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The app is redundant and not particularly accurate. I get more timely info from UPS and the Post Office. Mostly a waste of time for me.

Shop app


This is the best app for shopping and tracking orders this app is super accurate

I love it i can keep track of all my packages

Shop app review


Very good app . Love how it automatically connects to your purchases . 10/10 would recommend .

Keeps me Updated

Coffee Millionaire

This is a really great tool to have in your hands when you order a lot of stuff. It helps to see that dates and if the order was delivered.

Sweet grace


Love this candle and the smell it leave in my house love it so much 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😇😇😇



This keeps all my orders in one place. I don’t need to scout around. Saves tons of time. Get it.


Chole R.

Idk why I’m writing a review, I think it’s bc the app it just that amazing.

Automatically adding packages is an amazing feature. Opening the app and the info already being there is a life-changing experience.



Rápido en el enlace para venta y la notificación al cliente a través de correo electrónico. Gracias

No matter what I do, I can’t verify my phone number. When the screen comes up to do that, I get the text message but the app won’t pull up my keyboard to type in the verification code no matter what I do.

Great for tracking


Great for tracking. Just wish it didn’t have the ability or need to edit or delete my emails



Easy to use. Everything in one place. Great idea

Love it


I love how it notifies me on everything and makes sure I know what’s going on.

Puts you at east

zoom out zoom in

Great app! It’s great to monitor your package without the hassle

Hands down superb


I don’t ever write reviews without some sort of incentive but I do believe this app deserves a well written review. I won’t provide one but I’ll at least say that this app is amazing! And free!

Adja Mboup


I literally love this app so much. I love to order my clothes online but I hate the wait. The tracking is so accurate and easy. I would definitely suggest getting this app.

Very reliable


Love this app they are on point with updates!



I really am obsessed with this app now. It’s just so convenient. Very very pleased and no complaints.

Great App....However

Blue Box Girl

I find this app to be a wonderful tool for tracking items, however, I wish it did not automatically marked items delivered. I have had items scanned delivered but they were not and the Shop App marked them delivered

Love this app


Has helped my anxiety with online orders tremendously

Highly recommended with it’s detailed, real-time tracking updates. Tracks from any company or shipping service. Great way to keep all your orders on one page.🤙🏾

Helpful tracking orders


This is a great app to track your orders



Thank you, I appreciate getting informed on my orders.

Very professional staff.


Customer service was exceptional, friendly, prompt and helpful.


bossdon buzz

Great service always on point with drop offs and updates



Great App for purchases and real time tracking from Start to finish.

Oh how I LOVE hearing that magical jingle alerting me that one of my deliveries has arrived!!! ❤️



Seems to be the best way to track packages.

i love this app so much! i’m not sure how i even stumbled upon it, but this is the best app to track your packages hands down! i’ve been using this app for about 2 years now and i hope that this app keeps improving!



I just received my Amma’s Rose and I felt like being in her loving arms again 💞💥⭐️ Blessings



Have not received item yet and I do not use the Ci1401 email address



Great app for tracking all your packages in one place

5 star


love this app. It lets me know as soon as something has been delivered to me

I have owned many reusable tumblers in my 55 years on earth but this by far is the best ever! 30oz Capri Now own 3 personally and am ordering more for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, etc💕



This app has been very helpful keeping up with my packages. You don’t have to look in several different places for your order. I love this app.



Impeccable service , wouldn’t order any other way

Great app.


I love this app. It helps me keep track of all of my deliveries!

Awesome app!


Love fact that immediately lets me know my delivery was made and no fear of someone stealing my packages

Easy Peasy


Once you’re signed up, each subsequent transaction is incredibly simply. Probably less than 2 minutes.

Ok sis!

Boss beauty 1105

My advice..... Order this ASAP!


scarcha 1

I received my package and was quite pleased only thing ,,, the item seemed much bigger online,,, Thanks a million

love this app


i love this app, it makes it so easy to track & pay for orders. thank you shop pay 😀


issa llama cuh

Love the app, makes ordering very easy. 10/10 recommend this app to anyone

Love it


This app has gone through so many changes my last request if it can be full screen for the IPads

I love shop! I do a lot of online ordering and this app has made it so easy to see everything I’ve ordered and where it is. I no longer have to go to each individual store’s website/app. It’s great!


OB Earl

Is there anywhere I could purchase this in San Diego, Ca.? Thanks. Jim Kress

Shows you an up to date map of your package’s location and organizes your orders. Plus it can automatically receive info on them.

Great to track


I really like this app, gives me the exact location of where my package is (except for a few brands) and is overall good. I recommend you download this app if you make constant online purchases.

Carbon neutral


Carbon neutral orders 🙌🙌🙌

Love this app


SHOP makes waiting for purchases to arrive STRESS FREE!!!! Just knowing where my items are during the delivery time eases my mind.

Good app


This app helps out a lot as it’s good for tracking everything that’s linked to it

Goldmine & Coco, is a whole vibe quality merchandise and a beautiful community!

Needs Work


Doesn’t say where my package is delivered, just says delivered.

I’m like the company already because they kept me up-to-date on when my shipment would be delivered to my house very professional

Best app for tracking!


I love how accurate this app is! Definitely a great decision for tracking!


Adorable emojis

As soon as I downloaded this app & linked it to my Amazon account, I received my first update informing me that my order arrived at home, I was just about to check Amazon but didn’t have to, THANK YOU

For the most part this app keeps up with my incoming packages. It’s a great reminder if you are always ordering packages and need to follow up on departure and arrival times for packages you have coming in.

Great app


Love to watch my orders getting closer to arriving



This app lets me know exactly what I ordered from what store and keeps me updated to when I will receive my shipment. Plus, I can clipboard orders that aren’t using shop (which they all should) and track them too!

I love this app it keeps track of my delivery 📦..

I love knowing where my packages are at all times ..... helps my anxiety lol

leg sleeves


these are exactly what i wanted and needed

Love it!


I know when packages shipped and when to expect them. Very satisfied!

Makes it so I don’t have to check my email for everything I order


Honey Legs

I like to pay on Shop because it’s convenient and secure! It’s also a great way to help them save more trees and preserve wildlife in the rainforest!

Very informational

boneless Senju

Tells me everything even when I forgot what I ordered or pre ordered a long time ago

Honest Review

Need one more car

Very easy to navigate and way better at tracking your items then the apps your order them from. Just wish loading was a bit faster

It would be nice to have this app support iPads

Shop is so helpful


Love this app to keep track of my purchase

Love This App

Dija's iTunes

I love how organized this app keeps all my orders. Since the pandemic, I’ve been ordering online more and the shop app has been a lifesaver! It’s really nice to have all shipping dates on one place.

Pretty nice

guess hkj

Tells pretty accurate information!

This app is very timely to notify me when the items have been delivered. Other tracking systems notify me about delivered items, but under your system I can mark them as recieved. Thank you for a great notification system.

Well worth the wait


4.0 stars it was well worth the wait very happy with the outcome thank you blessings

Golf Equipment


Will review when shipping is confirmed

Great service

Mz Money25

I love it ups gave quick notification and had great delivery time



Esta aplicacion es super buena para seguir tus paquetes. Se las recomiendo al 100%!!!



Got some extra shrimp and they were all full of energy and very healthy also plant was more than I expected will use site again and believe me normally I’m pretty tuff and will let people know what I think and I still am no complaints

Industrial loom


Transaction went smoothly love my loom just got more yarn to begging looming more items, yay!!

Get notified ASAP


Notifications are live at the moment. Perfect for when you’re not home, you know exactly when the package is at your door! Love it, it’s very convenient for those who do a lot of online shopping!

Excellent app

That PC Guy

Was advised by a friend to try and it I haven’t been disappointed. It’s great for tracking purchases automatically.


David L P

I order many things from many merchants via the internet. This app is excellent for tracking your orders and accountability of said order. Definitely recommend!

Love SHOP!!


I love that this exists! It saves me the trouble of having to find my order on the website when this is just an app away. I buy a lot online and though not ALL the things I buy are connected to SHOP majority of it is and it saves me so much trouble!

Works great


Got hooked using this with BrewDog. It’s so easy and secure with two factor authentication.

Satisfied customer


I received my order in just a few days and I couldn’t be happier with it....Thanks & blessings!

The idea to push the hoodie is great. Give us a chance to purchase more than one item.

Excellent app so far!


Didn’t even know there was such a thing, but I love the execution of this multi-tracking idea! Thanks guys!


shining whitey

Shop is truly awesome they have never disappointed me or let me down. More people should try shop. Shannon H.

Best app ever!!!!

just Deborah

This app never fail’s ! Never wrong


shakira t

When you put your email on the stuff you buy this app will get it from the email , Easy to use , Love using this app keep you updated soon as your Package move’s ,

Tastes Great!

Ernesto Figueroa

It’s yummy and feels great when applied to my hole!

Love this app!!


This has help so much when I order pretty accurate and easy to use!!!

Surprisingly useful


I originally thought this was just another app to download but it has proven extremely useful to track my packages from several carries even internationally. I really like the app!!

Always reliable!!

Cole wife

Thank you you never let me down!

Never fails


Best app for tracking packages hands down. Highkey recommended if you online shop constantly

Love this app!

Coco Inferno

I love being able to track my shipments and getting the updates!



SHOP is always on time, never left in the dark, as to where your package is.....thanks so much 😀



very satisfied with my shoes they are as they look in the photos, I will ask for others of a different color

Awesome App

GS Wireless

Love this app, it is so convenience to combine all your shipments from different courier in single place, Love the notification when the product is delivered. Great Job

Lux Body Soaps


Lovely fragrance, nicely made! Aspen soaps are Brilliant! I like that you have New Soaps for the Seasons.

Muwah “Perfect”


This is really handy so that I don’t have to go back to google to check the order status while shop just keeps order dates up to date and is really simple to use if you ever get the option “use shop” do it it’s so convenient

Excellent app


I love this app because I can always check my shippingTrack my Amazon package to see where my UPS or FedEx or US Postal Service package is what’s the delay notify me when it arrive because people stealing packages off doorstep‘s great app.

Awesome but...


It’d be great if it were to sync perfectly with my Amazon packages. Many are already delivered and it still says pending.

I loved this app but it stopped tracking my Amazon orders.

Great Job

Just some guy u kno?

This app recognizes when you place an order immediately and works seamlessly. Great to keep up with various shipments from different carriers.

This app is amazing, every time am ordering something, I like to track my packages with this app and it tells you when it’s shipped, or delivered and it’s very useful since sometimes you never know where a package can arrive

They arrived today ...very fast delivery! I put them on as soon as I opened the box and they are SO comfy!! And attractive too! Love them. Thank you!!

New to y’all


Great experience so far will say more when I get my oils

Two of my items have said “shipped” for over a week but I can’t track the packages. I would love to know where they are or have some kind of ETA.

Help me keep track of my packages.

🥰🥧Cutie pie🥧🥰

Help me understand and keep track of my packages and where they are and when they’ll arrive.

I love this oven it is the best works great delicious well worth the money I am in pressed

I love this app, it not only let you see the process of your online orders, it lets you know when it’s delivered. This app is awesome. I have told my friends, and, family about the app, and, they enjoy it as well.



Great app to track your package



This app is amazing, keeps me updated on all my packages and alerts me shortly after my package has been delivered.

I really liked m, I was surprised by how fast that we received it!!


htp._amyah on ig

The app is nice frfr , I just wanna know how to cancel my order off of it or do I have to press delete order .

Real time


Shop showed real time of my delivery. It kept me posted on tracking of packages I love it!

From placing the order to receiving my package I was made aware of its progression. And the celebration for the successful delivery of the package was a nice touch! The Sanctuary Global is a Class act on all fronts! Thanks a bunch!

Cup holders


I ordered 4 of the multiple function cup holders great quality

Love it !


I’ve had this app for some time now. I never had a problem with it. ☺️

Never used


Asking me to rate it before I actually tried it so 3 stars so far

Love it! Very happy!

$$cash time

It took sometime to get it but I love it. It’s making a lot loser and love it. Going to tell other people about it.

