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Upset customer


Waste of money. Wasn’t even an hour till I got my first Robo call

I’m getting about six spam calls daily. I love RoboKiller!!

Poor Disclosure

Ceb Rider TRE

They don’t tell you that their is a fee to use the app and service until you download it and register.

Blocks out most robo/spam calls! About 95 per cent of calls are blocked and the phone doesn’t ring when the call is being blocked I have had this for over a year and it is well worth the money!

Love This App!


This app catches all of those annoying robo calls. Not to mention the spam calls. Great investment!!

Awesome app!!


Gave me the best laugh in awhile everyone should be using this.

Overall good to block most of the scam robot calls. however, can not efficiently block the number start with 800, even i put the number in the block list

Cannot activate


I get repeated “could not activate at this time” messages despite having conditional call forwarding enabled. I tried all three alternate configuration numbers also and they succeeded also but it still says it can’t activate.

I don’t usually write reviews, but the latest update is fantastic. The app is definitely more streamlined and simplified. I also appreciate the call screening feature.

Not very happy with your update. It does not load. I am running latest IOS 13 with with X1. So now I am unprotected

Can’t really say your app blocks unwanted calls when my phone still rings. Yes I followed you installation instructions.

It did a great job of catching spam but also took messages for calls I wanted to get and I didn’t know the people had called. Unless you are willing to check every day for missed messages, watch out.

The app worked before they changed it so you have to buy a plan to actually stop spam calls

I I don’t know why I’m paying for a service that still allowing these scamming, spamming & spoof calls to come & on a regular. This app is continually messing up & I’m not happy with it or service.

Great App


I don’t receive any more unwanted calls. It a funny and efficient way to block unwanted calls.



Best app ever! Works very well. Well worth it.

So far so... meh.

Nurse Jonathan

I really haven’t seen much of a decrease in the number of spam calls that never leave a message.

I don’t know why calls that are shown as blocked are still ringing through to my phone. I won’t renew unless this is fixed.

It appears this app just blocks calls from a vast database of previous spam calls and doesn’t actually know when a call comes in if it is a machine.

I love this app!


All the right calls are blocked

Love it


I’m in love with this app. It keeps the spam callers busy, and it doesn’t take up any of my time.

Robo Killer


I like this app it helps to this scam off my back and it helps real good I get a lot of phones calls that I don’t people that call me on the phone this a very good app get it it really works

After subscribing and having it installed for about a month now, the call filtering works pretty well but it doesn’t work for sms as claimed. I am constantly having to select report manually instead of it blocking the numbers automatically.

I haven’t been able to get the swipe left reporting to work. That significantly impairs the utility of the app. The app says it has blocked 3 spam calls in 90 days. It is letting thru many more than it is blocking.



robokiller works well when it works, but you may inexplicably find that it isn’t blocking calls until after they arrive. check the support site, because robokiller wont respond to you here



Thanks for handling these horrible calls

When an identified number comes up it would be great to manually have Robokiller answer.

Can miss calls

Better soldiering

This app is executing as advertised, but still can miss scam calls.

Lawrence from support has helped and hopefully resolved my issue. Other than the period it did not work it’s a great app!

Worth it!


With not talking to those annoying calls

I’m loving this app, no more spam calls and the voicemails recorded are hilarious to hear and I’m definitely keeping this app on my phone for sure.

I can’t block calls that start with an area code ie (718) XXX-XXXX

Great Customer service, and fast response...he (Tyler) explained everything to me and it was a fast and easy fix. I would highly recommend RoboKiller. Thank you Tyler your the best.


purple rose 2

Still continuing to get unwanted txts. “Hey Anthony...,,,.”



Why is it everyone you do an update the app seems to stop working? Very frustrating

Works for me


Awesome. Phone doesn’t ring and love this! Had this for over three months and I will keep on using it.

A Blessing


I love messing with spam callers. My whole goal is to get them to hang up on ME. This app, however, has freed up my time greatly and now my phone doesn’t ring incessantly. After this month I’m going to upgrade to yearly version.

