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Slime Labs app recently received 21 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Slime Labs app an average rating of 3.62 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 177 ratings since its release on Nov 22 by Gionathan Pesaresi. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Slime Labs?

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21 Positive User Reviews for Slime Labs

Good game, but……

Achieving a good ending in 4 hours……a little too short.

Nostalgic ngl

I remember playing it on Coolmathgames In the middle of class. It’s still fun to this day and holds up.

Love playing the flash game again, just one thing

So let me just say that ever since I first played the original flash game, I was in love with this game. I love the challenge, fun and puzzle of this game, and being able to play this game offline on the go is awesome. I just wish it had controller support, because the touch controls get a little uncomfortable on my iPad, and aren’t the most precise. Other than that, thank you for releasing this for mobile!

A blast from the past

You brought back the Slime franchise’s first game in a cool way.

Good game

I recommend you should buy it as I’ve been typing millions and millions of times because of this thing like I tap off of the typing board and it takes the report off so I’m just gonna make a short one for now

it’s good

I like this game however, the ferther you progress in the game the more ads you get

Great game

Good game but the only thing is if you stress when you only have a little time this is not the game for you because in some levels you have to try and get away from the pink stuff cause it rises.grate game overall

Great game! Very difficult, but it’s still awesome!

This is a fun, and awesome game! It’s hard, but I still love it, but I have cried while playing this game out of frustration. But it’s still very fun to play!👍Also,the slime is very cute, I have named it Taco Tuesday and do not ask why.

More levels

Love the game, super fun. But so few levels! Please add more, or else I’ll have to just quit the game because it gets boring just doing the same level over and over.


i think my slime has hardened 🤣


Hey Gionathan! Just wanted to say thanks for the game! I’m a long time fan of your work, particularly Super Cat Tales 2. This game was a ton of fun! Thank you!

Simple & Fun

Overall I enjoyed the game quite a lot. The difficulty is not too demanding, the levels are fun, the animations have appeal, and the character is cute. My only real complaint is that the game can have slowdown when running on older devices.

This is a great game

Thank for fixing the bugs. The controls are smooth as butter. The only flaw I can think of is level 7 because of horrible end part.

Coolmath Braaa

I played this on coolmath did not pass level online but on this version i passed it

Worth it

I collected all disks and perfected every level, I have felt rage and peace doing all that, for some 10 second cut scene, I wonder if the slime will come back but overall good game and design

good game

its pretty hard, and theres only 20 levels (pls give more) but the controls work as intended and I had a lot of fun playing this game so get it.

Cool math games

I used to play this game all the time on cool math games! I’m so glad it’s on mobile now

Level 14

Level 14 is extremely hard at the jumping between spikes part there's more than six jumps with spinning spikes, very hard. Still haven't beat.


Kinda disappointed i really liked the cut scene at the beginning it was adorable but i cant seem to jump high enough to beat level 2

Fun except for glitches

Overall I really enjoy this game but, at the beginning of every level there this screen that say to support the game but, I cannot push the x button or the pay button so, I have to constantly restart the game.

Game is buggy which causes your death and more ads

I’ll preface with I do like the game, however there are glitches where the game runs insanely slow and you end up getting killed one the lag ends, which of course leads to an ad.

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