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The filter templates are all pretty

It's really easy to use. I hope I will do better and better. I will always support it. Come on, come on, come on

A great photo editing tool, sisters must try it! The repair is super delicate and super beautiful!

Easy to use, must be five stars

I love this built-in filter so beautiful

Even plain makeup can create a natural makeup. Quick Art has its own unique aesthetic and taste.

I think it's OK. It's really easy to use!

Amazing  ‌​  


Even people who are not good at taking pictures can edit beautiful pictures with this app. I really like it! It's so beautiful-,​

‌I just downloaded it and found it to be quite easy to use-convenient and practical. Overall it is satisfactory.!

All aspects are fully functional and very practical. I think it is amazing and powerful. I will continue to use it in the future. I hope it will get better and better!

Very good software ~ can show a lot of different styles ~ is very different from other pictures, I like this software and this style very much, I like this software very much! I like this software very much.

It has a lot of professional image processing. There are so many beautiful filters to beautify your photos! I will continue to use it in the future

For me who used retouching software for the first time, the effect was simply amazing! The puzzle function is also good, there are many popular elements, so surprising-

I especially like to record the stories of traveling and experiencing with my family with photos. With this app, I feel that my memories have become more beautiful! It's really great.


Ternence Sawyers

Good software. Many different styles can be created, which is completely different from other photo editing software. I like this kind of software and style!

It's so easy to use! I usually use it as a pi picture or as a wallpaper. It's so easy to use, it doesn't take up memory, and it downloads quickly!

Beauty ~ Makes people feel that time is going back, full of confidence and back to the most beautiful time... You ~ worth having

Help me solve the problem that cannot be resolved. Five-star praise

From then on, life has a sense of existence, ritual and happiness...

Very good, make up for the lack of original photos, make the pictures more beautiful and beautiful.

There are more and more functions, but I can’t learn~

Powerful      ‍ 


Thanks to the Quick Art team for creating such a good platform, which allows me to be more beautiful and show my better side. I will keep using it and share it with others around me.

This app is really good, it's easy to use, and it looks good when photographed.

Is already an indispensable part of life

After using this software for a long time, I really like it! I really like this very much, and my face was originally fat, but after using it up, my face became very good-looking, even friends said I was very good-looking!

Colorful and I like it more and more

The pretense is very simple, you can see it, it is really easy to use-I am a boy to comment,everyone should know how fun this app is. !

Downloaded by my friend Amway-this app is really cool-the filters are super cute. Don't want the beautiful. Can fully satisfy the girl's heart~,

Recommended to me by a friend, I think it’s good at first sight-I hope I can continue to work hard

Super invincible and easy to use! Very good, there are many beauty filters. There are many stickers to choose from. !

Praise​    ‌


The setting is very scientific, convenient to use, and good for retouching and beautifying

First of all, this software is very smooth and satisfactory to use, with almost no shortcomings (in terms of retouching), especially the filters, which are very real and very appropriate, which I like.

Well, all the functions required by the basic p-picture are available, easy to use and easy to use!

Beauties must edit pictures! I really love it!

It's great, it's so easy to use, and the stickers look great, it's great! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Nowadays, the retouching is basically inseparable from the wake-up picture, which is fully functional and very user-friendly. I have used it for a long time. It does have many advantages.

Variety of stickers are provided, and you can use all the stickers after subscribing, which is very good.

This editing app leaves a lot of room for my design, and any design is very beautiful.

Larry T


App is alright just trying it out for now.

Powerful      ‌

Abul alaim BhuKyan

Very easy to use, complete and fine-tuned, a must-have artifact for Internet celebrities.

As the title, it is especially practical and easy to use, simple operation and great effect

The legend of the retouching session! Not an exaggeration at all! Face repair, light source changes, filters, and functions are all very powerful. It's fun and easy to use.

It's still being explored, so it's natural to retouch the picture. A very good app

From the app store, it's very good and powerful, it's easy to color, and the filters are beautiful and easy to use. I especially like a photo retouching app, five stars! ! ! ! ! Praise! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Great! There are a lot of details that can be dealt with! Praise

The details are in place and the functions are very powerful

1 I feel great 2 I feel that the adjustments are more detailed, and the charges are reasonable and very practical

The software is still good. Since I learned it, most of the p-pictures have basically used this. It is natural to fix it. I hope that it will be better and better. If there are no bugs, it will still be used.

The basic content is enough to make me look good

The software function is relatively powerful, which is different from other software retouching logic, not one-sided big eyes, sharp chin

In fact, I downloaded this software very early and deleted it later, but now I download it again, because I really think this software is good and very good.

There are many software filters that are very convenient and good to use, and they are still acceptable to members.

Whether it’s retouching or color grading, it always performs very well. I hope this app can get better and better

Very good, you can learn it by yourself, powerful.

It's easy to use and recommend to friends.

Now I think it is easier to use than other software! After taking pictures every day, come here to retouch the pictures! Good health!

It's really easy to use. Various stickers and photo editing are very nice.

I personally like this software very much

It's great, it's so easy to use, and the stickers look great, it's great! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I hope there are more stickers and filter fonts I love you

Great! ! ! Recommended for a lifetime! ! !

I love this game


It’s the best i’ve ever played 10 out of 10

Make sure!


I downloaded this and was not satisfied with the results. I then checked the billing and they had auto-set to auto renew after the trial. Kinda sneaky

Cartoon fan

Squishy Boy

I love all the animated stuff out there that is easy to use. This app is fun. I am a fan.

I downloaded (subscribed) and canceled the subscription on the same day. This was during the trial period. Why did you take $21.64 out o my account. Please reimburse. Also the email address lIsted for you company is not valid.



It’s good but it’s needs more beautiful or crazy art

I signed up for a free trial and this app charged me for 24$. I’m not sure what to do now or what number to call so I’m writing it here in hopes that someone from the company will reach out.

Car j’ai pas encore essayé merci



Big time scam no free trial pics look like regular IG filters all the positive reviews are fake don’t fall for it

Soo many ads.


can only do 4different filters for free, no cartoon sketch as advertised

FAKE APP!!!!!!!

Amanya Sreejith

this is all fake it is asking for lots of money plz don't download this app.....

Ripped me off !


Support ! I want my refund please

Great & fun filters


At least this app. Allows you to try the filters before purchasing. Fun and interesting filters.

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