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This a great game and brings back so many memories but I wish the quality would be a better.

All we want is hd


Hello I am a big fan of the papa’s series but I have only one request please bring papas freezaria hd on iPhone

Great Game!


Now that flash player has been dismissed I love that you can still play the apps love them!! Really fun and great way to pass time.



It’s just fun, I don’t see why people hate this I mean I know the quality is as good as other games but this is one of my favorite games



do you ever get more than 6 customers in a day?? like will it ever get any harder… i’m on day 67..

Low Quality

Kaylani H.

This game is fun, but its low quality.

More papa’s ideas


The owners of papa’s games should make a new papa’s Souparia game 😁cause I’m a soup fan lol and cookiearia too



I’m wamt bobux in boblox prison destroy

Love it but….


I love the game but I just wish there would be the option to decorate and customize your shop and character. I miss the mini games. Still, a good game that doesn’t require internet connection also

Fun game


This is the most fun I have ever had playing a game before. I would definitely recommend this game 5 star. REALLY FUN!!!

Whenever I’m board


Whenever I’m board I just play this and some other ones to these r fun games to play when your bored

Really fun but the closer costermers are super hard it’s anoing



Love it but can you guys fix the quality please???


hawt wings

quality is pretty awful, but it’s papas freezeria.. so i can’t be mad


stan monsta x for go

Can y’all add more things to the store? Please I’m begging.

great game


a little blurry i think you should do something about the shading and blending of the colors but other than that it's just in the computer

papas freezeria


i personally like papas cupcakeria better!! because it has holidays & you can decorate the place your self unlike the freezeria they place it in a certain spot and i don’t believe there are holidays?

Could be better


I've played this game only got to rank 9 but I really don't the graphics and how you drop the toppings I wish the graphics were like the latest to go games



I was sad when I couldn’t play on pc anymore because of Adobe Flash. This is awesome and better though and has better controls. Worth the 99 cents.

Get back on top 12 😡


Papa’s freezeria to go get back to top 12 so we can stop btd Ultimate custom night and farming simulator for devices that has A9 or newer (Note: I don’t hate bloons)

Thank you


This game was my childhood. I played this game for like, 7 years and I am happy to see the game still in the App Store. Thank you for refilling my childhood

I just wasted money

Richard Bobbart

It’s still the game it was before, but so much is missing. The people that made this should be ashamed. They will most likely never fix it because why would they care about it, they are still making money off of the scam they created.

Update game


I love this game but I wish you guys would update the game though so there was more upgrades and so I could customize my characters

Out of date


The only problem I have is how after buying everything in the store I have left over money that is like to spend on extra items and how low the graphics are which makes it a bit harder to deal with however it’s still fun to play with

Game, awesome and cool

disney emoji blitz g

Ok so it’s like you play it nonstop for a few days then you forget but then u like it again

😍 love it


Worth every penny love playing with it I’m obsessed.I definitely recommend this game.💕

Papas Macaron Shop

Victoria Bergsma

Great game! You should make a macaron one! I would definitely play that

Good game!

Rianna D. Butler

I’m addicted to this game. It was definitely worth buying. I gave it four stars because the quality could use some work. But overall it’s a good game!

Love it so much but


I love it so much I love papas games but the one thing I would is make the time for the blending less long it takes so long not to be rude I still love it tho!

It’s cool

Saniya Flakes

To be honest I was really thinking that it would last but it didn’t. After a while the store has nothing in it And they give you the same customers and ingredients and it gets boring. At first It is fun but it gets very boring.

Best App Ever

Kaylin M. :)

This was truly one of my favorite apps to play as a kid and then they made it an app and I love it even more! Highly recommended. All of my siblings and friends downloaded this app also and they all agree it was worth the 99¢. 10/10

This gale used to be so fun there were little mini games after each week and they took that away! Not worth the money in my opinion

Get back on top 15 😡


Papa’s freezeria to go get back to top 15 so we can stop Fnaf 2 Ultimate custom night and farming simulator for devices that has A9 or newer

Fun but...


I love this app but my data won’t sync from my phone to iPad! It’s very addictive! I love it a lot!



