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Love it but it needs to be updated

love the art style it’s exactly like my little pony but it hasn’t had an update in years..honestly it just needs more hairs and more poses :)

Pretty fun :]

Thoroughly enjoyable. While I don’t play it daily or even weekly I always have a good time when I use it. I mainly use it for oc inspo and love to randomize them, however I could easily see using them for straight up ocs! While it hasn’t been updated in 6 years and I don’t expect one, it’d be awesome to have more accessories and patterns!

Let us make are own pose

The game will be better for we ca make are own pose but the game is still cool so maybe if we can make own pose or maybe that can be a update?


I ain’t EVER going back to Ohio. That place is AWFULL. Never go to mf Ohio.

Love it but it needs to be updated

love the art style it’s exactly like my little pony but it hasn’t had an update in years..honestly it just needs more hairs and more poses :)

Needs more hair styles

Can you make hair styles that are from the actual mlp show I’m trying to make characters that have flowing hair just like in the mlp show and can you make our ponies be able to have rainbow manes like rainbow dash can you just make all multi colored manes from the show available in this game in general thanks

Good but…


The mane & tail style

There should be a button to make your own Hairstyle or to make your own body designs and accessories other from that it’s a good game 👍🏼

Needs more hair styles

Can you make hair styles that are from the mlp show


I got a virus from the devian art (don't know how to spell) a few years ago (th computer from the early 2000s) so this a better alternative

Do a new update

Add parts form the tv show and v3 and the computer version please

This is a great app!

I love this app it’s better then the laptop one it has more backgrounds and more whoever made this version of pony creator thanks! 🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍

Missing manes and tails no posing

I’m so happy this moved onto an app I was crushed when it I wasn’t able to get it on the computer but it’s missing some of my favorite manes and tails from the original online versions and posing was another thing I liked and am missing 🥲

Needs posing

So I like this game a lot but I really want to be able to repose my character and be able to do more with her. 2. Needs more mane and tail options.3 more accessories

Love it but needs updating

More cutie marks and hair plzzzzz

Very good... but Android version is better

My friend has the Android version of this, and you can upload your own Cutie Mark into it. I don’t see any section to do that in the iOS version, and I am disappointed about that

Must get

This game can. Be used for eney harsh time when needed

I love this but...

This app is great! But it need only at least ONE upgrade!!! All I want is so that you can have two ponies in a scene or whatever... this is great though! PLEASE MAKE TWO PONIES IN ONE SCENE!!!!!! 😄

Love add some things

I love this game so much plz add some more horns and some more wings and more hair like rainbow dash hair styles plz add this stuff🦄🐴🦄🐴🐴🦄🦄🐴🐴🐴🦄🦄🐴🐴🦄🦄

4.9/5 stars

The only thing that I think this is missing are more cutie marks,(ones from background ponies in the show for example.) Other than that, it’s perfect!

Cutie Marks Aren’t Here

I don’t like that this lacks cutie mark importation like the original had, if anything, without the poses, this would be a downgrade in my opinion. Can you try to add in cutie marks soon? Either that or I would like a refund.




This app is amazing and encourages creativity. There’s just one thing. Since the app is modeled after My Little Pony maybe add some other creatures. But overall, splendid app.


3 things 1. More hats, More Tattoos, More mane styles, more of everything 2. More pony parts please 3. Mind doing different creatures so we could create our own hybrid creatures please? Thanks love this app good job.

Needs more hair

I NEED RAINBOW DASH HAIR and I would want other ones but you get the point

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