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Path of Titans app recently received 40 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Path of Titans app an average rating of 4.20 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 6.9K ratings since its release on Mar 24 by Alderon Games Pty. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Path of Titans?

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Rated 4.30 out of 5

6.9K global ratings

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40 Positive User Reviews for Path of Titans

Grow faster

Great game and all but the only thing I wish is that it didn’t take so much quests to reach different growth stages. I wish it was self growth where you didn’t have to do these dum and very annoying quests.PLEASE include this n the new update PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You, please let me know. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Howwwwwwwwww REaD tHiS PLEASE

HOW HOW HOW do I BUY the SPINO pack?

100% Free To Play

This mobile game is a 100% free to play no money will buy you power it’s all on survival an strategy. Basically you pick your dinosaur an start from hatching an grow as you complete missions to survive to become an adult. There nothing like it when your eating or drinking you hear an adult dinosaurs roar an say Ohhhh that’s a T-Rex coming. Oh an yes you can battle it out with any dinosaur. The Goal Is To Survive.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the game but…

You really need to care about mobile players more bc these pc/console players have more updates bc they have the new campto and mobile hasn’t got it


I love this game so much.It’s so incredibly realistic and so fun. The only this is you don’t really know where everyone else in the game is, so you’re just kind of wandering around hoping to find another dinosaur. Other than that I definitely recommend!!


I mean it’s amazing how it’s still in beta it’s good graphics so many animals that are in the game and Evan on PS4 there’s mods


Es muy difícil es juego pónganlo más fácil para crecer porfa

Is it possible to get refunds?

Hello, I want to ask if I could get a refund for the wild dinosaur pack? The dinos are pretty good but they’re just not the ones, If could get a refund could I get an email ASAP? Thank you for your time and great game!


I love this game so much, but I can’t even play the new update because of personal reasons and now I used to be able to play the game without updating it,but now I cant. So I try and download it on my ps4 yet path of the Titans don’t even show up when I search it and now I’m not even sure if you can get this review because I haven’t updated it.

Doesn’t let me update

I am trying to go to panjura but they say update when I go to the App Store it doesn’t let me update.

Good, but graphics could stand to be updated

The models are pretty good but the terrain didn’t get that same treatment.


We want prehistoric mammals plz and big snake

I got to say something

So I bought the Jurassic game-pass and I make a dinosaur let’s just throw in allosaurus it doesn’t show the color I made it. it makes it like some weird default Color thing and that is not just with allosaurus it is with every single dinosaur in the game that I bought can you plz fix this bug I will report it too if you don’t see this review.

Controller support

Hello love the game can you please add controller support for mobile

This game is awwwwesome, but-

I like the graphics. The play style, and that you can like live like a dinosaur, fight, and run like it. But the main issue is that a lot of people don't play the game. So you just wonder around doing like nothing. But starve to death, or be lucky and find food(if your a carnivore). But other than that this game is a good hame. And would recommend it to a friend.

Very good, just a little pet peeves

I like the game, it’s very good, exciting even. But i don’t really like that fact that you have to do quests to grow. I would very much prefer it if you would either eat and drink to grow over time or just grow over time in general, kinda like the isles. I do how ever like the fact that the world is very large, and spacious. And there very good varieties of the dinosaurs. The path of titans is a pretty good game i would recommend if you like slow pace games


I love this game so much!! You should make it backbone compatible.

Very good

When I started downloading this game I thought it would be terrible but when I got it my opinion changed. This game is realistic, fun, has accurate dinosaurs, and so much more. My only problem with it is it needs more dinosaurs but I will 100% make videos on this game.


The game itself is good, but it doesn’t have a tutorial on how to get coins, I am guessing it’s kinda p2w game, a daily reward would be great.

it’s good

so good i love ot but make it where all dinosaurs are free

Way better

Got way better with gondawa added and air ocean animals

Amazing but I’ll like to suggest things

Look this game is the best dino survival game out their but I’ll like to suggest some things Number one: is that you can have a nest (only for players that are playing as a female) and invite players to become the dino your playing as.once the egg is about to hatch. Number two: more ocean and land stuff. There are a few npc you can hunt for food but what about that larger Npcs that can attack would add more when your in single player. So that’s basically it that I want added but overal

Best game

I love this realistic game


Its a very fun game just kinda stupid that when you play a smaller dinosaur you can get killed with one bite by another dino, and the fact it spawns you extremely far away from where you were in the first place is just kinda annoying.

A few things that need to be fixed

why do I Spahn on the edges of the map please tell me andWhenever you accidentally kill yourself why does it take away your age and I think you need to grow overtime not doing missions

Add a guest mode

Not only did I try again and again to log in or sign up but it’s so annoying to repeat the same thing even tho is right so pls add a guest mode so people like me don’t have to suffer making a account.

It’s better than the isle

It just way better


It alright I just hate that u only get small creatures for free and most of the good ones cost money conveanator used to be free but that was changed. PLEASE MAKE MORE DINOSAURS FREE . I might just delete because to much things cost money 😡😡 anyways great graphics

Aside from glitchiness and lag..

Do not select an herbivore on (iOS) unless you want to waste time getting mission that are impossible to complete. About 50% of the missions I get for me herbivore can not be completed because the items to complete the mission do not spawn. Most missions only pay 40-50 for my herbivore for some reason. I can play all day and make barely any progress. Because of this, game play for herbivore is not very enjoyable. May delete soon.

I’m gonna be honest

Y’all have to fix this time out stuff man I’m just trying to play a game with my wife and we both enjoy this game very much but we get a Dino half way done and we get kicked off and can’t join back

Dinosaurs with a backbone

Awesome game but we need some Backbone support that way I can play on my lunch break at work

I can’t start

I was excited to play but it would not let me join I just kicked me out?? Can you fix it?

Good but..

I hate that you have to pay for things and it’s a awesome game awesome graphics but I wish I could get Spinosaurus and I wish I could get the full game. BUT AWSOME GAME


I think the game should have more free dinosaurs to play as so you can play with your favorite dinosaurs.

Do it

Add scent for carnivores,for now it is so easy to die because spawns of ai are small too, also PLEADE ADD PASSIVE GROWTH ON MAIN SERVERS I BEG OF YOU

Ehhh 1 star

I loved the game at first but then I asked someone how to get the coins to get the Dino packs… And they said you needed to spend REAl money and that was the only way!!!😡😡😡 This got me mad so I deleted it. So if you read this please make another way to get those coins. FYI I put 5 stars so it would be read.

Three stars why one word GROWTH

The models are great sure they starter pack isn’t the best but I bought all dinosaurs that’s not the problem it’s growth WHY?, Why not be a normal fun dinosaur game where it will take time to grow NOT GUESTS it’s not fun for anyone that’s the only problem it would be cool if it took time out of my day to grow a dinosaur I can play for hours I don’t care but I’m not about to go running around as a SARCO doing quest to grow and if you not gonna change how you grow,up the growth points it’s litera

I would give this game 10 stars if you could

The creators know how to make the scenery look good but there is one problem it’s very laggy overall I recommend this to anyone who does not have a console or PC to buy it if you are obsessed with dinosaurs like me then Play this game! But I wish you didn’t have to spend money to get dinosaurs but it still alright


So I logged on path of titans and I soon as my eye went to the upcoming update I almost passed out I always wanted you guy to add it on consoles and a tyrannosaurus thank goodness you guys are working on that and path of titans is my favorite dinosaur game so far

Good game but needs a little bit more fixing

It’s a really good game but all it needs is a little better graphics and there needs to be a swimming mechanic

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