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Piano Tiles 2™: Fun Piano Game app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Piano Tiles 2™: Fun Piano Game app an average rating of 4.13 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 48K ratings since its release on May 24 by Kooapps. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Piano Tiles 2™: Fun Piano Game?

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Rated 4.20 out of 5

48K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Piano Tiles 2™: Fun Piano Game

Love it

Been playing this game since I was little and I loved it ever since. It’s a good game with good songs to play.

The best game

The game is awesome I keep on seeing games that look so fun that are just like it but they cost money this is one I can finally get and it is super fun I’ve been playing for almost a year and it’s the best game I have ever had definitely a must get but there is a lot of adds that is the only flaw 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Love it



This game has been a staple in my life, and nothing has been able to truly top it. My childhood would never have been the same without this game.

Ad Problem

I don’t mind ads, but there is simply way too many in this game. Not only that, but every time I get an ad, the game doesn’t have sound afterwards. I’ll close out of the ad and then can’t hear the game at all. It doesn’t matter if I turn up my volume or turn my ringer off and on, the sound doesn’t come back until I clear out the app and then open it again, and that’s super frustrating if you watched an ad to get revived, because then you can’t even hear the music until you clear out the app and


Idk game was awesome like deadass but now it’s like I can’t even purchase a singular song with diamonds to play because “the connection failed” I can literally be right next to my wifi router and it still won’t work Honestly either they fix it or I’m just not playing it anymore

Not so bad

This game is not so bad the thing that I personally don't like is that when you want to play a song and play the game it will take away a heart and I do not like that and that is why I'm giving this game a 3 star rating.


There is a glitch in this game because I click on the right tiles but it keeps clicking on the wrong tiles, pls there is a ghost in my game, pls fix it.

Good, but…

The game is fun and all but THERES TO MANY ADS. Finish a song, AD, go to shop, AD, THERES ADS EVERYWHERE

Amazing but plz take away the ads 🐱🌸🌙⭐️🌈

Great app but the ads are kind of annoying bc I do not like ads they are annoying but everything else is amazing Im 10 years old -Kittymoon10🌸🌙🐱


My sister and me are pros at this game we love it,I sneak away in my bedroom to Play it, I almost don’t wanna put it away!

Not as good as it used to be

I don’t know what it is but this game is fun but it has way too many ads

Piano tiles 2

Put back Dance Of The Dragon Fly and Spirits Of The Wetlands.

Amazing game even years later

I loved this game a long time ago, and ended up deleting it probably because i lost interest eventually, but it is still amazing. i noticed a big increase in ads though, which annoyed me a bit, but the songs were wonderful and gave me feelings of nostalgia. one of my favorite games ever

Great app

I love the app. The only thing is there are so many ads. Like everytime i try to exit or play theres an ad. Likeeeee…

Piano tiles 2

As a music major this is one of the best apps I love to play.

Log into account

I love this game and I’ve had it on different devices for years. I have a new phone and I can’t log into my account anymore. I purchased different songs throughout the years and I’m disappointed I can’t access it.

Great game but some errors

I love this game. I downloaded it recently on my new phone knowing I loved it from my old phone, but I can’t seem to recover my progress by logging into my Facebook account. The option seems to have disappeared.

read this please ❤️

The ads are all too much and the glitches make it impossible to play, but the game is great to play


I used to love this game and decided to revisit it but unless you pay 5$ you’re stuck with ads after EVERY SINGLE SONG it’s horrible and the songs aren’t even very long they’re at least like 30 seconds so at the beginning it’s just ads every 30 seconds

Awesome! But one thing…

This game is amazing! Great quality, and great music! But, as you can see in a picture, it says enjoy greatest new hits. But that is not true, as there is no new hits. :( But other than that, this game is amazing so I definitely recommend it!


This game has my favorite video

Its a great game i love it

Its a cool game i love it its so fun but i get Frustrated esealy but thats me not the game


Piano tile is a really fun game and you don’t need Wi-Fi to play it but it’s just like any other average game it just stays the same there’s nothing that makes it truly stand out

Great game but…

This game is amazing and I love it, but the one main problem is that you can’t search songs to play. I would give this game 5 stars if it weren’t for this one problem. Hope this gets fixed.


Why I can’t login to my Facebook again??

good game

bit laggy and annoying ads might buy it overall makes me giggle and kick my legs when i get 3 crowns on a speedy song also the blonde girl w a pony tail is cute

Overall an amazing game

This is a super fun, original game. I was so disappointed to see stuff like magic tiles 3 because it’s an absolute ripoff of this game, which this game is way better.


i love this game so much but the ads are extremely annoying. i just recently re-downloaded the game and every time i miss a tile and i click on the ad option to revive myself, it freezes and deletes my progress.

The game is great so far!

This game is cool really fun also I play this game all the time that’s how much I love this game it’s soo good even tho it has ads it’s still amazing thank you Piano Tiles 2 for making me entertained!

Pretty good

Great game I totally recommend it i used to play it all day but I stoped and started again I had to re do the levels but over all great game

Great game, but…

What happened to the Alan Walker music? Please add it back.

There is no sound

Love the game. But for some reason there is no sound when playing. When the ads come on, I can hear it. But when I actually play the game I can’t hear anything. I had tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but it’s still the same issue.

Good but…

There is too much ads and it wastes my time so can you remove the ads that happen when your done?

Great at first but…

Maybe there’s a bug but there’s no sound when you play. There’s sound when ads are playing though.


Please fix bug ad not available

Best rhythm game

Best game I played I use to play this back a few years ago and now I’m trying it again and it is still as fun as I remember play this game every day now epic game good job developers!!

Fun but way too many ads

As the titles says, the game itself is fun but the non stop barrage of ads after every little thing you do gets frustrating

Too many adds

The only thing wrong with the game is all the adds take some out!

It's good but 1 Minor bug

I love it don't get me wrong it's amazing and stuff, but the one thing that bothers me is when you get a snowflake boost or whatever it's called. it doesn't work can somebody tell me if it's normal or a bug.

Great game!

I love this game! I play this game everyday, but there are a lot of ads! I really enjoy this game so I put up with the ads, but if u have zero patience for ads this is not the game for u.😁✌️

Super beautiful game

This game is so awesome I’ve played this game for a three years


It has lots of ads and it doesn’t really have the famous songs that non-pianists could easily recognize but I mean i think it would be also better if it added anime songs too and if they do I think more people may download it

Very crazy!

So when you see the colorful buttons on the bottom if you go in order it sings the alphabet!

I love this game!

This game works like a charm! I love how you don’t need internet for it. Also it is very entertaining! Thanks!

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