Love this app


This app has saved me so much time in filtering out spam calls. I would highly recommend to anyone whose phone gets bombarded with spam calls

Not Great


Not great. Doesn’t seem to block many calls, and the app is so frustrating to navigate.

Robo Killer


Qu'est-ce que c'est Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far better



I have had RoboKiller since the day it aired on the news. In the beginning it was great but now I get 20 or more robo calls a day. This program has stopped working all together. Don’t waste your money! Very disappointed

After using Robokiller for a year, I decided not to renew... A few days later, the robo calls were driving me bonkers. My phone was ringing nonstop. Now I see just how well Robokiller works.

It’s Okay


Nearly every telemarketer knows it’s a bot immediately. The developers should work on their bag of tricks.

Awesome app and truly blocka spam calls. The problem is the app needs to re-downloaded every week as it stops loading after several days. Very frustrating!

While it catches traditional spam calls, it does not catch, at least for me, the “local” spam calls that come from your area code. I receive about 2-4 of those a day and without this catching those not worth the $$$

Beware of Robokiller

you're shitin'me

Beware! Once you connect with the Robokiller app it will take control of your phone and you may not be able to disconnect from it.

Sometimes it catches the calls sometimes it doesn’t. Even numbers that are blocked it only stops about 75% of the time and if it has no caller ID it’s a roll of the dice.

Stay away They get the numbers late so your phone will ring . I dont pay a subscription to inform who is a robo call, that should be their job App most of times wont open and you get a message saying phone number can not be found.Too green!

Got my social security spam from a 1-800 an hour after subscribing. Cmon guys??

Now the call still rings through, I ignore it then RoboKiller picks it up after the fact. Not sure how that’s helpful and this happens with same numbers repeatedly so it’s also not an intuitive app. I cancelled my service.

Great App


I highly recommend using this app. It’s cut a lot of my spam and junk calls. I just wish you could block and stop unknown calls or no caller ID calls. I believe this is more I will limitation in iOS. If this was added would be 5 stars.



Stops some robocalls; the report call function deletes the trash call, at which point it usually crashes

Worked good for about a month now it works 1 in 25 calls

Session ended


....Every day, I am told your session has ended and must sign in again annoying. Gets most but not all robocalls

No updates in over a month with all these posted recent problems? I have removed Robokiller and moved on to another...

iPhone 11 issues


New iPhone 11 doesn’t allow “reporting “ spam number after I answer it. App needs some work! It used to work ok.

What the heck


The app won’t let me purchase in the app. I’m deleting it after I write. The app won’t let me get any where on it. Keeps going back to the pick the way I want to pay. When I try it says No in app purchase

Great app


I love this app, however lately it is not opening when I click on it. Makes it hard to use.

It works!


Had to re-register, but it works. Not getting nearly as many calls now

Spotty service


At first the app worked well. Now it only works part of the time. I get unidentified calls daily the last one it picked up was Oct 23. Today is November 8. Not a happy customer.

I have had Nomorobo and Call Connects and RoboKiller is the only one that picks out more than 95% of those annoying calls.

Not Reliable

No Renew

This app has plenty of potential but it seems to work when it wants too!

Worked great until IOS 13. Now it is not blocking any calls. I reregistered and still not workin canceling my subscription.

No updates in over a month with all these posted recent problems? I have moved on....

It worked great for a while but lately far too many robo calls are getting through! Also it will have a notification that it blocked the call but it rang through.

Stopped Working


Worked great. Was blocking 90-100 calls every 3 months. Now shows blocked 30 in 90 days.... you are not keeping up with the spammers technology. I’m so sick of the healthcare calls. 3-5 a day

Good Job


Great Job love the way it's done thanks

There were some major bugs that the developer finally addressed. They do need to find a way to block No Caller ID robocalls.

Catches some unwanted calls, but not all. Seemed to work better when I first subscribed, but lately it’s been allowing more unwanted calls to slip through than it stops. Not sure if I’ll renew.

Not too pleased


Even though I have the Neighbor feature turned on, I’m still getting calls from numbers that are sillier to mine. In addition, I’m having to go into my settings almost every day to turn the app back on! Extremely frustrating for a paid app!

