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Solitaire 3D Fish app recently received 35 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Solitaire 3D Fish app an average rating of 4.57 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 21.4K ratings since its release on Apr 24 by Playdayy. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Solitaire 3D Fish?

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Rated 4.09 out of 5

21.4K global ratings

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35 Positive User Reviews for Solitaire 3D Fish

Cute and fun

I love playing solitaire and this game adds some adorable elements. The sounds and scenery are soothing and while I’m playing I earn coins which can be used to purchase fish. They swim around in the background while you play. They’re so cute! I’m looking forward to seeing what else this game has in store


This game is so hot

Forced switch

I enjoy watching the fish as I play. The problem with this game is they force you to switch to a new aquarium instead of giving you a choice. You can switch back, but I prefer not to be forced to switch in the first place.

Too many ads

While I understand the need for ads. This game has excessive ads. After every hand it’s just to much.


I love this game but PLEASE offer an ad-free version. Two minutes of ads before and after every thing I do?? And ads for games who claim they are ad-free (because we’re the ones suffering through them). I would be happy to pay for an ad-free version because this game is one of the best out there!

Great game but way to many ads!!!

Should offer an ad free purchase option. I love the game but fall asleep with the amount of ads they have. You have to watch one after every win, watch one for bonus coins, watch one to collect rewards, watch one for extra coin spins, it’s the same ads over and over and it becomes boring

Love game ads broken

I love the game until lately. The ads get stuck and I have to quit and start over. I hate to leave the game I love it but I can’t keep starting over.

Too many ads.

Too bad all the ads ruin it, otherwise I liked it, but thinking of uninstalling because of the ads.


Way to many adds, but it’s a good game to play and relaxing

Too easy

Game I’ve played the game maybe 20 times and won 18 of them. I wish it were more realistic.

Way too many ads

Fun, cute game…. But way too many ads. I end up switching to a different solitaire game as it gets quite annoying.

Absolutely fun

The most fun solitaire game that I’ve experienced so far, you really don’t want to stop playing 👍🏼

Too many ads now

I play everyday but it’s getting boring because it’s too many adds now.

Love the game

I really enjoy this game but the amount of required adds to watch is stupid ridiculous. One before and after EVERY change of action. You spend 25 percent of your time playing the actual game and 75persent watching the exact same adds over and over and over. I’m not trying to play a game to watch scam commercials. I kept thinking that if I got to higher level they would slow down. I think it is actually getting worse. I truly like the game. I am deleting the app though to find something that

Excellent game, BUT…

I have literally spent hundreds of hours playing this game and I love it despite the fact that there is a bug with the sound (it randomly goes silent all the time) and I have to watch an add after every round (game). I could tolerate the ads since they were short. Just tonight I noticed that I’m being forced to watch longer running ads (30 seconds or more) after every round. If that continues I will be forced to find another solitaire game to play since I already spend too much time playing the

It’s okay

It’s not a bad game just tooooo many ads and game freezing a lot .

Fun game, too many ads

I like this game, wish the developer would add the option to purchase a no ad game. There are way too many ads and they are repetitive and boring. The graphics are great, game play is fun, finishing the jigsaw puzzle is impossible unless you play 24/7. TOO MANY ADS!

Way to many ads

Really like the game. Way to many ads. I feel like I watch more ads than I actually get to play the game

Good game

This is a great and awesome fish solitaire game I love this game

Keeps Freezing

I enjoy this game a lot, it helps me relax and I like watching the fish. The freezing in between rounds has been a bit frustrating . Can’t this be fixed?

Very enjoyable

I love this game!!! This is the most enjoyable solitaire game I’ve ever played. It’s so addicting that I can’t put it down once I start playing!! There are a lot of ads unfortunately and because of the constant repetition of them I would never visit any sites advertised on games like this. No one needs to see the same ads 300 times or more a day.

Great Game

I love playing this game but the ads are ridiculous

Love but hate relationship

I do love this game; however way way way too many ads. I literally have an ad play after every game play, that gets very annoying!

Fun but THE ADS

This game is fun. You win coins, you can buy new fish and decor for your aquarium. The games are all winnable for me so far. BUT THE ADS. OMG. There's a long ad after every game. If you spin the wheel# there's another ad. Sometimes you hit the "x" to close the ad, and another ad comes up. I checked to see of there was an ad-free version and NOPE. There's one for Android but not for Apple, which is frustrating. I would totally pay for this app, because it's fun! But I'm about ready to delete beca

Fun game

I’m happy to play with this game! The animation is playful and fun. Keep up the great work

Nice game

This is a nice game but it has too many adds and no add free options. If you can get the add free version on android then they can offer an add free version for Apple users.

Ads annoying

Love the game but way too many ads

Best Solitare Game 👍

❤️Loving this Game ❤️


Fun game but glitchy as heck. Kept freezing my phone. Too many ads too


Love the Game it is fun

Will see

Most game ads show games or scenarios that never show up. I want to save the fish not build an aquarium. I’ll play for a little while to see what happens and if that fish doesn’t show up then I’ll delete the game just like all the others.

Love Playing. But..

I love playing this game However I Don’t like the all the Ads which are slowish and make it hard to Continue playing it,,Thanks ❤️🌹❗️

Enjoyable and relaxing

I play a lot of card games but this is my daily go-to. The fish you get are everything from beautiful to funny. Take some time and draw a deep breath and play a few hands. You won’t be sorry.

Too many ads!

I really like this game but Way way way too many ads!! After anything you do there’s another ad! Lighten up on the ads and I’d give a better review.


Very relaxing and fun!!!

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