I love this app!! The timing is almost perfectly accurate.



Like how you can track your orders, easy to use!

Excellent service


I got notified of my shipment immediately upon arrival, spot on. Thumbs up.

Good delivery time

Foot fetish

Product worked as advertised 😂

good app


it’s really good. It tells you exactly we’re ur package is and when it’s delivered to u

Great app


They always have real time tracking! My packages arrive at the time they say!!(:



Always helpful with order placing and tracking!

Grateful for this app


I know when my merchandise is coming or where it is! Peace of mind for me.



Great system. I live about 20 minutes away and didn’t have to worry about getting there at a certain time or traffic being a problem. Love the coffee!



It does give a delivery date but the map is useless. It doesn’t show where the package is currently and is just pointless

5 star

Waiting to hear

I never used shop pay before; so far, so good!



Their slow and not good with deliveries arriving.

Way over priced.

every fucken name is

Way over priced and took forever to get here. China garbage!!!!

Very useful


I’ve been loving this app! Takes all the work out of tracking my orders.



1 of the items didn’t work and I was unable to return it they refused to take it back.

Loved being able to see status if delivery!

Honestly I never write reviews but this app is so helpful all my orders from everywhere I order automatically connect here . Even when it’s a new account I don’t have to link them together or anything as long as I use the same email . I love it

A Must Have For Online Buyers!!

Worlds best person

All my deliveries are in ONE place!!!


Peach Bomber

This app knew where my package was at all times even when it was stuck in the warehouse.

Easy tracking

mommas milk

Easy app to use didn’t have to sign in or anything makes it really easy to track my orders



it’s good , let’s me know everything I need

I give this app five out of five stars it is able to return my emails as such even if it automatically doesn’t update me on my ship minutes even if they are from different carriers I love this app

This app use to be great now it no longer syncs with my email only with purchases I made via shop at which now makes this app useless.



I order two items months ago and I haven’t gotten my package and it’s been few months; I would I to cancel it but I can’t do it.

It helps a lot in both sides. When u are a buyer or the seller, it’s easy to understand and add packages and see everything. It’s the first time I add a review and just because this app deserves it. Thanks!

All in one Tracker


Now I can have all my orders tracked in one app, genius.



Loved the stroller. Everything was just like the photo or even better great quality. Excellent costumer service very fast shipping as well 10 out of 10

I haven’t received my order yet.It’s been two months now please contact me on my Gmail thank you....


I need the actual lo

Accurate tracking love how I can track multiple shipments

Tracking service


I just learned about it it’s amazing keep up the good work guys.

Hairbrella LLC


I’m happy to receive my hairbrella cannot wait for the next time it rains. Thanks Ernylove

Shop Tracking!


I know exactly where my package is, from beginning to end. It sends alerts via Email, Text, and you can always look on your App.



It’s the best! Absolutely fun and easy and accurate!

Great App


It’s really a great app, it tracks your packages so you’ll know exactly when they arrive!!!

Quick and accurate

Tony Kamar

The shipping status usually updates very quickly. Great tool for tracking all your packages in one place

I love it you can buy and watch them come in and know your info is safe

Shirts 😍


Your shirts are awesome I hope it’s super soft!

It just works!


I was hesitant to provide my data for yet another account, but Shop should be the app to manage all purchases from those random websites for which I would have to provide my data … 😅

Tracking Orders


It’s nice to be able to track all of my orders in one, convenient place. So far, I haven’t experienced any issues with the app.

Makes it so easy to track all of my orders, much much improved from just receiving those texts previously.



I love the consistent updates and gps maps on my orders.

Best package tracker


Amazing app. Love having all my shopping info in one spot. Buying from multiple sites is easy to track now. Auto or manual load tracking numbers and never lose a package.



Waiting for it in the mail thank you

Best App EVER!


I love this app! It literally makes shopping easy and tracking your packages even easier!

Shoes and jewelry


Shoes look very cheap, jewelry isn’t as pretty as the do I return some of the items? Please send me a return label... Thanks Karen Smith

Wilson tennis racket


Great product and fast shipping.



Quality product and expert craftsmanship.



I’ve gotten updates from different places I’ve purchased and they were pretty spot on, helped me track my orders pretty well too!

Four divided payments wasn’t offered Through app

Reliable app


Accurate information every time

My orders


Easy to follow and estimated delivery and notice given when delivered! Great app!!!

Tracking made easy.


Up to date tracking app. Very useful.


Sir Patrick taylor

Very nice to hit the app and see my packages. ... location .. deliveries and past history without looking all that up .. awesome!!

Elegant tracking app!

Tha Original Mistalu

I like this app! It’s cool to be able to track stuff and see where it is...very nice user interface too!

Not showing

This one who downloa

Doesn’t show updates really nor the tracking location



Best App I love how it’s so accurate

Love it!

d lovee

Great app! Easy check out and always updating me on my order

I love this app


I recommend this app to anyone because as soon as you place your order automatically sends it to this app so you can track your package

Shop SHOP!!

Cinderella Money

Love the app very convenient and always accurate!!

Watched our delivery happen in real time. Perfect. On time. Great packaging. Marshmallows looked very large. Thumbs up! Happy feet! Thank you.

This app is really great, and gives me more notifications for tracking than the apps that I actually ordered from, but I wish the app was integrated better for both iPhone and iPad aspect ratios.

My family Rocks!!!

beard wonder

These products are the Bizomb!!!

Love it


Amazing easy to use tracking app. And best to have the option to automatically add tracking straight from the website of purchase.

App holder


I love being in the know of when my packages will arrive



Love the app and the simplicity of it. 5 stars every time.

Love the app


Best tracking app, not that punctual at all,

No iPad screen support


App Needs updated to function on the iPad without locking screen orientation and using 2x zoom compatibility

Great app

somone in need of he

Very helpful and convenient. Works great and I can see no reason not to have this app



I love this app so much ❤️❗️

The best ever


I love this app It keeps track and notifies you of everything

Durag a From Drippy rags


This was Honestly better than just checking the tracking number and way faster as soon as I got the notification I was set Thanks and appreciate this app and it’s my first order delivered Thanks @Shop

Awesome App


I love the real time updates and progress of orders !!

Great response. Great shipping

Donnie Chevelle67

Good reliable service and quality product

It does what it claims.. for now...

No cap


My favorite tracking app so far



Shop is all of that plus more... It lets you know where your packages are and when they will arrive. Everyone should download Shop...

Keeps me posted on orders


Great app, keeps me posted on all my orders and I like their enthusiasm for when the order is delivered with the confetti. Lately I’ve been receiving less updates but that’s okay since I still check anyways. Recommend the app

Not terrible

Boss Lady Elite

App was working great but it has stopped sending me updates on my packages that I have ordered. I have ordered 5 things in the past 2 months and shop has not picked up on any of them

Recommend this app


This app is great and I really enjoy using it. Definitely recommend.

It was GREAT to be able to track my package!! Everything was on point as to shipping and delivery! Will definitely use again since my son is in the Army and we’re using mail service a lot

Love to Shop!

M Y Munthu

If you love to shop and want to keep track of all your orders please use this App! Never wonder when a gift will arrive!

Everything in one place

Bria's Journey

I love that I’m able to see all my purchases on this app AND I can also shop on the app. With as much as I purchase online, I’m delighted that I’m able to fight climate change!

Most excellent!!!


Wonderful app, love love love the heads up.

Great service


Always get you products on time and even early love it❤️❤️💜💜

New customer

no other lady

Here to experience the ordering process for future customer’s experience and quality. So far so good.

Great message


I appreciate your work ethic and pushes me to get better



I love seeing where my packages are and when they are arriving! Thank you !

Love shop


Always shows updates even before the apps I buy things from. Also buying items thru shop is super easy.

Y yo u bb

cc. y

Y. Y. y C V G va y va tv c. Voy. Casa casa is the first by y by. Ugh Baby y Yo v. Vugyyy v y by v Bby


Artie the party

So far so good very easy to use.



Does what it’s supposed to do. I have like 5 orders out right now and 4 of them are right there in the app. So much easier to keep up with tracking.



Ordering was easy, will update when items received.



I never get real time updates just when it’s delivered.

It’s a better shipping app then most the only I would like is for it to be show a picture of package delivered

Hate waiting for packages but love knowing when they’ll be there,excellent app!!!

I’m sold and hope hope hope they continue to be savy, accurate and secure!! I was shocked to be honest 👍🏽👍🏽 to ya’ll & appreciate the hard work and minds!


Simon Diamond 56

Love this app, I have had it before and I renewed my app.

I received two packages but was only notified about one of them.

Very satisfied

kilee anne

Was on time! And no issues with my merchandise

This app really helps me keep track of my orders so I’ll know where they are at and estimate when they will be arriving to me .

Could only implement one per order

Awesome App!


I started using this app on a whim, but I've ended up really enjoying it. Having all of my incoming shipment information combined together in one app has been so convenient. The app runs smoothly, and I've had no problems with it. Highly recommend.

Really good!


Tells me when all my orders are being shipped and arrived

My new favorite company! The perfect gift for my environmentally conscious family. Christmas shopping early... know items will be enjoyed! Thank you!


Rebecca Yaya

So happy with the ability to watch my purchases. I send things to my family all over the states and It gives me great joy to watch their journeys.



This app is the best. It tracks and keeps up with your order. I Love It!!!



It was very easy going through the website and purchasing. Will let you know how the products are once I use them .

Best App EVERR!!!


Aside from sometimes not getting some orders to sync to the app, I freaking love this app. Thank you for this!! 🙏🏽💯

Hacked my Google email


After I had connected this app to my Google mail someone from a random device was trying to hack into my Google mail. Do with this information what you will, use at your own risk.

Great app


Love this app it works great it helps me so I know what I ordered an it’s all in order so I know when it was I don’t have to keep track of it because it does it all for me

Update Game


I really appreciate how consistent and accurate Shop is with my deliveries, keeping me updated is a Breeze! Also big up to the diversity of this app!



Great company , Great products, Great Service and Great Prices!!! Very helpful people as well

Looks good


So far so good. I’ve just begun

Great experience

kp 50 and fab

Great experience was able to find what I was looking for at a fraction of the price elsewhere and delivery was flawless. The Organza coat in white is beautiful and it will make my special day even better.(50th birthday) Thank You

love having most tracking under one app. easy and fun🎉


graddy um

Best app ever I would highly recommend you guys to use it if y’all wanna track your order



Totally depend on this app to track packages for me. And the reminders are extremely helpful.



This is the greatest app to keep track of all your purchases. I love that everything is in one place and I don’t have to always go through my emails.

About my package


I just love the fact I know when my stuff is going to arrive

I so enjoyed viewing all the various pop-up cards, pricing was reasonable for me, and checking out was easy.



Love this app it’s always on point with detail and you’re 95.8% never disappointed!

False Info


I ordered a package on March 21st. It at least has the right time the package came. But the tracking is wayyyy off.

Very helpful overalll


Uhh yeah like I said above, very helpful if you’re always buying online. A little delayed every time on the notification when something gets delivered but its no worry for me at least


Chutz Jockamo

Never ever have I had Better experience doing bitness wiff this Copany. Wil u yuse awl the thime. Goo doos 2 yuse!!!!!!!! Chutz Jockamo

I’ve used this app for about 10 months now and it’s just nice I mostly use it for my Branded bills club membership because I get a hat every month and it help me keep track of all my orders to.

No package worries


This App is awesome!!!! It keeps me up to date on time my package leaves the facility until it arrives at my door! Thank you...Shop!!!!!!!

Love it all my packages been on point number one love shop sooo much

I rarely do reviews but this app is low key perfect. It makes purchases and shipping and tracking super convenient. 5 stars.

Very cool


Very neat app that lets me track my purchases from over seas. Updates in real time and the confetti when delivery is complete is the icing on the cake. I wish all apps were this great. Thank you.



I love the pants that I ordered!! I want them in multiple colors but they do nit offer that!! They are the warmest pants I have ever owned!! Love, love , love them!!