I love the games that are available to play. I just wish the graphics for the Freezeria game were up to date like the rest



Please add more items to the shop :( It gets boring sometimes because I have all these tips but can’t use them.



Animation is terrible but it is still a fun game


so much fun!!


i love papas freezeria and i’m addicted to it!! it’s super fun to unlock the levels and all of the flavors and i would highly recommend this! i wish papas had a game where you could make coffee like papas coffeereia!!



I’m always looking for addicting games to kill time and enjoy and this game is DEFINITELY WORTH THE $0.99!!!! Brings me back to my childhood, can kill a lot of time during this quarantine. I love that they made my childhood game into an app!



even though it was .99¢ it was worth it it’s the best game i ever played on iphone i played this game 24/7 i wanna sponsor this game so bad

Love it


I think that they should make one Where you design cakes

We should be able to join other people’s freezerias it would be a good update and fun so it won’t just be a one player thing .. just my opinion though

Do I really need to say anything?



Great game just like the old one! But horrible pixalation, it began to make me have a headache. I think for the quality it should be free like it is on a laptop.



This game is an absolute banger, super fun, brings you back to those good old days on cool math games. Definitely worth the price!! 👌🏼

super fun!!


there are no complaints it’s fun and exciting i’m addicted!!!

I love it


I used to play this game at school and I really like having it to play on my way to school or on long trips

Jabr Alabdulla


I swear this is the best game on my phone i love it and i play it maybe for hours its so fun my favourite papa’s games

Love this game!!


I used to play this in middle school all the time! I’m sooo happy it’s available on the App Store. I wish I had more money and more space on my phone, I’d buy all the other papas games!

No More Shop??


I've had the app for awhile and I've gotten pretty far in the game. However after so many days the "SHOP" disappears and I'm not sure why. I don't know if there needs to be another update or not to fix the situation. Love the game though!

love this game!


I definitely recommend this game but often I find myself wanting to experiment with the flavors and things. If the game had a creative “room” that users could experiment with the different flavors, sizes, etc., the game would be more fun!

Good Game

kachow 🚗⚡️

I love playing this game. The only thing I wish they would do is update it a bit. Add more stuff maybe.

Stay top 15


Papa’s freezeria to go stay to top 15 so we can stop bloons tower defense 5 Fnaf farming simulator for the devices that gets iOS 14 Arcadia and stardew valley Note: I don’t hate bloons series


Teacher mom 2

Some games overload you with ads, but this is TOTALY Diferent! Best game ever! What’s not to love?

Good but kinda blurry


I have a iPhone 7 and my screen everytime I play is kinda blurry

overall,, the game is rlly good ! however it does have room for improvement. imo,, i want the mobile version to be as identical to the desktop version as possible !!!

No go back to top 10


Papa’s freezeria to go come back to top 10 so the can stop bloons tower defense 5 Arcadia and stardew valley Note: I don’t hate bloons series

love this but


love this game so obsessed with it, but i wish u could serve more than 6 people, add daily specials too?



This game was fun at first. Got boring after a few days. Overall: fun


Sarah with a kinda b

Papa’s Freezeria is so fun! I have to thank my friend because, she is the one who showed me this game. I also love ALL the Papa’s games. But this app is my favorite!

No go back to top 10


Papa’s freezeria to go come back to top 10 so the can stop bloons tower defense 5 Arcadia and stardew valley Note: I don’t hate bloons tower defense series

Can you please add a option that you can make your own character? I like Penny and Alberto, but your own character is better!

Want more games!

Marie Cisneros

I have bought all these available on mobile and also play on my laptop! I would love to see a coffee themed one!

