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Papa's Freezeria To Go! app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Papa's Freezeria To Go! app an average rating of 4.23 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 2.4K ratings since its release on Jan 19 by Flipline Studios. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Papa's Freezeria To Go!?

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Rated 4.29 out of 5

2.4K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Papa's Freezeria To Go!


Pretty good game just pls have a way where you can turn off the music thank you

Where is the mini games?????

This game is good, but i wouldn't say its the best like the computer version because its missing the mini games. That is all i have to say

5 stars!

Love Flipline's games and they made a huge portion of me growing up on the internet. Of course, I brought some of the mobile games too. They're pretty good and considering Freezeria was one of their oldest games it lacks minigames and a couple of other things. I excuse this all because the game is old, so I don't expect everything to run smooth as butter. The controls are a bit weird, but you get used to it!

4 stars

I LOVED this game so so much I was past day 100 and I stopped playing for a little bit. I wanted to download it back and it got rid of all my progress. Still a great game though.


I truly love this game! When I heard you can play it on your phone i instantly purchased it! So worth .99$.


This game is AMAZING, cooking fun, and add free! Fast paced and they don't make you pay for other things. Totally worth every penny! Highly recommend for any age!

Papa’s freezeria

the game is okay it just looks a little old compared to the other papa games i’ve downloaded. a little low budget probably try to fix that and it’ll get better ratings 🤷🏾‍♀️


I loved playing Papa’s Freezeria as a kid, so I’m glad I’m able to play it again. Only complaint is the fact that you have to tap the cup for toppings like cherries or bananas to drop. There’s been too many times where I’ve tried to toggle between stations or even complete an order and it added another topping to the milkshake instead. I miss the drag and drop feature that the PC version had

Love these games

I absolutely love any Papa’s games. They’re all so much fun, this one included! But compared to the other games they have out, this one just doesn’t look or run as smoothly as the others. But it’s still an amazing game

Love this game sm

this is the best game just wish it was free

Featured for 4 years

Papa’s Freezeria to go became the most popular game for 4 years in a row, so it might be more popular by 2022 and future

Achievements and Decoration

I wish there was a place to see all of your collected achievements and ones you still need. Also, I wish we could place our own posters and other decorations.

More updates?

Loveee this game ever since I was a kid, but can yall pleaseee make an update to wear we can customize our character and customize how our shop looks as well? & would to have more than 6 customers too! Overall fun game though


It fine can you send me my money back

I can count the pixels

First of all I can’t believe you capitalist pigs would dare price this classic game when it was free for everyone in the internet. I impulsively bought this and I am very disappointed by the graphics quality. Just sad.

Could use some upgrades

The game is fun and all but it’s gets kinda boring and repetitive because you never get more than 6 customers per day so it doesn’t feel challenging or anything. And there’s no use in the money if you already bought everything.

wish i wasn’t the type of person who stops playing games after realizing u don’t get anywhere.

the game is fun but like…6 customers a day? it would be much more fun if as you progressed you got more customers. like 15 or something, make it a challenge.

so cool!

i loved this game on the computer but got this as an app so i could play it more often. i like the different layout of the game and think it’s very fun


i absolutely love this game. 10/10 would recommend

Needs graphic rework

Graphics and gameplay are not up to par with the original computer game or the other papas mobile games. Still super fun but just a little disappointed it wasn’t as detailed as the others


I really love this game I been playing it since high school but it’s something about this game that I really love and I enjoyed playing it

Update it

I loved this game!! I played this game since Elementary school. I love the other games as well. The game is a little old it would be so much better if it was updated. Please update the game soon!!! Please and thank you.

Brings back the memories

This game is fun! But the graphics need some help to get it crispier. Makes me feel like I’m Not wearing glasses while playing. Can’t wait to see them update and add things to the game !


I was so sad when they got rid of flash because i had been playing these games since 1st grade and am in 6th now. I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE THESE ON THE APP STORE!! I recommend buying 10/10

Needs an update

There’s no holidays, special recipes, deliveries, and the worst offense of all, you can’t customize your character. Why is this one so different from the others?

Alright quality

The quality is bad compared to the other papa’s games

A very addicting game

This game has so many new flavors that you can get (including toppings) AND that it is not very stressful like some other papa games.

Freezeria is Best

Best Gameria, idk why it’s just so fun

Best game in the series easily

This is the best one in the series (in my opinion at least) and it’s so fun making sundaes (I think?) and realizeing OH CRAP I USED PEANUTS INSTEAD OF CHOCOLATE BITS then serving it and them still not caring

Amazing ✨✨⭐️

I love every one of these games! I wish the freezeria had a custom worker option though like the other ones! But it is a really fun game for when your bored on a bus or at school or something!


This game gives me so much nostalgia, and I love it! But, I am very disappointed with the graphics. I paid for this game, and was disappointed to open it and see the way the graphics were.

Good game would be better if more levels were added

It would be so cool if more thing were added to shop and customizeable, and if there were more than 6 customers each level, diffrent locations hahah

It’s Good

It’s not the same as the old version but pretty similar

I really like this game

I really like this game and tbh I don’t really know why it is a dollar cheaper than all the other papas games but it is definitely worth it! I love serving all the customers and it is just a fun game to play in the car or whenever u get bored.

Overall good but..

These games make me so happy. The only two things I miss that is missing from this game is the difference holidays, more decor, etc. I just miss the mini details that made the game special. Thank you flip studios for creating my childhood.

It’s a good game but I need a refund.

This is such a good game but I really need a refund because years ago I bought this and it was a mistake.


it’s EXACTLY like the laptop game from the 2000s and there’s no ads SAME SOUNDTRACK AND TOPPINGS AND EVERYTHING 100/10 investment


I really like this game but where are the holidays? The other customers? And what is red relvet surup? But, I will say that if you have never played papas games this is a good game to start with! Along with the pivveria

This game is sooo fun

I love this game so much I used to play it when I was just a lintel kid and now I love it so much but I wish it could of had a little better graphics but still an awesome game.


When I first started playing this it’s really fun and easy in fact I’m doing good at getting some customers at perfect don’t why some people give this app a 4 star I don’t agree this is a 5 star

Needs more features

Loved this game so much when I played online and I still enjoy playing it but I wish there were more customization opportunities and store items. Once you get every upgrade available there’s kind of less incentive to play. Still fun though!

Great game but…

This a great game and brings back so many memories but I wish the quality would be a better.

All we want is hd

Hello I am a big fan of the papa’s series but I have only one request please bring papas freezaria hd on iPhone

Great Game!

Now that flash player has been dismissed I love that you can still play the apps love them!! Really fun and great way to pass time.


It’s just fun, I don’t see why people hate this I mean I know the quality is as good as other games but this is one of my favorite games

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