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Rated 4.60 out of 5

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25 Recent Reviews From the United States

Fix this

Everytime I like a video, the next time I’m back on the app all my likes disappear…

No comment link in chat or comments section

Hi Rumble mods, I think it would be beneficial to have a comment link action for when people respond to questions in the live chats or comments section. That way viewer’s don’t have to go search all around to a find certain key referenced comments.

Beats “you-scared”

Great option over the looser you-scared. (It would be nice if there was a way to let them know when there’s a problem)


Honestly it’s kinda too political yes other things are on there but seems political posts get pushed more than anything


Keep up the great job


Plataforma de la libertad

Description eliminated

For the past couple of months the descriptions under the videos with the links no longer come up. Why is that? No way to contact rumble about the issue. It was a good app until the descriptions went blank.

Features, Features, Features!

App features should be top priority! This app needs a whole bunch of basic features including Picture in Picture, community posts, watch later, history, playlists, the ability to change your channel name, and so much more! Please start releasing more features! Read your reviews!


I can’t get everyone I follow on Rubmle I have FB and some are there Fake Book does awful things to them and me I’ve been in jail for comments they deemed hate speeech a joke I’d love to see more of them here love Rumble

5 star

I’m just here for Andrew Tate Thanks to rumble and all the platforms that allow freedom of speech!


I’m here because I believe in this platform,I hope it believes in me😎💪🙌👊👍

Better Alternative To Youtube

Less censorship on this up and coming service. Love it!


Free open uncensored. I like

Airplay stopped working for Rumble

Airplay suddenly quit working for Rumble in November 2022. Airplay works on youtube still. what’s up?

Highly Impressed

This is an impressive app/video service. Not only is there no excessive biased content moderation, but the app & site itself is extremely well put-together, & video playback is flawless 100% of the time. YouTube has been around for what feels like a century & it continues to be plagued with bugs. The app is no better. Rumble is by far the highest quality.


Rumble getting better. Keep improving it and put YouTube out of business!!!


Way better then screwtube

I love free speech

Forget YouTube go to rumble

Good Service but the app needs more work

It’s really great to see rumble becoming a good alternative to YouTube. With that said, its app, more so with the iPad version, need attention. Please add the ability to include picture-in-picture functionality and better optimize the UI for landscape mode for iPad. These two functions alone would drastically fix the app.


Justice for Tate and Steve!!!

Top G

Came here for the all mighty top G thanks rumble

Rumble is changing the game

Find all your favorite creators regardless of their message.

Upgrades needed

Looking forward to Rumble being more feature rich than YT. Of course, while maintaining no bias to conservatives.

💚Rumble Rocks!

Wonderful freedom space to listen, think and learn with Liberty! 🌱💚🍃


Excellent videos!! Ready to take on and defeat the leftist controlled sites. A must have for any conservative.

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