I’m a criminology and psych junior in college and this is the only thing that got me through finales-

No go back to top 10


You need your help fans of papa’s Freezeria go back to top 10 so they can stop bloons td5 grand theft auto San Andreas and true skate Note: I don’t hate bloons

HD is better


Ok so I’m not going to be rude but I think that there should be HD on the phone so can you fix that please

Yes stay at top 10


Stay at top 10 so they can stop true skate bloons td5 and exploding kittens Note: I don’t hate bloons

I love this game it’s so addicting. However, the audio when I reached rank 11 sounds like a dying cow. Please fix thx

No come back to top 15


papa’s Freezeria to go needs to come back to top 15 paid apps to stop Stardew valey fnaf1+2 terraria and farming simulator for the a9 chip or newer

It needs to be better than grand theft auto mobile and trivia crack!

game is as i have always remembered it but the quality is very bad. i feel like i watching a static tv screen. just wish there were better had graphics

i think its good


i always played on cool math games buh because its shutting down i got the app n its good lol.

It could be better

Love Disney Channel

It’s really fun to play but there are a few issues that I hate. First the graphics are pretty bad and second I want it to look mire like the actual game!

LOVE IT abut

yes a new start

Ok so I LOVE to play this game is fun like all the others but I wish I could be able to make a custom character other wise I would totally recommend this game and I’m surprised it hasn’t made its way to the front page yet



Plssss make the sushiaria IT IS MY FAV GAME OF THE PAPAS!🥺

these games are very fun but they shouldnt cost money i know you guys need money too but these games for me just dont meet the requirements for a game to cost money.

Chilly Childhood!! 🥶


Freezeria was one of my favorites as a kid,& I have now mastered it as an adult. It’s why I’m so obsessed with Papa’s games today! I really want Sushiria tho please!! It’s my favorite of all time!!🍣❤️

Papa’s freezeria has their own mobile it’s called papa’s freezeria hd/to go the hd cost $2.99 and to go cost $0.99 it contains no ads upgrades customers and making sundaes get them now only for $0.99 or $2.99

Great game but HD is better

9 year old army OG

If you’re going to buy the Freezeria, you might as well splurge on HD because it is So much better. Still a great game, but bad video output.

I’ve downloaded papas game in other devices and decided to buy this and another one (Been a fab for years)

I ❤️ IT

Tyler LaFrance

This games is AWESOME. I wish Papas Cupcakeria was 99€ too!!!

Best Game


I have no other words then DOWNLOAD IT!

I was so stressed out from exams and parents divorce and papas freezeria gave me an escape. So nostalgic luv it

Weird noise


The noise is super scratchy and annoying. I’ve played this before and to sound shouldn’t sound like this

Love it but

Freddy FazBear101

I love these games it brings me back to my childhood but on the papas games can someone take out the counter in the middle of the order station and zoom out when the day starts? Idk how to exactly explain it 😂but yea

Papas freezeria


The update was ok and every thing is working fine to me this game is so fun and take my stress away.🙂



I love this app so much and it’s so much fun

Good but....

the potato pear

I like the papas games so portable! But I'd wish you guys would add more of the papas on here. Overall, Its really good! 🎊🎊

Rating and new game


The game is really good and I was wondering if you could add more decorations.Also I wanted to have papa’s sushi thing I forgot what it was called

Bad quality

mAyA 0w0

I thought that the hd and the to go apps wouldn’t make a difference, but it did. The to go ones are a little blurry and is the old version instead of the newer. But it still has the same idea.

Love it


Love the game and it’s addicting as frick, but once you get all the stuff in the store than you have nothing to use your money on. I think that they should add weekly stores



this game is really addicting but for the automatic fill, it should automatically fill all of them not only the “ice cream”

love it!


this game truly is great, brings back my childhood lol. i really recommend getting it because there aren’t really that many glitches or problem that I can find, at least. it is worth the dollar you pay to play!

Best game ever!!!


Usually I don't write reviews but this is my favorite app ever ignore the bad reviews I got the app and the bad reviews where wrong the game updated and now it's ten times better not fuzzy or laggy just as fun as the computer version

Best game ever!


I love this game so much it is my go to!

blurry quality


quality was good now is horrible . everything is blurry



This is not related to freezeria, (don’t worry I have freezeria and I love it) but could you please make sushiria into a mobile game. I’ve been playing it on the website on my laptop and I would love it if it was a mobile game.


hints are life

i am obsessed. this game is addicting and i’m 13. keeps me occupied during the day 🤠🤠🤠🤠

Good and bad


Terrible graphics but game is still fun. Playing on pc is better.

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