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Seriously 😒 you have to deal with ads after every. single. level. It’s soooo annoying. If it wasn’t for all the ads I’d keep the game. But I’m not going to watch a ad after every level 👎🏻

💗 it so much


I really like it i think it is fun for me and my friends to play with me too make them good with there colors because they are only 1 & 2



I enjoy the game. I just wish it was a race game against someone! i’d enjoy it more!

Just Great Fun


For the puzzle lover and visually skilled, this is a fun, chill quick game!

Good stuff


This such a good game I just downloaded it and I’ve gotten so far.



Who would have through on OCD game!!

The Best Game Ever


Hi there I just got this game today and I am so excited I hope everyone had and will get this game.😁😄



I read a review and it said it was to easy and it is

Fun game


This is a fun game and its a very relaxing game.


E. Sauls

Eliminate the interruptions to the game.

Way tooo many ads!!!!!


Great game to pass time but way to many ads like it’s an ad after each level you complete!!!! I just couldn’t keep playing!!!!!

Fun game lotta ads but...

scammers gone wild

You can close the app and renter the app way faster then the ads for free what morons



bruh i play this so much that i bought no ads and now i play this constantly 💀 i really gotta problem

Way to many ads


There are mote ads then there is playing time

No challenge whatsoever.

Christina Doty

This is a fun game but it needs way more difficulty. It’s too repetitive. I shouldn’t have to get all the way to level 50 to wonder when the game is actually going to stump me on a level.

Make it more challenging

we re all mad here

To skip ads double tap and restart game, no need to wait thru them. Game is fun but needs to be more challenging, or with a timer or moves counter.

Lacks substance

Millie B chicken nug

You should add some substance to the game. Like having to match a color order for the level or some sort of increased difficulty. It’s like you didn’t finish programming it. I can’t even go back and choose levels



This game is not a challenge, but very satisfying and calming. Good for my anxiety



I like this game it’s hard and easy but you just got to use your brain for this game sometimes.

Too many ads


I get that ads give you money, but after every.single. level... it’s annoying.



There were WAY to many adds I can barely play the game because once I finished one ADD. Beside that it is a very good game.

Too many ads

A frustrated app use

Great game but WAYY to many ads. I played for 5 minutes and have already seen 6 ads. Its a lot.

Difficulty doesn’t vary by level. Even as progressing it seems to be mixed without it ever truly being difficult but it is still fun

Nice game


I’m cleaning my room like a boss from this game. And it’s SO organized :3. And my mom & dad LOVE this game cus of my super clean room. Thank you for making this game cus it’s so fun that my friends,parents,and friends are playing this game!

Ad pop ups


I paid for no-ad version. Ads are popping up!! Please advice or return my $2.99. Thanks

Good app


Super satisfying!!!! But...too many ads and I always get the same ad besides that it is a great app!!

Aniyah love you


I really like it is really addictive and it is a really good game I love it! e

I don’t understand the point? It’s not possible to lose this “game”.....




I paid the fee for no ads. That only lasted 24 hrs or less. Now I’m seeing ads again. Game is fun but hate all the annoying ads. Either fix this problem or refund my money!



Game is fun but there’s an add literally every 10 seconds, it’s not worth it

Sort it 3D


I love this game I think this I the best game but I can’t get to pink



Despite the fact there are ads every 5 seconds, the app freezes. Was fun until then, now wouldn’t recommend


aqua blue 44657890

Overall pretty good but in the middle of a level suddenly an ad plays.

Paid $2.99 to get rid of ads


I enjoyed this game so much that I paid $2.99 to get rid of the ads just for it to only last about 24 hours then begin to show ads again

Ad free no so much


I paid for the add free version, but the ads are still there and when I go to the settings the bottom to click to restore purchase doesn’t restore the purchase.

>w< 5 stars


Good thinking skills on the game! It fun to play when bored!

Not the best but fun

❤️the rater

The reason this is a four star is because there is way to many ads but the games itself is sooo fun!!!

Sort It 3D


It’s so satisfying and brain challenging. Despite all the ads this is the most satisfying game I’ve ever played. High recommend !!!

Great game


I love this game! I hate the interruption every few mins for a new game!! I think it should only be @ the end!!

I am loving this game. I just wish that there was a challenge. Either timed or moves or something.

Just love it, hard to put down!

To many ads!!!