There’s a reason

Unicorn Princess🦄💖🦄

I used it a month ago and it was OK but it didn’t show where my package was and now it won’t show my packages automatically and it doesn’t show the carrier I’m trying to put.

Love it


I rather use Shopify over any other payment it lets you track all shipments and let’s you know when they are delivered has a time stamp on it

Bella Re

bell re

Love this app so very helpful 😀


manisteemi 2021

Each time I pop in to check to see where my pkg is at. This site would tell me to register. Somethings not right there if I got a re-register each time I wanna track my package that I ordered!

Potty Buddy


I already bought two. So I bought two more. They are fantastic. I have little chihuahuas and the potty buddies save me money. Buying pads are costly. They are great!

It's Great


It helps me so I don't get scammed



These days we must keep track and this is a great help.

Easy is pleasy

Big Earl Hank

Making most of my purchases online the Shop app gives me an easy way to track all the products I purchase. If there were 6 stars Shop would get all 6

I got scammed


Got conned around Christmas time and the support team said they can’t help me contact the people who did the scam I find it weird that this company offers to be the middle man basically and can’t even hold it’s sellers to a certain standard

This App Works


Beautiful interface, timely and accurate. Links the purchase receipt with delivery tracking.

Looks good


The hair looks realistic but it’s the scalp part that looks fake. You can tell it’s a wig. You can wear like a head band to cover the parting but other than that they are really pretty.

Says a lot when your wife says why didn’t you order me one? Really like this mask! And I’m ordering two for her right now!



Great way to locate your shipped items.



I’m just starting to use this app, so far so good

I’ve only been using this app for a few days, for a few different reasons and I love it!! Amazon needs to step their game up ASAP!

Very satisfy


Very pleased with my eyelashes. They came in two days, I put them on and what a difference it made to my face! First time I wear eyelashes. Definitely it enhances my make up, they look so natural



Found my item that was sold out on wayfair, overstock and peri gold. Set up and tracking was a breeze. Will use it again

Best tracker ever!!


This is the best tracker ever. I am so glad that retail stores have started using this app because it really breaks down the shipment process for you and location.

Really useful


Great app to keep track of all your shipments. During the pandemic we tried a few subscription boxes and this helped keep up with everything.

Ordered a 200 dollar wall heater. Never worked. Arrived late. No way to get a replacement or a refund. Very disappointing. Waste of Money

If you do any online shopping, this app is for you. Keeps all orders, shipping dates and deliveries together in one place.



Awesome product made very well, high standards! I will purchase more


The Speak her Mind

Shop has helped with all of my orders and keeping track of them and has never missed .

It works


First time using an app like this, super simple to pop into my email and grab tracking numbers, nice to have all my package notifications in one place

Best app


I LOVE this app shows me where my stuff is and when it got delivered

I love it. It helps me (the most forgetful person ever) keep up with everything and its easy to use.

I have received my package on time :) The colors are nice and the quality is good :) I love them😊



Great app to track your packages, very precise!



Amazing app!!! I highly recommend this app!!!

Love it

Junnie Girl

The fastest delivery ever going to try it now thank you

Right On Schedule


Let’s me know when my packages have arrived

Me gusta que te avisa de todo lo que enviaste electrónicamente es bueno para tener todo en un vistazo

Great App

Big Wogan

Great for keeping up with what I ordered and helping me keep track of where my packages are. Great app

Best ever


This is the greatest app to ever exist. Everything is so organized and in order .

Shop is a very needed app it give you all the updates you could wish for in some it also show you exactly where your order are located



I love that the app always auto fills in the information for me knowing it’s me which saves me a lot of trouble and the updates are also always correct and on time for my shipments,, thank you very much.💙💙

Nice robes


I been looking for a satin rob in this is now my new favorite page.

Helps me keep track of All orders without hassle of going through old emails, websites or accounts.

The best app Eva

Mz. Moody

This app is so great I love it🤞🏾 anytime that I order anything it pops up!! And shows me when and where and who is shipping my product ☺️

Update. Only my package from Amazon failed.

I only wish all my online shopping used this useful tool so I knew when my orders were arriving. It also lets me know when it’s in transit and confirms it. Such a great idea!

So easy!!!


Love this app. I’m told when my merchandise has been shipped and when it will arrive and when it has been delivered. Simple and easy!!

Highly recommended


This app is AWESOME!!! Keeps you up to date step by step!! Love it!!



Easy and helps me track my packages very accurate too!

I like it!!!


I love the way this app tracks your purchase and keeps you updated with the progress of your package!

Love this


I get real time updates and reminders that really help out with ANY shipping that I have!

New to SHOP


Great service and great way to track your purchases! Thank you.

Real time tracking


Gives you real time tracking info and updates on your items and let’s you know exactly when and where your items were delivered

Thank you!


I always have good results with Shop and Amazon thank you so much for my package

I love knowing exactly where my package is and when it is delivered! The little ding ding notification really makes my day!

So Happy


My daughter introduced me to “Junk” hairbands. I LOVE them. They are so pretty and I have received many compliments. The only problem is, I keep seeing more I love and want! Lol


chip Ver

Love em. Tk u. Fit great. Very true.

Love love love


All of my items came securely packed and I can’t wait to use them.

Love Shopify!


I buy so many art supplies from various merchants and Shopify gives me updated shipment and delivery notifications. Totally thinking of using Shopify website, purchase and shipping service for my art business!



Lately the notifications be off

GreatWay of making me feel comfortable with my purchases

Moon Scope

Sinclair one

I ordered one a month ago haven’t got it yet

App review

Mabuhay 2020

East to use and hopefully it is secure to use my payment information



I love SHOP EASY best way to manage your orders without the fuss.

I have not received some of my orders

Good App


I ordered a cleetus plush from YouTuze and it told me when it was shiped when it got here over all great app for anything



Simple, auto tracking is the best!

Tracking device

nikki 17th hollygrov

This is a wonderful site to track your packages



Package tracking is NEVER updated I don’t think its really doing what it’s supposed to



Alway let’s me know when I will get my product ordered without me trying too track it on my own

Black bib dress


Arrived in prefect condition and fits prefectly!!❤️

Easy to use


Love this app, easy to use. And updates are pretty fast and accurate. No extra fees to keep me updated

Great app


This is my favorite app. Fun announcement when a delivery happens. Accurate and very helpful.



The tracking is never on time. I have received packages while on here it says has no shipping updates.

First time user


So far, so good. Seems to be easy to navigate.

Great app


I love that it keeps track of all my online orders through delivery. One stop shop

Santo remedio


Envio muy rapido muchas gracias

So helpful


I love this app, it makes it so easy to track and so well designed! Can’t say enough good things about it.

It’s been pretty glitchy lately and not really doing what it’s supposed to I hope someone please fixes the bugs so it can go back to being a great app

Great app

Thatbeanhead on ig

Easy to use. Can check multiple packages at once. Know where your package is every stop and transition that it takes.

Five stars


Love this, so easy to use..tracking is perfect and on time with packages. I will continue to use. Thank you, Deb

Brilliant integration with vendors. Respect!



This app is so cool and convenient



I LOVE THIS STUFF I’m so happy to have found the website. Love the sparkling water too! Thank you so much HINT

Great job


Our order was received sooner than expected. Packaged with extra care and setup ready to place on our wall. Excellent company to order art from.

I love my necklace. It is in memory of my son who was killed in 2005.



Art arc dedication was consistent and timely. Almost immediate notification upon delivery.

You really know where your stuff is at every moment, from places the order to shipping to out for delivery. Even delays! Why haven’t I used this earlier?!

One of the most helpful apps on my phone! If you stay anywhere where you may or may NOT receive your packages this is a life saver!

Really like this app it automatically add some of my packages but others I have to put in my self.

Not very impressive


Way slower than updates from any other shipping all I’ve used. To the tune of, on average, 2-3 hours late notifications for delivery. Super redundant anyway

2 bottles


Ordered 2 bottles got them very quickly even faster then they said. They were packaged very good

Absolutely love and support my fellow veterans!

Nikki gandee

nikki gandee

I ordered from this site called lighted pro in November and I can’t get ahold of anyone and haven’t received ANYTHING!!!!



Thanks easy so far like tracking



I loved the pieces and it fits me perfectly.

Amp and 2400

youngblood 54

Thank you nice and easy process



LOVE THIS APP! it gives you ALL in information you need and then some. GREAT!

Like the title says ^^ but Shop is honestly a real solid App and the tracking is on point. 🤙🏼



My favorite app. It’s soooooo accurate and easy

Good luck necklace

Linda Gail RN

It’s beautiful! I’m looking forward to having good luck. I lost my job 9 months ago. I pray for a miracle for money to come in. The necklace is well crafted. Thanks, Linda H.

Love it

LaTonnia Guest

Delivery went very well. Thanks to the fedex driver he deserves something special.


obama epc

Very cool. But I wish it gave a delivery window.

The app is great but I’m confused why the app isn't making a bigger deal out of the fact that are carbon neutral. I guess I should ask, are all of the orders on Shop carbon neutral still? Or only some? That would be a big selling point.



I’m a newcomer to SHOP, but am very pleased with this service & look forward to a long association!!

Best app everrrrrr

daddy big toe

This is the best app for tracking your packages, thanks to this app I won’t have to be waiting for updates by email!

Thanks for a mapped package tracking app.

Love it!


This app is wonderful. I truly love it! As soon as i place an order, not long after, I receive a notification. And I can track in real time. Love this app!!

Need to exchange different size

Very Convenient


Great app to track your deliveries, especially if you do a lot of online shopping like I do. So glad Shop was recommended to me, absolutely love it!

[email protected] B0¥z


Puros corridos Tumbados🔥🤯

Love this app


During covid, orders can take so much longer to arrive. This app helps me keep track of everything, it’s been super helpful. Lerv it <3

About my order


Haven’t received my order and it’s still saying waiting for details that was December 23 2020 and it hasn’t been shipped or details confirmed



Good 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻



Super amazing!! The fact I legit know the exact location of my package is just super cool!!! I need all things I buy from now on to go through Shop, helping the environment and always know where my stuff is!!

Our cups


Perfect cups and after shopping around best deal all over the internet!!

I liked my email to this app and it either never updates deliveries or repeats them several times. Super glitchy. Super annoying.

Very good app


It’s good knowing where my packages are and if they’re on the way

Love SHOP!


I love that Shop tells me about expected deliveries almost bf the delivery system does! And all of my deliveries show up in one place so I can come to the app and check on anything I am waiting for and I can see where it is!!

Favorite tracking app


I love this app!!!! The fact I can be on the look out for all my packages.

Little behind


Doesn’t update nearly as fast as carrier...could be a pretty good app if it could get ahead of the game

I love this app! It consolidates tracking all of my orders in one location. Super easy to use. All you have to do is download the app and it somehow links to orders you’ve placed from every retailer and puts them on the app for you to see.

It’s a pretty good app and it organizerz all your packages but the status updates are at least an hr late every time

I really love the app, the only annoying thing is that when i open the app on my ipad, the app apear sideways ( i use my iPad horizontal)and can’t make it bigger. It definitely can use some improvement or make it iPad friendly.

Great app


It tracked my package all the way a no I am not a bot kind of weird how it new my exact order to.

Shop reviews


I love this app it tells you directly where your package is at it will track every little stop highly recommend

Best app ever


I love the fact that it keeps u updated and I’m really happy with this app well recomended

Great app!!


It’s great to be able to track all packages with this one app!! 5 stars!

Atwater Chair


Excellent chair, value and service. Looking forward to making additional purchases.



I love getting notices when my packages are delivered.

This can be used with all the carriers, it would pretty good in my opinion. It is delayed somewhat, but other than that it’s an accurate site.



Not understanding why SHOP is giving me notifications on my Amazon orders. Especially since I can get the notifications straight from Amazon. I appreciate it but????



This app wasn’t fast enough with the saying it delivered



Very useful and helpful app. All around great.

