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Root Board Game app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and 1 negative reviews. Users in the United States have given Root Board Game app an average rating of 4.54 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 560 ratings since its release on Nov 23 by Dire Wolf Digital. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Root Board Game?

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Rated 4.56 out of 5

560 global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Root Board Game

Love the app, will buy the game!

The app is amazing! The tutorial is a great way to learn how to play the game since each character plays differently. I’m enjoying it so much that I’ll probably buy the board game to play with people

love this game

its really good quite a bit of a learning curve but i would recomend buying the actual game and using this as a training tool



No sound

Sound is broken on the app

Awesome game, needs a fix

Zooming in and out on macbook a problem. Developer ought to add some kind of /- zoom button in game. Or work out a way to make the pinch zoom on macbook track pad work better


This game is the best game I’ve played out of hundreds of games I have downloaded. This game deserves 5 stars and it’s definitely worth the money! Yes the game is difficult to learn at first with the different factions but once you keep playing and do the tutorial you get the hang of it and it will be loads of fun!!! And kudos to the developers for making this game and keeping it alive!!! :)

Great way to learn to really play

Having played a few games on the tabletop, I found this app to be very helpful in learning each faction. I really like the tutorials and the challenges. Asynchronous play has allowed me to play with my friends over a week while we go throughout. It shows you everyone’s moves so you don’t miss anything. We’ll done!


Thank you so much for this incredible adaptation of the greatest board game ever!! Props to the developers for all the hard work.


I’ve experienced many issues with the DLC not activating once purchased and then deactivating randomly once it does start working. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restoring purchases, etc. If it weren’t for this issue with accessing content I’ve paid for, I’d gladly give this excellent game 5 stars but be warned.

Best app!

I had issues with the new expansion but emailed the direwolf support email and they fixed it! Cant ask for anything better than actual support help. Love this app so much!

Hard but good

This is a great game worth the payment. I got this game 🤔 it’s like risk so I tried it out......Not as expected. I also didn’t know that each carefree has a different game mode. But other wise it’s good.😏😏😏😏😏

Fantastic game, store could use some work

This is a 5 star game, I would be happy to give it the 5th star, but the store won’t allow me to buy two of the expansion, just locks the game out forcing me to hard reset. Aside from that, fantastic game.

I had a small issue

I had a small issue (a glitch) and dire wolf digital fixed it just like that. It’s a great board game and the digital adaptation only makes it that much better

Amazing digital port of the awesome board game

Dear Developers, I want to thank you for the amazing game. I have an issue with the new expansion though (vagabonds and alternative deck): when I try to buy it the game freezes and the add on is neither bought nor I get promoted to buy it. Any ideas how to fix that? Best and thanks Thorsten

A small bug

I love this game and it deserves a five star review, I am just having a small bug where I’ve purchased the exiles and partisans expansion, but I am unable to use it. Every time I try to “re-purchase” this expansion my game crashes.

Great game, but won’t let me play expansion after I paid

I love this board game. But sometimes can’t talk my friends into playing it. So it’s nice to have the app as well.


Great adaptation of the board game! Online play with friends works well. Are there plans to add the Underworld or Marauder Expansions? This would certainly help extend replayability by providing more options.

App freezes a lot

The game seems to freeze a lot, iPhone 12 so certainly not and old device. Don’t have as many problems on my iPad. Also notifications that pop up in game are often wrong, telling me it’s my turn in a game when it isn’t.

Controller support!

Love Root! But would be better if it had controller support

Great game, need more

I love playing this game , I would love the other expansions added to the game. Hopefully soon

Great! Excited for the Expansions!

The gameplay in this app is excellent! I haven’t had a board game app work this well on the phone! I’m excited for more upgrades/expansion factions to be introduced!

Excellent work

The UI is so tailored for the mobile device and whole game flow is optimized. I can quite enjoy the art of Root. Thanks for the excellent game!

Top notch

Top notch implementation of an excellent board game.

So cute! 🥰

This is a super creative and well-made game! The tutorials are there for a reason. Play them until you learn each fighting group, and then the game is limitless. I also love the challenges that are so different than the regular game play!!!

Great game. Great digital adaptation..

Near flawless digital adaptation of the board game. However, the castle siege challenge is currently bugged, making player victory impossible. I have sent an email to support.

Amazing with so much replay ability

Amazing adaptation. It’s a true war with unpredictable situations every single time. Please add expansion factions in the future. No critics other than that!

really want riverfork expansion

Without those two factions that’s a lot of fun missing

Best Board Game App Bar None

This app is incredible. Lots of challenges/content, good AI, excellent tutorials, countless hours of fun. Well done devs! All we need now is the addition of the River folk and lizards. Keep it coming!

Fun Game

Fun game. Hope they add other factions in the future.


An essential board game app. Anyone who considers themselves board game hobbyists should have this game.

Played hundreds of times now

The board game is a masterpiece and I’m so glad the digital version was done so well.

Basically Perfect Digital Port

This is such an amazingly well done port of the excellent board game. I think the only issue is that they still haven’t gotten around to doing the expansions already.

Great Except Incomplete

One of the best digitized board games and one of the best board games, but needs the expansion factions to really open up the experience options.

Fantastic game

So far I have played this with my family and friends, we love the game very much. Please add the other factions.


I own the board game and have yet to play it in person. Got the app and love it! Hopefully they will have the expansions in the future! Great adaptation!

Very well made

I wish all board game apps were this well designed.

Very well done

I think this game is fantastically well done and at least on solo I haven’t experienced any bugs that others are mentioning.

Fun playing AI

Fun playing AI and nice and easy too look up the rules

Amazing game!

This is an amazing game! I loved the board game version (although I only had it in French) and this embodies that game perfectly! The only suggestion I have is adding the game expansions (i.e. river folk and underground)!


Love when developers update the AI. Great work!

Love this, but THE BUGS!

Played six games so far. All online with friends. I’ve only finished one of them.

Great game

I only have one complaint sometimes it is hard to take actions on the bottom tiles. It will be great when they add expansions

Undo and better AI please!

Beautiful port of a beautiful game. The only missing features are that you should be able to undo any action that doesn’t involve drawing cards or rolling dice and a more competent AI. Fix those and it’s 5 stars.

Even better than I imagined!

The UI makes the game so easy to use and the art style is perfect for a 3D adaptation of the board game! I would love to see the expansions added later as an update or paid dlc, along with the addition of the winter map!

1 Negative User Reviews for Root Board Game


I really like the app. Art, music, and animation all add to the experience of an already fun game, but the app crashes my iPad about every other turn. Would love to give this a higher rating, any fixes??

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