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25 Recent Reviews From the United States

My opinion

Really cool and fun game but a little too much ads


I spent 100 hours on this game and it’s still unfinished there’s still more areas and it still says coming soon

Way too many ads

Overall the game is pretty fun it has a fun leveling system and cool skins and the motivational quotes are pretty cool too but the ads are unreasonable when you first log in you get a pop up type of ad and when you finish a level you get ad a good thing tho is it’s only 3 bucks for no ads. Overall it’s pretty fun and I am excited to see the future of this game.

This game is the best ever we really love your game

This game is really awesome and really fun


I am very happy with this because it only gives you ads if you want

5 stars would just be suspicious

I really like the game, but five stars would just be suspicious, so instead I’m rating it 4 stars.

Next Area?

I have been playing for a while now and I have been leveling up my stuff but I can’t get to the next area. Can anyone tell me how to? Thank you in advance!


I hate how there are so many adds 3 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

So many Ads

First off, the reviews saying there are no ads for free are fake, there a quite a bit of ads. I would like everyone to know that overall, this game is good, (except for the ads) I like the concept and the style.

Is fun

Is fun to play when your bored


This game has very little adds :)

Best game ever

It’s so fun 😄


I lilke the bosses and theMonsters

Omg I also saw that add I got it it’s so flipping fun

Get this game anyone who can see this pls🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😝😝🥺

My big brother

For a minute I want to change my mind I don’t know yeah

Fun game but

This game is fun, the only down side is that some of the levels Are legit impossible as enemies are not all generated in the map and sometimes the game even taunts you by adding in level 50 enemies you cant kill but other than that its fun :)



Great but to much ADS

It’s fun and addicting but there is one problem ADS just so many ads when I’m exiting the shop an ad play when I’m doing literally anything ads just to many unesesary ads please have less ads pleeeeaaaase

Good game

This a very good game I just started and I love it although the ads but in overall I love the game

Great game

It’s a great game but are you guys copying off the manga solo leveling?

Awesome with little adds

This game is great and has little adds if you like games that are calming and has little adds you’ll love this game I have no complaints good game recommended for everyone

The best app ever

I definitely love this game so much that because I definitely love to beet up the bad guys in win the game.



A very fun game

It’s a good game has a lot of cool knives and skins and it has very few ads but I will say the gameplay is quite easy you basically just need to reach lvl 1000 and you beat that part and there is not very many cool bosses but I find it quite fun

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