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Roll 20! app recently received 13 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Roll 20! app an average rating of 3.56 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 32 ratings since its release on Oct 22 by Ziga Porenta. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Roll 20!?

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13 Positive User Reviews for Roll 20!

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I’ve used this app for 2 years, it’s so useful for when you need to solve a conflict, and the UI is made in a perfect way. If you purchase this app make and it’s not installed don’t worry, go to the App Store on your watch and search “roll 20” then click install and everything should work note: this is probably because you don’t have install automatically setting turned on, on the watch app. One thing that I personally would make the app better is to make a custom sided dice 🎲, thank you for ma


Could we get a coin toss added as well? Thanks!

Almost perfect

I don't play dice games, but I like to randomize arbitrary decisions with my dice. I original plan was to get a set to have on the go, but this app completely replaces that need. The only wish I have above what this app offers is that it would include an alphabet roller as well, giving a random letter. Some people use this for Scattergories, but I use my 26-letter, 30-sided die to brainstorm ideas when I can't think of topics to get started with. With number and letter randomizer, this would be

Works on Ultra 2 but…Animation needed.

I would like to see an animated visual dice when I roll. Not just numbers. Thanks!

Love it.

Best problem solver ever. Roll for what to eat. Roll for which child does what chore. special with someone else has the same app. It makes it way more fun.


Does the haptic roll support series 3 and under, neat little app otherwise Thanks

Good app, simple and effective, but…

While it is technically correct to use “die” or “dice” as the singular, the app uses “a dice” which is irksome to me even though it’s not incorrect. I don’t personally control the English language, but I want this to be incorrect, so an option to toggle the spelling would be a silly but appreciated addition, or maybe just omit “a” so it says “20-sided dice”

iPhone app

Is there going to be a iPhone app version of this?

Didn’t work

The app didn’t even work on my watch

Install it properly!

Since this was my first watch-only app, it took some time to figure out how to initiate it on my watch. Once that was done, it works great.

Can’t get it to work

Can not get the app to work or even show up on the watch. Edit: works fine. Thanks for the info on how to install properly.

Great app

Great app for a quick couple rolls and I love having a D20 complication. I would like to see the ability to use negative modifiers.

Can’t download

It is marked as purchased in the App Store, but won’t actually download. Heeeeeeeelp!

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