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Papa's Paleteria To Go! app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Papa's Paleteria To Go! app an average rating of 4.00 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 53 ratings since its release on Mar 24 by Flipline Studios. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Papa's Paleteria To Go!?

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45 Positive User Reviews for Papa's Paleteria To Go!


the best papas game just have to get the angle correct fr but other than that I love it !!

Gameplay is lacking

Always have loved these games but the core gameplay keeps getting mobile-ified. Every station is reduced to a slider and a timer.


This game is absolutely amazing! The treats are incredibly fun to make and while it isn’t very challenging, its still great! The only issue i see with this game is the topping section. No matter how perfect I tilt the paletta, it always says slightly off (Even with the guide tilt guide). I have played this game a lot and I really can’t wait to see what comes in the future. 😉

Overall Great!

This game is very fun and I love it so much! Just like all the other papa’s games it’s hard for them to miss! I like everything about the game so far except for the upgrade in the toppings area. When I got it I was a little bummed out since it doesn’t really help as much as I thought it would! I’m not sure if the paleta going over the lines making it hard to see is the problem or if maybe the game itself is just very picky about the angle but it’s really hard to get it right!


I just got the rank Better Than Papa which tops the “end” of the game and it’s amazing! Good music, good posters, good everything! If you haven’t tried it, try it if you have a few dollars dollars to spare!

best papa's game!

ive played almost every papa's game and this one is the best! there are many features that really set it apart from the rest, like the freeplay paleta truck. but one of the things i like the most is that the items affect more than just the waiting. like for example, if you have a rainbow gumball machine, it gives you a better score when using sprinkles. i know they have that in other games, but this one has way more items that give ingredient bonuses. even without that, its still better than any


I love this game! Maybe the next game could be a Smootheria? Or a Cookieria? Or maybe even a Souperia!

Fun and cool, minor issues

This is a very nice addition to the papas series having some of the most appealing visuals to look at. The fill and topping station is wonderful but the freeze station is missing something. I think it’s fine to have a simple station where something is just be cooked/baked/frozen but when I have to wait a long time in between orders with how this game is generally easier, I think it would be nice if you could do something like Pancakeria where you had to flip the pancake or in this case something

Thank you

Thank you for another amazing game keep it going 💜💜


i thought it would save my progress even if i delete it off my phone, made it up to rank 60 on plateria and bakeria and it deleted ALL MY PROGRESS 👎👎 so upsetting


I love papas games. I’ve been playing them since I was little and would sneak onto cool maths games on the computers at school and when I found out that they were making them in the App Store I was overjoyed. I Love these games and they’re relaxing for me and bring me back to my childhood, I’m in college and still play these games after studying for hours. The only thing I wish they would do is make these compatible so that your progress saves in the iCloud so you can play across devices instead

This might be one of the best papas games ever!

This game is so fun and i would totally recommend buying this game if its your first time playing a papas game its very fun and simple enough for a beginner to understand very well! I definitely recommend!!!


I have always been a fan of papa games, and this has got to be one of the best. It’s more simple, like the first one they released (but better quality), I mean there is nothing wrong with it! It’s perfect!


y’all ever since this game released I couldn’t stop playing it it’s so much fun. I wonder what other ones they come up with but this one got me glued on my device!

Outstanding Game! One thing though!

This is an outstanding game, as it is complex but easy to get the hang of with all the challenges of working at the Paleteria! One thing I would recommend is that when you completely mess up a customers order, with almost the worst scores ever, the customer should hop over the counter and start beating your character up, and after that a cutscene plays where your character is recovering in the hospital and the customer is cracking their knuckles outside the window with a malicious stare. Very gr

Make a seafood Papas game!

I love Papa’s games I play them all the time love the new one Please make a Papa’s Seafood game!

i love the game it just needs some improvements

I’ve always loved these games so much since i was a kid but this one has an issue, whenever i’m adding toppings the scoring is way too precise. Specifically the toppings that are added at an angle. I get like a 70 because the sprinkles were a little off.

First papas game 👁👁😝

This is the first papas game i’ve actually downloaded, in my opinion it’s very easy. I found myself getting bored and having to lowkey force myself to play this.. Other than that, I do like it. It’s very aesthetically pleasing and it’s fun putting on the toppings, etc. Its just I wish it was a bit more challenging. 🙃


Glad to see another Papa’s game again and it’s wonderful to play I wonder what will be next 🍭🍬 maybe a candy making game?


my game keeps glitching for some reason


i loooove 😍😍

I love it!

i am a huge fan of all of the Papa’s games, but this one might just be one of my favorites. it is very unique, and has great gameplay! I would definitely recommend buying! :)

Great game

Very simple and fun would like more papa games to be playable on Mac since this one is.