So so


It only works half the time. I was excited to be able to add ranges to my kill list. I repeatedly get calls from numbers that start with the first 5-6 digits of my number. I try to block them repeatedly but they still come through.



RoboKiller is the way to go to avoid annoying calls from telemarketers and all types of spam and solicitation

Super support

Mean Geno

I have had a very positive experience with the support team with an issue I was having. They responded quickly and did a thorough followup.

I tried the paid version. The spam calls have (mostly) stopped. Got one fake number and a couple of hidden number calls. But the background app drains the battery like crazy! It uses 20% of my power consomption according to my iPhone battery info.

Love the app. Works great but impossible to talk to a human for support. Too bad. I’m running iPhone X with latest os. Swipe to report a robo call functionality is no longer seamless as it used to be.

Battery Killer

Jordan Ryan Moore

It works great, but it’s consistently the worst offender on my phone with regards to battery drain.

I don’t know if it’s my region or my carrier but this app lets through too many calls, has only blocked about 3-4 calls and has let through 10-15. Hope it works better for you than it did for me.

Hit and Miss


Sometimes it works great. Other times, my phone rings, and I decline the call because I can obviously tell it’s junk. Then, RoboKiller notifies me that it blocked a spam call. Great when it works, but mileage may vary.

Your filter System has worked wonders. The only Challenge-sometimes it filters too much. I’m ok with that flaw :)

Works but not on seemingly simple issues like No Caller ID. Don’t really care for the revenge. Just want no annoying Spam calls any longer.

Okay while it lasted


This app was great at first, but there were constant crashes that made the app unable to be opened. It wasn’t blocking calls anymore even thought I was paying for it.

No longer working since upgrade to iOS 13

What gives?


I’ve put a few numbers on the ‘block’ list and have had the same numbers work around the system and still call me. I’m paying for the app so it needs to work, properly.

Not happy!


You expired My subscription AFTER it was paid! Apple sent me a receipt on this payment so fix It!

Not great.


Drains more battery than any app on my phone while blocking less than half of spam calls. I’m unsubscribing and deleting this app.

Too funny


I would love to get that Crime Scene bot but I can’t find it anywhere on my bot list.

Cuts down on a few calls but not many. 19 over the past 90 days is about 15-20% of the robo calls I get. Probably will not renew my subscription.

Battery killer


20-25% battery drain on iPhone XS wow!

I’ve had this app for about 6 months and it started out great. Now - not so much. It is blocking only about one in seven or eight calls. That’s better than nothing, but not enough to pay for. I will not be renewing my service.

It doesn’t work on my Google Fi service. I really wish it worked.

Doesn’t work anymore


when I first signed up it blocked all the calls. Now my phone is constantly ringing from robocallers and the app isn’t doing anything to help. The report spam text isn’t working either. IM uninstalling.

RoboKiller is draining my battery. It is using 23% of my battery with background activity.

iOS 13.1.2


Not working with new iOS update yesterday . Otherwise I like it.

And I seem to have more spam and robo-calls than before installation. We’ll see if it quiets down in a month.



I’ve been paying 2.49 a month was not notified of any price increase and you charged me $5.99. Just cancelled subscription

The activation doesn't work on my iPhone SE running on Google Fi. I was able to get my money back😅

Still continuous bot calls.


I’m still constantly getting bot calls. Every day all day. I don’t really understand the point in paying for this service if it isn’t working so I’ll be unsubscribing.

But, under IOS 13+ the feature allowing you to report a number directly from the phone app freezes up whenever I try to use it.



It seems to only block one out of three spam calls. I constantly get message that my session has been timed out.



I’ve tried several apps to stop the spam call. 3 days ago I downloaded RoboKiller and I haven’t had a single call since! Bye bye scammers!

Works pretty well


I like the app, but it still misses a lot of robo and spam calls. Not complaining too much though - as any less robo and spam calls getting through is a win.