I Love Shop


Extremely Simple and User Friendly. Tracks Orders. Fast Checkouts. Very Nice Icon. Supported By Almost Every Online. To Sum Up This Review, The App Gives You 100+ Real Life Points You Can Redeem To Elongate Your PP. 💯⤴️



I personally love this app! Tells me exactly where my packages are located and Idk I just really like this app when I order packages!!! If u are considering into installing this app. Do it !!😌😂.

Review by Alikeywestgia


Shop app is easy to set up and use and has been a reliable way to track my orders!!

Opti-Greens 50.

Linn 746

Omg this is the absolute best I feel amazing 👍🏼👍🏼



I deleted this app because it sends notices extremely early in the morning, which is disturbing. The information has always been accurate, but this was not acceptable for me.



All I have to say so far so good!!! Keep up the good work.

It’s great for keeping up with all of your items you’ve purchased.

5 stars


Making online purchases has been difficult for me due to fraudulent type issues. Immediately when I place an order I get notifications from Shop. It’s a secure feeling knowing that they are on top of it.

SOOO helpful


Really helps me stay organized with everything I’m purchasing. 10/10 recommend

Great app, but needs IPad support.

Works Great


A few weeks ago, the app didn’t work very well. But now, it’s smooth sailing. Great app to let me know everything about a package order to tracking it a my front door. I LOVE IT!!!!


Awesome girl5724

Not showing an ETA is annoying but fine otherwise.

Great shoes


I love the comfort of these sandals. I needed something to wear socks with in the house. These are perfect!



The little owls are cute but I received and they were broken. Haven’t heard from the seller. Hopefully I’m not going to be ripped off.


24 Lisa

I love this stuff everybody always tells me your lashes are long

It gives updates about your packages and it shows you exactly where they are located

The Shop app


I love this app. I use it to not only purchase from websites but also to track my order.

Love it!


I just wanted to see how our new digital team performed on retail product sales. I bought two t-shirts and received in less than a week. I love them and as often as my bride does laundry, I may wear one of these everyday.

Best app!


Where has this app been all my life?

This app is nice

Scooter face

Makes me smile knowing where my package is! Love the interface. Keep up the good work!

Amazing everyday app


This is a must have if shopping online!! Amazing app

Terrible shoes!


These shoes feel like they’re literally made of cardboard. They’re so uncomfortable! Also, I ordered the blue booties. They’re not blue, in my opinion. They’re more like a strange weird gray. This was an awful waste of money!

Love this app!


Almost all of my delivery orders show up here. It makes it much easier to track my orders sine they’re all in one place.

Have found all products TLC, AMP, micro fiber towels n Black Ice to be excellent!



Like the app sometimes it doesn’t show my order right away

A package that is arriving today but in the app it says arriving tomorrow, which makes no sense because on the app it literally says out for delivery today.


Cal. Amani

That is mow best technology tracking system. I am impressed . Delivered my package on perfect time as I was expecting .

App Needs Work

Slick 1

The app needs work because not all content is visible when the general settings of the phone font size is enlarged. It makes it impossible to read all of the information.

Doesn't automatically add shipping from emails. I have to go into my email copy the tracking number then add it to the app. Not what I want.

App Rating


The app can be upgraded to where u can contact the actual driver an also we need more detailed alertness awareness.

Love it!


Excellent tracking tool📤📥

Kept me updated on delivery. Notifying me within 5 mins of delivery

Easy and breezy fo sheezy!!!!!!!

Well done!


My first time using this. Great notifications about timing! Bell rang- & visuals when delivered. yay!!! Thank you 🙂👍🏼🎯

Product was as described. Pleased 😁

Definitely recommend


Love this app for tracking my packages

Not happy with the product I received. The bag is so small and cheap. I can’t reach anyone for returns. I’m annoyed!!

Genius App


Great anxiety reduction device. Always know where the package is and when to expect it delivered.


Johnny D23

Been using this and absolutely love it!!

Forget the 2 stars


I only rated it because I was frustrated with getting started with the app. I’m technotarded. It’s very informative and up to date with all my deliveries

Very happy customer

( Guardian67 )

Extremely happy with my purchase, high quality and it shaves paper just like the ad said!

Sandy Springs Farm

Sandy Springs Farm

Great tracking and very detailed. As soon as our package was delivered, I sent somebody to get it as soon as it was marked delivered. Seeing how it was my daughter’s wedding dress, I didn’t want to take any chances.

5 star app


Listen, I don’t use it often but when i order things, its nice to be notified where my order is at all times.

Best quality


Consider me a loyal customer from here on out.

A real help “

Mr Fugal"

This app has really been a great way to keep track of my orders!!” And then let’s us know when it was delivered!!” Awesome!!”

If you’re looking for selection, knowledge and price, Discount Tackle is the place to go! You won’t be dissappointed.


Amirah Kraft

Very modern and easy to log into. It previews the clothes you’ve ordered and gives you lots of information on their current whereabouts. 10/10 recommend!

Love this app!


I love the ability to track all my orders and see where they are.

Notification Issues


Notifications no longer working! I have checked settings and also uninstalled and reinstalled but still no notifications!

I Love this App. I never have to worry where my package is it keeps me updated the entire journey of my packages all the way to the door..😊

Wrong item

Candie pain

I could not use the hair product that they sent me. They sent me one that you had to have a Chinese adapter. It was a waste of my money. Plus could never get in touch with them. Don’t buy it.

Luna Corset


Ms.Girl already took a month to ship out my things unt unt

I can’t wait to receive this I’ve seen a lot of reviews and see how it works and in my line of work I definitely need something like this and also at home with the kids if you know what I mean

Excellent app


Tracks all my orders at one place.



Good interface but the notifications are always like three hours late

I love the site I just wish the delivery wasn’t a month or more.



Great app makes buying anything online that much easier



I didn’t get a lot of orders that i bought they said in transit and no luck i orders a dog bed 4/18/20 # 2132 order number pd 9.99 still haven’t received item please check into this i have a few still out



Very good,tells you there every move it also tells you when it’s been delivered and where it’s at would most definitely recommend!!

Really loved


Really loved what I ordered !! So cute!!!

This blanket is as beautiful a d more than the picture ! It is so soft and the words touched my heart so much , it is a Valentine gift from my wonderful husband 🥰

No issues


This app works as it should I haven’t had any issues using this app

Wonderful family owned business. Love buying with them. Staff are wonderful people.

Heat does not work


It seems to all work but the heat doesn’t heat?



I paid for what was advertised as 3 day shipping. It arrived in 4 days. I get it: covid and some bad winter storms may have affected it but don’t advertise/charge it if it can’t be done. For a second I thought I got ripped off.

Great Tracking

Glame On

Wow! This app has an amazing g tracking system and I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to keep track on their items!



Nice fast and easy to see orders and tracking history, just a click away

Best way


Best way to purchase anything online. Use Shop to follow your transactions and monitor delivery.

Jerome Blake

B b ezzy

My items came real fast and on time

Thank you


Excellent service for knowing the exact status of your package. Saves a lot of anxious waiting.

Tennis set


Looks really beautiful! But am very disappointed cause my bracelet arrived broken! An I email them reporting this and they wanted proof I sent a video of it but no response back

I love it


I can see all my tracking info it’s so convenient

Great app


Great app for the most part although it doesn't find all the packages each time. It is very nice when it works correctly.



Makes online ordering so much better, getting notifications and not having to do the old tracking # shenanigans

great app !

cam cam 009

great , my package came on time !! right details , I love it


doña Maida

Not to drugs, or smoking or drinks, is to this delicious rosemary breadsticks and flat bread. I wish I could afford them every week. 🙃🤗😋Maida Cristina


food hot fried

IT WORKS BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL APPS 🤩I LOVE IT SO MUCH I USED IT ON 7 things and it came on the date it says! I live it so much I use it everytime I order 🤩😊

Star rate might go up it my order makes it to me

so far so bad


i can’t see any details of my tracking information and it’s extremely annoying




Great app

Francis B...

Finds me online whenever I purchase on Google or any other outlet. And offshore purchasing too. This is great!

Love my lips

Cassundra L

I love this product and my lips are so moisture. I will be purchasing again.

Such a good app


Love this app! Tracks all your packages that are connected the same email. I love how it sends you updates on every package. Wish I knew abt this app sooner!



SuperSupportive and great information keeping me updated

Love Shop


I Love this app, you can keep all you purchases I deliveries in the same place. It makes it so much easier to keep up with where your packages are.

Not to bad:)


Honest app,does what It should,I appreciated that I was to see all activity almost in real time.thanks again!

All on one place

Boris 50

This is a great app. I can view my order and track the delivery.



This is a very convenient app that tracks my orders n let’s me know how far away they r and a estimated delivery date 🙂👌

Love it


It’s super super convenient 💕

A great app ! Allows me to know when the Post Office has my package, or when to look for the UPS guy to pull up my driveway. Should have thought of this year’s ago !!!

Shop app

Bena Rena

I have been using this app for a while and it works perfectly fine I just don’t think it takes Amazon orders though

Never failed


You guys have always been reliable and accurate.

Easiest way to checkout


No hassle check out information is ready to go.

The best


This is the best app for tracking what you Ordered online.



I love shop, they make it super easy to track my orders and show what i’ve purchased in the past. I wish all online stores used them!

Oregon Hunter

L Curiel

Love the app makes tracking so easy!!!!

Most of of my order do not give shipping or even tracking updates? What gives?

Amazing fit Great quality will be shopping with this company again



Received package in great shape

So convenient!


Tracking all the online orders in one spot! 👌🏼 love it! I recommend everyone should download this.



This is the best appp to keep track of all you order need and tracking. By far.

Love them!!


Absolutely love them!!! I love the notifications and how they are always on point!!!!

Great service!


Gives me peace of mind! It’s fast and easy to use a d helps me keep my orders organized

Dope app

Official NYUZ

This app is the [email protected]? Allows you to track your package and see where it’s at in real time!!



I was ambivalent when I downloaded this app but the convenience of all my packages being tracked in one place made me appreciate the concept. Very pleased with this app



This is a great app. Works just right for me, right on point with the tracking.


Kronprinzen Spice

This app helps me keep track of my purchases and tracking information.


Andrea Lucky

This shirt is so cute. Love it. ❤️❤️

The best app


It is one of the best apps by far that help make checkout so much quicker

Oh ya


Very organized and light in the eyes and accessible to everyone, not overly complicated just track your order you’re good. 😁



I love how convenient this is it automatically notifies me when my items are out for shipping and delivery ☺️



Way more reliable and accurate than tracking your package through the sender. It’s also very nice to be able to look at all of your orders and scheduled deliveries in one place as oppose to check from one email to the next.

love this app


i love this app one of the best ways to track your packages. Now for the people who don’t know like myself can you please explain to me what “offset emissions for free” mean. Thanks in advance.


Juliet Mac

This is the most amazing app ever. One place for tracking orders. Nice

I am loving the SHOP app it’s an excellent way to shop and pay and track your purchases and packages! Bravo SHOP



OMG I will be ordering again for sure. I have never tasted something so amazing. Oh my goodness this is delicious. I will not be sharing to much with the family of this first batch but i will get more for

Best app ever


This app never lets me down constant updates on my packages and notifications as soon as package is delivered



This application is awesome 😎 it lets you know exactly when your item arrives ! Love it

Great app


Everything was good good service

This app is so quick and efficient when you have everything set up and order from a good company. Any company really but a good one seems to instantly connect your order to the app. Definitely a great organizer for online orders

Very good


Love this app, very convenient and love every update it gives me on where my package it. Recommend..

Stopped working


Stopped working with buttons from websites. I do not want to give email access that is a security risk.

Great app

my pizza place

I get a notice from you the minute I place my order and you keep me up on the shipping as it progresses

Can’t login

Big zues

The app is good but there’s this annoying bug that no matter how many times I put my login in, it won’t let me login it just loads then stops and nothing happens, now I can’t see my orders, it’s annoying please fix.

LOVE this app


This app is fantastic! Love that I can track my shop orders. Never have to wonder where my items are.



