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Shop: All your favorite brands app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Shop: All your favorite brands app an average rating of 4.82 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 4.9M ratings since its release on Mar 24 by Shopify. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Shop: All your favorite brands?

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Rated 4.84 out of 5

4.9M global ratings

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45 Positive User Reviews for Shop: All your favorite brands

2 good to be true

2 hoodies for the price of 1

Issue with using bucks on your website

I do not understand why you cannot get deals with the company’s that you buy from to use them it seem like you only have bucks that can only be used at certain stores I am not sure that I can even use my bucks at any of those stores sorry about this

Pasadena wine shop

Mother’s Day tasting was amazing!!!! Thank you Pasadena wine shop! We ❤️you!

Order a Ticket for the Car giveaway raffle and received my Car sticker

Awesome app 👌🏼


Has a nice format and notifications are precise. Quicker than email.

A bit disappointed

I bought a shoes and it delivered to me two weeks ago, and it still says in transit


I appreciate shop for keeping me updated on what I ordered. Keep up the good work.

Delicious Popcorn

The popcorn was so fresh and good!

I highly recommend this app to online shoppers

I love this app so much it helps me be organized and keep track of all my new incoming packages and shows the accurate time and date it’s coming it’s great ! I recommend to everyone who shops online as much as me !


These are the second set of Compression stockings I have purchased from Copper. I was prescribed a couple of pairs of 20/30 mmHg for Neuropathy and they actually were so tight they did more harm than good so just by dropping to a 15/20 mmHg Compression Stocking through Copper and I was able to wear them the entire day without any issues. The other factor that came into play was the significant difference in price which was substantial to the point of being ridiculous ! These stockings are a fab

Use to be great

I’ve had shop for a very long time, it use to be great for tracking orders but not I feel like it has geared towards providing advertising online shopping. It knows what you order so it can recommend for you. Great and all, but it seems like it has geared towards that rather than helping me find my package. For instance, most of the time it won’t find my tracking number (even with stores that use the shop purchase option) and now-a-days I can’t even figure out how to manually add my shipping num

I love this app

The delivery time and everything is accurate, it also shows you lots of deals from sites you like within the app.

Gather + Company

Thank you G+C, I just received my blue beautiful sweatshirt! And the message is so inspiring! 🙌🏻❤️


This app is so awesome it’s hard to believe it’s real ! Grade A 👍🏻

Gingerbread chocolate bars

I love that you can’t get these all year, makes them extra special. I am using these as gifts, hopefully I ordered more than enough so I can have one too. Yum yum


Easy great app and user friendly.

Compression stockings delivery.

Excellent service. Thank you.

Shopping made simple

I love using this app to order and track my products. I’m really impressed with the new graphics.

Great delivery

I ordered a life vac. I hope My daughter never has to use it, but it was ordered fast.

Where’s the stuff?

Ok, so how does one app keep track of all I order? I don’t know!!!! It just does and so glad it works perfectly! Shop even alerted me to a package that was lost! A must have !!!!!


Got my t-shirt real 100% cotton looks great better than expected!!

Broken update

App won’t work since last update. Had to uninstall and reinstall and it’s still super buggy. How about y’all test releases 🤦‍♂️

I love SHOP

I really love how easy & secure I feel using shop. I don’t have to type my info in a million times.

Accurate as it can be

It’s accurate as it can be, depends on the agency/company that ships it and transport it. If they update it as much as they are supposed to, would be awesome.

Recomiendo esta app 🎉

Me gusta mucho esta app porque te indica por donde está tu pedido y te avisa cuando el pedido fue entregado 👍🏻

Love it

Love the app. Always works for me and I love shop pay hahaha.

Receiving packages

Very informative and texted updates appreciated.

pretty great app

I appreciate how it gives me the quick status of a package that I have ordered!

Thank uou

Extremely efficient and helpful


Package came within 6 days, and was well packed. A good seller

App is no longer useful for tracking

Used to be my app for tracking shipped orders and now it’s just a shopping app. I can’t even figure out where to look up a tracking number..

5 Star Package tracking app

I love the Shop App makes it convenient to check the location of your packages . It also gives you a expected arrival date so you can plan around it and obtain your package .

Tracking every move

Love Shop! I can see what I bought it coming!

SHOP keeps me up to date

The SHOP app provides me with up to date information about shipping of my orders. In some cases I get notified there will be an early delivery. I love how the notification tone is like an old fashioned cash register. I am very happy with this app.

Safe and luv

Every since I’ve used this app I feel self with my packets it tells you were it’s at you can pay with PayPal I luv it.

Payments not showing after last update. 5 star still but this needs to be addressed asap.

The payments stop showing up after the last update. This definitely needs to be fixed because I have several things that are currently being paid for and on their way to my house. What do I do about my schedule payments if I can’t pull them up. I only have access to the Internet on my phone.

A great resource, very convenient

Every time I’ve ordered from the GLD shop, its always been an indispensable resource. Very prompt and up to date tracking. Also lists good callback numbers. 10/10 would recommend.


Super fast delivery!!

So cool

A great addition to my kitchen


Love all your sandals. So comfortable and go with everything.

Great app

I get this notification before any other app on my phone it tells me all the details where my packages are at what time they are at details down to the T love the app never had a problem and if I need to get in contact with the shipper it takes me to them keep it up

Good service

Excellent company to do business with


It is easy to track your delivery

Thank you.

Vert timely. Love the updates from start to delivery!

Andrew Walther, Grimes, Iowa, United States

Love the way it tracks your order!

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