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Slime Games: ASMR Simulator app recently received 5 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Slime Games: ASMR Simulator app an average rating of 4.67 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 9.2K ratings since its release on Aug 21 by Shake It. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Slime Games: ASMR Simulator?

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Rated 4.40 out of 5

9.2K global ratings

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5 Positive User Reviews for Slime Games: ASMR Simulator

This app is so satisfying!

This app is so satisfying! The sounds it makes, it’s like so satisfying! This app is great. Just saying that I like this app.

Good but….

I really like this game!!! But a lot of the slime is vip. I love that you can create your own slime, and do the competitions. One thing I would like for this game is that you could play with more slime- that was for free. I also think that this game is very satisfying!! Also, the noises that the slime makes is pretty strange. Overall, out of all those things… I love this game. ☺️


I love the slime game is so fun and satisfying

I love it so much

I love it I love the unicorn

Ratings for slime game.

I don’t like that you have to pay for slimes and more I think they should all be free. And what I like about it is it’s really satisfying and it always makes my day.

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