Didn’t know it was going to find all my orders I submitted online. Scary actually lol. It found Amazon, and Target and some others without me entering anything except my email address.



Convenient for keeping up with multiple orders from multiple places at once. Wonderful!

Thank you


My son was diagnosed with ADHD and your fingerboards help him to Concentrate. I’m so grateful that my son found something that works for him. The finger boards are made well and are worth the price.

Really Reliable

Suzel W

I love this app! It helps so much to have confirmation on where my package is! This app is really good for when you purchase from websites that are not Amazon or Target! I have bought from 4Ocean and other websites! I would highly recommend.

Awesome dress

Apostolic Annie

I just love my pok a dot dress. The fabric is stretchy and light. Perfect for Texas weather. I had many people say what a cute dress it is today when I did wear it to church. What a great deal for the small price I paid. Thank you.

Replacement bulbs.


$100.00 headlight, very satisfied. Just ordered marker lights, backup lights and turn signal lights. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed with order.

Honestly such a great app! This app makes it super easy to keep track of all the online shopping I do. It’s super organized and the notifications make it easy to know when things have shipped, are in transit and when they will arrive.



This app is very resourceful! It’s always keeping me informed ab my packages whereabouts.

I wish everything I purchased over $100 would be on Shop

Easy to use

Taty tot

Works great and is very simple and easy to use highly would recommend nice for when i want to see where a package is with out having to put in a shipping number.

Shipping Cost


You should have more choices for shipping than just one or two day shipping.

Immediate Satisfaction!


I love this app. It’s well beyond accurate. Some items take forever to arrive but I have an idea of if they are overseas or around the corner.



Love it disappointed I didn’t discover it sooner!

Linked gmail account is scanning all the emails either it is from costumers or not. Is would be in a different way if the application made an email for work. For example, colleges has emails that is only for school purposes.



Pole arrivedWithout any of the hardware or instructions

5 star


Told me where my packages was right away, very on top of it. I 100% recommend

Poor tracking


Tracking is not consistent with actual delivery status. Nor does it update if package is delivered.

Big Help


Love the way it helps me keep track of my purchases.



It was pretty but expected the chain to be longer. Unfortunately I won’t be able to give this to my Mother who is turning 100 years old because of this length.

The best


I am enjoying this app and I love how it updates me about all my orders, I recommended 100%

Great App

zo xoxo

Great way to track your packages

Great service

Suni Star

Pleasantly surprised my delivery arrived so soon. The post man always brings my package to my door step! Thank you all for a job order well done!



Best app to track ur items and to purchase as well I mostly use it for tracking


Lil Wade😄😄3905

I like the app it is very good but still delay with telling you how the order is going

I ordered way way before Xmas and still haven’t received. Is this a real site??


Danyale poo

This app is a wonderful help, it made it a thousand times easier for me to track my things.

Great app!

Leina Buchanan

Super helpful and it eliminates having to go into your email and find your latest purchases.


Sr Cash

Fast response time and handy to have

I ordered something and it was stuck on one location but on the usps it was delivered

Great updates, tracking maps, and notifications.

Nice app


I love this app! It helps keep track of all my orders..

Wow! The tracking on this app!

Eleanor Rose and Co.

This app is amazing! I love how it outlines the routes the packaging orders are layered out. I have never seen an app do that, it’s pretty cool. Plus it’s updates along with the original shipping updates.



This app is the easiest way to track all my packages! Instead of playing a guessing game of “What’s Coming From Where,” this app keeps it all organized for me. The widget is a great shortcut as well!

I love it


Always gives accurate updates unless you know when your package is in your mailbox it has been delivered excellent

It’s biggest problem is up to date tracking, it tells me when it’s shipped which is nice but other than that the tracking is worthless. It’s shipped I’ll see a few spots it’s moved than suddenly it’s here.

Great app

Daddy Long Chorizo

I would have given this app 5 stars but the “Delivered” notification is a little off on the actual arrival time. But overall a good app.



Finally an app that works and lets me know where my stuff is

Sweet Angels


This is my second ornament order. All angels are so sweet and well made. Delivery was speedy with excellent tracking info. I highly recommend this seller.

Used it a few times, very accurate !! App works great!



I become excited when I see my “gift “ arrive. I love these passionate works of art. Idle hands is the Devil’s work, my mother would say.

Bad updates

Teorie Haynes

It’s not even giving me updates of package that I haven’t even received yet


Li cop

I’m really enjoying shop it’s fast and easy!!

I love this app!


This app is wonderful and accurate!

It makes life easier


I actually enjoy this app. I’ve used it for months now and it makes life easier since I order everything online


Maria andres :)

I really love this app, it shows me where and how long my package is going every single little thing.

Early Delivery

Terry H. 3D

Thanks DELIVERY SERVICE for your 3 day early💥 delivery. I can’t tell you how much I loved getting my music system 3 days early. 🕺🏻💜🕺🏻

Very cool that I can track all my packages at one place. I shop online for most things and this helps keep track of when and where things are in the transit process. Kinda creepy though. They know everything.



Love it five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Awesome app

Nosy body

I love using this app to shop on

First time


We shall see easy to enter harder to win

Love their work & the quality of their products. They even send in unique & sweet packaging with a precious bow around the item!!

Wow that was quick and quality material ! Thank you very much . This is my 3rd or 4th order and i am excited to say, your company Rocks !

Great app


Love using this for easy checkout. Highly recommend it!

Great App


This app is great for tracking online shopping in one neat place. No more referring back to emails, just put the tracking number in and it sends notifications and updates. I love this app.



With packages being taken by thieves Shop has given me a extra security of knowing when and what love the notification.

Helpful App


This app is incredibly helpful in tracking the arrivals of my packages. I just wish that there would be faster updates and sometime the updates are not 100% correct.

Useful :)


Very attractive and useful app!!! Definitely recommend.

My shirt


From the date it was ordered to the date it was delivered was six days


Love Chi

The sandals were never delivered to me. As of today 1-11-2021, I do not have them.

I do not understand the purpose of this app. The idea is really good. However, it only takes some shipping information from e-mails but not every shipment. It seems to be random.

Quality & comfort

D R Marie

Well worth the cost. So comfortable and stay on my feet through the night! I had 1 pair, ordered 2 to make sure they were the correct ones. Just ordered 4 more pair.

While this works well for charging, case doesn’t adapt to CarPlay. Have to remove from case to use it.

I love this App!


This app is great to manage orders from multiple amazing companies. Chinatown Market , Carrots, what’s up?

Super simple UI

Chaz Corley

Makes shopping easy just short and simple

Easy to track your orders and get updates

Great tracking


Really nice to keep all your packages tracked in one place. Message pops up no matter who the carrier is, you know status on all your mail orders! Great app!

Keeps you updated!

mooska 1990

Always has the latest details on your product’s location and status.

First Time User

Ravens Nation38

This My First Time Using The App So Hopefully I’m Satisfied with it I normally don’t track My Package but with the Pandemic and all I’m Happy I Decided too !!!



I really like this app. It told me just when my item was delivered.

Well Put Together


Easy to see your ordered, easy to use.

Great sight


I love that they request permission rather than just open an app.

I use the app to track many things, and I can say confidently it works well!

The Néw Norm


With online shopping being our new norm, it helps to have everything you’ve ordered in one place, being tracked and easy to trace. Thanks for the peace of mind.

must have


if you’re a crazy online shopper like me and a person who ships gifts to family and friends I highly recommend this app to anyone it’s so convenient

Poor tracking app


The app has stopped picking up on tracking numbers from gmail. Have had to manually add the last 4 orders. Can no longer add other email addresses for other orders. Unless coming updates get better will dump soon.



Every time I order I check this app to see when my shipment is coming love it

Great app to keep track of my packages but they need to update it more frequently because I don’t know where my package is exactly


Breexdgaf! Definitely not worth the amount paid.



Most helpful app ever for ordering online!

I like the app as it’s very resourceful but the tracking updates are the only feature that is kinda meh. The status for tracking updated once for both my packages both ordered different days but with the same delivery dates.

Sometimes it does not accurately tell me when my package comes but I really overall enjoy the experience with this App, if it was more accurate I would give it a 5 star rating I love it! So convenient

I like the app but the updates are late sometimes


Fitness Junkie Jack

This is the perfect tracking app! Notifications, you see the route it’s on. Very cool to see that! And I got notified when it got dropped off!

New Customer


Nice App! Very user friendly and Extremely Prompt and Descriptive. Very happy! Thank You


gnvl lady

Great service. Kept me informed during the entire process.



This app is pretty cool. I like how it reminds me when my packages are coming. Especially when it tells me it was delivered.

Magic towel


Towel did not dry my hair ! I tried for 12 min and then used hair dryer!



This app is so accurate. Super amazing. Great Idea!

Trump store

Carol Len

I love my Trump shirts, hats and tumbler. I donated to his campaign and got several discounts on items. I love my silver coin with him on It. Best President in my lifetime.

This doesn’t completely track your package I have been waiting for over a month now ..

Great app!

jean ann marie

I love that it keeps track of everything you order great app!

The app allows me to see exactly where my packages are in the US regardless of shipper. It has been off several times, but has been pretty accurate overall.

This was a gift and they baked it soon as they got it and enjoyed every bit of it.

Diamond paintings

this soundslike a fa

I am really hooked on these they make fantastic gifts and very relaxing I could sit all day doing this the only thing I don’t care for it takes so long to get them need more places where they ship from the USA but maybe someday thank you.

They don’t update it but they give you really good information and it actually came in the expected time good job Ontracc I would order from you again!!!! Would recommend

Riquísimos no puedo comer solo uno !!

Great app



Ik its stupid but i really enjoy the the knock tone

Tracking and Delivery


Tracking info up to date. Right on time.

Thank you


Thank you for being informative about the whole process from the beginning till the end. 👍



Probably won’t do any good ordered a cocoo clock long time ago at least 2 months ago payed for threw paypal any idea when i will receive it or will I get it st all must be coming by row boat from china. I guess

Thank you


Thanks guys for letting us have full access to tracking our orders. I’m very satisfied with the details and notifications as I wait for my gifts, that I order for my lovely family members ! 👍🏼

Great service

NO nergo NO

I can see all of my ordered packages from the same app, and when the are coming, up to date!

This is my go to online store from now on. Me and my sisters love all the styles and accurate delivery your team offers. Thank you so much.



I think every online store should use this tracking app

Tracking it all!!!


I absolutely am thrilled to be able to see everything I’ve ordered in one place. I’ll never search for “that” email with my shipping information again!! Thank you thank you!!

Shipping info.


The application functions just as described.

A must have app!


Best app to track packages ! Been using for over a year! Gets better and better!

Absolutely love this app


It lets me know my Amazon orders, keeps track of my other fav web sites like Lalili and hot topic I never have to worry about when my package is coming anymore. I live in an apartment and have had too many packages stolen.

Keeping teach


The is the only way to keep up with my orders and tracking them . Love it.

Quick and Easy


Making my purchase was quick and easy!

The set up

Iyesha Johnson

I appreciate that you can track your packages from the comfort of your devices.

Not impressed


Just not impressed with this app. Doesn’t really show it in a way that helps

Great app check


This app is very helpful in tracking anything I order from any app as long as I have the tracking # and who shipped it.

I have purchased candles from different makers in the best, and these are definitely the best. Color is perfect!

Fantastic app!

love luninates

I knew every step of my item’s journey! And it arrived when it was estimated to arrive. I love the tracking map included in the app. Well done



Never had a problem but if so they gladly take the return. Terrific clothes and labels.

Peace of mind


Not only is it simple and easy to understand visually but it gives me piece of mind when making a purchase on a new website to see that they work with the Shop app

Awesome app


Very accurate. I love this app. You can add more stores and if you use the same email the package will be tracked automatically!

It’s amazin


I really love to keep track of my packages and this is just perfect, it lets me know when is on transit and when is out for deliver!!!! It’s just amazing!!!