This app- I understand needs to run at the background- but it hogs you battery power and for the cost and missing to catch some call. I am wondering if it’s worth it

I cancelled my subscription after a year, it stopped working as well as the beginning. I upgraded my phone, updated my settings as directed. Sometimes it doesn’t even register I had a call, let alone several.

Mostly great service. Occasionally will have spam and unknown callers get through. Numbers I have previously blocked also can still sometimes get through.

3 stars is being generous

loyal but annoyed!

Now calls that are not blocked go to a RoboKiller voicemail? I DON’T like that at all! I will be canceling ASAP!

not worth it

Captain Obvi

I’ve had this for over a year. Blocks few spam calls (most make it through), and just as bad - it kills the battery on my iphone 10. huge energy hog, worse than any other app I have by far

Doesn’t Work for Me

Jasmine Hunter

On the first day, this app blocked one spam call, but after that it didn’t block anything. It did block one important call and after that I took off the answer bots. I like the idea of this app, but it doesn’t seem to work all the time.

Drains battery bad!


Consumes 25% of my battery as a background service. Not happy about that considering it is t doing anything. Still get a lot of Visa/MasterCard service center spam calls. Won’t renew.

When I first got the app, it was blocking most of the calls. Lately, all the spam calls are going through and they’re not being blocked.

This app is great


Ok I’m a little kid with a phone my parents told me to not answer scam calls and let me use robokiller for $40 a year that is so cheap for a year I got 2 scam calls today and robokiller blocked them and I got a notification this app is nice <3

My wife subscribed today for $3.99 a month, I tried to subscribe and they want $4.99 a month... no answer as to why. Won’t be using this. Thanks.

This has been a solid product until iOS13 was rolled out, as it was automatically sending all non-contact calls to my missed call bucket. I’ve now had to disable the product completely per determining the issue with my carrier.

Not so impressed


Blocked one of several spam calls. Not sure if this is worth it.

Stopped working


This app is not working on iOS 13. It’s working. I’m a knucklehead lol.

When I first got this app, most of the solicited calls that came through would be blocked. However, when I got a new phone I noticed that I’ve gotten more unblocked solicited calls than blocked.

After working well for a few months, this app began randomly blocking contacts, even favorites. Adding them manually didn’t help either. Eventually I just deleted and canceled my subscription.

Stopped 80% of spam calls for the first few months and then it completely failed to stop any calls after that. I was really impressed at first but am now completely disappointed. Not worth the money at all.

Doesn’t work as well as claimed. 90 percent of my calls are from same area code and it may intercept about 20 percent of those. Not worth the fee each month. Gave it 2 stars for what few calls it did block.

Used to be great


Looks like the telemarketers found a way around because this only about blocks 30-40% of the spam calls I get each day. Forced to have settings set to mute all calls not in my contacts, only solution for now.

even when app not running and hardly any phone calls / sms inconsistent pricing - one family member is renewing annual at $75, another at $25


Simon Engineer

I just upgraded to iso 13 And now it doesn’t work I can’t allocate and put the calls into your list Help Help Help Help Help Help Help Help Help Help

Doesn’t block most spam calls


I’ve had RoboKiller for 2-3 months now. Truth is it blocks about 25% of spam calls

I just want silence when the call is blocked, please provide an option to NOT press 1. This just encourages more spam. Also the background process for this application eats my battery life hard..

Great idea too expensive


Way too expensive to be worth it I’d pay at most $5 for a year for this service.

Its good but just one thing


It doesn't even have a ’continue with limited version’

Whatever you do don’t get the year. Do month to month. I thought this would be great until the trial ended and they started collecting my money. Then the robo calls started again

I keep getting an error message saying “failed to load subscription products” ever since buying my iPhone 11 Pro. This is my only app to have this difficulty.

Roni killer

Eli Shump

The best!!! I would advise everyone to get this app it’s just great

Not blocked


Just got a call saying my social security number has been blocked lol. 8003657708

How do I cancel!? 1st year worked wonderfully, now I get at least 8-10 calls a day that come through. My renewal just went through and I’m so unhappy now :/

Signed up today. App caught 1 of 6 calls received so far today - and it’s not even 4pm. Seems like calls have actually increased 150%. Will delete and request refund if I’m not seeing an improvement.

