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25 Recent Reviews From the United States


By kwix

Okey, before I start my ahem APP CRITIC description (lol) I want to point out am NOT a bot!!! I genuinely think this game is roof-rising! But one problem is that, like in papa’s pizzeria, it’s impossible to get 💯 on building!? That’s not fair, ESPECIALLY when JOJO OR HIS CLOSER PALS R HERE😱! I hope flipline studios will fix this issue, and I hope they will make a papas game set in a place where u can like make CASSEROLE OR SOMETHING YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. THANK U FOR LISTENING😜

Second phone second time buying🤪

By Aq🤍🖤

So I got a new phone a while ago and I was debating to get this game again, but you know I love this game and I might as well get it again so guess what? I did😙. Great game very worth the 1.99. I love the holidays and the game functions☺️so if ur reading this debating don’t read anymore and get it already😁


By mashley2006

This game is great given the circumstances. Even though you can’t play online anymore this is an AMAZING alternative. While there a few differences like instead of a waiter you get a driver/delivery person, and not being able to click and drag specific receipts (minor details) the game play is just as fun and creative. Flip line did a great job of translating the web version to a mobile version. Definitely worth the money. 10/10!

Needs bug fix

By LibbyG71717171

The game is fun but I keep getting a bug where it will skip the top of the pie and go straight to the baking section. I’m pretty disappointed about this. Hopefully it gets fixed because it’s a great, challenging game and I love the Papa’s series!

This is my favorite game!!!

By reporting for duty

I love this so much!!! It’s ways to much fun I love this game so much!!!! I remember playing these games as a kid it’s so fun being able to play it now !!

Love this game but one glitch

By Eggy Boi 224

I love this game but there’s one glitch that bothers me..... while baking the pies there’s a problem where the cooking meter just stops.. other than that it’s great and I recommend buying it!

Great game

By Anyonymous 18628173

One of my favorite games for phone, the problem with the computer version was the toppings took forever but that was fixed in this game 5/5 stars

Thank you

By Bering Sea Alaska

Because flash will be gone and this is one of my favorite games thank you.

Favorite game

By mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiu

This game is great. I’m waiting for the HD version.


By c dididnd

Great for the kids and a fun game


By Chioti

This game is the best flip line studios game and one of the best games ever. I recommend it x1000000000!!!

Love this app

By muppetlove10343

I love this app and I love all the others I’ve been playing them for years but Flipline Studios, I have a question. Can you make another app? Maybe like a clothes store or something? Love this app!!

App Store make it to top 15 paid simulator apps I’m so tire of trash expect for other papas gamerias

By weekendsfan1931

I hate you everybody expect for ninja kiwi

Needs the following should be considered to make a more challenging game

By AlGalbacci

Longer lines More topping options( crusts, toppings, fillings) More mini games ( like from the website) Weirder pie filling combinations Weirder and more fun topping placements

Love it

By C O R A L I N E

I love it though, nobody orders specials anymore. A special is usually ordered only once a day

Give love to the best game

By papas butt itches

Hey flipline studios. i give game 5 STARS! You have uploaded for a long time I loved you games scence I was a pc player in 2008 and played your first ever game. Why I gave it 5 stars is the qualatty you give

Almost perfect

By œpppœ

This game is really fun, and another great edition to the To Go! series of games, but there seems to be some poor textures or weird bugs, at the time of this review. Please be sure to spruce things up!


By sinesiou20

Just download your new game can’t wait to play it again keep making more games 👍🏻😃

I can’t take this anymore flipline make it go to top 15!

By weekendsfan1931

Please make it more popular than fnaf 1+2 stardew valley game of life terraria Arcadia and trivia crack Flipline please Ban five nights at Freddy’s franchise just like scratch so papa’s bakeria to go will be on top 15!

I loved this game and do once again

By Piglet:))

I have fond memories of playing this game growing up and lost my progress and never played again and now that it’s on mobile I can play it all I want and I’m so happy I can again it’s just as good as I remember it

Free for me but caused a small overdraft

By Ser_Rehvis 56

Says it 1.99 basically $2. Just got it and got it downloaded even though I only had .26 in my checking. Noice dudes! Highly recommend buying this game no negative feedback to give so far’

Papa’s Cooking Games

By moms22

Can you guy please make all of Papa’s Cooking Games for both the iPhone and iPad please?!

Its Early?

By SRoycroft

Ok so isnt it supposed to come out ont Saturday? Anyways, Good game. :)

This game is A amazing

By kykash22

I always love Papa’s game they are so amazing and fun. The developers should make Papa’s Pastaria to go.


By Alex9923$$$

I love this game but toppings station is hard I had to this used to it

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