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Rated 4.40 out of 5

25 global ratings

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25 Recent Reviews From the United States

Craig meyer

I’m glen quagmire


Very good game. I play this when I’m bored and it’s so satisfying!!


Ok so I see plenty of people complaining about the adds just put it on airplane mode don’t let the developers see this but no adds

Family guy lol

Peta, the horse is here


Great game I play it every time I go on my phone and see that I have no messages because I have no friends but it is not frustrating at all and I overall love the game thank you for creating a calming and chill game for me to play when I am bored.

Best app game

This is the best app game I’ve ever played in a long long long time

I love it

It’s so fun and cool I love it

Good Fane Terrible bugs

Every time I get close to winning at the end of a level, my spiral just phases through the huge wall! Or an add comes and makes me fail the level! Overall the game itself is really fun it just needs a few bugs or flaws fixed.

It’s ok

Hello 👋 I love it so much but I play this game for 10 hours so I get hungry 😋 but I can’t stop playing it so I still hungry but I don’t like to stop playing it because I play it back and forth with my brother so I get 😴tired of playing it back and forth so sorry 😢 I love it so much

Good but too much ads

This game is a really good game for children it is fun But do less ads please

Ads ads ads

So I love the game and would play it for hours if it weren’t for all the ads every time I die or win there is an ad and it is very frustrating so in the end never play it and end up deleting it

Why I like it by Bailey

I love it because it does not nrddd wifi so if you are on the plane, car, or a helicopter

Fantastic game

I so enjoyed your wonderful game. It was well thought out and intricately designed, the only comparison to this artwork is the Bible itself


There’s a bug where if you get the long strip before the end and don’t let go the camera just follows it and you have to restart the app

It’s pretty good

I have been winning I only lost one time

Fun game!!!!

This game is fun. I get to see my high score and see how much money and see how big the roll gets. Thanks for letting me play your game.

Best game ever

I love this game so much it’s amazing! The only problem is that there is so much ads.


Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing satisfying

Good soup

This app is amazing and they sell good soup

Get rid of the ads

Love the game but I paid to get rid of ads and it didn’t work ads are still popping up

Spiral roll

I love spiral roll because it’s like ur actually scraping wood


Best game ever you should try it


I love this game but it needs more upgrades

THIS GAME IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One problem is there is a little to many adds but I think this game is my favorite game Isall divices

No many ads

Not a bad game but I get tired of ads

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