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Papa's Taco Mia To Go! app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 7 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Papa's Taco Mia To Go! app an average rating of 3.95 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 251 ratings since its release on Jan 19 by Flipline Studios. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Papa's Taco Mia To Go!?

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Rated 3.87 out of 5

251 global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Papa's Taco Mia To Go!

iPad users, DO NOT BUY!

If you have an iPad, DON’T BUY! Instead, look for Papa’s Taco Mia HD! Game is still fun, just low quality. Otherwise, for an iPhone, this is your fun Flipline Studios game 👍🏻👍🏻

doesn’t look very good

i love all of the papas to go games but this one compared to others is in need of a big update 🙏🏼

Bad Graphics

I’ve played every papas game, and was excited to try this one however, the bad graphics are hard to get past. Quality is blurry and hard for me to look at tbh. A shame, I hope they update this game soon. Also for those who care , you cannot customize your own worker

Classic Game but Terrible Graphics

This game has been out for years and they even updated it with the chips station which is great and all but the graphics are very low quality and grainy for a mobile game. It blurs my vision so much these graphics really need an update!!

All Flipline games

I own all of the flipline studio games and this is one of their older ones, so it’s eh. But i highly recommend any of their recent games.


Game is just as fun as it was when i played it at school, nostalgic and definitely worth playing on my end.

nice game

this is a really good game, however the quality is cooked. would def rate 5 stars if the quality was a bit better

Great game just a request

I love this game actually all papas games in fact I’ve been playing them for to be honest I’m not sure how long but for as long as I can remember at this point I love this taco one as tacos are one of my favorite foods but it’s a bit like blurry almost maybe just a quick like screen update it’s just kind bothering with everything being stuffy the way it is

This game is so freaking cool!

My candidate would kick Mexican tacos, small chips and bigger dips!

Game quality???!!!!

This game is so fun, and has amazing gameplay. But why is the quality so bad. Ive noticed that most of the other papa’s games have good quality, but this one is noticeably worse. Developers, can you please make the quality a little better? And maybe make the game fit the screen instead of having a black bar at the top and bottom of my screen? That would make this game worthy of 5 stars. Thanks!

Needs New Graphics

Before I start, I am aware this game is quite old, but I still feel the need for enhanced graphics. The developers have updated the game so much ever since the release, and still have not updated the grachics. 🙁 I adore this game but it just needs a little touch up.

i love the game but please fix the quality

awesome game, but please fix the quality!! :((

Please Update!!

One of my favorite games as a kid I love that it still feels like TacoMia but I believe it deserves an update where it’s like the other apps you have the graphics need a little touch up.


I absolutely love this game and I’m almost an adult already but I cant stop playing it would be so much fun if this was multiplayer playing this with friends online would be an amazing option for this game!!!

good game but please fix the game quality

i love the game so much but papa’s can you guys fix the game quality to HD please :(

Great little game

Always fun, great to kill time. We need an update on this game though, to give it some more of the new features flipline’s other games have, specifically custom workers and a wardrobe to purchase for them.

Not bad of a game

This game is pretty good I don’t mind the graphics since it’s one of the oldest game in the series and I love how you add the chip station for the mobile version just to add abit to the game


I like the game but can you update the graphics please

fun game but...

i love the game and all but, can they make this game like the other newest games? clear and all? faster too...?

Audio is hideous

Is there something wrong with my phone? The sounds and audio where absolutely horrible. Other than that it’s pretty fun, 😕ᖴI᙭ Tᕼᗴ ᗩᑌᗪIO!!

Everything’s great except resolution

The game is super fun. I love all the upgrades that have been added that the PC game never had, especially the chip station/specials. My one complaint is that the resolution is kinda blurry and the sound is a little muffled.

Beest game eeeveerrr

Dood play dis game eet izzz da beeeest u geeet toooo make yummy tacos yeeeet I ❤️ tacos papa Louie gonna put Taco Bell outta business Yeeeet

Great game!

Love all of the Papa games. This one does not disappoint.


Make Papa's Hot Doggeria an mobile app, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeee


I ended up deleting it.. I think Sushiria is way better. Anyway, when your making food and then a customer comes I'm you don't even know 'cause you don't notice the green dot blinking...


I love the game one if the best. Plz make more


This game is amazing definitely worth 2$ I would love to be able to play cheeseria and hot doggeria on my phone but I still love this game!!!!

It's awesome but has a bug

When ever I complete day 15 and then after playing some more I stopped on day 17 rank 10 but when I got off my phone and back on I had to do day 15 again so developer please fix that

Fun but

The screens keep opening and closing unexpectedly. Same happened with another one too. So all you can do is restart game because after screens open and close multiple times, customers orders are blank. It's fun when it works though.

Great game but some bugs...

First of all this game is fantastic. But there are some bugs like when I go to a station the order doesn't show up. But still fantastic game and keep up the good work!!

it’s okay

you guys should update it so it can fit iphone X screen size and you should make it the same as the computer version, but overall it’s not bad


I love this game, I just wish it fit my iPhone screen! Please update!

The costumers

Your game is good but the costumers are mean. I’m all ways getting like 50-60%.

Great game, minor issue

I love playing this game, but I constantly have to restart it because it’ll freeze a lot

Please bring more games to iPhone

I love these games but please bring more of them like Pastaria to iPhone and stuff like that

Great but

Pls Change the crafting station like the pc version

Papas Cheesaria


Tacoooos 😍

TacoMia was always one of my favorites. I’m so glad it’s on mobile!! But what I’m really waiting for is Sushiria on mobile on mobile or iPad. It’s my favorite & I want to be able to play it whenever! Pleaseee!! 💛💛💛

7 Negative User Reviews for Papa's Taco Mia To Go!

Poor quality

The quality of this game is poor. I play a few other papa games and their qualities are great. In this game I can’t even read what is on the tickets. It’s so bad.

My Review

I remember playing this game since when I was a kid. But when i bought and downloaded the game it was blurry and the whole game was not clear. It was hard to concentrate on it and uncomfortable to the eyes. Please fix this problem.

price for quality??

i’ve bought most of the papas games and all of the $1.99 ones are high quality except this one. it’s grainy and completely lacking the updated look and feel of all the rest of them. it’s only $1.99 but feels like a ripoff tbh. disappointed :(


so i downloaded this game because i thought it would be as fun as the freezeria. yet i got it, do exactly what the order was, and get 50% on the chips!! everything was sort of pixelated. wouldn’t recommend.


The others are better like the Cupcakeria and the Freezeria

Not as good as the iPad or PC version

It leaves out many of the features of the PC versions.

new updates

I think the papas games need more updates to fit the newer phones. For Example the sound and quality.

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