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Red's First Flight app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Red's First Flight app an average rating of 4.80 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 44.3K ratings since its release on Jun 23 by Rovio Entertainment Oyj. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Red's First Flight?

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Rated 4.76 out of 5

44.3K global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Red's First Flight

Good classic game but…

It’s missing the dotted aim line. It’s a fun classic game, but that 1 thing makes it frustrating at times.

Amazing game

100/10 this game cured my depression!

This brought memories back

This brought memories back


Bought this so i could leave a review please bring back my childhood game the racing was so fun i came back in hopes to find it but no luck :(


I ❤️this game sooo much I missed the original angry birds soon much thanks a bajillion Rovio!

The best mobile game

Angry Birds is a classic mobile game that I grew up with and I’m glad to see other generations grow up with it to.

Made my poop to green👍

I was playing dis game on the toilet 🚽 and then I lose and got very mad 😡 and I was pooping green🍀🤑✅ 10/10

It will be awesome if you put the power ups

It will be awesome👍👏😊 if you bring back the power💪⚡ ups📦 😃back in the game

It woo good

It so good and the classic is the best

A faithful recreation

Angry birds is a game that I grew up with it was such fun flinging the birds around. it kept me occupied when I was 5 years old. I used to play the game on an old iPhone 4 that my mother would give to me to play on and I used to play all the original games, seasons, space, Star Wars 1 & 2, you name it. Thanks to Rovio for bringing this game back better than ever, and I defiantly would recommend playing this!

Great Revival, But Needs Red’s Mighty Feathers.

I love the revival of the original Angry Birds game, but I think you should bring back Red’s Mighty Feathers, my favorite episode of Angry Birds! I think adding the other episodes that were in the later life of the original upload like Short Fuse and the movie levels would be a good touch too. Just making suggestions on making Angry Birds great again.

Angry bord

Im da biggest bird im da biggest bird

Angry Birds Is Good (Classic Is)

It’s like THE original one but coolest game ever

reminds me of the 2010’s

reminds me when I was younger, a super good game, not a bad game like apps nowadays with their disgusting ads, Can you add angry birds space back too? I liked that game too

Thank you!!!!

Thisnis the biggest gift you could have given us Rovio… thank you!! Hopefully the others slowly come back as well (Seasons, Space and Rio)

Great Remake however

Bring back Angry Birds Epic and all sins will be forgiven

Good but where’s epic

The only reason why I don’t care about you is because of you removing all the classics like epic,seasons and more of them so please bring them back to us

I love murdering pigs

This come back was fantastic I always wanted to play this again maybe next time there will be ab rio

Best game ever

Good. Really good. MAKE NEW PLUSHIES!!!!!

underpriced and epic

its only one dollar and has the same physics and sound effects as the original. its amazing!

Great fun but….

where the heck can I down load angry birds seasons? I want to replay that game but I can’t find it to download and don’t want to lose the version I have now (which is complete) forever. Unless there’s a way to clear it out and start it over again, I need to re download it.


Why is there no angry birds space or Star Wars on iPhone.why cant I do egg defender


Thanks for letting me play on wii and phone

It’s back! Ahh the memories!

I still remember when Angry Birds was first released and I have loved it ever since! Let’s the birds fly and the pigs fall!



Perfect! One thing though…

I enjoy now that the classics are coming back starting with AB, but where are Bad Piggies, Red’s Mighty Feathers, and Short Fuse and all the Others? Those were my favorites and I’m sure lots of people would appreciate it if you updated AB with those lot of episodes, Thank you, and keep bringing on the classics!

Angry birds is good (not a robot)

One of the best classic games out there lots of nostalgia

More revivals!!

This game was AMAZING to play! It brings back child memories, and I hope that you’ll bring back more classics Rovio! I’d love to see AB rio, and AB space!

It’s the original

It’s a legendary game

Angry birds

Its such a good angry birds game. Rovio should definitely come back with all of the angry birds games


Bring the old Angry Birds games back

Awesome game

One of the best games I ever played for sure

Fun but quirky

Still love this game but this version has some quirks. Have had a few levels get stuck and not move on after completion. A few other bugs as well. Expected better for a paid version.


I used to p Play this game when I was a child can you please add the other levels from the other days like Jurassic Pork, bad piggies, bird island, that one with the bomb shockwave and reds adventure?

Seasons! Seasons!

That’s all that this original is missing. The levels just flew by, except for those few tricksy ones we remembered all too well from years ago. We need holiday cheer. Hollywood piggies. Seasons always had the best art and thematic bits, and was something to look forward to (including fun facts on Finland!) Please, developers, bring it back to the game if you can.

I love angeyburds

:) It make me happy when I thwo the fish tin and eagle save day 🤭

This game is really good :D

So it’s a really good game I like it because classic is better than Angry Birds two so classic is 10 times better

Angry birds is best mobile game

Simply best mobile game and nothing else can beat it 😩🍑💨


Thank you so much for finally getting the game back on the market. It’s a lot of fun and nostalgic. Yes it does have a price but it’s worth it. 10/10 You should buy it. (Ps everything is now free apart from the app it’s self so yay)

Absolutely magnificent, but it’s time to bring back some other classics

Angry birds space and angry birds Star Wars, as well as angry birds Star Wars 2 need to be brought back. If those games were priced at 1 dollar just like this one was, that would be the greatest decision rovio has made not only for themselves but for the players. They will benefit financially, and the fanbase will benefit emotionally. Win-win. Bring those back if you want to save your company.

I love this

Makes me remember the good days that were around 2015 and 2013

great game and can you add another one of your games to the App store

the classic angry birds is awesome, but for alot of fans, could you bring Angry Birds Epic to the App Store too

Angry birds is the best.

Bring back the rest like Rio and Star Wars they are so fire

Very good

They forgot the bad piggies level but still best game ever

Original Angry Birds

I’m so happy to see the original Angry Birds back again! It was the best $.99 I’ve ever spent!

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