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Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash app recently received 45 positive reviews on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users in the United States have given Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash app an average rating of 4.82 out of 5 stars, based on a total of 186.3K ratings since its release on Jan 24 by Aviagames. Can you share your positive or negative thoughts about Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash?

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Rated 4.71 out of 5

186.3K global ratings

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Explore global reviews of the Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash app: Germany.

45 Positive User Reviews for Solitaire Clash: Win Real Cash

Like avia games

Avia games is clearly using bot players to win players money which is why they have a lawsuit against them. How can you trust this game is not also using fake accounts to win themselves money?


I actually cashed out $15 to my PayPal after a week of playing. I never deposited any money only played the free cash games, watched ads, and collected the daily rewards. Super easy. Basically free money. Be careful of accidentally depositing money. You have to READ it. It will say get $5 but it’s making you pay $5. Glad I peeped that.


It’s a great “deal” of fun!

Solitaire Clash

Great game! Challenge yourself. It will be fun and can pay out!

The game does pay

I have played for awhile Want to see if it would pay so I withdrew 25 and it was put on my card in two days in increments of 5. So I did get my cash. Seems like I cashed out and I can’t even win 50 cents now.

Super fun

It’s super fun but you can only play with gems unless you want to pay real money but other than that it’s super fun


There’s definitely an algorithm that decides when your score is the highest score for you to win. I’ve noticed the user names that I start off a game with isn’t always the same usernames on the leaderboard once the game ends. So it seems like a shuffle of scores from other games to decide who gets to win a game. Not cute… which is why I NEVER deposit money to play. Otherwise it’s an ok pastime.


I love playing solitaire games And if I can win money better 😉

Fun fin fun ‼️

Easy peasy money to be won & I'm NOT a solitaire specialist --by any means... Can't even spell it correctly😱😱😱

Super Fun !!!

Can wake up the old brain…

Not sure yet

I’ll write a review after I play for a bit. Let’s see how it goes when I try to cash out. That’s the real test because ALL the games say the same thing.

Mr Tony Ruiz

Lots of fun and good for the brain

Best solitaire ever

Having SO MUCH fun playing this game that’s as face paced as YoU are, easy to understand, and great way to relax!! Highly Recommend! FIVE STARS ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Great App!

This app is fun, simple and has a great interface.

I want my money

Been playing this game for over two months and still haven’t received any money in my account. I done watched all the so call commercials and it’s states that you get your money in 2-14 business days. And it’s passed that . And every DISAPPOINTED!!!!

Great game!

Fast paced and challenging!

Solitaire Clash

I love it ! It pays !


Best and most legitimate solitaire game for real money out there and I know many.


I love this game u can actually withdrawal and get money

Actually paid

Played for free only got 7$ in winning but I could actually get some of my money

Clash vs Cash

In the video ads to earn gems, I believe it’s Solitaire Clash that’s advertised, to win money with each card move. I installed Clash but that didn’t happen. It’s the same game? Solitaire Cash is fun but I am now trying to earn the 1.2k gems to play for money. Right now even $5 is a lot to waste

i like it 

honestly it is really good. i play for free so i can't speak to how trustworthy the paid games are but everything i have seen indicates the app is solid. ‌ 


Lots of fun! Challenging!

Just tey

Do you want fun and free chances this is the game

Great Game!

I’m actually winning Cash!!! How exciting 🙂

Great Fir recovering

This has been great for my recovery from brain issues when I don’t have cards with me


Great game to just unwind

It is stuck on a add.

Fix please. Stuck on add. If. Uninstall and reinstall I’ll probably loose my money. This has happened to me 4 times. ………………. If there was a update that was sent out a heads up would have been nice. Last time this happened I couldn’t play for bout week

Taking a crap.!🫢

I just started this game and when I'm taking a crap; I have a ton of crap to dump out.!😊🤣

Solitaire cash

Best game. I can’t stop playing.

Not a scam

Of all the “games for cash” this is the first one I have actually received payment from. And it’s fun to play.

Card game

This game is so relaxing but yet so exciting to play! Love the game and recommend it to everyone!

It’s real!!!

I deposited $5 …Now my balance is $84 the games REALLY REAL!!!

Invigorating for the Brain

Happily motivated to complete the game from start to finish. Five Stars.


I love the game I just wish I could get my winnings deposited in my account instead of mailed to me

So far it’s alright! (:

I haven’t been playing for long but I’ve only put $5 in and I still have a balance lol like I play cash games and I win some and I’ll come up then I’ll lose n then go back down.. it’s pretty fun! I hope I don’t end up putting more money into it, I’d rather make more! Ofc


Best game I played since ever!! Most money the quickest in gambling and it’s so fun!! Download now what y’all waiting for???!?!?!??!!!!!


This game is legit and fun and fair.

Daily rewards

What happened to the daily rewards


This is a really awesome high energy fast pace game with the potential to earn a lot of money

Love this game

I’ve only been playing this game for a short time but I’m really addicted to itIt’s one of the few games that I have one and I love it thank you .

Good way to get money fast and legally

Good way to start my day so I can get married.

Funnest game yet!!!

I started playing this game and cannot put my phone down longer than a few seconds. If you want a fun game to pass time and make money while doing it then download this game now!!!

El mejor

He jugado en otros bingos y ninguno me había parecido tan divertido. He ganado $20 sin depositar nada, solo con los bonos que me dió el juego. Gracias

Great game so far

I love it, I just wish that when it comes to money games there is a reward for all players, the compilation is so high, I didn’t claim any money yet but I hope when I do it will be real, I’ll update my review

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