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Papa's Donuteria To Go! app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 1 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Papa's Donuteria To Go! app an average rating of 4.60 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 434 ratings since its release on Jul 19 by Flipline Studios. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Papa's Donuteria To Go!?

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Rated 4.64 out of 5

434 global ratings

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Explore global reviews of the Papa's Donuteria To Go! app: Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden.

45 Positive User Reviews for Papa's Donuteria To Go!

Surprisingly easy

The game difficulty is comparable to burgeria, and has lots of different kinds of toppings to choose like like most papa louie games. For some reason the frying station feels a bit faster and can burn the sides of your donut, so watch out for that overall this game is easy.

bets game ever

best game ever love it so much


I love this game and the rest of them but I wish it was more challenging.. everything is basically done for you and it takes away from how the game was on websites. It’s still fun though

Game review

Amazing game love playing it and was so cheap

New game please

I love the games but the Money I don’t like it I don’t have money so can you have a game that you bake still but it doesn’t cost money please?

i play this game too much

i'm nonstop playing this game🤣it's so fun but it does get a little boring after awhile but atleast there's always new items and specials coming in❣️

about the others..

I really like this game. This was always my favorite papas game. I would love to get more so please make the other ones iPad compatible.


100% the best one. the holiday themes, mini games. i only made it to rank 20 w papas freezeria but with this one i’m abt to beat it bc it’s so good.

Good game

Great game but I want. Food truck like in cluckeria Good game Update please more customers Extra updateHd version please

Just like old times!

I used to play this specific game all the time on my school chromebook (when they hadn’t blocked cool math games and flash games weren’t abolished) I played it night and day and it was one of my favorite papa’s games of all time! Best purchase ever honestly! It’s almost an exact replica! Just a little remixed ;D I mean at least the glaze will always be perfect now 😌😌😌

Hall of fame

I love this game

🍩I love this game

So I love this game and I gave me an idea for a few suggestions for future papa games. 1. Papa’s slusharia where you make slushes, 2. Papa’s fizzaria where you make soda, and 3. Papa’s juicearia where you make juice. Just thought I add some suggestions. Love the game and keep up the great work.🍩

It’s fun

It’s really not that boring it’s way simpler for to go version because in hd version you had to center the donut icing and in to go you don’t have to do that and if you are impatient just get fry booster it’s really fun it’s my first papa’s game and I really enjoy it

this game has always been great, but…

i feel like the time it takes for them to look at the food and give the tips and stuff takes too long.. i often overcook whatever is on the stove because they take too long to look at their food. i think you should be able to skip through that or something.. other than that it’s great


I really like this game it’s fun you make donuts but the cooking takes like 2 minutes to cook the donut but great game


I like the game,Buttttt after playing for a few weeks I got nightmares from the game..So for me 4 stars

🍩Fun but..🍩

This game is so fun! You get to have your own donut shop, make donuts, and it’s so realistic! But I don’t know why you have to pay. But for me it’s worth paying for!

Wasn’t expecting it to work with the sliding topping row but for som reason it does

I love this game SO MUCH and I used to play it a lot ob PC and I wasn’t really expecting it to work in To Go! form but for some unknown reason, IT WORKS. I have to thank you SO MUCH for all your games and keep it up Matt Neff and Tony Solary!

I love it

I love this game and I’m on day 40 and unlock Santa in one day irl I wish I could give it 10 stars and the fact that there’s no ads is amazing


The second best papa’s game ever


SO COOL!(shortest review ever lol)

I made way too many donuts...

I’m in love with this game. No bugs, no annoying sounds, amazing graphics. Amazing app from Flipline Studios!

Best game ever

I love this game it’s so much fun 🤩


I love this game soo much!! Totally worth the money!

Best game ever

This is the best game ever and w love it

Hey this game!

I am obsessed with this game! It is extremely fun and really ropes you in. No ads which is nice. Totally worth the 2 bucks you have to pay, hands down. Graphics are really good and the sound it nice. Overall very pleased with this app.

Awesome game but some bugs

I play this game all the time but all my achievements and posters or furniture I

Love it

I own pretty much all the games I love all the games thanks for making my childhood come alive again!


Amazing this is the best game ever i download a lot of fun games but this is my favorite my only thing that i dont like is the wait time for it to cook otherwise its AMAZING

So freaking addicting 😳

I literally can't stop playing this game, it's not even funny. It's so easy and so satisfying to get all your orders right, and really fun to mess around with as well. I just overall love the game and will probably play it for all eternity.


I always loved playing the papas games at school and I’m satisfied about this for people without school computers or no computer

Only one complaint

I love this game so much but I’m not patient so when you put the donut in the frier it takes a long time: u I don’t recommend getting this game if you are un patient like me


I watched fgteev play it and I had anough money to get it so I got it and it’s soooo fun thanks fgteev and the creators


This is one of the best from the papas games


This game is awesome! I love how you can unlock new customers and go through holidays and unlock new ingredients to make your doughnuts better. Papa’s Donuteria is soooo good!

Love these games

I enjoy playing these game u guys make a lot hope u make more in future I thought of cafe themed one where u make different coffees and serve cookies on the side And a ramen one and a sushi one to And oooo a steak one to hehe

This game is pretty good………

So I HATE how small it is!!! I can’t hardly play the gameplay is great! But I kinda feel like a waste my money ! I hope this can get fix as soon as possible!


There’s no coffee station like the PC game

Best Gamer Ever

This game is so awesome that I play it for about 3 hours or maybe more👍😄😁😃

Pretty Happy

I’m pretty happy with this game, my only complaint is that there is no drink station

Thanks you for adding this

OMG thank you for making this game I loved this game on the PC. Can you please make the other ones that are not on Mobile come onto mobile

Solid title with a minor annoying bug

Another solid addition to the Papa series. My only complaint is that I have to manually turn off the music and sound fx every time I open the app.

Rudy shouldn’t be closer

Rudy isn’t on the cheesearia car in the parade I think you should change it and switch someone to closer and make him regular

I love all of the papas games

These are the only mobile games I care about. They get better each time

1 Negative User Reviews for Papa's Donuteria To Go!

pretty okay

the game is really nice itself but when I leave it for even a second it makes me restart the whoooole level, so if i’m trying to play it in class and have to pause for a minute I have to restart, is there a fix?

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