I even paid to remove them! Yet, sadly no change.... uggggh. Sad though, I think I could have liked it.



I just purchased this app to remove the ads but they still appear. Can you please fix this bug? Other than that this game is great

Osome mind game


This game is great for kids and elderly.just great game

Ads Interrupt Game

Searching is Fun

It’s one thing to have ads between games, it’s another thing to have them pop up in the middle of the game. Very frustrating. I deleted the app.


nutcase dude

Too many interruptions with other games, annoying.


becky is devon 2039

I think it is ok but sometimes it glitches and it is annoying but there is to MUCH ADDS!!!!!

Love the game

morah dora

Hey. this is a hard game. but when you play it you will love it just like I is so easy too!!!bye

Mid game ads


I understand these games are available because of sponsors. I don’t mind the ads at the end of the game but this game stops abruptly to show an ad mid game. I’m deleting this game


😂🤷‍♀️ lo

it’s super fun and addictive .



I get you people want to make money,but seriously.....slap an ad in the middle of playing? Can’t at least wait till the round is over? Ridiculous bull crap



awesome game!!! extremely addicting!! do not play this game unless if u don’t like using ur phone to much because u will want to use it so much just to play this gameeeeeeeee


Miss Sasha Fierce

I love the concept of this game. However, I'm on level 192 and I haven't noticed it becoming more challenging.

Ads are frustrating


This is really fun and good for kids too, but the constant pop up ads are frustrating and long. I’d pay for an ad free version if it were available.

the ads are so overwhelming. they pop up i. the middle of the round. and if you’re moving the ball you might as well start over because then it glitches and won’t work. it’s a very addicting game otherwise

To many ads!!


This is a great game. I can play for hours on end but there’s so many ads stopping you from the game it isn’t fun anymore

It’s so addicting and I’ve been having a blast playing it

Too many ads


This game would be so addictive and unstoppable, if there wasn’t so many ads. I can withstand some ads but these ads are relentless, they’re literally making me loose motivation to play the game

I really enjoyed this game but deleted it because of the ads for Lily’s Garden. The ads are very sexual in content. The more deviant the ads became the more disgusted and offended I became.

Wayy to many ads!!!


This game is very addictive and fun, but the bugs and ads make it extremely hard to play continuously. There are also many glitches after the ads, which causes the game to freeze. Overall I would like for fewer ads and less glitches.

Great for OCD!

Alyssa bannister

I like this game it’s fun the only thing is the ads will pop up in the middle of your game and that is the only thing that I can complain about. It’s not too complex, it’s very easy but it’s fun!

I love the game it’s a very nice set up and everything but all in all the ads are super disrespectful they pop up IN THE MIDDLE of a level

It’s a fun game but every 10 seconds there’s an ad and sometimes causes the game to glitch so you have to restart just for it to work again. Not worth it.

Love BUT...

Des Jardin

This is a fun game, love to play but too many ads!!! WAY TOO MANY ADS it’s annoying . Honestly sad I have to uninstall this game .

There are lots of ads (have to put airplane mode on) and it almost gets repetitive. I thought the higher I would get the more and more tubes I would get but it just alternates between 10-12 tubes.

Too many ads

hsba akaoqpandxbx xb

I mean the game yeah it is intertaining but there is ads every minute of the game and it inturruots your game and it freezes so that’s what has to make you start all over

I play this game way more than I should, but it’s so addicting! Love it! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

I could just start a new round and not even 30 seconds later an ad will pop making the game freeze on me.

Currently its allowing any color bubble placed on any other color which is not good it should be same colored only allow. If this is case then there will be nothing like challenging so requesting to add this limitation

Pretty cool game

love ig 02

It’s a pretty decent and might I add addicting game however it has literally the most ads I’ve ever seen a game have in life. I can’t hardly blink without getting an ad it’s ridiculous!

Best game ever !!!!!!


I love it 10/10 recommended it Addictived 🤪🤪🤪🤪💊💊💊

Too many ads.


I really enjoyed the game but when I would get to a higher level and be in the middle of it and an ad would pop up. Then the game would glitch and I would have to restart the whole game.

Great game

kadence lawn

Love this game is fun and keeps my brain going!

It’s a good game


I love this game but there’s too many ads popping up, that disturbs me playing the game itself!!!

Odd ad placement


Advertising would pop up in the middle of a round. Nope.

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