I love this game so much :) I always play it during class.😭💜

Really fun and entertaining!

This game is really fun and different from the other flipline games. I like the new additions, such as the food truck and where you can see what you did wrong on the order. The only thing i would change is that the topping grading is very particular

Super chill game (literally)

Another banger from Matt and Tony. It’s worth my $2 every time. I love these silly little games.


If I use the white chocolate dip instead of the marshmallow thing I will lose it

Fun but not as much fun as the others

I was so happy to see another game by flipline. Unfortunately in my opinion this one is kinda…bland. I mean I’m just making a popsicle and decorating it. Idk, I had more fun making sushi, chicken sandwiches, and grilled cheeses. This one didn’t hit.

Angling is ridiculous

A typical papa game with no issues other than the last steps for angling the popsicle for toppings. It will take off points even if its half a degree off. And the dial upgrade for it doesnt help either


Definitely worth the $2!! So addictive and literally can not stop playing. PLEASE CONTINUE TO MAKE MORE, IDC WHAT THE TOPICS ARE JUST MAKE MORE!! These are literally my childhood and so fun! Definitely worth the money. So easy for offline or just relaxing.

Never stop the papa’s franchise!

I’m 20 and this is a blast!! Grew up with papa’s and I think these refreshed vibrant new papa’s games are so much fun. I love how every new game has a different difficulty level, but all still fun. Mocharia being the hardest, cluckeria medium, and this is easy! The only thing missing is Jacksmith.. 😔


I love this game but it would be great if you could make them like they are on iPad


Been play for a bout a few years on the Coolmathgames website, just got news a few weeks ago and been so addicted to it, already on Halloween and only been playing for 2 weeks.

Fun but theres one bug thats kind of annoying.

The game is so fun and definitely worth the money, theres just one bug thats really inconvenient. It occurs when i put multiple paletas in the freezer. When i take a new order or give someone their order, the paletas that were already in the freezer all disappear and i end up having to remake them all. Thats the only bug i’ve run into so far, other than that the game is awesome.

fun so far but…

i wish i didn’t have to have two separate saves on my phone and ipad. can you guys add icloud save support? that would be so awesome


This is my childhood game and I am happy you are still making games.

The most fun I’ve had with the series in a long time!

I’m a huge fan of all the Papa’s games, and I believe they all bring something unique to the table. That being said, I feel that some are a bit stronger than others in terms of gameplay, and lately it seems that it has slowly been getting more tedious and less fun with newer installations. But this game turned it all around and checked all the marks. Solid gameplay, comfortable controls, just the right amount of fast-paced pressure, and of course with every installment, great graphics and music.

Great app

I absolutely love all of the papas games they are so amazing and so fun

Papa’s Paleteria

The game is so fun!!! I hope you can make a boba tea version in the future thank you for making my childhood game still playable

Absolutely fun

Best papa’s game ever created, papa makes my juices flow with this game 😊

Love it! But the angles are everything 😭

In the new game they have a section where they tell you what you did wrong on the order and it makes me feel like I’m not treating everyone good enough 😭 I love all the characters of the game and always go for the 100% for everyone, but this game makes me feel bad when I get the angle wrong by 1 degree. Love the game, but it makes me upset emotional (might just be me) But thank you Matt and Tony I love you both from the bottom of my heart 🙏💜


I was waiting for a new game to try I have like 6 games from Flipline Studios and I absolutely love this game!!! 🍦🍧10/10 they made a great job with this game.

Very fun and exciting!

This game is super fun and it’s addicting, I was waiting for this game for months and it has finally came out and it’s very cool!! I like the new customer animations and the topping animations! The freeplay mode is also a nice and fun feature just like in Cluckeria, the molds are very unique and the fillings/ingredients look great and yummy! (I personally love the Vanilla Wafers filling) Thanks Flipline for your hard work and dedication for creating this masterpiece!

i ❤️ flip line studios

I grew up in the 2010s and constantly played Papa’s games on coolmath at school 😭 when they started not working on school devices i was DEVASTATED to say the least. Now I have an iPad and this is the first Papa’s game I decided to buy because of all the rave. it is SOOOO worth it!!! I really thought it was overrated but decided to give it a try and I am so happy I did!!! It is currently Sunday night, I bought the game Friday night and I’m already on Rank 24, Day 44, and on the 3rd holiday. I lov

Love this game

I’ve been waiting for a new game to come out. I love it and I’m so happy it did. Maybe for another idea game you guys make a cake baking game, these are so fun, I used to play them all on my computer, now I have them all on my iPad. Just truly amazing fun games.

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