Easy breezy


Makes most of my online shopping super easy, and offsetting carbon emissions is a welcome bonus

Needs an update, to many issues when logging in

Build a pencil kit

Suzie Mom

This product isn’t very good for art work like I bought it for. I’m house bound and can’t get to the post office or I would return it. I just had heart surgery so I’m stuck with it! Too bad!

Very early


Made an order for two polos and a sweater and they came two day early👍🏾


suzy mad

Took to long and very cheaply made broke detangling wasted my money


Jayah G.

I love this app! I would recommend downloading this app its very helpful!

Works well overall. A little slower than the updates I get from the actual carriers, but it’s timely enough and also a good way to keep track of past and present shipments.

Great App


I love this app so much it’s really the best


Old honk

Just be prepared. Much smaller than it is appears. However, I should have read the measurements.


freedy O

Love this app keeps me up-to-date on all of my purchases. .

Awesome app


If you like ordering from home ,this a must 💪🏽



Shop is a very good app! They send you updates on your package and they let you know when things are delivered. There is also a map that shows you exactly where your package is. GET THIS APP!!!!!💘

Great concept


Great concept but not very accurate in some cases.

Luke this app


I really like this app, it helps a los



Love my necklace and the fast delivery Thank each of that took part in handling shipping and delivery God Bless



I’m very satisfied with the way my items were packaged. Outstanding delivery!

I enjoyed shopping on line. Placing order was simply. Just not enough tracking information. I placed my order on November 27, just received it today, December 30. Need a better tracking system.

One shop tracking


I love the fact that I can go one place and track all my order. So convenient thanks SHOP

I’ve used this app awhile ago and seemed fine but now I can’t log in. I’m getting a message “something went wrong” but NEVER goes right

Shop app

Original Asperation

This is absolutely a bonkers app view your venders,browse and monitor your shipments all in one app instead of jumping from site to side,best of all my purchases can be archived for quick recaps I highly recommend this app for online shopping

I love that I don’t have to enter any information other than my email and all my orders automatically get added to the app because it’s connected to my email🥰🥰‼️

Really cool


I love this app!!! 100% accurate!! Worth getting if you do a lot of online shopping!!

Pretty close


I’d say that most of my UPS numbers, if I check them early then I get the best updated info because sometimes Shop gets stuck at the sorting facilities. I like the app, just don’t think it’s as accurate as the UPS app for UPS numbers

Functional middle man


The app works great. I don’t necessarily understand why some vendors use something like this with courier tracking, but again app is great for what it is.



This really helps my online shopping

Fannntastic buy


Order a product from there personal page product is coming money went to the right place I’ll b using this again



it works really well i recommend

Easy ordering


Fishgum has an easy website to navigate and quick shipping. I purchased the Fishgum products on the 23rd of dec and expected to see delays because of Christmas. It arrived on the 26th of dec, to my surprise.

This Appp is Amazing


I’ve had this app for 5 months. After I placed a order and couldn’t track it, I downloaded this app. I love this I can tell where everything is. Please download it. It’s going to change your life.


long chew

I can’t wait to get my present...

Would like a little more infi

Knitting for days

I like the app. But I would LOVE the app if it could reference which vendor goes with the tracking number or give some way to be able to find out what that information is

Make it easier to search for stores through your ap. Otherwise, it’s perfect.

Shop Review


Just great simply great gives you a notification of every step your package takes. Makes you feel reassured that your order is in good hands. Such a good app no argument.

wish it could look like a normal iPad app instead looking like iPhone version when im actually using an ipad

I love this app. However, I feel like there should be an option to search different shops, or related products. Not just you having to stumble upon a great small business. More like a discovery page? That would be amazing. Keep it in mind.

Shop app


Y’all are trash I stay in sc package was at my house but said in texas



Love this app keeps me updated as to when my packages will arrive.

Better than most.

Brain Grower

I really appreciate how this app tracks outgoing & incoming packages. It actually updated a slow-moving pkg from UPS before UPS did. Since the pkg is a gift, this service is especially appreciated.

Very reliable, always on point!!

Inaccurate delivery

run floor is lava

The place I ordered from toke about a month to ship my package so my patients were already at a low and on top of that it said my package was on the other side of town. Other than that great app will use in the future.

love the app wish it would show the item ordered from amazon i order so much i never know what amazon item is shipped without the picture or description other wise 10/10



Often the app has issues not actually showing me the package details when I enter the app. I do like the notifications I receive on my banners.



Definitely a huge help over the holidays but I can’t seem to figure out how to link my iCloud email, it only shows the option to link my Gmail. Any tips?



The beautiful and so comfortable there like walking on air only complaint is the vote after one day was cracking but wore them to vote got many complements love them you will too. Thank You,



I wish the tracking was better.

Great App


Notifications are right on, I give it a 👍🏻

Very helpful


This app is amazing because it always me to accurately track all of my packages from a variety of different websites (I love to shop LOL) It’s even better than first party apps... 10/10 !

User friendly


This app keeps track of everything

Not accurate for me


My orders are saying on this app that they have been shipped but still at its shipping departure location. Time goes by still has not left but says shipped. A week later gets product! Not accurate at all and honestly just gives me anxiety

Great app

not tech saavy

First time using it & was super quick & crazy easy to use coming from a person who is like a cave man w/ tech stuff

Birthday presents

OMGwill this work!

Perfectly packaged with gift card!!! Quick delivery!! Good quality!!! My Granddaughter is going to love these gifts!!!



Great tracking and the product, omg it’s wonderful

Shop app


Reliable. Helps out a ton when you order multiple things from different places at once.

I’ve been using this app for about a year and because of it I never forget where my packages are, what they are and this keeps better track of my packages than some of the shipping companies do. Definitely worth the download



Good concept and I like the map. But it doesn’t seem to keep track of packages very well. Shipping information is not kept up to date. Just as easy to check the carrier directly.

Easy Tracking


I really love this app it helps going to one place to find all my packages. I’ve had it just for 5 months and liked it but with all the holiday packages coming I Love This App. 😊

Crappy app


It did link to my order with no problem, but I still don’t know it’s status because there is no way to open up more information about the tracking. Any tabs just open up my order. Deleted it.

Happy tracking


I am happy to see where my products are, it stops the guessing.

Great App!


Very on point in tracking my packages!

Im in love with these products one pump is all you need, good for sensitive skins like my little ones. Recommend 100%

Super fast delivery

Real Journalism is d

The glasses came in within two days. Just in time before Christmas.

I am very thankful for this app. It is very useful to know exactly where my packages are and when they are coming!



They printed shipping label took about 6 days to process

Black Santa order

Honey Best

Thanks black Santa I love my paper plates paper napkins paper cups and the ornament is dope!!!

Vincero watched


Excellent quality superb prices. Strongly recommend for men and women

Love this app!!


This app makes my life so much easier !!! No more looking through my emails to find tracking numbers ! Love it !

Aceite de orégano


Gracias llegó rápido y perfectas condiciones.

Cool app!

Confetti shower

I found this app to be very helpful and I love the purple confetti shower when my packages are delivered!

Love it


It’s a great way to track all of your stuff, easy since it’s all off of one email and now that I can order things through it it’s a faster process checking out now. Absolutely recommend 11/10

Very handy

andrew swapp

I actually really appreciate that this app is a thing. It’s nice to be able to go to a one stop shop and find all the items I’ve ordered and the tracking info on em I seriously do enjoy having this app so thank you Devs :)

Thank you Shop app. Never fails!



Always accurate. Information is perfect

It’s easy to use to keep track on your packages and overall has a quality feel to it and at the same time keeping it simple which makes it all organized !!

The reason for 3 stars✨ is that they say one thing about where the package📦 is at but dont keep up with it once it leaves from that site . Please update it thank you💚

Very convenient

Smitty 062&

We order lots of merchandise by mail and the SHOP app makes tracking very easy. We highly recommend this application.



Tells me exactly when my things are coming so accurate.

Does what it says


Real time shows where your package is



Not notifying of delivery even though it’s changed to “delivered” on USPS tracking site. UPDATE: developer replied that glitch is being worked on and should be fixed within the next couple of days!

I love this site so much!! Tracks my packages so well!!



Updates are a little slow, but other than that it does what it’s supposed to.

I love this app my only issue is sometimes it says things are delivered when they haven’t been which can be stressful .

Great App!

Joy Momof2

I love how it tracks your shipment movement! Also how it adds my information when I go to purchase from a company through the shop app. Easy and convenient.

I download the app and it says processing payment does it have a fee

Always behind


This app seems to have an issue with knowing when my items are delivered.

This Christmas in pandemic definitely the best app to tack different packages from different websites and carriers. Also one of my favorite brands is on the app Set Active!! And love buying directly from the app

It would be nice to review the order that will be delivered.


Tiffy G 1682

When this was ARRIVE! The format was more on point. I like the “shop-pay” option, but other than that... I don’t have accurate times for my packages, packages missing, and USPS is not represented well.

Really good


I normally don’t write reviews but tbh this app is amazing definitely recommend 😌

Large calming dog bed

purple veteran

The center is all bunched up. The sides which are supposed to create a circular border around the center lays flat. Disappointed

This is the end all be all package tracking app and is only getting better and better as they work on it. 5 stars if the app would be full size on iPad.



This app allows me to see multiple shipments at one time! Very effective and a bug time saver.

Easy to use


Simple and easy app that is quick & accurate.

Love it


Use it to track everything even non Shopify brands! Great Ux too.

Great app


I do love this app is very handy!!


Radio Uncion Familia

Gracias por su ayuda para los que la necesitamos

Shop all review


Such a great all, let you track ur order in real time. Would recommend this app to everyone. ps so excited to get my trippie red hoodie!!!

New to App


I just now signed up. Like 2 min ago and so I don’t have enough experience with the app to make an educated review. Maybe give me a couple days and I’ll write a review then

Always good to know

DJ /Dallas

Especially during this time of year, it’s always good to know when a delivery is made. Porch pirates are looking for those deliveries for their Christmas gifts‼️


RyRy 🙆🏾‍♂️

Love how it lets you track your stuff



This was the easiest set up I have ever encountered!! Beautiful!!

Definitely buy


Thank you for making everything so convenient for me and my order I placed first time using them I have no complaints



Love the face pots. Everything here is beautiful, very creative and unique.

Waiting for details

Doughboy JR

I currently have two packages of which I manually entered the tracking numbers. Both are USPS tracking numbers. Both currently say “Waiting for details” despite both having tracking history and are at tracked locations.

I love this app, it allows to me find really great stuff from small businesses from all over!

What is the point?

Vosean Johnson

The way this app works currently is pointless, it’s just tracking your emails and it’s never up to date. The need for an app like this is great but the execution is so booty in my opinion.

Great app

Tutu fruity 18

Love that it notifies you of your package arrival

Good app

Bus 3.141592695

Good app but I hear the sound of the notifications but no idea what’s being delivered

Pretty good?

Proxy Despair

It’s not perfect, apps not really up to date with current tracking status but it does a great job at automatically adding and sorting your incoming parcels.



I got it in 11 days not 3 to 9 days

Tells me where all my goodies are at all times. Really well done and works great. Instead of having to check all different places for the tracking update, it is all in one place. Very intuitive app!! Thanks to the developers for making it

I was really hoping this would help me track packages but it only automatically tracks packages with a gmail account and I have two email accounts but not a gmail account and I’m not going to go back to gmail just to use this app.



This Is an amazing tracking app 10/10 highly recommend

Love it

Fix level 6 wave 3

Really cool and simple place to track all your online purchases. And plenty of those are being made



I am disappointed that this will only link to Gmail.

Ordering process


It was an ease to order from this company! Thank you!!

Good service


Very good service and fast and easy checkout

But there are none better than Snowflake Chocolates.

That I just shared it on Facebook. This is 43.



Would like more updates on my car mat when will be shipped?

CV Linens


Product can on time and excellent packing. I look forward to use the for the holiday season. Kudos CV Linens

Does what is says it does


And it’s dose a good job at it

Great app


It is a major help to my life especially at Christmas to track packages Love the app



This a awesome app fast and very convenient!!