Not working


When it’s working it’s good. But I’m seems to be not working more than working. 😭 very frustrating! It’s like it’s trying to update everyday!

Won’t even load. iPhone XS.

Does work well, but started using a ton more battery than it used to as of maybe 4 months ago. Had to uninstall now that iOS 13 is out. Just enabled the new silence unknown callers a option instead so my battery won’t drain 20% daily with no use.

Bug fix

Drew Shulman

Can you please fix the bug where the spam numbers blocked keeps going down even before 90 days a d my call blocking tabs keep going down very often please fix

So it worked ok. Missed many spam calls. Then I’m told my mailbox is full so I empty it. Now no one can leave me a message. Call ATT and find out my voicemail has been forwarded to a unknown number. No thanks

Was great for a while but then it kept signing me out and then eventually would come up with a callkit/phone index error. Talked to support, they told me the same advice (which didn’t work) more than once. Onto the next one I guess

Love Robo BUT....


I love this app but I can’t listen to the blocked messages. Which is an issue Incase it’s a call that I need to get. I’m going to delete and reinstall to see if that helps.

Love it!

Midtown Lashes

Love listening to the recorded calls lol


Helping U 123

Did Robo hide the fact that they charge a $6 monthly fee in addition to the $30 annual subscription? I think so!

This is a great idea but it only catches about 25% of the spam calls I get. Most puzzling is that my phone displays certain calls as “Scam Likely” and the app doesn’t stop them. Pretty lame for a paid app

Battery Killer

scott n cbus

Love the app. Works great but drains my iPhone battery by the end of the day. It seems to be always running in the background even after closing the app

Lost its punch.


Originally it seemed to filter most calls. Lately I get several calls a day. Not worth renewing the subscription. With iOS13’s ability to silence calls from numbers not on the contacts list, my need to filter robot calls has been fully satisfied.

The app is missing most of the calls using the same area code I have.

Few weeks ago I bought the plan for a whole year based on the good reviews. Looks like I am getting more calls then before. Hope is something temporary, if not I have to look in a different form of getting rid off the robo calls.

The title says it all, Family Sharing is not supported. If you want to install on all your devices, you will have to use different Apple IDs.

This app could have been great. If there was no payment! Like do a block 70% without paying, and 90% when subscribed

Used to work great


Did something happen with the latest update? As of September 2019, it’s nit recognizing nor blocking calls anymore.

This app blocked 2 calls out of 9 total spam calls

Amazing app


Honestly, amazing. The only reason I’m giving it 3 stars is because I know it can be better and the tech support team has assured me that they are working out the kinks



When this worked I liked it, but lately I need to uninstall and reinstall anytime I want to use it. Won’t be paying for this again. Would give this two stars (did not do this the first time).

I purchased the app a couple weeks ago and it worked great but now for the past few days I cannot even get into the app and there is no way for me to reach customer service or support. Why you ask... cause I can’t get into the app



This app isn’t consistent. I’ve been clicking on it and it won’t open , and I keep getting Robo calls, which is influencing my decision to cancel my subscription unless this app improves.



Suddenly my app won’t open!!’??? Any suggestions??

Huerta phone

tone melon

Having trouble opening app it doesn’t open to see callers

Not sure if just my phone, but the program seems to freeze up a lot on my 6S. I’ve called support, who reloaded it and it work fine for a while, but I’m back down again. Very frustrating for a pricey app.

Crashes All the Time

Taylor Hankinson

The app fails every 2 weeks or so. It is incredibly annoying to have to continue to download and re-install the app because it ceases to work.

Not working


I used this app for three months and still get daily calls which are not even seen by robo in the call log. My other app for the same type of service notes every call and then i can block and report them myself



After last update the app not opening and I have 13 messages sitting out there. I have to now delete the app. It worked well when it was first installed but now I may have to get rid of it.

Somehow can’t open


Everything is great. Somehow recently can’t open the app, the app keep loading, please advice

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