level

Love this game so relaxing

I love this game it’s so relaxing and fun and well made. Love it.

Great but…

This game is cute, I really like. The only bad thing about this game is the fact that there are ads after every level. Ads ruin a game and they ruined this one. Wish it didn’t have ads, then I’d play it more. It’d be more enjoyable with no ads

Super Fun but Minor inconveniences

This game is super fun but after level 170 it’s just the same level over and over so this game needs more levels

Wish there was a paid version

This game is so cute and relaxing, but the ad run time exceeds the gameplay time. I wish I could just pay for an ad free option.


Ok so I love this game which is why you got 3 stars! BUT THE ADSSSSSSSSSS!!

Fun, relaxing, but NEEDS IMPROVEMENT

I play this game to destress and distract myself. The ads tho do interrupt the flow of the game but I haven’t had a problem with them when my phone is in airplane mode. My biggest issue with the game is the vibration when you move any object. I really wish there was an option to turn it off in game so that I don’t have to turn off vibrate for my whole phone. The vibrations just happen too often and it is sensory overload for me. Other than that I do really enjoy this game and it does help me t

Love it ❤️

Love the game but may be able to rotate things in i

Amazing, but to much ads

Hi! in sanaii and i love this game. i just downloaded it and its the best game. theres just one problem. theres to many ads. i play for five seconds and an add pops up after i finish an ad. thats my only problem with the game. its a great game though! you should download it! :)

Too many adds

Way to many adds. After every level there’s an add😤


I’m sad because this game is adorable and the gameplay is very satisfying. But it is almost impossible to stay engaged when after every 2 to 3 cases you need to sit through at least two adds. I checked in the settings as I would have paid real money for this game. Or at least have paid to stop adds but that is not even an option. I am deleting this app but will happily re install if this gets balanced.


Can you please make it easier for users to access the in-app-purchases? Thanks! ✌🏼


This game is so good! I love how you have different items each time. It’s super fun! Also it’s so aesthetic. It’s quick and fun! My rating is a five star. <3


Love the game but too many adds. I mean every time you pass a level there’s like 2-3 adds. I would change it to 5 stars if adds were less or if we can pay to take them out. Thanks!

more levels?

this game is entertaining don’t get me wrong, but i kinda wish there were more than 11 locations to work on. also the ads are extremely annoying. but overall not bad! basically my suggestion is, add more levels and make them harder. love it tho!

Great calm game!

This game is really good for relaxation it’s a very fun game I don’t really care about the ads because the ads are good apps that I might download but I really like this app is my favorite game that I have if I’m bored so far 10 out of 10!

to many ads

the game is really fun and i like it a lot but there’s literally an ad after every level and it’s kind of frustrating

Please read!!

WAYYY TO MANG ADSSS it’s crazy After each level AD after anything AD get rid of all the ADS!!!!




Okay so I just downloaded this game and I like it, but the ads after every level is ridiculously annoying.

This concept is great but….

Why are there so many darn ads? I love this game, I really do. It’s very therapeutic for me. But every five seconds I’m getting an ad and it’s so frustrating. I get the need to put in ads every once in a while but after every level? C’mon.

ads galore

this game would actually be enjoyable and addictive if i wasn’t bombarded with an ad after every single level. i understand needing to advertise in a game but jeez, this is very excessive.

Good but

I love this game but I hate when there is ads after every level can’t there just be ads every so often? And also yea I love this game it’s so fun 👍

It’s a good game

It’s a nice simple game and I love playing it you have made a pretty cool game and I love that😀😀😀😀


I’m only 8 and I love it who ever made this game is awesome thank you so much for all your heart ❤️ and putting all of your effort

I love this game!


Lovely little game

The aesthetic of the game is right on point! The difficulty of the puzzles varies wildly, but I don’t mind since it keeps me on my toes. My only complaint is that it can be finicky sometimes


Let us pay to remove the ads like 1 dollar

Fun, but too many ads!

Why does there have to be an ad after every single level? I just started playing this game and I’m already annoyed. I wish there was a way to upgrade to no ads. It’s a shame because this game is so cute.


It’s a AD every level. It would be a fun game if it was not for that.

Stop yelling of the adds!😤

Guys if You want no adds turn your phone on airplane mode! No More adds!!! By the way bye! 🐠💛🐳🐟

pls more levels

i hit level 260 which is the last one, and now the app is useless. too many ads but if you turn off wifi no more ads yw


To many adds I love to plan and pack but it would be better without any adds.

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