Delivery time


You need to be able to give a delivery date. I’m needing mine for Christmas and you don’t say when it will arrive.



I keep coming back! Glad they have lots of color now.



This app worked out grate and the order came 2 days before but obviously it told me



I just want to see my order and this app has a barrage of popovers including “are you enjoying this app?” (Bruh, I just downloaded it!) Further, their “sign in with (redacted)” doesn’t work.

Best app


Amazing, easy, intuitive a 1 plus

Good app


Honestly ive only used it for a small handful of things and all and all everything was right always delivered on time and the ui is easy to understand

My Gmail won’t sign in


I’m keep signing in with my gmail and it says my account has been added but it really hasn’t.

Zoe Doll

Be cool 😎

Thank You 🙏🏾 it’s very Good I Am Happy with The Doll , Have A Bless Day 🙏🏾AMEN 🙏🏾

Doggie pillow


The bottom was not like I thought it would be no bottom comforts at all. The sides are soft and plush. My dog loves it I had to place it on a other pillow to give bottom comfort for her.

The best app


Tracks your package every step of the way.

Holiday gifts


My order of teas arrived in 3 days. Thanks for the great service.

this app is great and all but I wish they had hotmail as an option.

Best app

Bernadette Pierre No

That’s the way to track you order with this app you have every single notification about your order I love it.

Love it

Madam President🖤

It is a great place to keep all your orders organized. It’s very helpful, and makes it easier to to know when your stuff arrives.

Easy way to track


This app is easy to follow and gives you current add accurate information on where your package is at while in transit. Love it!

Butterfly cover


Butterfly cover broke the first day of use!



This app is great. The only thing I’ll add is a dark mode and the option to customize the order of my items or to automatically have the closest delivery date from top to bottom....Instead of the most updated shipment items



Tells me my packages has been delivered when it really hasn’t.....

Great notifications


I had great notifications of my package. I would recommend this app to everyone.

Does it’s job!


Not a big reviewer but when an app is good it deserves it. With Covid I have gone to ordering as much as possible online and this app easily lets me keep track of my several packages a week.

First time


Easy to track packages minutes after you pay for them.

So easy and overdue


This makes keeping track of all my inline orders a breeze in the future I will begin to only use vendors who support shop love the map features

Excellent app


When buying in multiple places, sometime we forget we have placed an order. This app allows to keep track of the order and the status.


fits into my

I have no way of identifying which of my purchases is represented by the shipping numbers provided

Best app of 2020


Love this app! In a world where we’re spending more time buying online than ever before, the Shop app makes it so easy to keep track of all my orders. If you shop online, you need this app. Makes life so much easier!

Great app


I really like this one , easy to look up multiple deliveries quick

I love it!!!


It’s keeps you updated play by play!!!

App allows me to easily track orders from different online sites in one place!

I love this app. It keeps me in touch with my tracking orders and specifically shows me where my orders are...🚐✈️

It’s a great app!


It’s amazing to be able to quickly purchase items using this app and it’s functionality on other websites that have shop pay

3/5 stars


I wasn’t able to track my purchase.



i love this app so much! its the best way on how to look at my tracking! great for people who love to online shop like me!


Double J Tees

For last 4 months I LOVED this app, I buy from tons of vendors and the search functionality was a lifesaver for my business. Now, the search functionality doesn’t work and almost makes it pointless for me 😢

But hey it’s been working fine with two past orders I’ve had. Satisfactory navigating and layout. Would recommend to a friend.



I love using shop it’s so convenient



This app is such a convenient way to manage and teach orders in one place. It’s a must have especially during the holidays.

Shop Pay

alFredO HeRD

I have received all my packages from them. They are the best for notifications about where your package is arriving and what time. Trust :)

Rocket Print

Sandbridge Mama

Fast, efficient delivery & notifications.

Excellent customer service. Shopping with the app is wonderful! Ease of use is fantastic! From shop to ship 5-Star service!

Dog Harnesses


Look sturdy and well made. Testing tomorrow!

Love it!


Absolutely the best app! I love it!



Such a great app, love all the features. So helpful!


maw tiger

This is the first time I use Shop. Shop has made it so easy to pay for an order and BOOM it’s done!!



Now I don’t have to sign up and pay for individual delivery services so I can get notifications and know where my package is and when it’s delivered , I don’t usually write reviews but this one is worthy of a review

Great app!


Very easy to use! Love this app!

Handy App!


This app holds your hand thru the purchasing right up until you have your item(s) in your hand. Ingenious!


almost not taken

Excellent service...efficient, speedy, and delivers the goods!

Extremely reliable

Og Fuentes

This app so helpful, and tracks everything perfectly

Can’t track


I thought this would be good for tracking. It’s not. I can’t even find the tracking option.



I love this app is secure and fast. Love the way they handle everything. Great app!

this is as said a great app for tracking any package. i use it whenever i order something so i have it all on one location. there is a store part of the app but i don’t mess with it. the app shows a map whenever it can as well and i love that.



The app is as useful as a Manila folder with a print out of your order. I have an order that was never delivered and this app proves 0 help at tracking the seller and getting help.



I love how your shipment gets tracked. It gives you accurate step by step details in the process. Keep up the good work.

Useless app

mystery packages

Why do I need an app that tells me a package was delivered but not who it’s from?? Useless.

Great app


This app is genius & I never place an order without it’nn

The Best


Always keeps me up to date with my order.



Inaccurate with delivery arrival. One says out for delivery when it’s not even close to where I am. The other days “arrives tomorrow” when the carrier site says it will arrive today. Not sure what’s going on.

5 star


The best and easiest app to ever use I def recommend to everyone

The app is great. It does what it was designed to do.



Your not really up to date on the locations of travel. Need better and quicker accuracy!

Very handy

Nikhil Kumar Ramredd

Compiles your purchases across multiple websites and shopping platforms. Super useful.


Velma G

I love your products thank you for all you do Although still waiting to get here.


dhhfbrjsjfnb jd :)

I got the app 5 seconds ago. But right when I entered the app, it showed me each individual item I purchased, while also showing their prices. MUCH APPRECIATED!!



I absolutely love this app! It’s amazing to be able to organize all of my purchases from different online sites instead of having my orders and tracking in different locations. Love the notifications also

I like the app


It automatically tracks most your purchases. All you do is open the app. But it dosnt track all purchases. It’s like 3 out of 4 times it will track your package. It think it’s worth a download.



This just works automatically. Really good for keeping track of your gifts for the holiday season. Hope more companies include compatibility to make things easier on costumers.

Watch it come

Catawba Kid

I love the fact that you are informed of the whereabouts of your package from start to your door. Excellent!

5 star


Great app! Very reliable and easy to use. 5 stars from me and all my online orders lol



I been using this shop app for a while now and it’s awesome



This app is actually dope if you need something it’s there like Amazon and SHOWS you where your orders are with not many places do that soo yeah use this it’s dope

Some orders I never received and there’s no way to get a hold of the shipper. Wish their contact info was available here.

I love this app anytime I make a purchase online usually usually picks it up and it will give me all details about when it’s coming when it was shipped where is it love this app

The best

Toll's mom

Love the bronzing foam tanner. It smells so good and it really works. I feel so much better with a tan, especiallyWhen that is good for my skin.

Great app


Awesome tracking makes it really easy to track your orders and has them organized instead of digging through your email for confirmations and tracking

Thoughts on app


Very clean and organized, I personally use it for speed cube shop and Shop really is good with tracking and yes this is a real review from a 14 year old.

First time using this app and I love it. Fast, Safe, Secure

Add more email services. And an ipad app

So convenient!!


No more digging through my emails and texts to find shipping updates. I love this app!



The tarn is beautiful and Avery good quality and I've purchased some rare designs that I have not seen in stores in my area.

When a package is on its way, this app lets me know pretty fast that a package is ready and it’s on its way and when will get there. Which I love. Very helpful.



Awesome for keeping track of your deliveries!!!

Absolutely Great I usually don’t write reviews but this was amazing thank you guys this is absolutely wonderful



Very great and reliable 100% and it’s my only tracking app

Two shirts


I still haven’t received two shirts I’ve ordered way back in May and didn’t receive a refund nor have the seller try to ship out another one

Need to prioritize info better, hard to tell at a glance what’s going on and where my packages are. Prefer other apps for tracking.



New to the app. Keeps right on target up to date. Great alerts. Love this app!!

Awesome app


I just downloaded this app and it’s super easy to use. I honestly wish more companies used this



I love that it shows your order but it would be nice to be able to get my money back on an order that I placed almost a year ago and still haven’t received

Works good


Works good I like when retailers use this for tracking.



My bottle of vitamin/ minerals came today and it was delivered timely and with care.

Why do you need to View your email messages Search your email messages View your settings (e.g., filters and labels)



Great app!!! This app is very helpful! I was able to track my boots due to this app.

Quality. . .

Rob in Lakewood, CO.

I love the Thrasher Brand. 🙂 Rob in Colorado. 🇺🇸☕️💥

The Shop


The app works very very good it just needs to be fixed a little more so that people can know exactly what the day their things are coming

I never got my product


We order it and it never came . What’s the next steps

I frickin love this app


I love this app. It notifies me when my packages arrive and where they are in transit and it’s surprisingly accurate. Its very easy to use and keeps your card info when you make new purchases. Love this app!


Yadira monserrat

Me encanta poder estar pendiente a mis órdenes y darle seguimiento 👌🏻

Love this app!


Downloaded it to track a certain purchase, but now use it for all of my online orders! The UI is so easy to navigate and it’s amazing to be able to see the progress of all your incoming packages on 1 screen!

Very sorry, but if an app is not sensitive to the rotation of an iPad (and I usually use mine in landscape mode), then it shouldn’t be advertised as “works on this iPad.”

The best app


This is the reliable app☺️☺️,where ever am,I have the best notifications for my shipping.

Heads Up


So enjoy the app.. Real time updates and prompts.. Thanks for keeping buyers in the loop..



This is a really great app for tracking your packages. They notify you from shipping to its delivery destination. I rate this a five star!

Great service


I have used this app once before and kept track of my package until it came to my house

I get plenty of orders from Amazon, and other websites on a weekly basis. This amazing app UPDATES BEFORE AMAZON DOES! I got notified 2 days before Amazon even said my package was delivered. Perfect and couldn’t ask for a better app 🔥

This App is great for real time shipping info. It’s very helpful to know where the package is at each point in transit.


Fire red!

I love this app. I love how it displays my orders and it shows me all of my information. Definitely user friendly.

Pan Lemy


Espero q llegue muy bien Gracias YoWallyCyn

Where my product


I haven’t received my earbuds yet

I’ve been using the app without any issues so far, I’d recommend it 100 percent even at least try it out.

Great app 💯

Juan V. from da K

I just got my package and was notified at the same time. Thank you.

Best hair care


I love this shampoo and conditioner! I got it at a home show and can’t live without it

I have the navy blue one


Very nice coat for the price “ wish it came in black “Received a lot of compliments with the blue one

I only use this app when I order stuff, works super well, easy to track your package and always up to date👍🏼

Gmail settings are wack !!


Happy with the service but won’t allow them to scan my messages for info on sales. Don’t connect to email !!!

Love it!

Youse House

I so excited about my purchase! The cutest compliments to my kitchen! Will definitely be buying more!

Helpful tracker


This thing is like your best friend in an app! Keeps you up to date on all your orders practically in real time. It’s never been wrong and I appreciate that. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Had to put cc information in twice, hope not charged twice

Love this app

grace dehney

It’s amazing I can track all my orders

Amazing app

Double Jay Jay Q

This app tells me so much more than what the actual app will tell me like Amazon will save my package will be here the 24th and shop will tell me the package will be here the night and it comes the night so it’s a lot more reliable.

My shipment


Is nice and I like how it works

5 stars 100%


Helps me stay organized with tracking my orders!! love it so much!

From searching to selection; A+++

love it!


obsessed with this app! so helpful!

Hadjara Alassane


this app was a little confusing at first but i’m getting used to it and i’m in love😽.


vivi stennis



Josh Gonzalez

I don’t know what’s up with this app but it says an order i made on Amazon has been delivered but the Amazon app itself says it’s preparing for shipment so i’m really confused. I really don’t know what this app thinks is already delivered.

Good over all


But connects to all my ups purchases whether or not I made through a shop vendor. Sends me updates w out saying from whom. Also doesn’t track right if ups gives to usps

I hope they add support for other email services soon

I like the simplicity and that app has map that shows location of a package. Recently name of this app changed to Shop which is very confusing. I hope developers will come up with something suitable for this app. Not Shop. Not at all 😅

Works Sometimes


Tells me a package was delivered still says it’s out for delivery along with server delays uninstalling.



Awesome app! Keeps you updated with your orders


Tiger Tootj908

Takes soooo long to show me if shipped or not

This app is amazing


This is literally my first time every writing a review for an app. I order a lot of stuff and this make it’s really convenient to have all of my orders in one app.


María M .

I’m very pleased with your services , the packages arrived and I was instantly notified.

The best


This is the best bag ever !!!! It’s in my favorite color!!! oh Lord !! Green 😊😊💚💚💚

Shop good app


This app is ok and good to use but the tracking is not real time so don’t get fooled by that

Link outlook accounts

LSU Student

Great experience, would like to link my outlook account though

Love it

shila love

Love the brush. My daughter instantly sees the difference. I will purchase another one for my self. Thank you. Leyla Milani.


s manis

helps with being able to view accurate deliveries and shows you up to date click. Delivery status with our having to do the whole extensive stuff

Seems fine.


It does: what it does; how it is, suppose to do it. Perfect no. Practical yes.

My order hadn’t been delivered to Texas. USPS claims because of COVID so I contacted the website and was told a new order will be shipped for me.


Nadege Jn Bap

I love all the updated (in transit and out for delivery) sounds. Very legit and reliable.

I love it


Excellent service I recommend to everyone

Easy use

jomama so fat

Simply an easy way to track my orders. That’s it

Fashion shoes


Be careful of this outlet - ordered the black mules and never received them but finally got my $$ back and a 12% coupon



Always helps me find my clothing packages and packages I send to my love. Pretty poggers

Miracle drops

Mama D 5

I placed an order for 2 items paid $68 and only received 1 item and I have been reaching out to the company thru email and no response. I’m so disappointed with I love colors customer service

Love this app


Super convenient and a great way to keep track of your package.

Great App!


Great app, very helpful for delivery reminders.



I enjoyed shopping with this company. The customer service was great to say the least. I decided to get my order shipped and literally was surprised how fast my order was delivered to me. I will be purchasing again very soon.



Looking forward to wearing them

Items which are out for delivery are mixed in with items which have just been shipped with no sensible order to them.

5 stars


Fast delivery. Amazing sweat suit . Fits perfectly

Excellent app

Mason Whisman

The app tracks your packages and gives you updates on relevant changes in its state. It also has a cool map so you can see where your package has moved on its journey! I love it and I am glad I got it.

Love it

below thomass

Helps tracks package lets me know my order summary nice notifications best app ever

Checking on shipping


I love thisOption to check and see where your shipment is it is so great

Queen of the Kitchen

Nickname 2952

Ordered evening of 11/2, woke up 11/3 and it’s ALREADY SHIPPED!!! WOW!

Very late shipping but product is good.

Great app!


This app helps me so much. With multiple packages coming often for my small business, it’s nice to track them all in one location.



Currently when you try and paste it tracking number in, and then choose the service, and try and add it the whole screen goes white.

Great app

c j stay stril

I love this app especially being a business owner . I can track my customers packages and get them to track it also

I love it


Amazingly fast, easy to order and I am so happy I can track my order so no one steals my stuff. This is awesome. You rock.

Love shop


Give it five stars love how I can track my package and love when it notifies me every step of the way

Great website !


Satisfied with the updates , the map showing the location of products and where it is being delivered. The entire website is very satisfying!

Love this app!


I order online all the time and this app is just what I needed to keep track of everything. Keep up the good work!

Paw Cream

Chrissy in Gilbertsv

Just received the paw medication for my pup. She has been licking her one paw and now it is inflamed l. Hope this helps her.

It automatically loaded a purchase and I was notified the second after I confirmed my payment at checkout. Convenient app to have if you’re like me and 1. Order a decent amount of packages 2. Enjoy being updated on your packages



Great resource for someone in business

EASILY the best.


Have been using Shop for a while now, and it’s easily become a staple of mine for keeping an eye on deliveries. Incredible user experience and features. A++

I love the app, works very good!


RT Pilot Car

Wow was so glad I could follow it’s every movement down to each process until it was delivered, and was exceptionally pleased when I got the Notification that my package was delivered... Awesome glad I used this app to track my package.



Simple to use and automatically updates all orders

Fantastic reference guide for the beginners and those who think they know all about the circuit.

Quality Amazing..Fast Shipping...They Beautiful OMG..

Catalog discrepancy

Granny Tuttle

Item in catalog but not available yet so I couldn't use my SHOPMORE code from my previous order. Disappointed

Happy customer

game dog borderline

Quick and easy to use. Will be a customer from now on.

Let me know


I love how on point Shop is. Shop keeps me informed, and on top of my online orders.



Nice app very easy too. Best part is all my order statuses are in one place and I don’t have to flip through a thousand emails to track my items




Trouble at first


Yeah, at first I had a difficult time setting the app up in my device but after and so far things are going very well.



i love shop every time I order something it has access to my email and whenever i want to track down my package it lets me know where my package is at ?



They are soo accurate with the locations of your delivery. They also let you know when your things have been delivered. I would highly recommend if you do a lot of online shopping!!

Beautiful face masks

Sheila A. Rogers

The most stylish face masks! I've had So many compliments!! Everyone loves Them! Thank you for your masks & Quick delivery!! ????



This is the best shipping app I have ever downloaded. I don

100% Recommend


Great app to track your packages, 100% recommend because you can always see where your package is and when it arrives !

I love being notified when my package ships and when it is delivered. I can watch it in transit. If something happens and I don



Love this app. Picks up every order you place online. Definitely needed when tracking orders. Super easy! It

Love this app!


It notifies you about everything! I love it! You can keep track of your packages with ease!



There is not an option to edit if I did not receive a package.

I like how you can tell right when you get your packages and how easy it is

No info


I have continued to find this tracking site to be wholly ineffective. Either blank screens or they just won



Love this app it


Bunkie Dan

Great way to follow my shipments Thank you

This is by far the best way to track orders through this app. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!

I like watching where my stuff is.

I’ve made 3 purchases that are being tracked through Shop and it’s been 4 months with no delivery. Needless to say it’s a waste of time and money!

Still learning the app

Emerson Giraffe

So far the app is cool. I haven’t really explored it but the user interface is a little hard at first. However I’ve never used an app like this so I’m sure that plays a role.

This app is the best! No more forgetting what I order and when it’s suppose to arrive. This app allows me to track all of my packages and keep up with what I ordered! 5/5 for sure.

Love it


Great app to give you any and all updates for your orders!

Great way to track and get notifications about an order!

Great application to have for tracking your packages. This is a great tool as it will be awesome for the holidays to keep me up to date for packages that are in transit to my home or business as well! Thanks SHOP

It’s good and fast about telling me about my packages.

Great tracking device for items most def need to download

You are the Best

the best ever 111111

Thanks for your Service AAAA+++++👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

27” Plant


Some what disappointed in this last order. But have loved my other purchases.

I love this

Ninja will destroy a

Shopify is life-changing. The only issues are when the packages aren’t labeled and I dont know what I’m tracking. Otherwise, I love it. Its easy to use and so helpful.

Western embroidery boots


They were pictured in beige. I ordered beige. I receive white. Really disappointed. Would like to return and get my money back.



Awesome product ,, it’s like one stop shopping,, literally



More detail on the overall objective of Shop.

Creating packages


Still needs to be fixed, but other than that good app.

Other email address


Wish I could add other email addresses other than gmail

Great app!


Love the quick and accurate updates that save time when expecting a package without having to check a tracking number.

Awesome service


It definitely lets you know when a package is coming and when it’s delivered. It’s a effective and efficient

I love SHOP❤️✅

Sharpshooter J✅

I love joe shop organizes all your orders and I will continue to use this amazing app✅

Always loved this app when it was called ARRIVE but now that it was updated to SHOP it does work at all. All i get is a black screen now.

Love this


It is so convenient to have this site since I have so many packages which went missing in the beginning stages of COVID-19, now I finally know where my packages are and when to expect them.

Best app


Best app to track your packages

Love it


In a day and age where we want up to date and actual information this app is awesome! A one stop shop app for all of your orders and shipments. I really like the map function, shows you exactly where everything is.

Shop App is GREAT!


I really enjoy shopping via Shopify. It’s extremely easy and the order is easily tracked via the app. I get notifications of my choosing and as my order is placed, shipped, and proceeds to its final destination. Highly recommend.

Fast delivery


Can’t wait to try it out!!! Thanks :-)

So I’ve order from this app twice and both times it doesn’t show any updates to tracking it just says “tracking unavailable” and it takes a really long time to get my packages, it’s okay but not the best wish it would get fixed

Can’t wait!


Waking up and dumping some of the serano cilantro on my eggs tomorrow morning


w dond

I ordered this on June 18 as of today July 11 I still have not yet received it for basic delivery

Crappy business

Vicente Fox

Lot of stuff I could say, but I’ll make it simple. They do business with fraudulent sites and have no action plan when things fall through.

Haven’t tried it yet and will try it tonight!!!

🙉Best App Ever Highly Recommended🙈

Worth it.


Loved the fact I got notifications for what I ordered. Thank you to those who made this program 👌

Great app!


Works wonderfully everything in one spot, I love it!!



The app is very good and very accurate.


lig ba

Tracks the package without problems and alerts you of any changes

Great App


Very good with following shipments!

So easy!


Shopify makes purchasing online so much easier! They save all my information for next time and update me frequently with product and shipping details.

Great tracking


I really appreciate this app. I can track all My packages in one location!



Thankful for this app takes all the work out of pestering and following through on customer service emails and calls to get something that you paid for.

Jus a lil slow on letting yu know how Close your package is when its a raven



Great job of tracking multiple packages

The best


I don’t know about you? But once I click on “payment” I don’t know why I automatically go to “track order” yeah I know (I need help😅). But this apps makes it SO MUCH Easier!!!! I’m obsessed with it!

I am very happy I was “ found” by this company/service. Thanks!

Great App


Great for people who are ocd about tracking packages lol !!!

So I got my package a few days ago and then after I got my package I couldn’t log back into the app it will start loading me in but then it will just put me back at the main screen of my device.

my review :)


it’s a good tracking app. makes it easier to know where your package comes from, where it is, and what time.



This is my first order of $50 monthly plan let’s see what I’ll get

Dope af


Legit don’t know why I didn’t down load sooner

I like it!!!


It tracks my package even when it’s stuck somewhere. It’ll let me know when FedEx or UPS is lying about them attempting delivery when for a fact the package had been at the facility the whole time.

I’m so excited!!


I cannot wait to my order fully get here I really love EAT clothing line and the beautiful colors on the label it looks great on the clothes and accessories as well. I will continue to keep on supporting black business owners thanks EAT!!!

Great app


Let’s you know 20 minutes after your package is delivered. Great app to know when & where your package is in transit.



I still haven’t got my package. Disappointed in long wait. For essential items. 😔

Nothing against you guys I guess but I haven’t received my package from Red Fortune and the owner won’t reply to any of my emails inquiring about it. Can you guys assist with locating it?

Love the interface, is actually really nice to use, haven’t used an app similar to this before so I can’t compare it to anything but I have zero complaints!

All items purchased can be seen, tracking the precise location is available and you can see if items have been shipped in transit or delivered. It’s quick and easy to locate whatever you need delivered. I love this app💕💕💕💕

Product is very nice. Arrived quickly!

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